The final buzzer sounded and they shared an embrace… again. Two teammates, who in their 14-year career have started in 116 playoff games (more than any other duo in NBA history) and have won four championships together. One is a global superstar who is as skilled as he is ferocious. The other is a local hero who is as intelligent as he is calm.

What makes them different is what makes them leaders on this Laker team, but one thing they have in common is what makes them winners — FEARLESSNESS. Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher are not captains of this defending championship team simply because of seniority. They lead this team into battle everyday because, frankly, they’re good at it and tonight’s Game 3 was just another display.

Having lost Game 2 on their own home court, the defending champions sought to gain their advantage back — on the road. Though the Lakers had won their previous two regular season games on the parquet floor, the last playoff memory they had there was a devastating one, but they showed tonight, in front of a Laker-detesting crowd, that 2008 was a long time ago.

“We didn’t doubt our ability to win here,” Derek Fisher said. “We understand when you want to be the best, you have to win wherever, whenever.”

Wherever was TD Banknorth in Boston, MA. Whenever was Game 3 of the NBA Finals and the Lakers still want it… to be the best.

It appeared when the game began that the Celtics had pocketed some momentum in their Game 2 win. Kevin Garnett, ineffective and unproductive in the last two meetings, scored the Celtics’ first six points on his way to a 25-point game. After a 7-point Celtics lead had exposed the Lakers’ slow reaction on defense, not to mention an apparent difficulty to score, Ron Artest had suddenly picked up two quick fouls after just 2:15 of game. It didn’t look good for the visiting team.

Phil Jackson called a timeout, however, sat some of his starters and suddenly the Lakers were more than just breathing — they were playing and playing well enough to gain a 17-point lead.

Lamar Odom, having collected more fouls than points in the first two games, banked in a three-pointer, blocked Big Baby’s attempt, and accepted a pass from Derek Fisher on a fast break, got fouled and converted the free throw for a three-point play. He finished with 12 points, four rebounds, and a game leading +14 on his stat line. Maybe those Khloe Kardashian masks that were passed out to fans helped Odom more than distract him. The Celtics might want to re-think their strategy on that one.

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, who were huge in Game 2, were important pieces again in Game 3 just for being built the way they were built — tall. Again, the Lakers’ length was cumbersome for the Celtics to play against. Together, Bynum and Gasol scored 22 points, grabbed 20 rebounds (13 defensive), blocked three shots (one a running block by Pau against a Ray Allen three), committed just two turnovers and had a combined four personal fouls. Bynum didn’t get his first foul until four minutes into the third quarter. To say that having both Bynum and Gasol on the floor is a plus for the Lakers is an understatement. Their mere presence, especially on the defensive end, is strength, not to mention a luxury.

It is this defense, Lamar Odom cited in a post-game interview, that was and is the key to the Lakers’ title hopes. The neutralization of main scorers and playmakers like Paul Pierce (15 points on 5-12, five fouls) by Ron Artest, Rajon Rondo (11 points, eight assists, four fouls) by Kobe Bryant, and Ray Allen (2 points, 0-13) by Derek Fisher was crucial in the Game 3 victory, and will continue to be so. By taking three players away, the Celtics had Garnett and Davis carrying the offensive load tonight for the Celtics and it certainly wasn’t enough.

Not having one of his most efficient evenings (shooting-wise), Kobe Bryant still managed to score 29 points (though it took 29 shots to get there), collected seven rebounds, handed out four assists, had a game-leading three blocks and two steals. The Celtics gravitated towards Bryant quickly and often in the second half, leading to many bad Laker possessions that cut that 12-point lead at half-time to one. The Celtics had certainly done their job on Bryant, but let Derek Fisher loose.

Having scored just five points in the first half, Derek Fisher single-handedly took over in the fourth quarter, scoring 11 of his 16 points by being exactly who the Lakers need in the exact time they need him. He floated shots over defenders, drove to basket, hit quick jumpers and then his grand finale — rebounding the last of Ray Allen’s prayers, running full-court and laying up two points against the outstretched arms and bodies of Kevin Garnett, Big Baby Davis and Ray Allen… AND ONE. The free throw gave the Lakers a 7-point lead that the Celtics would never take back.

After the game, Doris Burke asked Derek Fisher about the shots he made in the final quarter. An emotional Fisher answered, “Just faith. We work hard in this game. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but you just [have to] keep working hard, keep believing in yourself and in your team.”

“I love this game,” Fisher continued. “I love this team. I love this guy (looking at Kobe). I love what I do, and nothing means more to me than helping my team win.”

Asked about his relationship with Fisher, Bryant had nothing but praise, “He’s our vocal leader. He’s the guy that pulls everybody together, always giving positive reinforcement. He has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. For me personally, I don’t have as much responsibility as I had when he wasn’t here. He’s the heart and soul of this team. He’s really the only one I listen to. We’ve been through it.”

And they’re going through it now… again and are, hopefully, on their way to another championship… together.

Pre-Game Thoughts: Officials Danny Crawford, Bennett Salvatore and Bill Kennedy, the pace of this game is up to you. We need a game today, not a free throw contest.

Half-Time Thoughts: 52-40, Lakers started out slow but have bucked up with help from the bench. Outscoring the Celtics bench 16-8, 7-9

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: No one in particular played a thoughtless game, but the Lakers not running their offense, waiting until the shot clock had almost run out to do something with the ball is what caused that 17 point lead to drain out.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Derek Fisher…just for being Derek Fisher in the playoffs. No offense to Pau, but DFish and Kobe are the real dynamic duo on this team.

  • James

    great win

  • KanA

    Great W LA!!!! Go Fish!!!

    BDW, Ray Allen said the Kobe kicked him in the throat? is that true? any live play?

    • LakersFourEver

      It was Tony Allen that was kicked in the throat. Whether it was inadvertent or not, I seriously really don’t give a F. It’s Playoff basketball.

      • Anna Gonda

        Well, Tony Allen needs to get the hell outta the way then.

      • Shackelford

        Exactly, play the damn game. Artest’s 2nd foul was him fouling Allen and thats what rattled him

      • ilikebasketball

        exactly what Jackson mentioned, the celtics are getting right underneath kobe so he has no movements while he shoots, can’t get into his stroke. so they are bound to get a foot in the throat.

      • Robert

        and recall the foul ‘against’ Kobe in Game 2, when Ray Allen shoved his mug right up against Kobe’s head. So Ray got hit when Kobe jumped up, flopped, and then they called a foul on Kobe. Thibodeau’s style of defense is to get up on Kobe, so that when he moves, you get hit. …….. So ……. Tony Allen ….. um …… got hit. Oh well. When you get up UNDER a player, you risk causing them bad injuries, the least of which is badly falling on the ankle. That’s why the NBA discourages that, and calls a foul (sometimes a flagrant) when a player does that. The Cell-Dicks get up under as part of their defensive strategy. That’s cheating. Glad that Kobe didn’t get hurt, that’s all I can say.

    • BOOYA!

      If Tony Allen didn’t want to get kicked in the throat, maybe he shouldn’t have put his throat in front of Kobe’s foot while he was in the act of jumping.

    • comeflywithme

      he dived on kb’s foot that’s why he got hit.. but i don’t think it hurts.. allen was acting, but the refs didn’t buy it.. lol

      • seankobe

        and I think that was a foul co’z kobe s in the air shooting..that is why kobe got out of balance…

    • 4Lyfe

      Nah……his throat hit Kobe on his foot! He needs to be able to stop on a dime and not run into Kobe like that. He could have hurt Kobe’s ankle!

  • MrL


  • bdmf



  • KindSir

    I know Kobe is Kobe and this is nearly blasphemy, but I think he deserved the most thoughtless player of the game tonight. He took a TON of HORRIBLE shots, and almost shot us right out of the game. I don’t know what happened between game 1 and 2 but the past two games Kobe hasn’t looked like the Kobe we’ve seen all playoffs. I really hope that he steps it up. At least his D has been good in the finals though. Seriously though 30 shots is ridiculous, especially when you only make 10 of them. At some point you gotta just start acting as a decoy and setting other people up if you’re shot isn’t falling, like what he did to Phx. And I’m glad Lamar actually showed up for one half of Finals basketball, but in the second half Big Baby was eating him up. C’mon Lamar time to step it up.

    • LakersFourEver

      I do agree Kobe should look for that assist but in his defense, he was given the ball late in the shot clock and forced to throw up miracle shots multiple times. I believe we need to work on our rotation and Artest should take the open shots instead of giving it up and risking turnovers.

      • KindSir

        At times watching the Lakers tonight it was maddening. The ball movement was horrible, with lots of standing around, then taking disgusting shots with little time left on the shot clock. They really need to improve on that for the next game.

        • seankobe

          have you watch the game? everytime the ball is in pau he can’t make a play that cost the time to run out, so as ron ron and others. No doubt the celts had a good defence to bryant and he had a bad shooting night, but i still want kobe to take the shot when clock is ticking out..but I’m glad that fish understood that he has to step up and bring the ball to the hoop as the celts pay that they don’t give enough respect to him.

          • Suraj


            Although Kobe shot a horrible percentage, do you believe that Ray Allen would have shot 0-13 if Kobe wasn’t racking up those shots? Part of Defense if becoming aggressive on the offense such that the defender works hard to control you in the game. It would have been sexy if Kobe made most of those, but the fact that he was aggressive on the offense allowed open opportunities for Fisher and other players.

      • ilikebasketball

        the spacing is the problem…it seemed like they were standing around the paint, as if they were shooting free throws…which crowded everything….

    • Anna Gonda

      Kobe did have a bad shooting night, but the guy brought the team up after the Celtics started so well. He had awesome play where he ran after a ball before it went out of bounds, passed to Drew who got an and-1. Plus he had 7 rebounds, 4 assists and led the game with 3 blocks! Wasn’t a thoughtless game completely. He did more than just score last night.

      • seankobe

        yes! the offense is so stagnant the ball is not moving the shot clock is running out,who do you want to shoot? I always preferred kobe to take that when pau, lamar or anyone can’t make plays. He had a bad shooting night but better than the one they said a pure shooter ray alien. kobe never had that 0-13 outings. he did good D agains rondo tho.

  • white mamba

    stop ray – dress adam morrison – pass the ball kobe and move like ray – stop ray (let biggie baby beat ya’ll) – stop using double negatives except with negative ions – put bynum on KG (Garnett’s tired) – rest Gasol (shifts r 2 long) – give Bynum a raise – put .04fish on the respected list – Pinch perkins in the arse and c him get t’d up / tee’d off – stop ray allen – no james taylor no rings… boston had bs monica sing the anthem… lakers can’t loose…. btw – kobe – pass the leather, it’s not a VOIT – dress adam morrison – play mjbenga for 2 minutes – give kudo’s to Sacha – he made ‘em both – go green not boston green. seeing fish take ray out w/o anyone seeing .04 take him out was what I was looking for. Nice coachin’ phil – go Kriya Phil – mo’better Laker’s in 5.

  • BOOYA!

    All you people in the regular season who keep knocking Fisher for being too old and too slow need to keep in mind that THIS is when Fish is invaluable to this team. Finals last year: 2 HUGE 3 pointers. Finals this year: what you witnessed tonight.

    • marcspector818

      SERIOUSLY! All year long people were bashing fish after games. He’s too old. He’s too slow. Play Jordan more. Blah Blah Blah. D-fish doin what he do = Daggers into the opposition’s heart. No surrender. Win when it matters. I’d take that any day.

    • gus26

      i’ll admit all season i was upset with fisher because i knew he can do what he did last night… i’m just glad he is showing up now… odom is due for a big game… i hope its game 4…

  • Michael Perez

    I’ve always said it. Fisher is the heart and soul of the team. He really deserves that once he’s retired to have his jersey retired as an all tIme laker great.

  • comeflywithme

    the Fish that saves L.A. does it again… He took mr. wheelchairs words personally.. man, I hope L.A would finish this series @ the garden it’ll be sweeeeetttt!!! what’s impt. is to stay focus and not letting the decision of the refs get into their head..

  • stoley eisenhower

    I hope Paula Pierce is right about not coming back to Staples Center. Lakers take all 3 in boston on their ugly court!

    • marcspector818

      They should wheel the trophy out on a wheelchair and purposely roll it by paul pierce. Mr. “we’re not comin back to LA”. HAHA! Maybe they won’t after all huh?!

      • seankobe

        all the analyst predict boston to win tonight except magic. too much hype for ray alien and hondo before the game, from hero to zero out of 13? yes he did nba record 7 3’s in the finals, but still kobe holds the record with 12 even it’s a regular season, kobe never ever put an 0-13 outcome even it is bad shooting night. now who is the pure shooter? now ron ron can yell to paula, ” we aint commin back to LA ” co’z lakers are the road closer!

        • LakersFourEver

          Actually…Magic also predicted Boston to take a 2-1 lead. It stung but he played the odds. I don’t have any proof or feeds but I’m confident he went against us tonight.

          • bLuE

            Yes, Magic did say Boston would win in game 3.
            On another note. I’ve watch nbatv all year and Kevin Mchale
            was fine till this series started. C-Webb also. F both of um. ALso I think Magic should stop worrying about his ESPN job and start Preaching the Purple ANd Gold thats in his veins!
            Step yo game up Magic!

  • Marwan Marzina

    Derek is the heart and soul of the team. You saw his emotional interview, it really shows how much he loves the team and the game. I really think we should resign him next year, he is invaluable to this team! You can go get a quick, good shooting point guard but will that point guard have the leadership and warrior like mentality that Derek has? All I say is good luck finding that point guard.

  • seankobe

    so phil is 47-0 when winning game 1 in the series, and some is still not convinced, how about winning game 3 in 2-3-2 format when the series is tied is 10-0 all time…I am convinced that the lakers this post season is a road closer, how about that? I can’t wait for dereck in the ESPY, and say how’d you like winning in boston! payback is a bitch! but I still want lakers to win in home, but in boston is much sweeter!


    Where is Paul Pierce aka Touch ME? …What? …No Interview? …No blah-blah? … RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn As$ oFf aT PP tHe cLOwN

  • marcspector818

    2 MORE!!!!!


    GOT FISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rio Rondo College

    Fisher saved ya’ll again. It looked like Kobe was going to shoot you guys out of the game. We’ll get it back in game three. Ray Ray will get it going once again.

    • islandgirl

      Ah yes! – It wouldn’t be the same LN blog if Rio wasn’t here to grace it with his “thoughtless” opinions. ,,,, Anyway Rio, how can you get it back in Game 3 when we already beat you and your bandwagon Celtics in Game 3! … Don’t you mean Game 4????

      Obviously your “College” is not doing a very good job teaching you life learning math skills because you can’t really count how many Finals games have already been played!

      But than again you already know that seeing as you are a Cavaliers fan and your Princess is still out fishing!

      That said, 2 More!!!!

    • gugy

      Rio is the twin brother of Touch ME.

    • tonto

      rio rondo,

      2 mo’. 2 mo’!!


      Game 3? You cant turn back the clocks on this one. Fisher took yall on a ride and you need to let that marinade.

      • seankobe

        maybe he noticed that game 2 is not counted co’z it was rigged.

  • Xtro

    2 mo’! 2 mo’! Pierce is right. He ain’t coming back to Los Angeles.

  • T-Dub

    I had to turn the game off with 8 minutes to go and track the score on my Droid!! Can’t take these close games. I wasn’t concerned after game 2 because Allen and Rondo played out of their mind, our bigs still dominated, Kobe, Fish, Artest, and Odom all had bad games and we were still up by 3 with a few to play. Boston shot their wad in game 2, they’ll probably get one more in Boston, Lakers win in 6 next Tuesday at home. Lakers have a better team period!

    • KaPau

      I almost turned the tv off, it was one of those games that you want to watch but they are so closed you can’t take the stress of it, but seeing how they scratched and clawed the whole game, had to keep watching Derek Fisher for the second straight year comes through in key moments, when has there ever been a playoff season without a Fisher moment, this guy is unreal.

  • KaPau

    What a game, Kobe had a horrible shot selection in the fourth, but Mr. Clutch Derek Fisher is there to save the day, his defense on Ray Allen was awesome, how the hell did he still had energy to carry the team in the fourth and still defend a great shooter? Fantastic win, need one more win in Boston, I have confidence this will happen.

  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    True Laker fans are not completely surprised by DFish’s effort and heroics in ruining the Boston Tea Party last night. What I can’t get over is how much more refined Dfish complete his game has become. How many PG in the league currently have improved in the supposed twilight of there career at the age of 35 and his 14th season in the league I haven’t seen Dfish play any better then he has this post season. He seems fresher, stronger, more nimble and his handles are on point along with his stellar on court saavy who would you rather have on your team playing Defense against the most talent laden position in the league. The president of the NBA players association deserves to go down in Lakers Lore as the ultimate professional basketball winner in LA’s history.

  • willmo

    Watching the Lakers lack of execution and intelligent play in the second half was so infuriating, they had a chance to bump the lead up early in the 3rd when Boston couldn’t hit the side of a barn, but KB24 who I normally don’t’ diss was playing as selfish and idiotic as possible and you expect better from him because of his basketball IQ, but it would have been better to use him as a decoy roaming to the basket and making the extra pass, that’s what helped build the lead in the 2nd qtr but thank God that Fisher showed up on both ends of the floor to lock up Ray Allen. The Lakers will be the one benefiting from the quick turnaround because the Celt vets played a lot of minutes last night and that is going to wear on them at some point tomorrow night. In regards to the idiotic so called analysis of NBA TV you have McHale who openly hates the Lakers and even Webber who I used to like before he said that he hates the Lakers because of 2002, dude get over it, the worst comment of the night came from the most bitter cow Charles Barkley who said that the NBA did a disservice to the Celtics last night in playing the game after a travel day and that contributed to the loss. I didn’t know that the NBA had to accommodate a team because they have players who are in line to receive social security in the next 5 years. He is the worst commentator in any sport I have ever seen, he makes Bill Walton sound like Stu Lantz. Lakers in 6.

    • KaPau

      Great Post, totally agree.

      • lakerman1

        Did’nt the Lakers have to play the same game after a travel day?

  • http://am570 Phil Buss

    Looks like I’ll get another ring for my dick.

  • Pao Gasoline

    Does the Laker nation want to see the Lakers hoist the trophy in game 6 / 7 or would it be more satisfying seeing them finish it in game 5 at the Garden?

    • LakerNationCitizen

      Game 5 – at the Garden. To fulfill Paul Pierce’s prophesy – he ain’t comin’ back to LA! Coz he’s goin’ fishin with his buddy KG, Allen, and maybe they’ll take Rondo. I’m sure Lebron is waiting for them – he’s already at the fishing grounds with D-Wade! And I’m sure KG has some good advice for those two – “I’ve gone through it, your time will come” — in 10 years! If you keep listening to KG! HAHAHAHAHA!!

      I wish Pierce would talk sh!t about Lamar Odom though – just to start him up! And get him going for game 4!

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    Rio Rondo you fucking turd you smell like shit! and your stupid Cleveland team is a piece of shit! Get the fuck out off this website and go to Cleveland’s Blog and talk about Lebitch James leaving that crusty franchise. Have fun watching Kobe raise #5

  • LakerNationCitizen

    Check this out!

    Way to go, Andrew! I like that he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder, like Pau. Go get ‘em!!


    FCUK YOU RIO HONDO ELEMENTARY REMEDIAL SCHOOL DROP OUT! Where the Fcuk are you now? Only have enough balls to come in here and taunt and talk sh!t when your Celd!cks win and then bail that fuck out when they lose! FCUK YOU, you B!TCH @$$ CUNT!


    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Whoo!!!! Such passion! Lovin’ it!

  • Showtime4eva

    Now we need to feed off all that d fish energy an focus on bostons demise an Peirce gets his wish but not like he thought GO LAKERS

  • lakerman34

      Let that fool talk! Just makes it even sweeter that when the Lake Show takes what already belongs to them, makes him look even more of an idiot for saying anything in the first place. Having no respect to your opponent is the worst thing you could do in competitive sports, especially when everything is on the line. And also shows that organization and that sh*thole city has NO CLASS WHATSOEVER.

  • L.A Live

    Mitch needs to start working on keeping Fish in L.A. We need his experience, he is a beast. I know he is not getting any younger and faster. But this team needs him, even if he is just a benchplayer, he can still come in and help out. When Kobe gets stuck in these big games, Fish is the one that steps up.

    Imagine if Fish wasn’t playing last year in the Orlando series or if he wasn’t playing yesterday. I bet that the outcome would have been diffrent.

    I also think that if Fish don’t get a new contract, Kobe will not be happy.

    Go Lakers!!

  • Kobe24Bauer

    Now it is not time to let the guard down. Let’s try to get next game and put a dagger on Celtics hearts and make Paul Pierce prediction right and celebrate the champ right at their home!


    Fish that saved L.A!!! All of you bagging fish during the regular season should be embarrassed. THIS IS DEREK FISHER!

    Now to kobe, name me one player who shoots horrendous, but still manages to finish with a good statline, 29-7-4.

    Get it more to pau as well. He played pretty nice, although he totally got hammered by garnett.

    Anyway last thought….”We ain’t going back to L.A!” YEP YOUR RIGHT PAUL HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Betto

    You guys have to read this, Doc complaining about game 3.. lol Funny stuff.. First he goes on about Lakers had alot of moving screens then he goes on to Fisher flopping on games, obviously a sore loser since I saw alot of moving screens on Boston plus Ray Allen flopping on Kobe to get him on foul trouble on game 2. He tried it again on Fisher but seemed like it didn’t work that time.. lolz

    • Anna Gonda

      Can you believe this sorry excuse for a coach? Your best shooter shot 0-13, then with less than a minute left and your team just down by 4, you don’t box out to get an offensive rebound, and then you falter on getting back on defense and let the oldest guy on the opposing team beat THREE defenders for a layup AND ONE. The officiating should be the least of your worries, Doc.

      On the bright side, though, thanks for providing the Lakers with more motivation! You’re tight! =)

  • Zeki Kayiran

    It is so funny that Doc Rivers is crying about referees. Doc, they are your boys, and without them it would have been 3-0, and not even as close.

    Here are a few facts for Doc, and the rest of the Laker haters.

    Thunder shut 55 more free throws in 6 games

    Lakers shot only 11 more in 4 games agains Utah

    Suns shot 50 more free throws in 6 games.

    The disparity is not because the Lakers are a team with players who foul a lot more than the others, it is because majority of the refs are Laker haters.

    We had some of the worst offenders already, including Monty McCutchen (among many other horrible calls against the Lakers, he gave the ball to the C’s in game 2 when Garnet lost it out of bounds), Ken Mauer, Joe Crawford, Derrick Stafford, and Bennett Salvatore. I do not know which other Laker haters we will have to go through, but I expect Eddy F Rush, James Capers, Marc Davis, Michael Smith, Sean Corbin, Rodney Mott, Greg Willard, and Scott Foster, among others.

    Fish, You are the MAN!

    Lakers, go get another one on Thursday and one on Sunday, so you prove Paul Pierce right. Don’t let him come to LA.


    That’s rich! All this sh!t complaints about illegal picks set by the Lakers… this FCUKER COCK RIVERS should talk! His players do that sh!t ALL THE FCUKIN TIME! How else would the fcuker Gay Allen get so open?

    Even that Kend!ck Pervert had admitted it on video saying that he sets illegal picks all the time and now Cock, wants to point out all the illegal picks that the Lakers had gotten away with?


  • lakers2000

    I believe the Buss’s will keep Fisher in Laker lore! Way to go team. Paul Pierce wants to stay in Boston. Please oblige his stupid ass. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    And after ALL Doc Rivers’ comments about the refs, even sending a TAPE to NBA and contacting Commissar Stern, he probably won’t get fined.
    Phil just ‘says’ the word ‘officiating’, and he gets fined $10,000.00.
    Look for a change in officiating Thursday. Hopefully the Lakers will develop a huge lead, to prevent officiating deciding the game.
    Actually, I think the officiating has gotten better since game 2, and not just because the Lakers won (remember, it was a close game, and the Celtics could have won too). The refs prevented the Cell-Dicks from running the moving screen (like they did IN DROVES in 2008). So that stopped their main defensive strategy.
    The SBA (Stern Basketball Assoc.) should know that the league makes more money when the Lakers win. The Lakers (with their leader, Kobe) is an ‘international brand’. More people in the world buy Lakers stuff than any other team. More people in the world buy Kobe’s jersey than any other player.
    So, SBA, if you’re really gonna fix the games, fix it so the Lakers win, and count on some nice $$$$$ kickback!