It kind of sucks to win off a foul like that, but I’ll take it. In an ugly win, the Lakers escape with a 123-119 overtime victory in the bay area. The Lakers tonight, get this, attempted 102 field goals! They shot 45% from the field, hit 12 threes, had 53 boards, 27 assists, but 16 turnovers.

Overall, the offense was inconsistent. Sometimes it was stagnant, other times it had great movement. The key tonight was the defense as the Lakers held the Warriors to only 43% shooting. The Lakers also had 6 players in double figures.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers -

1) Lamar once again gets number 1. 23 points on 15 shots. He grabbed 21 rebounds, dished 5 assists, had 2 steals and 5 blocks.

2) Kobe shot the ball poorly (11-30), but he did everything else to go with his 30 points. He had 11 boards and 7 assists. He also helped hold Baron to 11-27 shooting.

3) Sasha came through tonight in the clutch. He hit a big three in overtime. 19 points on 13 shots, including 5 threes. He also had 3 assists and 2 steals.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Vlad Rad played the poorest in my opinion. He did have 10 points, but had 3 ugly turnovers.

Play of the game: Sasha’s overtime three.

What to look for next game: Look for the Lakers to win by 30. Bobcats are in town. Yippee!

Game is Wed @ 7:30 PM (FSN).


    odom was amazing today

  • gugy

    Odom was amazing.

    What a bonehead play for the lakers in the last minute of the regular time. We were 9 points ahead. Man, these guys want to give me a heart attack.

    We need to get rid of Luke. That guy is a liability!

  • roy kim

    yippee!!! charlotte, memphis & washington all next… the lake show can take a breather now…hope gasol n bynum comes back soon…

  • Swiggle

    When Ariza comes back, Luke is never gonna see the floor again.

  • west213


    NICE WIN LAL! =]

  • LA_dreamz

    nice revenge!MITCH,PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZ hear the shout of all the laker fans; jas do anything to GET RID of the USELESS fluke walton.

  • e

    id be happy if we got rid of luke with nothing in return

  • ihflakerfan24

    How crazy would a warriors lakers first round playoffs be? I have had a total of four heart attacks in the last two games.

  • LAL

    Mar 24th, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    NICE WIN LAL! =]”



  • Kobe Forever

    This was a big win for the Lakers, but they could have won in regular time if it was’t for Luke. The next 3 games are very easy so look for the Lakers to win those three easily.

  • derrick

    thank you lamar.

  • Ignard


  • For real?

    lamar is a souljah

  • keehyon

    sasha has got some balls to take some of those threes at the end. tip my hat off to him.

    i feel sorry for luke though. he has no athleticism, which makes his game worse. God please heal trevor!

  • e

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    it would be crazy with the current line up…but with gasol, bynum, lamar, kobe and fisher???

    a breeze

  • mfoznot

    This game was awesome. I cant wait for the playoffs. GS is better than us without Gasol/Bynum but we won. Go figure. Woot for the Lakers!!

  • awesomerob24

    like i said a million times odom is awesome
    idk why you people want to get rid of him. especially for artest? you got to be kidding me

  • Michael_23

    Steve Avery, the next Laker game is Wednesday against the Bobcats. As much as I love Laker basketball, they should be tired after playing these 2 back to back games. They deserve the rest tonight and day off tomorrow.

    Just have a light practice tomorrow and activate Pau.

    I know Luke is probably the worse player after trading away Kwame Brown, but we can’t make any moves til after the season’s over. I’m tired of hearing it. Don’t worry guys, once we get Trevor back and Newble gets some good playing time, we will hardly see Luke.

  • ab17

    great game..
    and by the way, the final score was 123-119.
    just thought i’d point that out.

  • Devean George

    Lamar is the man!!!

  • jay

    LAMAR ODOM………..thats all i have to say. screw the haters

  • Lakers

    hey dont relax with the Bobcats. That team matches up very well with us. “the nba is all about match ups” – Kobe Bryant

  • LukeWalton

    Why does everyone hate Luke so much? He plays good sometimes.

  • pjt

    The warriors got lucky the other night…Just think how good the Lakers will be when Pau and Bynum are back??? In fact add Pau and Bynum now and the warriors would have been beat hands down in the last few games…

    The great thing is, if all goes well P & B will be ready for a playoff run…all the teams should be afraid,,,be very afraid…

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    LAMAR ODOM!…Finally!…Playing and contributing up to the potential he has always been coveted for….If this trend continues, The Lakers, no doubt, are a Dynasty, set for years to come, similar to the Bulls run of the 90’s.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #30430 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thanks man..i knew it wasnt a back to back…why did i think it was sunday? thanks for noticing

  • acgod

    THAT WIN KICKED ASS! LO7 playing like an allstar and winning like a first place team!! i hope they dont make the playoffs to see all the fans poot miserably

  • Al

    Ira should get off the bench way before Walton. He looks like a matador who lets every bull to get around him. I don’t know what Phil sees in him and I don’t want to hear about Phil’s rings…he can’t couch a high school team…Lakers are winning in spite of him.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    I know everyone, including myself, were jumping on the bandwagon regarding Lukes carelessness, towards the end of regulation…But don’t forget, he’s been playing much better as of late and he did hit a few clutch shots and rebounded very well, again today…He needs, like all young players, to develop a killer instinct, through out the game, and especially in crunch time…If he finally does develop this instinct, he will be a much more valuable piece to the Lakers as they move forward…I believe the Lakers Bras, feel this way also, hence the long contract he was given.

  • MILO

    This is a game that showed a major flaw in the Lakers NO EXPERIANCE! I think the best thing out of this game was the experiance that some of our guy’s got, it will really come in handy come playoff time.As for Ronny he really looked lost out there it was quite obvious that he cant perform under preasure this being his third season im not surprized.Now Luke thats a whole different story this guy has been in the league since the 03-04 season.There is absolutely no excuse for that stupid turn over towards the end of regulation.This is a guy whom had the opportunity to play in the 04 finals and if he’s only going to be able to perform in games against bellow 500% teams then this is a major concerne for me.HE ALONG WITH FISH AND KOBE ARE WHAT WE CAN CALL EXPERIANCED VETS THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT SILLY TURN OVER SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG WITH THIS GUY AND IT REALLY CONCERNES ME!!!

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Remember all of the get rid of Lamar bandwagoners…Just maybe, the same will happen with Luke…I’m hoping this guy will finally get it…Just like Lamar finally did.

  • varsityoptimism


  • kb24 4life

    damn, LO is averaging 21.5 boards in the last 2 games and KB 12.5 wow, thats a lot imagine plus bynums 10 and paus 9, we are a rebounding machine team…

    is pau coming back on wednesday??


    I dont know why you guys are so quick to jump on luke. Yes this year he isn’t doing his best, but you guys have to remember he is not 100%.
    It wasn’t too long ago (last year) that the entire lakers team seemed to run their offense through luke and when he went down last year, the laker’s record showed how important he was to the team. I think when ariza gets back, it will give time for luke to get healthy.

    Why is everyone on this site so quick to jump on players when they do badly. Beginning this season, everyone was saying to trade lamar odom, now look his production. Same thing with bynum.

    You can’t always just get rid of players when they are not doing well, you have to work with them (for ex, Odom, Farmar and Sasha). Sorry my rant is over, I just hate how people like to kick people when they are on the floor.

  • e


    or u can look at players like smush, brian cook and kwame brown and say that some judgment was needed to get better…either u get better soon or leave…lamar and bynum chose to get better…i dunno about luke tho my friend

  • e

    look at what fsn bay area says about the game



    but smush, brian cook and kwame brown never shown consistent play, luke walton was very good last year. It seemed as if our offense ran through him, plus he is playing injured

  • Warriorswereowned

    Lol at that video e,

    Fisher didnt pull him down he was trying to keep himself from falling.
    Ellis came charging at him!! how did “fisher tackle him”?!?!
    there just sore losers up there in the bay area.
    i wish the lakers WOULD see them in the first round, and then they can get pwned by Bynum and Gasol. Let’s see Ellis and Davis drive into those brick walls!!

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Look for Odom to be named this weeks, PLAYER OF THE WEEK at….He richly deserves it.

  • Jack

    okok. so let me get this straight.

    LO had great games against gstate because he is a tall guy right?

    Now, listen to what I am saying: We are getting Gasol and Bynum back, ehehe…. it’s a sweep baby.

  • Jack

    Guys, I didn’t watch the game: how did Kobe get hurt in the face?????

  • Jack

    just saw the complete video. hahahahahahhahaha.

    Who are these boardcasters???? omfg. Fisher pulled him down? Officials didn’t have a good angle? I am laughing my a$$ off right now. good lord.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    I think Odom also had 22 rebounds in the 2nd game…Only he wasn’t credited with the rebound that he clearly secured on a play that Monte Ellis was lying across the out of bounds line while he kicked the ball…If the NBA would review the game, I think they would notice the discrepancy.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    On that last call:

    I say it should have been a no-call. Ellis stumbled into Fish and Fish was trying to break his own fall. I don’t agree that it was an offensive foul, but hey, the refs miss calls all the time. Yes I think GSW fans should be bitter, and we should be grateful. But I will say we still kicked their a$$es lol.

    And I watched the NBATV replay and those announcers were on. I love how Stu and Joel never take an objective opinion like they did. If I recall, one of them said “This is an atrocity” and “The referee just decided the game” or something like that. Especially on a call that should have NOT been made period, they were saying it was a foul on Fish. I hope they get fined. I agree. F*ck the GSW fans and their stupid-a$$ announcers.

  • Keep Odom

    Luke Luke Luke.. (sigh). What are we going to do with you? It is not just that he keeps making mistake after mistake and air ball after air ball but it is so obvious that his heart is not into it. We all know what he is capable of because he was at least an assett. But now he is just making mistakes that could cost us huge wins. I dont want to talk $hit because he is still a Laker. But his contract could pay for better role players.

  • zgum

    sweet revenge! nice game

  • ZestyItalian2

    Its not that Luke is a bad player– he’s just become obsolete in our offense the way the team is contructed right now. He’s, like, the tenth option on offense, he can’t play defense, and since we’ve acquired/developed two semi-dominant big men, his biggest skill, which is to facilitate creative small-ball offense, is no longer needed.

    What I’D like to see is Luke play well and shoot a high percentage over the course of the rest of the season so that we’ll be able to get some serious talent in return for him. He’ll always be a favorite in Lakerland.

    Thank GOD for the Bobcats/Grizzlies coming up. I don’t wanna see Kobe or Lamar play more than 30 minutes in either game. Step it up Jordan/Sasha/Vlad.

  • lakernate

    ya, luke isnt the luke of last year, but we gotta support our players and quit kicking them when they r down…he did have that 1 late turnover, but overall off the bench he played really well! he was 2-3 fg and 4-4 ft….8pts 7 reb is a nice contribution off the bench guys, ill take that any day…dont 4get about sasha, ronnies, and vladys late turnovers also, not all lukes fault…luke will still contribute 4 this team

  • xtro

    Payback!!!!!! The Machine saved the Lake Show!!

  • lakernate

    wow, i just watched that video…poor golden state wanna cry 4 that “atrotious” call haha…sore losers

  • SuperDuper

    Man, you guys are too harsh on our players man. Luke is injured right now and it shows in his game but you guys tend to have this syndrome where you put players down when they are not playing well and demand trades. I think the signing and keeping of Luke this summer was a good idea and very important. Luke is no Kwame or Smush or Brian Cook, he provides intangibles that keep our team CHEMISTRY running and most importantly he is UNSELFISH. His unselfishness is underrated considering that we have several players that need the ball to be good.

    I don’t get you bandwagoners logic about why we should trade Luke sometimes. Sure lets trade one of our most unselfish players for another ball hog. Remember guys there is only one ball on the court.
    Luke is a player that we should actually seek, not trade, he is the type of player that allows all our talent that we have to mesh.

    After ankle surgery this summer I’m 100% sure that Luke will come back vintage form.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    [Comment ID #30474 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • kaybee248

    f*ck u ppl are dumb to think an ankle injury has anything to do with decision making. just face it luke doesnt fit our offense anymore. the lakers dont need luke to make ppl look better because kobe does it now and you notice its the team in itself thats better and can pull there own slack luke just doesnt know how to contribute

  • daboss1848

    Just to summmarize:

    LO is out of the doghouse (temporarily) – the one he was in for the first 4 months of the season.

    Hate transfers from LO to Luke . . . Nice to see Luke hate still alive and well.

    Wheres the Fish hatred that has been so rampant for the last couple weeks?

    No mention of Ronny’s late TO? KB’s hero syndrome (19 missed shots)? PJs inability to coach against a zone or the Lakers inability to break one down? All the focus on a tangential role player?!


    I have to give credit to the Warriors(I don’t dislike’em as much as PHX)they pushed this team to the limit. The thing about is and the scary part is the fact that AB,Pau and Ariza are still out which proves the point of when they do,OH BOY!

    The Lakers have grown up right before our eyes in 2 days,even in a loss they fought back after a 23 point deficit and go back into a hostile enviroment and take their hearts out,WOOOOOOOW!

    All I have to about this team is ………NOW LETS GO GET THAT RING!

  • foxxy


  • foxxy


  • Lakers4Life

    Luke really sucks right now.

  • goodfella

    what the hell is fluke walton doing in the game, what about that boy ira, i rather see his defense than flukes d and offense, this guy truly, truly sucks… if it’s his ankle sit his butt down for the rest of the season, hopefully it heals properly and he can be a better player next year. but the lakers gotta play ira more.

  • Jesse

    Just thought I’d share a link with you guys. Great picture of a bruised and battered Kobe. Looks like a pretty gnarly cut…

    First picture. Can’t miss it.

  • MILO

    Fisher pulled him down! are you serious??? who are these losers i always thought that GS had some better paly by play guy’s but these two guy’s are letting their emotions out on the broadcast isn’t that a no no when in that line of work.I WATCHED THE REPLAY ON NBATV AND I THINK I COULD DO A MORE PROFFESIONAL JOB CALLING A GAME….


    Get a Free Agent like Mickael Pietrus and trust me,the further he goes down the bench he’ll wake up. We ALL know when Ariza comes where Luke will be!

  • e

    luke is going thru what gary payton went thru when he came to LA…”i cant shoot, i cant create”…no doubt luke was important the years before, but the thing is, his confidence is down in the gutter, and if he cant pick that up well too bad


    DF DID NOT pull Monta Ellis down,he tripped over,I
    think,B.Davis or Jackson(NEVAH TALK TO KOBE B4 TIPOFF AGAIN)

  • lakerfanjapan

    Yo man
    all you fans hating on luke need to shut up man, you guys are all over him for a few poor performances but in the home loss 2 days ago againt the warriors he shot 8 for 11 from the field with 17 points, lately he has been chipping in with some great offensive rebounds and key tips to lamar and other players. The only Laker we have had who had no potential (Kwame) is gone, so get off Lukes back let the guy play himself back to the form we all know he is capable of.


    I have to argue your comment Lakerfanjapan,it’s not just a few poor perfomances,ask Phil,IT’S BEEN ALL YEAR! I would love for Luke to start ’cause he has been awesome in years past but this is NOW. So let’s keep it real,do you honestly believe that Luke has played All Star like this year,HELL NO.He has that ankle injury but that was a year ago plus he was feelin’ fine before the contract signing but once he signed it,HERE WE GO,now all of a sudden he doesn’t have the same fire he had when he 1st came into the league.

    Kwame was bad for 3yrs. until they let him go,luckily for Luke he’s not that bad but he just needs to stop “fakin'” and just play like he wants a CHAMPIONSHIP TO BRING BACK TO LA like he said(OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH).

    Luke needs to trust himself more in the offense,he’s gotten lost a lot in games throughout the season which is the MAIN REASON why WE AT LAKERNATION ARE F!@# UP about him because he one of our vets(him and Kobe r the only players left from the 2003-04 team,THE YEAR THEY LOSS IN THE FINALS)so he should be getting better but…….

  • Chris-chin

    I noticed two good things in last nights game. First, and most obvious, Lamar Odem is playing unbelievable basketball right now. Like a cross between Magic Johnson and the Matrix. He stepped up when Pau became a laker and has stepped up even further with Pau injured. Look for him to continue that play when Pau comes back. Remember that “all” star he wore on his head early in the season. Well, now it’s starting to make sense.

    Second, Ronny’s ability to block or change shots was awsome. And he did it last night without getting in foul trouble. He also hit the mid-range jumper, which sort of makes up for his lack of a post game. He kindof panics and looks to pass out of the post, where Pau has a few moves. When our bigs get in foul trouble, and you can bet Bynum will, Ronny will be a nice spark off the bench.

  • lakerz

    if i remember correctly you put kobe as #1 last game not odom…


  • http://lakers kobeMVP

    LUKE only plays SOMETIMES…


    needs to play GOOD ALL THE TIME Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Boo LUKE


    [Comment ID #30514 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • lakernate

    [Comment ID #30504 Will Be Quoted Here] ummm get ur sh!t 2gether, luke shot 8-11 with 17pts against sonics n a win, not the golden state loss…think b4 u talk plz

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #30518 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes and playing good against bellow 500% teams means NO PREASURE luke needs to come through when the game is on the line…

  • lakerfanjapan

    lakernate, okay you’re right it was the sonics and not the 1st golden state game(excuse my mistake), but one thing that cannot be excused is all of you so called laker fans hating on luke. I mean sure i get mad when he throws up the occasional air ball or erant pass. But i was also going crazy last year in joy when at one point he was leading the league for a few weeks in 3pt fg %, I know he’s having a tough time right now but every athlete goes through ups and downs and if any of you idiots (lakernate) had actually played a competitve sport in your life you would know that you have your ups and your downs. Luke is a great passer and when in form is an above average bench player in this league, he is a good teammate and one of many valuable pieces to our los angeles lakers championship puzzle.

  • lakernate

    plz lol, dont talk 2 me about competetive sports lol cuz ur out of ur league japan…and luke leading the league in 3pt% last yr was a fluke because he had shot like half the amout of 3’s as some others…plz dont call luke a great passer, put any scrub on the court with kobe n shaq, and they shud accidently rack up the assists…has luke been a great passer since “the duo”….not exactly! so japan, plz stick to water polo or badmitten b4 u lecture ppl on something u obviously know nothing about, thank you!

  • lakerfanjapan

    Lakernate, as amusing as your response was you may want to consider basketball satire instead of serious basketball discussion. And i know your 12 year old star wars infactuated ass will be jacking off in your room and crying tonight shen Luke scores 14 points gets 5 asists and 4 rebounds(showing everyone that you are indeed a moron)