Players of the day

1. Andrew Bynum – Bynum told the media that this will be his breakout year. The year that he silences the critics. This preseason he’s taken a big step toward the new and improved aggressive Andrew Bynum. He had 18 points tonight in only 23 minutes going 7/10 from the field, 4/5 from the line, along with 7 boards and a block. In addition, Andrew pulled out something that we’ve never seen before. I’ll leave that for our play of the game though…

2. Ronny Turiaf – Ronny continues to show shines of becoming a legitimate star in the NBA. He went 5/7 from the field tonight and had 8 boards, 3 assists, a steal and a block to go along with 18 points. He’s been consistently hitting that 10-15 ft. jumper, running the break beautifully, and finishing with authority. He’s making a strong case to start this season at the 4.

3. Coby Karl – Coby had a very impressive game. He beat out Elton Brown, Larry Turner and Andre Patterson as the team’s 15^th player (some extremely tough competition…), and seemed to play his first game with a sigh of relief. He seemed to be looser out there, especially from beyond the arc. He his two threes, went 3 for 4 from the field and had 3 boards and 10 points. Keep it up Coby, hard work does pay off in basketball.

4. Luke Walton – Have to mention Luke’s 8 assists. I can remember each one, especially that beautiful dish to Ronny in the paint leading to a dunk. He did an excellent job leading the team to keep everyone having fun out there. I like this game to lead us into the regular season.

Play of the Day:

Hands down, that Bynum dunk at the end of the third quarter. Where did that athleticism come from??? He lifted up out of nowhere for the and1 slam. Hang time from Bynum? I can get used to that!

Smush of the day:

Vlad Rad, not lookin’ too good out there today. Pretty good preseason, but not the most impressive finish in 17 minutes. He went 0/3 from the field with a rebound, an assist, and no points. I wouldn’t make too much out of it though. Just about all of the Lakers played well today, this is one of those pick a smush of the day’s because you have to. So how about we just give it to Ric Bucher and ESPN. They talk about Kobe being traded non-stop and it couldn’t be more annoying. Seriously, Ric Bucher is almost at Jack Haley status.

  • as1084

    what about jordan farmar??!! i dont unsderstand that he isnt even on your list. I thought he was the best player for the lakers(i was at the game). He hustled for loose balls, played excellent d which lead to several for his steals, made clutch shots during the last five minutes to help the lakers put the game out of reach, and finally he ran the point well. farmar deserves to be the #2 pg at least, maybe even start. he is a star in the making. fisher played excellent as well. his shooting wasnt there but he attacked the defenses and ran the fast breaks very well. Crittention has a ways to go. not looking to good right now but that is to be expected. overall i well played game for the lakers, except for vlade. lakers should have released him after he violated his contract due to his snowboarding accident. this guy is in lala land!

  • Jrich

    The Lakers play so much better without Kobe. Better team chemistry. Now if we can only get a good power forward and shooting guard in exchange for Kobe, we will look good.

  • fatty

    Its still preseason, but you must admit, the game is more fun when we score well and win.

    Kobe not in the starting line up? Its like watching a golf match without Tiger Woods. It gives everyone else a chance to show off their stuff. But still not as good.

    Skyhook Report: Did we see a skyhook from AB? An unofficial poll of fans was inconclusive. On the Kareem scale of quality hooks (1-10 – 10 being best), it measured a 2. Only because he made it.

    If you use the preseason to measure our quality as a Laker team. We’ve proved that we our better than the Sonics, Kings and Bobcats. And worse than the Warriors, Clippers and Jazz. The truth? We’ve proved nothing.

    Can’t wait till Tuesday when “The truth will be told”

    Go Lakers! Yeah Baby!

  • Nate

    Man when you said you would keep the Bynum play for the play of the day, I was going crazy thinking “He did it, he FINALLY showed the skyhook! I knew he would do it!” Then I click and he just dunked it.

    Oh well.

  • r3dempti0n

    I hope Kobe sees this and gets encouraged about this team. It seems like most of them are being more consistent on the offensive end, so hopefully Kobe turns on more of that defense that we saw over the summer in team USA. I believe Kobe won’t have to score too much this season. This young Laker team is very promising.

  • fatty

    r3dempti0n – That’s my hope as well.

    Nate – I was thinking the same thing

  • http://LAL Jonas Joseph

    PG/SG- JAVARIS Crittention


  • sportsphanatic

    We almost have too much depth. We have trading chips galore, but we can’t really exploit any of them in deals until we decide who this team is g2 be structured around… Bynum or Kobe.

  • lalakerfan

    I agree with you JRich. Everyone plays better when Kobe isn’t there because there’s no “go-to guy” to bail people out. They all have to play instead of just watching someone else do everything.

  • Tim-4-Show


    I have to eat my $12. I don’t know who only gave it a “2” but that was certainly a hook shot. It was more reminiscant of Magic’s “baby hook” but it was a hook. Here’s why: though Bynum was running and shot it with his off hand (left), his left knee DID elevate and pivot through the shot on the follow through. That’s a HOOK SHOT. It’s not really the “sky” hook in the sationary position, but it’s a hook shot, and the first one I’ve ever seen him shoot.

    I’m coming out and admitting my error, I’m willing to forfeit my $12. He finally threw “the shot.” Let’s hope he continues to develop. Frankly, I was shocked he came in and did this in less than 30 seconds from the time PJ said “socks!” he removed his warm-up gear, checked in, ball in play, the shot, less than 30 seconds… Double or nothing says he had MONEY riding on it again, because that was awesome. Wow.

  • kobe or bynum

    where is bynums play of the day? i cant find it

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #15449 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Not to take away from what the Lakers did last night, but when you play a team that you are clearly better than. Youre going to look good. How can you not look like a good team? Take this same team against the Spurs and youll see what I mean. This team wont even win close to 30 games, likely less than 20 without Kobe.

    [Comment ID #15466 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its amazing how much effort they play with when they know they dont have Kobe to bail them out, so they dont bring a half-a** effort like they usually do. I dont see why it would be difficult to bring 100% effort with Kobe there, Ronny does it every night, theres no reason why others shouldnt do it. If not on offense atleast on the defensive end.

    [Comment ID #15455 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hope that too, but consistency isnt proven in the preseason. Its proven throughout a course of a long stretch of games, with back to back roadies and the such. Lets be realistic, we didnt play any good teams this preseason other than GS and Utah and we all lost those games badly, we were down 20+pts in the first quarter alone. Im looking forward to see how Bynum and the rest are going to play against teams that we’ll actually play in the playoffs ie Houston and Suns.

    When comes to this preseason, to me the biggest concern is still defense. The rotation is a lot better, but when they rotate they dont close out properly, by gathering themselves, and in turn they just get blown by off the dribble. Pick and roll defense is still bad, no communication on back picks, but those arent too bad. What concerns me the most is rebounding, every game they gave up too many off reb, 14 against of the Kings and 20 against Utah, although we dont have Lamar, thats still unacceptable.

  • Shaq786

    Aight guys, here is how we appease Kobe

    Step 1:

    Trade: v.rad, cook, sasha, ’08 first, and mo evans…. for Walker, gerald green, ryan gomes…. MIN gets some salary relief…

    *this cant happen until DEC.24

    than we can swing.. walker, ’08 second round pick (LAL), and gerald green …. for maggette, and aaron williams… LAC can start Al thorton at the 3, and walker at the 4 until, brand gets back…

    Step 2 (we could do it one shot with step 1):

    Odom, aaron williams, ’10 first round pick, and ryan gomes for Jermaine Oneal (they will not get a better package than this) Trade ID #4263119

    Line up:

    Jermaine Oneal/Turaif/(webber)

  • Marshall

    “So how about we just give it to Ric Bucher and ESPN. They talk about Kobe being traded non-stop and it couldn’t be more annoying. Seriously, Ric Bucher is almost at Jack Haley status.”

    As opposed to sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything is OK in Lakerland…?? Ignoring the fact that our self-centered superstar has turned his back on his team and his fans..??
    I’m no Bucher fan, but he’s less nauseating than the fans in denial of these facts or worse yet, the fans that keep trying to find ways to kiss Kobe’s behind in the hopes he’ll stay……What’s wrong with you Laker fans…??
    Grow a pair, ship the backstabber on his way and let’s build a team of guys who appreciate where they are and the opportunity they’ve been given…..

    Lakers forever…!!

  • fatty

    Fortunately Marshall, the Lakers FO and fans know more about BB than you do. Following your thoughts would ruin the team. Try to calm down and think rationally. Giving away the greatest BB player in our day for nothing would only make the club worse.
    Dr Buss will do whats best for the Lakers and not do something to satisfy your predjudice.

  • LakerNation1

    i might be alone on this but ill just say it anyways. i thought watching the lakers without kobe has been more fun. maybe it was bc they did better last night, but i had a fun time.

  • Marshall

    I guess you think that having a pouting superstar on our team (especially after his impressive display of professionalism and maturity during this pre-season) with his trade demand hanging over the everyone’s heads won’t be problem or “ruin the team”, Fatty,…..Can’t agree with you there…I do agree with you that Dr. Buss will do what’s best for the Lakers, which is why Kobe will probably be gone well before the February deadline…
    Or maybe you’re just another one of those Laker “fans” hoping the team plays well enough to satisfy Kobe and convince him to stay, like some co-dependent, jilted ex….

    And, I have no idea what “predjudice” you’re talking about.

  • fatty

    Marshall. whenever I see irrational arguements full of hatred, I always assume someone is carrying predjudice of some kind to the table.

    You and about 2-3 people think Kobe will be traded before the deadline, none of them being BB experts. If the Lakers make a desperate move on Kobe, we will lose and lose badly in the exchange. A serious trade of equal value will be very difficult to transpire.

    Now if your one of those people that hates Kobe so much, you want to trade him for a bunch of srubs, so be it. But you’re forgetting Kobe’s no trade clause. He vetoes the trade if the team is not a contender. So a contending team will not break up its core for Kobe and Kobe wouldn’t agree to go to a loser.

    That’s my point, I see people like you that are so full of hatred, they can’t see straight when it comes to what’s best for the Lakers.

  • Marshall

    No clue what hatred you’re talking about, Fatty……I’ve been a HUGE Kobe fan and supporter since he first became a Laker….through the air balls…. through Colorado…..and particularly through the Shaq battles…..I’ve always been on Kobe’s side and completely supported him. But Kobe has DEMANDED A TRADE….What part of that is not clear to you..?? He has turned his back on his teamates, the organization and you….The fact that, as a fan, that doesn’t bother you is another story, but do you think his trade value is going to go up or down the longer the Lakers wait to pull the trigger on something..?? You’re right about what we’re probably going to get for him in a trade, but that’s the position Kobe has put us in and it’s only going to get worse, unless Kobe kisses and makes up to the “idiot”… know the guy…the most winning owner in team sports history…
    So your approach as GM would be what..?? Just ignore Kobe’s demands..?? Close your eyes and hope everything gets all better..?? Wish upon a star and call anyone with a realistic take on the situation a hater..??

    What’s best for the Lakers is to have a roster of players that respect the game and each other and if that means getting rid of the best player in hoop and his selfish attitude, ya gotta do what ya gotta do…..

    Again….What part of a trade demand that he refuses to retract, don’t you understand…??