Never mind the officiating. As sad as it is that Phil Jackson plans to make adjustments according to how the referees are calling the game rather than making adjustments with only their opponents to consider, the Lakers allowed the Celtics to take this game from them. Yes, Boston blames their Game 1 loss on the referees and the Lakers can blame their loss tonight on the same source, but in the end if you want to win the game –YOU TAKE IT FROM YOUR OPPONENT.

The Celtics wanted to rebound from their loss and they didn’t just stroll into Staples Center and hope that maybe, possibly, the Lakers might have a bad game. They forced the Lakers to have a bad game, snatched home court advantage, and now take a win and some momentum back to Boston.

The Celtics learned from their first game loss and struck the Lakers first, taking a 29-22 lead to end the first quarter. Sharp-shooting Ray Allen, plagued by foul trouble in the last contest trying to guard Kobe Bryant, had 27 points by halftime, going 7-7 from downtown before his first miss. With Kevin Garnett in foul trouble, Paul Pierce unable to score, and Rajon Rondo aggressive in his playmaking more than his scoring, Allen took the offensive responsibility for the Celtics and beat mostly every Laker assigned to him to wide-open three-pointers from everywhere he cared to take one.

Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant, historically most effective against Allen, received the brunt of the calls guarding the the Celtics guard. Shannon Brown, left to take over with Fisher and Bryant in foul trouble, continuously left Allen all the space he needed to hit those quick shots. As much energy as Brown provides for the Lakers when he enters the game, his lack of decision-making acumen on both sides of the court leave much to be desired.

With Bryant playing through foul trouble all evening, the Lakers’ Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum were the driving force for the Lakers. Together they produced 46 points on 13-20 shooting, 14 rebounds, and 13 blocked shots. It’s just a real wonder how they only had 20 attempts collectively in the entire game. The Celtics’ defense can take partial credit for trying to keep the ball out of their hands, but it was the Lakers’ over-dribbling and inability to make decisions that cost them empty possessions.

After having gotten behind by up to 14 points, the Lakers ended the first half by scoring 11 straight points. With a few seconds left in the 2nd quarter, and the Celtics with a chance for the final shot, Kobe Bryant intercepted an inbounds pass and hit a long three to cut the lead to six points going into half-time. It was a momentum shifter in the Lakers’ favor, but one they failed to take full advantage of.

The third quarter began with a determined Laker team. An offensive rebound off a missed Andrew Bynum free throw resulted in a three pointer from the corner from Ron Artest. Following that with a steal on the other end, Artest hit one of two free throws to bring the Lakers to within a single point, 54-53. The Lakers had found their groove on both ends of the court in the third, outscoring Boston 24-18 to even up the score at 72 a piece when the fourth quarter arrived.

The final period saw the lead change and the score tied continuously, each team answering each shot and defensive stop with one of their own. Unfortunately, costly turnovers and blown defensive rotations in the end handed the momentum back to the Celtics for good and the Lakers were unable to recover.

Despite the loss, there is still some good to take from this game…

  1. Ron Artest on Paul Pierce, 2-11 for the Celtics forward. If only Artest could improve his decision-making when he’s got the ball, he could add a plus on the offensive end to go with his defense.
  2. Andrew Bynum, torn cartilage and all, was not only aggressive and productive, but was able to sustain almost 40 minutes on the floor.
  3. Pau Gasol, however way his comments regarding Kevin Garnett were blown out of all proportion, allowed only his play to do the talking, again besting his counterpart for a second straight game.
  4. The Celtics and the Lakers are better than any of the opponents they each faced in the first three rounds, which is what makes the NBA Finals memorable and exciting for everyone participating or watching.

Andrew Bynum told reporters that the coaching staff advised them that tonight could be their last game played at Staples if they allow it, to which he responded, “We gotta win two in Boston.”

It won’t be an easy road trip, and the Lakers face one of their most difficult challenges in this post-season, but if they want to truly avenge that awful loss in 2008, this is their chance to do it.

Pre-Game Thoughts: A simple twist of fate gave the Lakers home court advantage, and it would be a real shame to waste it now.

Half-Time Thoughts: 54-48 — the Celtics did their homework. They’re smothering Kobe, whose 4-11, and they’re out-rebounding the Lakers

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Refs… again, for sucking the fun out of these Finals by calling 58 fouls. With the 54 fouls they called in Game 1, maybe they’re just trying to be consistent.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Andrew Bynum, for doing everything tonight. He was active on offense (21 points), active on defense (seven blocks) and showed he is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Xtro

    Rebound the damn ball!!!!

    • jets0121

      First all I have to say is that the Lakers didn’t look like they were that confident at all. The Refs were bad overall on both games and making bad calls on both sides. Bad calls all over, replay of the ball being knocked out on Garnett, paul pierce clearly blocked Artest’s shot, Kobe getting a 3 point play when no one touched him, Kobe’s getting at least 2 fouls called on him for just playing basketball. To be fair even though we had more FTA they had more important calls in their favors. The refs should just let both sides play and not get toooooooo involved and I agree GET THE DAMN REBOUND Rondo got more rebounds than mosts of our big players, it just shows determinations. Lakers will win game 3.


      Tell Kobe to box out Rondo. That was his man who led all players in rebs.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    something was really stupid about the officiating this top it off, how can you look at a replay and still get the call wrong?????

    • Anna Gonda

      If I had a $5 for everytime Mark Jackson, JVG and Mike Breen said, “That’s not a foul,” I could afford a ticket to the next game. Which camera angle were they looking at?

      • Marwan Marzina

        I would be able to afford season tickets in Jack Nicholson’s seats.

    • Sheds

      Yeah that was the backbreaker. With few minutes to go and down by 3 and possession would have been a normal situation. But after the Celtics got the ball and made it a 5 point game, the Lakers had to rush it too much, which cost them the chance to keep in the game.

      • Al

        Put the blame where it really belongs: the idiot Phil Jackson. How can you keep Artest in the game and allow him to throw a bomb after bomb. Take the damn control of your players.

        • Mr.Laker

          I would be able to afford to match whatever offer these refs got to ruin the finals. That was one of the worse blown calls in history and it WAS a crucial play because we get the ball back down by three instead of 5.

  • tradesasha

    man, what a downer!!! lakers had the lead with about 5 minutes left in the game…i don’t know what happen from that point on…!! Lakers just didnt’ focus down the stretch, they gift wrapped and handed this win to the celtics!! First thing, artest dribbling the ball too long = lakers losing rhythms, second, lamar is a no show ONCE again, dunno where his head is at…fucking wake up fool!! Third, sasha should play more minutes than brown! His iq must be consider one of the lowest in the NBA!! Damn, im so frustrated right now, you don’t understand! ARGHHHHHHH!!

    • ilkebasketball

      sasha has a higher bball iq than brown. brown doesn’t know how to do jack but see an opening and drive. he even drives at full speed when it’s him vs. 3 other players.

      • Anna Gonda

        As long as there isn’t a fellow Slovenian on the Celtics that Sasha can tick off, I think we’re better off with him on the floor over Shannon.

        And I would’ve put Luke in for a lot of Artest’s minutes when he’s playing as erratic as he was last night. I’d rather he just defend Pierce and not take ANY shots than dribble away clock.

  • lakers0828

    Yeah I blame The Refs I think The Refs Gave this Game To the Celtics I mean Clearly the ball was out on KG and if we had that ball we would won but now its a series LA has To go To boston and I believe it will Return to LA

    • Anna Gonda

      Hell, I even questioned a few of the calls on Boston. And I need to know, why do refs hate Lamar Odom? Regular season and playoffs, he can’t ever catch a break.

      • ilkebasketball

        completely. I’ve never ever ever ever seen lamar get a call his way. never. it’s amazing. Completely unprecedented the way refs always give the man against odom the call.

      • Sheds

        lol yeah, thats true. Some of the calls against Boston startled me too last night.

        Two of the foul calls vs Kobe had been absolutely nothing though… Same with Pierce vs Artest later on in the fourth I think.

        Dunno what the refs are smoking.

        • Mr.Laker

          They smokin that clinic Cali Kush cuz they not here with us any more, they on a whole nother planet

  • j.dizzle

    I aint gonna blame the refs but how often does a player like Lebron get into foul trouble?..Kobe was completely taken out of his game in the 4th. Im proud of Bynum though, he came to play unlike that other big we have, I think his name is Lamar right? hahaa good lord that guy is ridiculously inconsistent. I seriously dont know if he realizes that when he plays good, LA RARELY loses. He didnt do anything in game 1 either but we cant afford him & artest to both be MIA on offense. Hopefully he doesnt bring his wife to boston, too many distractions in his head already.

  • Robert

    As I have said time and again, the SBA (Stern Basketball Association) has spoken. $$ talks, and no way does the NBA want a short series this time.
    Proof? The refs, even after reviewing the ‘critical’ out of bounds tap by Garnett, gave it to the Celtics, and also (according to the sportscasters) didn’t even call a foul on Garnett. And add to that the two ‘mis-calls’ on Kobe. UGH! Haven’t they learned from that horrible mis-call the other day, in which the umpire ‘gave away’ a perfect game? refs don’t fix games? Any takers here? … tired of having to defend this.
    So, also as I said before, the Lakers have to have a sizable lead in order for these ticky tack mis-calls to not have a serious impact on the game. What I’m worried about, is that the refs will call even ‘more’ fouls in Boston. They did that in 2008, remember? We don’t need a repeat of that.
    As Kobe said, the answer is D. So, what Lakers have to do to adjust is to force the ‘quick’ game, and transition defense and prevent the Celtics from settling into 1/2 court. The announcers noticed that Rondo was tired at the end of the game. The Lakers need to ‘push’ it on energy. Force a fast paced game, and force the Celtics to run fast.
    Lakers should have won tonight, and almost did.

    • ilkebasketball

      the only way lakers can get on top of the celtics(refs) is to get a double digit lead. and the lakers are already, by themselves, bad at keeping leads. but if they are down 5 or up 2 or 3, the refs just won’t give them anything. especially if lamar is on the court.

      the refs do need to take a hint. a game with no fouls called is better than a game with ALL the fouls called.

      LET THEM PLAY!!!!

      the only reason the celtics even had a chance, was Ray Allen’s first half record breaker. which won’t happen again. and was COMPLETELY our fault. but still, we had a chance, we took, and the REFS took it away from us.

      kobe 5 fouls by the end of the 3rd??!!!
      and the last 8 calls at the end of the 4th. all insane.
      who was ref 24. he was shameful and awful.

      also, bynum was great, showed up and did amazing.

      the only celtic who played decently was Ray Allen. all others played mediocre. why, then, did they win?

      THE REFS!

      • seankobe

        rondo also had a good game 19 points and 10 assist, just let this fool score don’t let him dish 10 times. lakers only have to switch for allen thats all.

        • Anna Gonda

          Colin Cowherd went through all the Celtics losses in the postseason this year and it didn’t matter how much or how little Rondo scored. When he got 10+ assists, Boston almost always won. The Lakers have to do to Rondo what they did with Nash – make him a scorer not a playmaker.

  • ilkebasketball

    possibly the worst officiated game i’ve ever seen.

    the refs reviewed a play, where garnett, everyone in the world saw it was off garnett, and said it was celtics ball.
    it turned a possible 2 or 3 point game into a 7 point game.
    utterly shameful for the NBA.


  • ilkebasketball

    anna , you are wrong.

    there were bad calls alll game.

    but the one call that was reviewed, with less than 2 minutes left, changed the whole game, and it was the worse call i’ve ever seen. and it’s fine, if you want to be fair and blame our players. but don’t take the refs off the hook. THEY REVIEWED IT AND STILL MADE THE AWFUL CALL!!!!!

    • Anna Gonda

      I know there were bad calls in the game…lots of them! But this isn’t the first time the Lakers have had to play against bad reffing. They had all those blocks and a chance to take it, but the lack of rebounding? The turnovers? Can’t blame those on the refs.

  • 123kid

    i dont care if the refs made bad calls or not. what disappointed me was that LO didnt bother to show up and decided to pick up quick fouls, the inability to move the ball and get it to our bigs when their bigs could of easily fouled out, and the inability to get the loose balls.

    -keys to winning next game: expect that the refs arent gonne be on your side, LO SHOW UP and attack KG and Big Baby like you did to Amare (Amare is way better than both those guys), Bench dont be scared and make Rondo get easily tired guarding you, Keep feeding the bigs, Start off quickly and keep Boston Fans outta the game early, hold down rondo from rebounding and dishing out assists, keep allen away from getting passes from rondo and make him put the ball on the floor, and keep them from transition points and make them play the half court set.

    • ilkebasketball

      Its so easy to blame LO.

      we can win without LO, especially when Bynum AND Gasol show up. Kobe wasn’t allowed to show up. and the refs took the 4th away from us.

      • j.dizzle

        Yea we can win without LO playing good but when he plays decent or good, LA RARELY loses. I just hate to see a great performance from Bynum go to waste. Its pretty crazy how Lamar still seems to play like a rookie at times when hes been in the league for this many years…I’m calling it now, if he doesnt have atleast a 10 & 10 game on Tuesday, then LA isnt winning that game. They’re gonna need the bench to score some points..Look for Kobe to be pissed off too, so hopefully he gets to play his game without picking up ridiculous fouls..Still cant believe he had 5 fouls in a finals game at home hahaha Stern definitely wants a 7 game series.

        • ilkebasketball

          yes, bynum’s great game is a confidence booster for him.
          and i think it will carry over(the only thing being the knee getting worse, or a hit to his confidence that he did so well but they still lost, which i think won’t happen, with how awful apparent the bad calls were)

          2 of kobe’s fouls were non-existent. which means he has 3 entering the 4th, which changes the whole of the game(not including the awful LOOOKING ATHE REPLY BUT STILL A BAD CALL CALL).

          if lamar shows up we win no doubt.
          but we still win if the game is called even remotely fairfly.
          the ONLY reason they won, is ray allen’s UNHEARD of 7 3 pointers in the first half, which was entirely our faults. but he only had 1 in the second half.
          those things alone give me confidence(if the refs stay sane) that we win this series.

      • 123kid

        true. but his addition becomes a plus, especially as a bench player. he has to be that spark for the bench when the starters need to rest. if he showed up, he could of easily been a threat to having guys like KG or Big Baby getting their 6th foul. His points arent something we need, but his rebounding and ability to run the break is key.

        • ilkebasketball

          though the bench did not play amazing…farmar and brown and vujacic did not play awful, had good plays and good shots. they were decent, and didn’t allow the lead to shrink in anyway(which at this point is what we ask of them). it was kobe being taken out of the game by fouls and the last 3 minutes in the 4th quarter of officiating that cost us the game

          • seankobe

            trade odom for ariza…

  • Josh Herrington

    Hey Anna! What the hell happened this game? I really feel dumbfounded after watching this game. I had my mouth wide open after they called the ball out of bounds on Pau. What I want is an explanation on how the Lakers lose by 9 when they have an 88-85 point lead with 4 mins to go.

    • Anna Gonda

      Hey Josh! They missed 10 freethrows too. Got to the line 15 more times than Boston and bricked 10 freebies. They got a lotta calls and didn’t capitalize. Could’ve been a closer game.

      • Josh Herrington

        Thanks. Still don’t feel any better, though. The fact that they could’ve won this game bugs me. I feel the refs whistle will be, somehow, more lenient towards the Celtics. *sigh* Well, let’s just hope we see our problems and correct those mistakes.

      • ilkebasketball

        it was a close game.

        it’s funny. cause if boston makes the claim that game one, we got all the calls, at least we were up by 20 at one point. this game, with most of the calls, especially towards the end going to them, we were still close all the way.

  • rynorod32

    I think the only way Lamar has a good game is to increase the Tempo, i.e. When he rebounds the ball push it up the court. The guys defending him will not keep up (Wallace, KG, Davis).

    • ilkebasketball

      an uptempo can, though, is what the celtics want.

      • rynorod32

        True. But it will get Lamar going. More like selective uptempo. We need to do something to get LO going, plus itll catch the C’s off guard.

      • Anna Gonda

        An uptempo game would be fine for the Lakers as long as they’re rebounding misses and are quick to get back on defense. When LO goes coast-to-coast off a defensive rebound, he’s unstoppable!

        • ilkebasketball

          lamar going coast to coast is dangerous. he is way to prone to get charges, doesn’t move his body enough. he is great on fast breaks, especially with farmar and brown at his side that tempo is good…but with boston and how they run, and with our bad transistion 3 defense, it’s much better to make boston do a half court offense. like we did with phx.

  • seankobe

    bynum and gasol don’t have only 20 attemps in total they had attempted a combined 25 ft divide it to two it means 12 more posesion so it means 32 attemps 12 of them they got foul and they miss 5 ft and 5 for ron so it’s 10 and we lost by 9. Also kobe had only 3 ft attempt on game 1 he had 10, so I think we lost because kobe did not push his game. I dont watch the game co’z i have work I read that the game was rigged. Lakers had 41 ft attempt
    agains 26 by boston, we should have won the game by that disparity. Lakers should stop taking more 3’s.

    • ilkebasketball

      can’t comment, didint’ watch the game.
      kobe was aggressive, but couldnt play due to insane foul calls

  • bdmf

    hey what the hell was wrong wid the refs
    IT CAME OUT OF GARNETTS HAND!! for real man
    one mans hand is black the other one is white u still look at the replay and not changing the call.

    man kobes first offensive foul was straight up BS

    • rynorod32

      I counted 2 phantom calls: the flop from Allen, and Rondo flop.

      • Sheds

        Dont forget the Pierce flop on Artest, that one was also pretty classy

        • Anna Gonda

          Classy and typical. Did you guys hear that Pierce yelled, “We’re not coming back to LA” to a fan after the game? Let’s hope he keeps that promise as well as he kept the one against Orlando =)

          • ilkebasketball

            pierce is sooo irritating.

            they need to change that NBA rule. when some
            gets faked and goes up in the air, and Pierce just throws
            his shoulder into him and then steadys himself and then
            shoots, how do they let players do that??!?!?
            and pierce when he drives looks only to get fouled.
            he is the biggest joke of a player, though he does have a
            good shot.

          • seankobe

            they might not comeback, because lakers gonna win it all at the garden.

  • thebat03

    It’s pathetic how LO can’t even take glen davis off the dribble let alone KG…. this guy is pathetic….walking mismatch my **** more like walking no show, celtics probably don’t even bother going over stragedy about him……get rid of LO !!!

  • bdmf


    look at this way:
    refs SUCKED
    allen had a game to remember
    kobe had a bad game
    and we had the chance to win it at the end
    garnett CANT stop gasol
    bynum its ALIVE!

    I’m not panickin at all lakers will take game two 4 SHOO

    • j.dizzle

      Actually, nobody other then Allen & Rondo played well for Bos. .Kobe had a sub-par game though since he was in foul trouble & couldnt really do what he wanted. All I want is for LA to keep is close in game 3 & have a chance to win the game..I’m gonna be really pissed if they lose by double digits..We’ll get to see what this team is made of this week, cant wait! They’ve won road games in all 3 series’ so far so I can’t see them lose 3 in a row on the road & if they do, they dont deserve the title IMO.

  • ilkebasketball

    i knew there was something wrong with that when i saw it(from

    “I don’t know if you can do that or not,” Jackson said. “I don’t think that’s legal to get on the floor. I think coaches have to stay on the sideline. They’re not supposed to be on the floor.”

    yes, i think they do. they can’t jump on the floor to get the ref’s attention.

    f’ing insane.

  • thebat03

    LO need to get his head out of his A**, and actually try to earn his money that he truly does not deserve

    • Anna Gonda

      Maybe Lamar should use some is that cash and bribe these refs. I swear, LO can’t get a call in his favor if Big Baby threw him down and sat on him!

      • ilkebasketball

        i agree. it’s regular season, too. he never gets a call to go his way. it’s astonishing.

  • Odom the worst player

    Have anyone noticed that the lakers always play like this when they get up in a series? Kobe won’t shoot, the lakers keep leaving 3 point shooters open, no attention to detail. First I’m sooo pissed at Phil Jackson for not coaching, it’s on him to tell young players like brown not to keep leaving the 3 point shooters open. he never gets up and get in these guys faces and tell them not to do that. he just keep sitting there. Kobe will not shoot the damn ball unless the lakers are down, then he shoots and gets them back in the game, and then stop shooting again. Last Odumb never shows up, I know people love this guy, but if the lakers run their offense through him it’s over for the lakers. There’s no excuse for those stupid refs to look at a monitor and still get the call wrong. all refs tonight live in boston

  • Robert

    Still upset about the officiating, and aspects of the game, but I have this to say: the Celtics are scratching and clawing to get wins now. Even Doc Rivers played a part in the game, running on the court. They are desperate for a win, and played 8 on 5 against the Lakers.
    So, it’s clear the the Celtics cheat, but cheating is nothing new to basketball. It’s just that they have to resort to that now. What that means (and what we know), is that the Lakers are superior team. So, they need to ‘fight’ for their wins.
    Phil’s biggest challenge, is right here, right now. How do you play against 8 players (5 players + 3 refs) who rely on illegal contact to cheat. Did MJ come across this? Did we have this in any other Finals? I think this is new to Phil. He HAS to win this series, or he leaves on a bad note -

  • Lakers 24 7

    There is nothing neither the Lakers nor Celtics can do to win or lose a game. The outcome is decided by the reffs. Rating went up 17% from last year, and they will continue to go up each game. The NBA is gonna milk this series until there is a game 6 or 7. No matter how good the Laker offense is, or how great the Celtic defense is, they are useless against the reffs. There’s nothing they can do about it. Whoever the NBA wants to win the series, will win the series.

    • ilkebasketball

      cant imagine stern wants his nba superstar to play only 30 mins when you have millions of more viewers.

      • seankobe

        they were trying to do exactly what 2008 is, that year could be handled in 7 games by the NBA, but the lakers loss their tempo in 6. I hope this will not appen again. that is why they have to take a big lead as early as possible.

  • seankobe

    as I said before game 1, they should have a double digit lead at the earliest to get rid of the boston refs tripping us…I don’t understand why ray alien got a free look while no one the boston need to be doubled team.

  • Robert

    Is no one in the entire SBA (Stern Basketball Assoc.) embarrassed about the completely obvious mis-call where KG knocked the ball out, and it was called on Pau? The entire WORLD saw that it was out on KG; there were less than 2 minutes left in the game. Even Van Gundy and his co-horts commented that the ball was out on KG.
    They can make lies about bad calls, on TV with an entire world as witness, but if Phil makes one comment about officiating, he gets fined. They’ll probably fine him tomorrow.
    That whole thing is an outrage. Not even including the bad calls on Kobe, this is utterly ridiculous. So, VIDEO evidence doesn’t count?!? What’s the world coming to?
    Lakers 24 7 is right – whoever wins the Finals is who the refs (as ordained by the SBA) WANT to win the Finals.
    It’s like Maximus being stabbed by Commodus in Gladiator. The Lakers are a better team (Maximus), the Celtics are Commodus, and the refs are the ‘knife’ that stabbed Maximus.
    Et tu, Stern ?

  • dracul

    There definitely was something up with the reffing tonite. They decided to load up fouls on a clearly inneffective KG (so if he sits, makes no difference to Celtics) – then they load up fouls on Artest and Kobe. THEN… the REVIEWED played which goes off KGs fingers on 6 of 8 angles goes to the Celtics….

    Now, I know its its the National BaSTERNball League and everything, but seriously, are they trying to push each game to 7?

    -In other news, Pierce has been neutralized by Artest.
    -KG is fading.
    -If you stick to RayRay, he can’t shoot.
    -Rondo is the wildcard, but Kobe can’t guard him closely if he’s in foul trouble!
    -Props to Gasol and Bynum!!

    -They got off in transition.
    -RayRay went unconscious.
    -Rondo got some lucky rebounds and snuck in for some. I think the Lakers need to not worry about pushing the ball so much, but worry more about securing the rebound. We can score in the half-court effectively.
    -Our outside shooting was horrible.
    -Our freethrows were bleh.
    -Artest needs to not have the ball ‘stick’ to him when he gets it.
    -Uhm, has anyone seen Odom?

  • Jerry_West

    The Lakers are fucked.

  • comeflywithme

    Man, relax..
    L.A can handle Boston @ home, this is not 2008, this is a very different 2010 Lakers team.

    L.A came to the finals to repeat as a champions…

    I still believe Back2Back!

    • seankobe

      I believe in lakers but not in the league.


    i believe……………..I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KindSir

    Ugh man I think that lamar hasn’t even realized he’s in the NBA finals yet… and what happened to Kobe between games one and two? Yes there were a couple phantom calls against him, but I saw him miss a bunch of shots that are nearly automatic for him. He being the best player on our team, and the league needs to step it up and play like he has been all playoffs. Lamar just needs to wake the F up.

  • trippleocho

    Guys don’t act like we’ve never won in Boston before, we still got this. Odom is gonna show up eventually and we will win 4 games first.

  • stucktrader

    L.O. will wake up for the next game. Quick turn around. The funny thing is I think KOBE will be energized for the next game…

    … being he was sitting for half of game 2.

    Anyway, the only adjustments needed is as Phil acknowledged… the refs… and Ray Allen.

    Had Kobe not gotten in foul trouble, Rondo would have been the same as game 1.

    In any case. If the Lakers win this series… NO ONE WILL QUESTION who the real champs are. Time will show that this team could be listed among the top tier teams in NBA history. And just think, EVERYONE is thinking Boston can win 3 at home (remember when Detroit won 3 in a row for the 1st time in history against us?). BUT NO ONE is even thinking of the possibility of winning 3 AT BOSTON. Now THAT would make up for 2008.

  • trippleocho

    Is it me or is every time we play in the Finals wearing the white jersey we don’t really play well. We either lose or we barely win. LOL.

    • LakersfaninEDMONTONgoOilers&Lakers!

      Last year we were undefeted in them including the finals. The year before vs the Celtics we won the game when we wore them. Its not the jerseys fault…I wish it was though….we are not wearing them again this year…

      • seankobe

        yeah I really hate that white jersey..better to have the black jersey.They look weak and gay in white.

  • toto

    lakers can still win it.. FOCUS.. just a bad game thats all.. go LA

  • LakersfaninEDMONTONgoOilers&Lakers!

    I blame this loss on the ineffectivness of Kobe. Its not entirely his fault because he had 5 fouls and you could see he was playing conservative in the end. Two of his fouls were brutal calls and if they had not been called he would have been free to go in the end and I think we would have won. Overall in the series, if we can win at least 1 of the 3 in Boston we will go bact to LA and anything can happen at home. If we win one on the road we are okay, if we win two we are rolling!

  • Rio Rondo College

    What is that sound that I hear? Oh, it’s the sound of Laker fans crying about the officiating. I told ya’ll Boston would win this game. Boston will win games 3,4,and close it out on your home floor in game 6! Go BOSTON!!!


      Yo Dumb@$$, don’t you have a tutoring session to go to? You need to put in extra time to learn what the nouns and pronouns are if you want to get the the 14th grade in 3 years! FCUKIN PIECE OF SH!T!

      Don’t just come on here and flap your useless gums when the Celd!cks win! Where the Fcuk were you when they lost game 1? Yeah, like a coward that you are, you hid under a fcukin rock. Can’t blame you much though, I’d hide my face all the fcukin time if I were a Celd!ck fan! What a bunch of ignorant, inbred, moonshine drinking, no teeth a wearing, hillbillies acting like wiggas!

      You guys ain’t got no chance to sweep in Cockston! Gay G wilted away under the pressure of Gasol! Ha! He’s trying to act hard, but he’s got no game left. He’s only gonna get worse as the series moves on! Rash!t was a non factor again! We’re taking 2 outta 3 from your piece of sh!t crap land. Hell, we might take all 3 just to win it and stuff it all in your faces!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tae

      if rondo is the only you will rely on to win the game then lakers in 5.

      • seankobe

        the lakers loss with the help ot stern, the lakers win because boston sucks.

  • Toni

    Just wanted to be certain…. The Lakers were playing in L.A. right?! – With the bad calls that they got, you would think that they were playing at the TD Garden in Boston!


    Ok that loss hurt, but, lets look at it from the bright side. Anyone actually think Ray allen will be THAT hot next game? He burned us in the first half, but in the second half, he had…a measly 5 points.

    My prediction: Lakers win game 3, and possibly 4 or 5 and finish this off game 6.

  • Touch ME

    will win the championship. Now all Boston has to do is wIt’s obvious Lakerland Nostradamus decieved us all he guaranteed all Lakers fans this game 2. He even went further to say we in 2 of 3 at home and we are facing elimination. I told you all not to trust his crystal ball and now look at the pain we are suffering,when he doesn’t predict a game its because he knows were gonna lose.

    Now nostra I know your gonna say im a hater, f@g, not a lakers fan. You can call me whatever you like the truth of LA losing game 2 hurts and you tell us not to worry. You might want to tell it to Paul Pierce cuz he said were not coming back to LA. I couldnt even sleep last nite. You owe Lakersnation an apology.

  • justdogm1


    • Anna Gonda

      Boston paid a lot more attention to Kobe in this game, but Pau and Andrew picked up the slack on scoring. It was all the wasted possessions they had cuz of turnovers or, what the hell, shot clock violations for not making better decisions with the ball. LO needs to buck up and play through the officiating or he’ll be watching from the bench for the rest of this series. And Kobe isn’t going to have another game like that. He knows it. We know it.

  • Touch ME

    Ignore previous post

    Lakerland Nostradamus decieved us all he guaranteed all Lakers fans this game 2. Now all Boston have to do is win 2 of 3 at home and we are facing elimination. I told you all not to trust his crystal ball and now look at the pain we are suffering, when he doesn’t predict a game its because he knows were gonna lose.

    Now nostra I know your gonna say im a hater, f@g, not a lakers fan. You can call me whatever you like the truth of LA losing game 2 hurts and you tell us not to worry. You might want to tell it to Paul Pierce cuz he said were not coming back to LA. I couldnt even sleep last nite. You owe Lakersnation an apology

    • LakerLand Nostradamus

      the only thing I will say is this. I never seem someone taking so much pleasure when the Lakers lose. So right there is enough reason to know you are not a fan but a hater.
      That said, this will be a long series and I am not going to freak out because on game.
      Since you a bandwagon hater, I will laugh when you disappear soon.
      Son, you are not fooling anyone here. LMAO!!!
      Go Lakers!!!!!

  • maximus

    like you,i watched in a horror, bad call,after bad call,like you i watched allen have a hell of a shooting night,rondo playing the game of his life,and bryant,and fisher having a horriable night,odom is another nightmare to be told,yet we had our chances,and we will have more,lets have some faith that the lakers dig deep and pull through this and come out blazing hot,look at the suns they shot bad for two games straight,but the third game couldn’t miss,thats what happen in game two,allen and rondo are not going to play like this every game and neither is kobe and fisher.i salute artest ,gasol,bynum for doing a great job in the first two games,worry not we will return to L.A,the team needs are faith and trust,lets not wave the white flags of surrender,we’ll fight in L.A,we’ll fight in boston,we’ll fight the refs,we’ll fight through this we’ll never surrender!!!!!!!!

  • Touch ME

    Dang Lakersland you didn’t much sleep either. I’m not going anywhere. I am a fan of LA and I take disgust when they lose especially the way they did. The only ones doing the fooling are the Celtics, after game 1 all Lakers fans thought we won the championship. Look if you want to change your mind it’s fine no harm done. I hope your right about it being a long series cuz I dont want Boston up 3-2.

    • Kobe24Bauer

      GTFOH hater!!!!!!!!!

  • leo

    fcuk boston …we gotta get game 3 to swift mo our way..LO needs to atleast piss off perkins and get his azz suspended

    • Touch ME

      I hope so

  • Anna Gonda

    Bottom line – Boston made their adjustments and were able to guard Kobe better. Yes, he got into foul trouble and yes, those calls he got on Rondo falling out of bounds and RAllen flopping were dubious at best, but Pau and Andrew stepped up offensively and even blocked 13 shots. With Kobe in foul trouble, of course Rondo got his triple double, but the other 4 Lakers on the floor failed to provide any help D. There was one sequence where Pau blocked a shot but Rondo still got the off board and threw one over him.

    Rebounding was an issue too. They outrebounded Boston by 13 in the last game and got outboarded by 4 in this one. What a difference Lamar would have made if he was able to stay on the floor, but the guy can’t so much as look at the player he’s guarding the wrong way w/o getting called for something.

    Can’t blame Phil for leaving Ron Artest out there to keep Pierce out of the game. I agree that Sasha should take Shannon’s minutes though. Bill Walton said before tip-off that John Wooden used to tell them before every game that he’d done his part, and now it was up to the players to do theirs when they’re on the floor. Phil can’t keep the guys from dribbling away the clock (Ron and Shannon), nor can he keep them from turning the ball over at crucial times, and he can tell them to rebound until he turns blue but he’s not the one in uniform.

    The Lakers lost their homecourt advantage and now have to win at least 1 or 2 in Boston to give themselves a chance, but they can’t take back Game 2 so now it’s their time to adjust. I hope they replay that Game 6, 2008 game on the plane in case they need a reminder of what transpired the last time they were in Boston during the playoffs.

    The Lakers aren’t the same team they were 2 years ago. Now, away from Staples, they have an even greater chance and stage to prove it and we all know what they can do, right?!

    • Toni

      Hi Anna: Just a quick question… In terms of Home Court Advantage, how does this work in the Finals when it’s a 2-3-2 format? … Does the 7th game go back to Boston as opposed to being at Staples?

      Was discussing this issue with my hubby prior to halftime when they were down 14 prior to the half when it was cut down to 6 by Kobe’s last second trey.

      I know that you’re well-versed in basketball terminology so I thought that I’d ask you instead of everyone on this board.

      Thanks for answering my “stupid” question.

      • daboss1848

        1st 2 games @ Lakers
        next 3 games @ Boston
        last 2 games @ Lakers

        • Toni

          Thank you for your help as well! – I do appreciate your feedback!

      • Anna Gonda

        No questions are stupid and thanks for asking. In the finals, the 6th and 7th games are played at Staples. I, personally, don’t like this format. I think the 2-2-1-1-1 format for the first three rounds is fairer to both teams, whether or not you have home court advantage because the venue switches more often. In the finals, the team without the home court advantage is actually more fortunate because if they steal one of the first two games on the road, they have three home games to look forward to. That’s just my opinion though. Some people think the 2-3-2 format is better for the team with homecourt advantage because the middle three games would be difficult for the home team to win in a row. I don’t know. I suppose it’s a preference. I remember Phil Jackson saying once that having homecourt advantage to him means STARTING at home, which he thinks is the real plus.

        • Toni

          Hi Anna:

          Thank you so much for clarifying this for me. – I do appreciate your help and keep up with your fantastic game reports! … I do enjoy your thoughtful insight of each game!

    • KindSir

      It seemed like the rebounding actually got worse when Lamar was in there

  • 151RUMMER

    You know what? I never bought into the theories that the NBA is rigged or series’ are extended so the league can make more money, but after watching that unbelievable display of officiating, it makes me think there is truth to those claims. These officials should be banned from the finals for the rest of their careers. The Gasol-Garnett out of bounds ball was disgusting……! The lakers should have done a better job on Rondo and defense, so u cant blame the refs for that. But if they are gonna make all those stupid calls, why dont they make them when the Celtics are using moving screens to free up Allens 3 point shots! The fact that this game was decided by the refs is upsetting and disturbing…… really tempted to stop watching the NBA if these games continue to be called this way!!!

  • willmo

    Bynum’s and 1 that was waived off, Kobe’s 3rd & 4th foul, Artest foul from behind on Rondo with 2 minutes left in the game and the ulitmate idiotic call after being reviewed the 6th foul on KG and ball off of his hand. It’s one thing to hear the shmucks on ABC say that’s not a foul, but to hear it the entire game just goes to show you that the miserable existence of a man named David Stern is involved in the outcome of these games and Tim Donaghy was right from the get go and you should tune in as he is making the rounds on the talks shows and being accurate in his statements. Everytime Kobe got into a groove, they would call a foul on him and in the 4th qtr he could not play his game on Rondo because of the foul trouble. For the Lakers part in the 4th why did they stop feeding the big men who combined for 46 points and 13 blocks, the Lakers clearly have the height advantage and need to exploit it in Game 3 and how many times did they get lazy on rebounds, you got to get agressive and play hungrier next time. I think they will go to beantown and take 2. KG, Perk are non existent and they only should worry about Pierce & Rondo.

  • kb24dbest

    The officiating was kindof funny and weird last night. I think this series is FIXED in terms of officiating. The league wants to extend the series to get viewers and of course money. There were som obvious calls last night that i thought were insane that they did not call. We are all fans but are not stupid to know whats a foul and whats not a foul.
    Kobe and Lamar needs to stop making stupid fouls. Lakers need to make their FT’s, Lamar needs to make open jump shots. The thing about Lamar is, he keeps driving to the basket and picking up charging fouls. He needs to make the open shots from outside when it’s available and drive to the basket when its open. The bench neeeds to give us atleast one great game. Then the lakers needs to strike first like how they did in Game 1. In Game 2, they waited for how the Celtics to throw a punch first, then they counteracted with their punch in the second half. They cannot do that in Boston.
    Now they made this series tougher than it should be. The lakers now need to win atleast ONE game in Boston, TWO would be nice, and three is impossible.
    Defensively, the lakers DO NOT need to double team anyone on the Celtics, they just need to help out closing the lanes and closing the 3 point shots by rotating. The lakers are giving too much respect for KG and should pay more attention to Allen and Rondo.

  • Laker4 Life

    Well now it’s a series. I actually expected Boston to win game 2 eventhough I wanted the lakers to win. This series will go to game 7 no doubt. I picked the Lakers in 7. Everbody should just relax because we expected Boston to win one in LA. Lakers can win in Boston and so they will come back to LA and finish the celtics in game 7. I aint worried at all. All I know is this is going to be one hell of a series. The only freakin problem are the refs. If the lakers get the calls we win in 6, but if we don’t then in 7. Oh! and please wake up Odumb. If you don’t than you and your wife should get your asses out of LA.

    • kb24dbest

      I agree with you and well said. I expected Boston to get one and for the Lakers to be true champions they have to win on the road. I always believe that teams are not true champions until they win 2-3 titles or win back-back. One title, has a reputation of being lucky.
      The REFS should make the right call consistently and NOT favor a call because the team is more aggressive. I watched the playoffs all year and this seems to be the trend that the aggresor gets the favored calls. I DO NOT THINK THIS IS RIGHT thats why calls are inconsistent.

  • j.dizzle

    Game 3 or 4 are MUST WIN now! Im excited to see how LA does on the road when facing REAL adversity. If they are a true championship team then they will win atleast 1 of them..If they go down 3-1 going into game 5 then forget about it! The longer the series the more it favors LA though..KG & Pierce will get tired & Ray Ray aint gonna hit 7 three’s in one half again…if he does then something is definitely wrong with Phil Jackson’s adjustments haha. Btw Shannon Brown has some of the worst basketball IQ ive ever seen, I have no idea what Phil sees in this guy. He’s lost on offense & defense, who the hell gives Ray Allen that much space after being on FIRE. Give Sasha all his minutes IMO.

  • kb24dbest

    I think Kobe should try to post-up Ray Allen in Game 3 at Boston like he did in Game 1 when Ray picked up 3 fouls in 2 minutes to get him in foul trouble. The officials should also know that Ray is flopping and should not give him the call all the time. The ref also has to adjust for game 3.
    The refs in the NBA is so important than in any sports because they can impact how the game will turn out. Anyone thinks the refs are gambling?

  • kb24dbest

    I agree I like Sasha on Allen better than Brown. With Allen, you cannot give him space. Fisher did a good job guarding him in Game 1, when Fish bodied up Ray and kind of annoyed him because Fish didn’t give him space. You have to pay attention to Allen, chase him around, and when he touches the ball-don’t give him space.
    Kobe has to stay out of foul trouble, pay attention to where Rondo is at all times, don’t help out too much on double teams on the post. Pau and Bynum played great and controlled the paint. Everyone else were either stupid or not making their shots.

  • JenFD

    What a game.. actually thought it was going to be a win since they were playing totally fine during 3rd quarter, and that was where the Celtics seemed to show a sign of slowing down a bit. =\

  • mecka24

    KOBE had an off night, Way too many 3s attempted by the LAKERS, Allen broke an NBA 3 record, ODOM didnt show up AGAIN, and the REFS were horrible…Thats like a perfect combination to beat the LAKERS..

  • Anna Gonda

    Did you all watch this? It’s pretty hilarious:

    • BE_A_LakerFan

      Ok, that may have made me even more angry. I’m the LAST person to really blame a loss on the refs. But last night was just unexplainable. I have never seen anything like that in my life. NEVER! I don’t even know what else to say. Smh.


        I got ONE CALL to B!tch about ! ONE CALL! The Cocksuckin Footlocker dropouts even reviewed the fcukin play! They reviewed the damn thing! No matter how you slice and dice it, GAY FCUKIN G clearly knocked the ball out of bounds! Gasol didn’t even get his hand on it! Yet, they still rewarded the Celd!cks the WIN! That’s right, the win, because that call changed how everything went down the last couple of minutes!


        GO KOBE!!!!!!!!
        GO PAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GO ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GO BYNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GO TO HELL CELD!CKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • BE_A_LakerFan


  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I’m too mad to even talk about last night. Not worried though, just mad for a number of reason. I won’t even go into detail lol.

    Anyway, Go Lakers!

  • http://lakersnation cgris

    i really think we might win 1 or 2 games in boston cause kobe is really mad!!!so who agrees wit me???

  • j.dizzle

    LOL at that video, theres no such thing as homecourt advantage at staples center these days so I wont be surprised if LA wins a game or two in Boston. KG & Pierce are looking pretty worn out so its all up to Phil to make adjustments to limit Rondo & Allen..If Allen never went off yesterday, LA would of had no problems. They defended him horribly & let Rondo walk into the paint with ease in the 2nd half. I think LA bounces back & wins in 7

    • ilikebasketball

      exactly. basic point is, if Allen had been guarded in the first half, even with these calls we still woulda won.

      Boston fans may complain that the first game all the calls went our way.

      BUT at least when the calls go our way WE TAKE A 20 POINT LEAD.

  • Jerry_West

    It would seem that the Lakers are fucked.

  • Wilt

    Thats a whole lot of comments.

  • si pepe

    brother and sisters lakers in 6..keep the faith!:)

  • 131-92

    Will one of you please come to and get all the trolls that are hanging out there. Thanks. And oh yeah, Celtics in 5.

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