ariza3Now that was a fun one to watch!

The Lakers looked very poor for most of the game, but came through when it mattered putting the clamps down on the Warriors.

The Warriors did shoot 52% for the game, but gave up 15 turnovers and fouled 28 times. Both teams had great production off the bench, but it was Ariza who made the difference late in the game.

Six Lakers had at least 12 points tonight and the Lakers hit 9 of 21 threes and 28 of 33 from the free throw line. Powell doesn’t make the top 3, but he did great tonight!

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Pau quietly was a beast tonight! 24 points on 15 shots, 13 boards, 5 assists.

2) Trevor was huge off the bench. 17 points, 2 big threes and 2 steals.

3) Kobe did what he had to again. 30 points and 9 assists. 3 steals and 2 blocks. He probably should be number 1, huh?

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Gotta love it when your “shooter” goes 0-4. Sasha.

Play of the Game: Ariza’s back-to-back threes.

What to Look for Next Game: Another high scoring game at Staples vs. New Orleans!

Ticket Info: Next home game is Friday vs. the Hornets. E-Mail me @ Steve@AveryTickets.com or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • vibe

    Play of the Game: Brown’s block late in the game ???

  • the ape

    hmmm. again avery watches the wrong game. that block came against atlanta. brown was dnp against warriors

  • Sako

    Play of the game?

  • lyk13

    ^ Steve forgot to edit Play of the Game. I called this: Kobe’s 2nd block.

  • LakersNo1

    Steve, wake up! brown didn’t play tonight and that was last night post he made a late block.

  • Swiggle

    On a better note. Is there any way the entire Laker nation can get behind my new nickname for Lamar Odom. Perhaps even turn it into a full blown nickname for him???

    I propose that Lamar’s new nickname be “Inspector Gadget”. It seems like his arms stretch distances they shouldn’t be able to, and he has so many little trick tools that come out of his hat. I also think that every time he scores on a “vintage” Lamar type of basket at Staples they play the inspector Gadget theme song.

  • sep08

    Powell played great tonight and really lifted us in the 1st half whne we needed it the most.

  • machine lover

    what is up with all the sarcastic remarks on sasha sheez.

  • machine lover

    and at least sasha had a good floor game,& played decent defense.

  • jason

    Great win. Golden State played very well and it was a very intense playoff like atmosphere. Kobe was the man on both ends of the floor, although i counted 4 blocks maybe he only got credited with 2. And i hope all the Luke haters were watching at the start of the game when we were running the offense through Walton and very succesfully i might add. Couldnt do that with radmanovich now could we.

  • the antoine

    i like inspector gadget.. pretty clever.. and the dobermamba came out tonight.. poor anthony randolph didnt know what hit him last night on that block.. did you see him basically crying when lamar threw him off his back??? LOVE THIS TEAM!!!

  • keehyon

    i watched the replay of kobe’s first block…wow. personally i say it beats his second block and that was pretty impressive. kobe’s defensive energy for most of the game was great to watch.

  • daboss1848

    how jaded r we?
    9 of 22 is getting it done? (not to mention all the defensive lapses and wide open shots given up on the other end)
    I guess we won, and he did have 2 spectacular blocks, so all else is forgotten . . .

    To fulfill the season, his decision making has to become consistently better and his defense has to be consistently active and your memories have to be less selective.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #62409 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • LAKing

    Does anyone know what time’s the trade deadline? I know it’s today but what time? (PST)

  • Ahmad

    I live near Golden State (AKA Oakland), and I live around too many bandwagon Warriors fans who show off when they win and are extremely nonchalant when they lose. Can someone please tell me (from TLN) that this game was a fairly-reffed game, because Warriors bandwagoners are a bunch of you-know-whats…

  • pr0mega

    Ignore the 9-22, he got 30 points on 22 shots, which came from free-throws but that makes up for the poor FG%. Kobe is a good enough defender to know when to roam and jump passes, he’s earned that over his career Daboss. He also had 9 assists and 2 HUGE blocks. Oh and 4 or 5 of those missed FGs, he was terribly hacked on the way to the hoop. The refs were VERY inconsistent in the game.

  • sketch

    “WARRIORS…COME OUT TO PLAAAAYYYYAYYYYY! WARRIORS…COME OUT TO PLAAAAYYYYAYYYYY!” Well, you did for 3 quarters anyway. The Lakes looked horrible for 3 and then did what needed to be done in the 4th to snatch it away from GS. Guess, we’re the true warriors…the ROAD WARRIORS!

  • daboss1848

    trade deadline 1pm pst

    let the excuses rain . . . there were numerous double pumps, off balance, leaning shots, with 2 guys in his face – those are bad decisions.

    “earn” – does that mean he gets free passes? free passes today, are bad habits tomorrow (passes expire in the Finals – examples: DET or BOS)

    “good enough” – which is y no-names light him up for career nights

    in terms of FT, he shot 12 – so thats 5 field goals (not including Ts) . . . he took 27 shots, made 9 – we disregard those (not sure if u were saying “he was terribly hacked” on the 13 he legitimately missed or on the ones he shot FTs for)

    we took 33 FTs, 19 for gsw – no credit to the refs lakers “fans”?

  • daboss1848

    i stand corrected – 12pm pst

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #62409 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree. 9 of 22 sucks. and kobe offense has been struggling since the break. his 30 was a real struggled 30. i’m just glad his struggles offensively in the last two games don’t end up costing us the game like they did against utah. No worries really with kobe, as long as the other guys step up, and kobe knows he doesnt have to force the shots.

  • Dave

    I’m impressed and encouraged by the intense play of some of the lesser-used bench guys, especially Powell and Shannon Brown. If those guys can continue to improve and get to Trevor’s level, this team will be deeper and scarier than anyone in the league. The key will be for their basketball skills to match their athletic ability. Lets hope they have the drive and desire to get there.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #62414 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i was at the game. they were talking sh!t the whole game. and the crowd was sooo into it. but right when we went up by 6 in the last 3 minutes or so, everyone hit the road, which seems weird, cause that’s what it seems like people complain about lakers fans for doing. i was also at the atlanta game,and people were definitely more quiet throughout the game, more subdued, but they stayed the whole way even though no starters really played the fourth. and also there were so many lakers fans there, bandwagon lakers fans, but it was still fun the back and forth between the pretty even number of fans for both sides.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #62414 Will Be Quoted Here]

    oh, and it was fairly reffed. only complaint was the kobe block on the 3 point shot, which was a foul, but hardly.

    i dont think we even played that bad. golden state warriors just shot the ball extremely well throughout the whole game. and when we made a fun they couldn’t handle the pressure and their shots suffered for it.

  • Retrospect

    Odom just needs to work on foul trouble and he’ll continue to be a beast.

  • http://www.bayareascores.com Slicker

    [Comment ID #62414 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bandwagon warrior fans? The warriors have been bad for 16 years, how can there be bandwagon fans? People don’t join a bandwagon of a bad team. Truth is warriors are always amongst the top in the league in attendance despite having terrible teams every year.

    Warrior fans leaving after going down 8 with 1 minute left is because 1, the game is over, and 2 because all the poser laker fans that are still there are cheering louder. Poser fans that have never been to the Staples center or cheered for the Lakers before Kobe arrived.

  • Noriega7333

    Hah, Ariza throwing up Piru in that pic.