It’s a lot more fun when we are the team coming back in the fourth. Nevertheless, the Lakers still came out with the W Friday night in D.C.

The Lakers once again shot well at 50%, but continue to get out rebounded. How is this possible when you have such a big team?

Tonight it was the starters that did most of the damage for the Lakers, while the Wizards bench brought them back in the game. The Lakers escaped with the win and complete the mini road trip with a 2-1 record, and their ninth win in ten games.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Bynum had 19 and 10 tonight to go with his 3 blocks. A force in the middle once again.

2) Pau’s 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists says enough.

3) Ariza continues to crack the top 3. 3 steals and good shooting is all he needs.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Odom didn’t do much. Didn’t play bad, but was kind of out of it tonight.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s jumper with 30 seconds to go.

What to Look for Next Game: Lakers to rout the Bucks as fans get more free tacos.

Ticket Info: Bucks come in town Sunday night and tickets start at $30 each for uppers and $80 for lowers. E-Mail me at or call 818-387-8224 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • daboss1849

    Lakers look so pathetic letting all these teams back in the game. If we don’t pick up the pace no way we win the ship this year…

  • lilkobe24

    1st! no point of luke playing..

  • megaloco10

    happy with the win but dissapointed with the lack of effort..

    go lakers!!

  • lakers1fan

    Can someone tell me Why???
    Why is it that with sub 500 teams the LAKERS play like shit!? Why????

  • lakers1fan

    Why is it that with sub .500 teams the LAKERS play like sh*T! WHY?

  • lilkobe24

    well in my opinion they probably think .500 teams are not a challenge so they slack off and when its like celtics team they do their best

  • lainok

    16-2 is awesome, but 2 of these three road trip games were a joke. Sasha and Fish have been killing us all season. If Sasha isn’t just camped at the three point line then Fish is taking impossible jumpers against two defenders. I have been watching the lakers for about 15 years now and the one thing they always seem to be really consistant at is giving up huge leads. For every 0.4 fisher shot or horry 3 at the buzzer there are 10 double diget leads lost in the fourth againgst sub par teams, and it’s getting old.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Is it me, or do the Lakers have a harder time beating eastern conference teams no matter how bad of record they have?

  • FT

    if we dont start playing consisten defense we’re gonna be nothing but the 2009 version of the Phoenix Suns, yeah we can get through the west, but we wont win a title with this kind of defense, its been almost 20 games and the defense comes and goes, when are we gonna start playing it right??

    seems like they were talking about defense and defense only for the firs 10 days o the season and now they dont even try anymore and just try to win with their offense, good luck doing that against the celtics again.

    all of us fans want revenge for last year, but the defense needs to pick up now!

  • lakers1fan

    [Comment ID #56157 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes I think that’s probably it…LAKERS s*ck against the East teams (See Washington PCT-0.176, Indiana PCT-0.368, Philadelphia PCT-0.450, and will sunday the game against Milwaukee PCT-0.429 be a close one too??? will the LAKERS win it by one or two points??) who knows? Maybe? but most likely….

  • kobe d 1

    If we’re going to play like this we will never win the championship.i watch the celtics-portland game right after the laker-wizards game and honestly i’m quite empressed with their FOCUS and DETERMINATION to win the game through their RELENTLESS DEFENSE!why can’t we play that way?we always have the tendency to relax especially when we have a big lead.c’mon guys we can do better than CELTICS every game coz we deserve to win the RING this season!

  • e

    1. fisher needs to play d

    2. second unit needs to contain leads..they’re extremely sloppy nowadays

    3. we could have put this one away but kobe shot a measly 5-16…despite this however, he is still shooting 47% from the field, a career high…his free-throws have been good too..only if he made that last free throw today, i wouldnt have gotten a stroke

    4. lamar disappears with the clock running down…even tho bynum’s been pissing me off, id still put him in the end of the game bcuz he’s a difference maker in there

  • Peter

    I still wonder why Phil didn’t put Bynum back in along with his “Starters” he would of done better defensively and offensively than Lamar in the later minutes of the 4th.

  • e

    only if we kept caron butler instead of lamar odom =/

  • Ricky D

    its too early to be saying that we won’t win the Larry O’Brian trophy. Yes, the Lakers are sloppy, but NEVER DOUBT THE ZEN MASTER for he bettering the bench, at expense of some W’s, for the sake of a better not only a better bench, but the future roster of the LAKERS!

  • jason
  • lakers1fan

    [Comment ID #56160 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YES!!!!Totally agree with you on this one….Wouldn’t say it better. I also watched the Celtics/Portland game and yes…the C’s were rolling and on fire…they never quit. Honesty people, and I know I will get told off by other LAKERS fans…if the LAKERS are going to be f’ing up big leads, and kobe continues to be sloppy and the second unit, Bynum continues to act and think like a baby pissing off Phil,well we might as well not expect any championships any time SOON! Well what can say of the other players…LAMAR is LAMAR AKA MR. INCONSISTANCY, Pau is soft. I hate when they “F” up like that especially with weak teams!!!!

  • SgtRoss

    WOW – I finally found a Laker blog with some intelligent individuals!! I’m a Celtics fan and I’m not here to brag – just like to read what Laker fans think of their team. It’s actually embarrassing to see that most think that the 16-2 record is awesome. It’s all a farce! This will come crashing down if they continue playing the same defense and lack of enthusiasm. I like a lot what some of you wrote and think it is quite accurate. If Lakers continue this trend they will be like the Suns and make it to the playoffs but won’t be able to win the big one. They will always lose to the east if they have no defense and no toughness. It’s actually kind of sad because the Lakers have a ton of talent but are overpaid and everyone makes excuses for them. Like we have to travel from the west coast. Or we’re playing back to back games. Doesn’t every team play back to back? Why will some fans claim this is an excuse? These guys are paid millions of dollars for a part time job – they should bring it every night!!! Actually, I want the Celtics to meet the Lakers again and crush them. We’ll be doing you a favor because then they’ll get rid of PJ – then maybe Dr. Buss will trade for some players with mental and physical toughness. See you on Dec 25!!

  • domz

    There are lot of things to be worked on. Lets just not stop supporting our team and believe they can overcome these problems!!

    PS: Lets just think that the wizards beat boston 3 times last season. =)


    Today Boston was up 68 to 46 with 3:00 minutes to play in the third quarter, but kept the metal to the pedal, and didn’t call off the DOGS! …This is Doc Rivers’ personality speaking volumes! …And if these DOGS, or the new puppies sent in; decide not to eat, he doesn’t leave the food out for very long, before shoving it down their throats! …AND WHY GAME 6 OF THE 2008 NBA FINALS HAPPENED!


    [Comment ID #56168 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dude are you a f*cking critic or a fan???????

  • domz

    [Comment ID #56172 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dont be mad. I understand you, itès just that the truth hurts..(damn you PP)

  • e

    [Comment ID #56168 Will Be Quoted Here]

    this was the first time kobe has been this sloppy since the nets game…he’s been doing really well the past few games…just comes to show that if the smallest err happens in kobe’s game, ppl will go nuts and start to blame him


    [Comment ID #56172 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dude, I’ll bet you are the long lost “ab4sure” “FOOL” that has disappeared from last year, and has manifested itself, this year, into the new “lakernation” “IDIOT”, who pops up with ignorant, adolescent comments; as the real idiotic and foolish “CRITIC OF THE FAN” …..Your MO is exactly the same!

  • Michael_23

    The Lakers played horrible tonight and let a big lead slip away. I’m thankful for the win. But the Lakers have lost their ways in crushing teams early like they did in the first 10 games or so.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #56169 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree with up until the “Celtics crushing the lakers” remark…After that, you lost all credibility in my eyes =P

    Seriously though, We shouldn’t use our lack of effort against the weaker teams as a measuring stick of premature failure, just like we shouldn’t our 16-2 record as a symbol of superiority.

    Everyone knows Phil Jackson is a “Zen Master” and being a graduate student in psychology, I believe he is using a psychological principle called the “minimizing effect” – although Phil doesn’t outright admit it.

    This principle is based on the premise that we do what it takes to win while using the least amount of effort possible — explaining the lower minutes for Kobe as well as the complacent effort as of late. Is it dangerous? Yes (EX: the Pacers game we let slip away) — but the fact of the matter is, it helps our team out in the long-run. By conserving our energy, Phil is saving the legs of our team so we can hit on all cylinders come playoff time when it REALLY matters (Don’t forget, Kobe and Pau played all summer in the Olympics while Bynum and Ariza are coming off season ending injuries from a year ago). The NBA season, as you all know, is long as hell and there truly is no use of winning 73 games if we have nothing left come playoff time — afterall, this is a championship or bust season.

    Do I personally agree with this strategy? No I do not, so do not kill the messenger, I’m simply calling it how I see it. But if all the chips fall into place, we will hoist that championship trophy.

    So EFFF off you Celtic fans, find you’re own forum! >=)


    Man, I couldn’t wait for the post game reviews to vent my frustrations with this soft-laid-back-of-a-coach Jackson… His coaching PHILosophy will prevent the Lakers from Basketball Immortality (73+wins) this year, if not the Championship… He’s already gone out and has excused himself from it (70 wins); so as to cover his overrated STUBBORN OLD Jack’sASS, along with his OLD & possibly dead brain cells unwillingness to except it! …I don’t care how much spin some ignorant dudes try to throw out there about how Jackson keeps the players on the court to teach them toughness, or whatever, while the other team stampedes with momentum! …This is pure BS… Nobody else in this league, allows the opposition to score 12 unanswered points; to go from a 19 point lead to a 7 point lead, and much less with an eternity left to play, in the 4th quarter; before finally using a timeout to stop the hemorrhaging! …NOBODY! …This is a stupid way to build toughness or anything else for that matter… What it is; is a formula for losing as evident in these last three games has shown everyone! …But, Phil “I did it my way” Jackson, is too freakin stubborn to acknowledge this FACT, and to proud to change it!

    Sorry, but I’m just fed up with this soft style of coaching… This is a direct reflection upon the team, and why they have acquired their well deserved reputation……

  • SgtRoss

    imfasterthanur – smart post – I just don’t believe it. Most of those rings PJ has is because any coach with Shaq/Kobe could have won it all. Also with Jordan/Pippen/Rodman. I agree with MR. JUAN_YOUR WARLOCK’s last post – Phil is just a stubborn old nut! You guys lost games based on his philosophy – and he allowed the game 6 – that should have never happened….even as a Celtics fan – I’d be super pissed if Doc let that happen to our team.

  • roscoe

    well, we were getting bored…..

  • Brett

    What the hell? Why do people talk down phil like he’s a horrible coach? Freakin homos. Did you not notice what happened to the lakers before phil took over the shaq/kobe teams? Swept by jazz out of the playoffs. Then leads them to 3 straight. And what happens when he leaves after the feud? Lakers go to hell again. So then what? He comes back, and leads them to the finals last year. All you phil haters. Give me a damn break. My hell people.

  • Logic Guy

    LOCK DOWN DEFENSE In the final minutes of the game Bynum hould be in the game. When you are protecting a lead during the last six minutes of a game your five best defensve players should be putting Fisher and Farmar on the bench. KOBE AND ARIZA AT GUARD with Lamar at the three. This solves a number of the internal problems they are strugling with plus gets the the best defensive team on the floor during crunch time.


    Phil is not a “horrible” coach; per say…He’s actually not bad! …But, he is a philosophical being who is not willing to admit he might be wrong, and try, or go in another direction… At least not until the wheels have completely fallen off of his PHILosophical idea… Case in point: His unwillingness to put Trevor Ariza into the “08” Finals rotation, but instead, opted to go with Luke Walton the whole entire series, despite the obvious ineptness & failure (offensively and defensively) that was going on & clear to everyone else… Why? …Please enlighten me, if you will… Walton and Trevor are the same exact player they were one year ago! …The difference now is the RIGHT player is getting the minutes vs. the WRONG player… Phil will never admit even to himself, that he made a mistake in this decision or judgment… Do you think his decision or judgment was the right call regarding Trevor vs. Luke in last years Finals? …Same thing with his PHILosophical idea regarding not stopping an opponents run, in its tracks, in order to instill toughness into his players down the road. ???? …This is what I, and many others believe is BS! …and apparently many coaches would agree, since Phil is the only one known to use this losing proposition… You might not be aware; Phil has had many suggestions from his assistants regarding different approaches, to different things, but is very slow or stubborn to move on them! …Phil wants to separate himself and his legacy from all other coaches and their coaching philosophies… Thereby his self-proclaimed Zen Master status coming into focus… All Lakers homos, in hell or otherwise, want to see & feel a Championship this year and for many years to come, thereby the criticism when a 3-14 record-wise team, has a chance to beat the Lakers, on the last play of the game! ….LOL…. Need I say more?

  • SamV

    lakers are blowing leads late in games because of the players chosen to end games. Doesn’t anyone find it funny that andrew bynum doesn’t play at the end of games and then we suddenly get out rebounded? We should finish games with our twin towers, not lamar odom. We need more starters closing out games and we need to take advantage of our lengthy and big players at the end of games.


    [Comment ID #56192 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, this seems to be in response to Bynum’s complaining of Phil’s rotation……. How dare he question “The Zen Master”!
    ……………. LOL ………………

  • lainok

    What is awesome is 9 months ago everyone was talking about the western confrence race. How close it was, how good every team was. This year, it’s the Lakers then everyone one else. The two top teams in the League are the Lakers and the Celtics. Clevland is making a fun little run, but we all know that if it came down to seven games with the Celtics it would be over for the Cavs. So where last year we were discussing the standings in the Western Confrence, this year we are watching the Celtics record. The glory days of basketball have returned.

  • jason420_7

    cant stop pick and roll…cant stop dribble penetration…cant close on shooters..cant defensive rebound..all equals no championship…sorry but not gonna score 110 points a game against the celtics..its just fact..until we can fix these problems i have stated..we’re just good enough to lose in the finals again!

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #56184 Will Be Quoted Here]

    In regard to winning with kobe/Shaq, that isn’t necessarily true. Don’t forget Kobe and Shaq were together before Jackson even came aboard and they struggled to co-exist.

    Do I think that Phil Jackson is a great coach? Yes. Being a Laker fan, does that bias affect my perception of him being the greatest coach in the world? Probably not. Phil’s stubborn nature did not want to implement an intuitive zone defense until we got torched by the Celtics, just like his stubborn attitude excuses him from using strategic timeouts. BUT — Jackson is good at pushing star athletes to their potential, allowing different egos to mold and be cohesive.

    I can almost guarantee that not every coach in the NBA is capable of leading and uniting so much star-power on one team, while maintaining the consistency (3-peat after 3-peat).

    P.S For a Celtics fan, you’re not that bad. Don’t get me wrong, I hate your guts by default, but matching wits with you isn’t so bad.

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    I tried to warn y’all about those Wizards…just because they’re 3-13 doesn’t mean they are going to roll over for you beacuse your one of the best teams in the NBA…DOGS GET HUNGRY and The Wiz were more hungry than The Lakers,except for,YET AGAIN TO THE RESCUE,Kobe and Ariza (Farmar,too,’cause he made Butler take a akward shot).This team did exactly what I knew they were going to do and that’s play ‘SOFT’ vs. yet another EASTERN CONFERENCE team.

    “Defense wins Championships”!This cannot be said enough,though they’re both my teams,I just thought The Lakers would play with a lil’ ‘fire in their belly’ but…they didn’t.


    …Lastly,Mitch make a trade,PLEASE,do something to motivate these guys…GET G-FORCE NOW!!!!Only trade with any eastern conference team,somebdy that can go alongside Kobe and Ariza on “D”.

  • Moses

    Why have Celtics fans got nothing better to do than come to Lakers websites?? A win is a win, they’ll all count the same come playoff time, whether this is a win by 2 points or by 40.

    One thing with the Lakers is that we know damn well we can play better when we need to, and whenever we’ve played the likes of Houston or New Orleans or whoever this season we’ve shown them we’re better.

    Boston would not have beat this team in the finals. They do not have the depth to roll with us, granted they may be playing better D, but they’re not better than they were last year, and the Lakers are much better with Bynum and Trevor back.

  • nabil

    [Comment ID #56188 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Wow, that’s an interesting line-up. (Kobe, Ariza, Lamar, Pau, Bynum) Certainly big. But Kobe can lock down point guards when he really wants to (remember that time against Iverson?).

    Anyways, if Mitch had some balls and/or brains he’d trade Lamar for Marion pronto. Remember, this is the guy who said he only did Kwame for Pau because Bynum went down….WTF?!?!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #56202 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hey lakers live from DC i went to the game yesterday it was really intense…

    guys u shuda seen the game yesterday at the end on the final possession, the crowd was roaring and the stadium was practically shaking, from both the wiz fans and the Lakers fans, including me…

    ur right the wizards rnt a team to sleep on. Here there’s a lot of hype about Arenas, but since he’s injured we cant overlook Caron and Jamison

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    It’s always loud when The Lakers come to town…it’s either your a Wizards fan,Lakers fan or both…no Celtics fans here,that’s a no-no.

    I heard from fans that went to game on other sites saying they wanted to trade LO for…

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #56206 Will Be Quoted Here]

    true i have never seen a lakers fan in this area.

    LO for DWade?? Kobe’s enough, we dont need a trade unless its radman

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    Wishful thinkin’but…we did get Gasol.

    I’m going to corrupt you on this one,though.Just think about it Garnett/Pierce/Allen,3 All-Stars…Kobe is enough but not enough to beat Boston..their defense is INCREDIBLE!

    Bynum should be enough but last night showed me something,along with the last couples of games,about him..he can be LAZY on “D” at times and this team is WEAK VS THE EAST.Vlad does need to go…G-Force or Mike Miller?

  • Big Phil

    What another pathetic game played! You would think after last season’s championship humiliation, the Lakers would change all aspects of their game for the better. I haven’t seen any change…what I see (with the exception of Ariza) is a team that still has no heart, no mental toughness, no work ethic, no physical toughness, no effort. The defense is laughable to the point now where teams just play the screen n roll all the time, because Fish and Farmar really suck at D. I hate Lamar as a player so much…he is so frickin lazy…he only plays hard when he feels like it. 75% of the time, he just stands underneath the basket impersonating the statue of liberty, and opposing players just kill him in the post. You would think with his length and athleticism that he would be a more imposing defensive player. I am so sick of PJ waiting for leads to drop 10-15 points before he calls timeout. Does he not get it…these Lakers (especially the 2nd squad) don’t have the players with the leadership skills, brain power, and heart to get them out of these situations. If you have to rely on Lamar to figure things out for the 2nd squad is a complete joke. Don’t leave Lamar in the 4th quarter…he disappears like he did yesterday (absolutely no effort). Teams catch up by just going all the way to the basket. Bynum should’ve been in there for the D. Sad to say but Boston still has the edge over the Lakers…they have what the Lakers still haven’t grasped: determination, 48 minutes of hustle and effort every game, mental toughness, and defense.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Big Phil,me sentiments exactly,matter of fact that “statue of liberty” line was CLASSIC,so true…but I hear in your comments some frustration,how about a good pick-me-up…let’s get..

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    One thing I’ve noticed is that our TEAM DEFENSE sucks. Its not Fish or Farmar, its the whole team. Granted, Fish and Farmar need to stay in front of their man with more poise and effort, but when they do get burned, they usually funnel them into the paint. To me, that is how the best defense is played in the game, whether it be the Spurs funneling into Duncan, Detroit (back in the day) funneling into the Wallace’s, or Boston funneling into, well, everyone. If you watch those teams, their defense seems to “inhale” and “exhale” as penetrators come through. All five players contract when there is dribble penetration, and all five players expand when the ball is kicked out.

    Our Lakers have been lacking this team mentality of “helping.” If Fish, Farmar, Sasha, or Kobe get burned, where are the bigs? No where to be found. Lay up. Done deal. If the bigs do help, who is helping the helper? No one. Big Man open. Dunk. End of story.

    A championship team does not solely rely on offense to bail them out. It seems that we have all the chess pieces in place, but they aren’t making the right moves. Ok, we all get that we can score, even do some Showtimesque plays. But basketball is a game of runs. You get some runs, but then you go out on a drought. Its during that drought that we need to strap down on Defense and make sure the other team doesn’t go on a run. This has been proved impossible for this Lakers team so far in the season. Is it lack of focus? Is it the substitutions? Is it the coin flipping heads instead of tails? Our Lakers team seems immature, complaining about playing time and having competitions on who can steal the most in a game (PJ in a recent interview: “I know these guys have notches on their belts as far as how many steals they have because there’s three or four of them in the competition for who has the most.” Sad.) Play as a team. Win as a team. Its more important whats in front of your jersey than whats on the back.

    Offense gets the glory, but Defense wins the game.

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #56203 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Definitely agree!!!!
    People say the C’s crushed us how is going 6 games in the Finals a crush only game 6 was a crush, Game 4 we blew it and game 1 was all BS with the horrible officiating and PP’s bogus injury.

    Lakers problem last year was just like this year they go thru 3-4 minutes spurts where they just play horrendous but then they’ll go thru 3-4 minutes where they blow you out and pretty much decide the outcome of the game. Do I think they’re inconsistent of course I do but being able to be 16-2 without playing consistent ball and not really jelling yet is pretty damn good to me. Should be 17-1

    Season is young my Laker fans and the addition of Ariza and Bynum will make all the difference.

  • jason420_7

    i love what fisher did writing the boston game on the chalkboard and adding them to the list of blown leads..its an obvious concern with phil and the veterans and i expect it will be handled soon :)..good job fisher..thats what a leader does.

  • CG

    seriously win by two? against the wizards? even though a win is a win, we cannot win by two against a team who well below the .500 and is the second worst team right now in the league. We gotta step it up

  • LakersLive FromDC

    They won’t beat Boston on X-Mas playing like that…a trade has happen now,certain guys on this squad are TOO SOFT (no,not Gasol either).

    I’d rather have Vince Carter on this team alongside Ariza and Kobe,at least he steps up when he plays Boston or Clev.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #56232 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we are already a stacked team, and now the only thing that we need to do is get into a groove like we did at the beginning of the season. Our defense has gotta step up and all lackadaisical effort should stop…

    May i also suggest a lineup change:


    This way we still have another high-energy guy(bynum) who seems to go really well with the bench(see game vs. Indiana Pacers at the near end of the third….before we lost that 17 point lead)

  • SgtRoss

    imfasterthanur – Ha ha! I hate you by default also!! You’re a trip. I like to hear what a lot of the Laker fans have to say about their team…you are very insightful. You haven’t convinced me about PJ – I think he is just too stubborn to admit when he is wrong. Like others have stated (maybe in another site) that PJ should have played Arize instead of Walton. I won’t stoop to saying players are garbage but Luke has no more confidence. He should be traded if any team will take his huge contract. PJ insisted on triangle offense and no defense – then when it all came crashing down in the finals, then he finally says that they will work on defense. MAN – everyone knew that but he wouldn’t admit it and change direction.

    Moses – why don’t laker fans want to hear what others think? I’m not talking a bunch of trash. I like to hear what other teams/fans think. To be honest, I hate the Pats and Bill B. I think he is a big turd!!! I was so happy when the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl!! And then he was his typical self by walking off before the clock expired. So we don’t love everything in New England. I like Kobe. Think your Lakers are full of talent but not enough heart. Just my opinion. No hate there. And to be honest, I think KG can be a bit overzealous at times – but at least he wants to play and win!!!! I don’t like all his antics (like the finger wagging at Calderon) that was unclassy – but he brings it to the game!!

    LakersLiveFromDC – My Laker friends agree with you! You’d think they would come to play with some fire!!! That is their biggest gripe – you can have that great win-loss record but you know it won’t last when the team doesn’t play with passion!!!!

    BigPhil – You said it all baby!! Just what all the Boston and Laker fans know but won’t admit yet. After last year you would think they would come back with a desire to crush – but they play just like last year. (except for Ariza) You can have the talent but if you don’t have the heart – the one with little less talent and great desire, will win.

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #56235 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I guess we’ll see then wont we!!!!

    Like I said in my earlier post I’ll take 16-2 (should be 17-1) anyday considering they haven’t played a complete game yet kind of makes you think just how scary they can be when they focus for a whole game just think they’re beating teams by pretty much a 5-6 minute stretch during a quarter where they blow the game wide open of playing solid basketball.

    Do they blow big leads they sure do which is very disapointing but the seasons still very young and a lot of time left to jell as a unit and once that happens that will be something to watch.

  • wise1

    hey a win is a win i dont care if they win by a point or a 100 points as long as they won the game

  • sketch

    guess that a few articles back when i raised the question that kobe’s still forcing up some bad shots or still going out for his proved to true still last night huh? like i said, i love kobe! he is the best player in the league by leaps and bounds. having said that, it doesn’t mean that he still makes all the right decisions.

    man, he’s shooting horribly these days. he’s getting his points still, but not at the expense of taking too many shots! last night was no exception. kobe forced some “quick” shots late in the fourth, in fact, the 3 of his last 4 shots were such shots!

    he should have used the clock more, but instead he throw up shots with at least 15 seconds left on the shot clock. kobe of course “saved” the day again by hitting the game winning bank shot.

    [Comment ID #56241 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how can you call yourself “wise1″ with a take like that? the way that they won last night is exactly how they lost to boston last year! hey couldn’t hold their lead of 21 points in the 1st quarter and then look at what happened? they ended up loosing in 6! that type of win is ok once in a while, but it’s become a friggin pattern. they gotta clean that sh*t up otherwise the same result will happen this year in the finals!

  • sketch

    yo DC, i still like to bring G-force to come here, but he’s been sucking the last few games. he’s on my fantasy team and i’ve been so frustrated with him. anyway, i do believe that his intensity and defensive prowess is exactly what we need.

    and i agree with you fo sho about how the lakers still don’t have a consistent enough defense to defeat boston. i’m not saying that they won’t be able to put 4 great defensive efforts out 7 together, but they’ll definitely have a tough road ahead of them.

  • LakersNo1

    Kinda funny these fair weather bandwagon celtics fans r here to read our lakers blog. Welcome to our site.

    STD should be Sasha who came out shooting blanks, committed fouls, turned the ball over. He hasn’t play well since the contract renewal. LO is just being LO as usual–no enthusiastic and lack of energy. Crappiest win ever.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Right on,sketch…G-Force has been suspect,Charlie Villanueva’s consistent,though.