The Lakers were consistent offensively all night. They scored 31, 29, 32, and 31 points in each of the four quarters of the game leading to a total of 123 points on the night on 53% shooting. The Lakers also put in 8-18 threes, made 29 free-throws, had 27 assists, 7 steals, and 9 blocks. Seven Lakers scored in double-figures as the Lakers beat the warriors for the 9th straight time.

kobegsw.jpgThe Lakers executed well as a team tonight and held the warriors to only 8-33 three-point shots. On a night where Luke sat out, Ariza played 26 minutes and showed us why we don’t miss Cook. Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) So many Lakers played well tonight, but Bynum stood out to me. 20 points, 9-14 FGs, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, and 5 blocks. Bet the Nets wish they had that! :)

2) Kobe might have shot 9-23, but he poured in 28 points, had 6 boards, 8 assists, 3 steals and a block! He was diving all over the court for loose balls and held Baron to 7-17 shooting.

3) So many others played well, but Trevor Ariza will get some mention here. He played great D tonight and made a big difference with only 3 shot attempts. 11 points, 4 rebs, 2 assists, a steal and a block.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Sasha, again, was seemingly the only Laker who didn’t add much tonight. He shot 0-3, but did have a steal.

Key play of the game: Kobe diving to have a loose ball and throw it off the Warriors.

What to look for next game: Tons of rest again for the Lakers vs the Spurs, game is Thursday night @ 7:30 PM (TNT).


    If we play crit more, we are already contendors. kobe bynum crit=champs. crit knows hes a star already, play him and let him show you thats hes a star

  • keep24

    Great win!

    With three days of rest, there should be no reason that we can’t beat the Spurs.

    Big, big month for the Lakers!!!!!!!

  • Rpoc

    Man if Walton played instead of Ariza he would have been lit up like a fraking christmas tree.

    NO MIHM! Mihm’s ankles would have been broken in this game.

    PLUS limited Sasha minutes!! Phil even pulled him out when he started sucking.

    And as a bonus, Phil actuallyed called fraking timeouts when the Warriors gained momentum to stop it!!! He even played to our strengths: Athleticism for defense and taking advantage of the post!

    Was this Phil?

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #19089 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Yes there is. What happened when the Lakers had a long rest and played the Spurs last time? Most of them were lazy asses on defense and didn’t displayed the same amount of energy.

  • Rpoc

    What happened to the edit button on this site?

    Grammar Nazi: Actually*

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    lets see what happens with san antone a good win and maybe we don’t need to trad if we can continue to go 12 deep that will help us come playoffs but if were still near 500 come trade deadline then we need to get kb some help. great win I to wanted bynum gone but the fact he’s working harder and taking the game more seriously like kb does everygame im starting to like him maybe kb calling him out and the other guys is what tey needed to get their act together and they realized their playing for the lakers not the hawks.

  • jack

    good all around win against a hot team. lets get ready for spurs now…… u know keep the streak rolling.

  • YalalaP the One

    lets trde walton and mihm for artest….or a pf forward…

  • E-ROC

    RJ for Odom?

    YalalaP the One–You’ll have to wait until Dec 15th for that trade to happen.

    Good win for the Lakers. They hung their hat on defense instead of trying to score at will. Everybody contributed to the win. Finally, Ariza is starting to get consistent minutes.

  • Jrich

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    White men can’t jump. Good job benching them Phil!

  • lakerfan81

    Theres no reason we can’t beat the spurs.

    I can think of 3 really good reasons right off the top of my head; Parker, Ginobili, Duncan. Also don’t forget that the Spurs are the best team in the NBA. I’m not saying the Lakers can’t win, but it won’t be easy. Its going to take a really strong defensive effort for the Lakers to get a win on Thursday. The Lakers will need to contain Parker (good luck with that) and Ginobili (who has the second highest PER in the league right now behind Lebron) and still be able to recover back to shooters. Thats how the spurs killed us the last time. We collapsed on defense to when Parker penetrated but didn’t rotate quickly to the shooters, and Bonner, Bowen, Finley, Barry can all knock down that shot with consistency. Should be a good test for the Lakers.

  • Ignard

    Good win. Bynum,Ariza and Kobe did there thing, Lamar had an ok game, good win for the team. Lets hope we can stop Parker from “penetrating” on us thursday. By the way those retro jersey’s looked SWEET!

  • lakerfan81

    If they were going retro they should have gone all the way, with the smaller jerseys and short shorts. I’m not sure if the players would have liked that very much.

  • T.A.

    If we can go 7-3 over our next 10 games and finish the month of december at 10-4 then that will have been a good month

    If we get to 19-11 i will be happy and that is all i really want for christmas

  • Billy Kupchak

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    What are you effin’ talkin’ about? Odom almost had a triple double you fool!

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #19102 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re repeating what Stu Lance was mentioning on TV, so don’t take the credit as if it’s YOUR thoughts. Be sure to mention who you heard it from or else…


    J-Critt is the future of the Lakers, he is going to be a star, and nobody knows it yet…….

  • gugy

    We need a PF. Hopefully something will happen at the deadline.
    I like Kidd, but we do not need him now.

    Come on FO, let’s make this team even better this season and next season let’s become a contender. We can do it. Just bring quality veterans from Free agency.

  • AnthonY MusiQ

    For the spurs… put Kobe on Ginobili and get Ariza on Parker… problems solved… we will light them up!! Great game against the Warriors… only bad part… I couldn’t watch it.. I will be watching them against the Spurs though… Let’z go Lakers!

  • 24allup inya

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    estas pendejo!!! Trevor cant keep up with Parker, he’s too fast.Jordan has more of a chance of tracking him…

  • sK

    Being that it’s a home game, I am quite confident that we can get a W against the Spurs. Lakers seem the really comfortable at home (like most teams of course). That is why it was such a big momentum boost to have won in Denver. Hopefully it continues. Offensively we will need Bynum to go to work on the inside and draw some fouls, hopefully our 3-pt shooting will be on that night. Defensively, I believe Ariza will be in an X-factor in the later stages of the contest.


    [Comment ID #19112 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree put trevor on parker because no one can stay in front of parker well at least no one on the lakers. with ariza length he can take a step back and close on his shot and when parker gets past him he will be able to disrupt his shot from behind. thats are best chance to control him and then put kobe on him in the 4th if kobe is not in foul trouble.

  • lakerfan81

    I would actually play Parker by committee. Fisher and Farmar will get most of the time against Parker. But I would also use a little bit of Kobe on him and Ariza. The length of Ariza and Kobe may disrupt his shot a little bit. Obviously there is no one on the Lakers team that is quick enough to stay in front of Parker so it will take a team effort to slow him down. Good pick in roll defense (the Lakers and Jackson’s achilles hill) and good rotation. Then you have Ginobili to contain as well. The Spurs create all kinds of match up problems, they have the super quick (possibly the quickest player in the league) penetrator and pretty good passer in Parker, who is almost unstoppable now that he can hit both the mid range jump shot and outside shot with consistence; the great slasher and although streaky shooter and energy guy in Ginobili; and the beast in paint both offensively and defensively in Duncan. Then they just surround these 3 guys with shooters and defenders. Perfect way to construct a basketball team. That is probably why SA has the best offensive rating in the league at 110.8 (pts per 100 possessions). Their defense isn’t too shabby either (7th in defensice efficiency).

  • ab4sure

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    I knew it this summer in pro summer league.. what took you so long to find out??? The same way I knew the Lakers had something in Bynum last year when most wanted to “ship his ass out”. Thank God Mitch knows talent better than most on lakernation. There is a cry out there now to ship Critt in a package deal for Kidd, Artest, and JO. It won’t happen because the FO knows how good Critt is.

  • ab4sure

    How to play Parker??? Last time their was too much brokeback mountain basketball. And the Lakers let the spurs shooters wide open for shots. The best way to beat the spurs is let Parker get his 40 points and stay home on the shooters. Remember Bowen was 6-6 last game. Kobe needs to stay home on him and respect his shot. The lakers have not learned how to rotate on defense as well as SA has. It should be interesting how the lakers approach the spurs and how well they will do.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #19119 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that is the best assestment i’ve heard so far as to how to contain Parker.I think that with Bynum as a last line of defense we have to worry more about their 3 point shooters.It was Bonner, Bowen, Ginobly and Finley’s 3’s that killed us last time so Kobe LO and Vlady have their work cut out for tonight on defense.Hopefully Vlady get’s hot and responds to some of their 3’s with some of his own.

  • 24allup inya

    MY bad! the game isn’t tonight what the hell am i thinking :)



  • foxxy


  • ignard

    hey billy, relax bro. Lamar had an ok game, relax.

  • blackmamba

    people don’t realize we have to lose at least some good players to gain a good player back. farmar is definitely a keeper. crittenton is valuable trade bait to stick with kwame brown, chris mihm, luke walton, etc.

  • Ballin’_08

    Good overall effort for the Lakers. They came out hot early in the third and put the burden of catching up on the Warriors. Altough they we’re able to catch up the Lakers were able to maintain the lead, and send a frustrated Warriors team (Baron Davis) home packing…I, like many of you, was glad to see Crit and Ariza get more minutes…
    Ariza is starting to feel comfotable w/ his new teamates and it’s showing…He showed hustle and and played smart making the most of his minutes…Crit handles the ball like it’s an extension of himself…I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…HE IS a PURE point guard when you compare him to point hungry Sasha, who starts firing as soon as he steps on the court…Give Java a year and some playing time, and he will be a force in this leaugue. Let him get confortable and he will be a CONSISTENT threat to other teams…Speaking of consistency who hasn’t been consistent lately??? It seems like forever we’ve been saying if Lamar can only be our second option since the beginning of time…I like him, but dude can’t get it together….Luke was playing consistent when he was starting…Trade bait of the month: Lamar, Sasha, Kwame. We need a big man, JO may not be the answer…his numbers show that.

  • For real?

    Quick question though: would you really prefer to keep Farmar over Java? I think Farmar is much better trade bait at this point, and personally, I’d rather hang on to Java…

  • jack

    [Comment ID #19128 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I still can’t beleive that critt has started to impress people. Oh, yeah… so like Parker. eheh… same jersey number (1), same position (G), and same impression on the fans early on. I can’t beleive how you guys watch basketball!

    Look Critt has 2.6 ppg, 1 reb, under 1 steals and assists and no blocks. needless to mention he is 0% from the 3pt line and 60% from free throws. He scored 7 against denver and stole y’alls heart??

    Doing a couple of dribbles backwards does not make you a good guard. At the end of the night, we all look at box scores. and you should know this matters. I understand he’s played less minutes, but remember, he hasn’t had a contribution yet. He hasn’t showed yet why he should be there on the court and not Sasha.

    Talking about Sasha to you Sasha haters. This is the guy who had back to back big nights. shoots the craziest unbeleivable threes, excelllllent free throw shooter(90%), and has less turnovers than J-critt.

    Bottomline: Just when I was starting to be happy that we don’t have anymore Smush Parker in our team, I forget to look at J-critt’s number. 1. yes the same number i had nightmares’ about. Pretty soon, people are gonna realize we haven’t got rid of Smush yet. We continue to have a STD in lakersnation. Except for this time it’s Java, not Parker.

  • Jrich

    Jack, I’ma check your ass right now.

    You say Sasha shoots the craziest unbeleiveable threes? LOL. He had a wide open three last night from the corner and hit the side of the board. He airballed a wide open three in the same game. This guy is trash.

    It’s been said many times by reporters that Phil and the entire coaching staff LOVE how Critt plays in practice. You might say “Practice doesn’t count, it’s not the real thing.” But he’s still a ROOKIE. Why are you bustin’ his balls? This guy has real skills–he’s the first rookie to ever be complimented by Phil. Even Tex Winters is saying he’s something special. Don’t ever compare Critt to Smush, you understand me?

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #19175 Will Be Quoted Here]CRITT AINT NO SMUSH PARKER….OU TRIPPIN DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ballin_’08

    To: Jack aka Sasha’s #1 fan..

    Sasha’s been in the League for what, 3-4 Years…? That means it took him about 4 years to have a good game (the one against Denver in which he got hot and got chocked out by Melo.) Credit is given where credit is due, but it took him how many years to get his carrer high of 22 this year…?? Farmar I don’t think has even scored that much, BUT he’s pushing the ball, hustles, plays D, can shoot the three BETTER than Sasha, can drive, is as FAST as Tony Parker, can find the open man, can score in double digits, has MANY assists, can get a few steals, etc…So what’s my point? That I like Farmar, like you love Sasha no…In his second year he’s better than Sasha is now. Vujacic pushes to take the shoot himself when there’s no one around to rebound like he’s Kobe “F-in” Bryant. Do I hate Kobe?? No he’s the best…so don’t get it twisted, but I can forgive Kobe for throughing up a quick contested shot, faster than Sasha for taking the somewhat-contested shot when there is an open man…Sasha is not proven, Kobe is…Now as for Crit, he handles the ball well, and finds the open man..Sasha looks like he just wants to get on the stat sheet, and everything is forced. With some gained confidence, which comes in the way of playing time, he will begin to light up the NBA like this is the summer leaugue…He’s playing the guard behind the best player on earth in Kobe, and a well seasoned NBA veteran in Fisher, both Championship winners. Farmar is starting to make his case for 6th man, maybe even starting point guard, and Sasha should have started showing signs of being good years ago. He’s made his case for benchwarmer with potential, but not more than Crit…and Crit is still a rookie, this is why those who wanna keep Java know basketball, and will agree with me….So why all this recent backlash against Sasha? Well it’s very simple…with the departure of worst player of the year, Brian Cook…the next on the totem pole is Sasha. The Laker fans want consistency not one good game against a mediocre team…That’s why so many people are fed up with Odom…we want to like him but when is he gonna “show up” consistently, so to speak rather than get “shown up” consistenly. In conclusion:

    Sasha Vujacic,
    Lamar Odom,
    Kwame Brown,
    trade bait….

    Kobe for Prsident
    Crit for Vice-President….

    And the congragation said, “Amen.”