The Lakers came away with their 20th win of the season tonight at Staples Center.

While the quality of basketball is still not as good as it was earlier on in the season, it continues to be enough to get by.

The Lakers needed about 44 of the 48 minutes tonight to put this game out of reach. It was a close battle all night, but the Laker defense came through as they forced the T-Wolves into shooting only 36% from the field, basically guaranteeing free tacos for all fans there.

Despite being undersized, the T-Wolves still outrebounded the Lakers 53-46. The Lakers need to find a way to keep opponents off the glass — 16 offensive boards is too much.

The Lakers played a clean game with 26 assists to only 10 turnovers. The T-Wolves were forced into 17 turnovers by the swarming Laker defense.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Pau quietly scored 18 points, had 11 boards, 6 assists, and 3 blocks.

2) Bynum had some nice moves en route to 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

3) Ariza had a good game off the bench, 14 points, 5 boards, and 3 steals.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): D-Fish forced up some poor shots and didn’t do much tonight.

Play of the Game: Oop to Bynum on the break.

What to Look for Next Game: A high scoring easy win for the Lakers as the Knicks come into town Tuesday night.

Ticket Info: Knicks tickets start at $30 each. E-Mail me at or call 818-387-8224 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • gus26

    we do not need to trade for anyone.. what we need to do is play better d… and by play better d, i mean…

    1. STOP double teaming anyone who catches the ball in the post.. (i saw a triple team on jefferson tonight!!!!) what the hell kind of weak system is that anyways.. and ok it worked the first couple weeks cuz no one saw it comming now any team that plays us passes it in to the post and then looks for the open shooter while the rest of the lakers scramble..

    2. STOP trying to steal every ball and gambling.. too many times are guys looking to steal a ball at the elbow or the high post or even the wing, making someone from the pinch post rotate over then the center (pau or bynum) comes out only to give up a layup.. or be out of possition for the rebound so we give up an offensive rebound

    3. STOP trying to make every fastbreak or actually any play a highlight.. the hightlights and oops will come stop forcing them.. too many times i see an ally oop attempt go out of bounce.. if you just make the pass you get the assist and more importanly the points..

    if! if! if! we were going to make any moves i say go after a pg that can play solid or ok defense.. and don’t give me the fisher is a great deffender crap cuz i’m wearing the number 2 jersey as i write this but facts are facts.. look up the past couple games and see how many layups the opposing pg have put up on us..

    and if not let kobe move to the point and play the defense he knows how.. and let d gaurd their sg..

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Everything gus said above has been things I’ve tried to point out for the last 5-9 games. In summary, don’t gamble, don’t force highlight plays, don’t turn the ball over, and don’t double/triple team on every play.

  • Brett

    Bynum does not deserve to be in top 3. (Not saying that any of the Lakers players played phenomenal,but….) He played like crap. Turnovers, traveling, and over jumping to block everyones shot leaving the T-Wolves big men to get all of their offensive rebounds. Bynum has been frustrating to watch lately. In my opinion anyways…

  • kb24

    how do u write a post gamee report with out including the final score once in the article??? just curious

  • gus26

    score is at the top.. and anyone on here knows what the final score is..

  • domz

    [Comment ID #56894 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol..dont under estimate the knicks..please..

  • pancho

    I agree with domz,knicks put it sac town…………lakers better step up


    Three consecutive HOME games that the Lakers just 10 days ago would have blown-out; a seven-man-Suns team, a 6-18 Kings team, and a 4-19 Wolves team, completely out of Staples!, no doubt about it!
    …. Three consecutive HOME games that The Lakers were NEVER in complete control throughout most of the entire game and could have lost any one of them!
    …Three consecutive HOME games in which Luke Walton starts and plays major minutes!
    …Is this a coincidence or a trend?
    …I say the latter, and time will prove this fact, I am sorry to say!
    …Cuz I want to see my team dominate, as much as any other Lakers junkie, but with Walton clogging up the paint, constantly shutting down opportunities for the real slashers on the team, and bringing very little else to the mix, is only making the Lakers; barely a notch above a mediocre basketball team!
    …Jackson, has for the moment; F U C K E D U P the Identity and Chemistry that the team was just beginning to gel with, previous to the last three HOME games!
    …If this isn’t obvious to everyone today, it will be, sooner than later!
    …Mark it down! The Lakers will not beat Boston with Walton as the 5th starter and probably not even make the Finals!

  • Dracul

    They actually played with effort tonite. The Wolves don’t run high screen and roll, so the Laker defense was mostly solid, and you can see that their effort wasnt lackadaisical as of of late. Pau Gasol is the Laker MVP, as he should be. If he averages more than Kobe, things are going to be good. Bynum is averaging almost 13ppg, and its good to see him show different moves in the low post. 3 blocked shots is good, less than 10 rebounds is not.

    On Other things, I agree with some of the other posters here, the Lakers are trying to push up the ball WAAY too much. Sometimes they’ll force a 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 in transition, or take a quick jump shot in transition when its still 1 on 4 and no one for offensive rebound. THe lakers are not the Suns, they don’t need to run the fast break or else. The forcing is inefficient. Also, something’s wrong with Kobe – he keeps shooting a horrible percentage, and he keeps going 1 of 5 on 3 pointers. Maybe he needs his pinkie tape back, or maybe he really is fatigued this year and doesn’t want to drive to the hoop that much. The good news is that the Lakers are going to win through the team passing, because we all know what happened when he tries to force the one on one in the playoffs.

    Odom’s scoring has been down, but he’s filling up the stat sheet in other ways. One of the biggest reasons’ for their success has been their ability to keep 2 of 3 on the floor at all time from Odom/Gasol/Bynum.

    It also seems that other teams are starting to figure out the Laker defensive sets, and now its up to the Lakers to change it up. We know that the triangle offense works and that its not easily disruptable. On the defensive end, it seems that drawing our bigs to the perimeter and the high screen & roll are our weak points.


  • bdbui

    we shouldnt sleep on any team, you cant say sucky teams are easy cause the lakers lost to kings and pacers, dont get me wrong, im a big fan and believe in the lakers but lakers are basically back to there old system which is offense first defense later, thats what i think….

  • lainok

    Fish- stop forcing up bad shots
    Kobe-If you aren’t hitting them, find the other guys, and stop leaving dudes open at the three
    Pau-You are playing awesome, don’t be afraid to get in there.
    Drew-Just go in and work hard, don’t worry about when you are or aren’t in the game.
    Farmar-Playing well, just needs a better rhythm.
    Odom-Stop pulling a Houdini for 5 game spans.
    Rad- Stay on the bench
    Walton-congradulations, you’re off the bench, now settle down. Rad will keep your seat warm for you.
    Sasha-Lay off all the sugar and coffee before the game.
    Powell-You’ll get in there more, just don’t foul as much as you rebound and you’ll be gravy
    Yu-Nice suit.
    Mihm-Please just stay home.
    Phil-Sometimes the team can’t just “figure it out” for themselves, sometimes they need a coach to call a time out or put in a substitution. Kobe is a big boy, he can play 40 min. if he has to.
    Rambis-Obviously your new gig isn’t working out, go finish reading “nba defense for dummies” then call a team meeting.

    Lakers in general- give pau more touches and tell him to stop being such a girl in the paint. Stop throwing up Long jumpers. If you break with the ball with no defenders, make sure the ball goes in, not if you can make a no look behind the back pass while eating a hotdog and texting Jack in the front row to see if he is filming your awesome pass with his camera phone. And last get a helmet, because the celtics will beat you like you owe them money if you play like this in June.

  • jason420_7

    they played good defense..except it was the wolves so does it really count?..offensive struggled tonight but thats gonna happen once in a while..too much dribble down pull up and shoot type possesions for me when clearly we could dominate most teams with a slow it down half court offense..especially out of our starters..

    FYI=the good peaple at state that they heard a rumor of a possible vladrad/mihm to houston for battier/chuck hayes why houston would make that trade i dont really know lol..but i guess the salarys match up pretty well and its been thrown out there….now thats a trade i would love to see and could help us tremendously!!!

  • jki

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    haha, now thats funny…lol


    I don’t about an “easy win” against the Knicks bro. Not the way we’re playing right now!

  • pio2u

    Offensively we are fine but what happened to the emphasis on DEFENSE. WILL IT EVER MATERIALIZE! Remember: Defense wins championships & thats what the Lakers are all about.

  • ojt

    The way the lakers are playing I serioslly doubt if we can beta boston,I’m still a laker fan but come on haven’t pj/lakers learn from the championship game. Luke still sucks just gets in the way/blocks the floor for la,just as slow as ever,trade/or buy him out.

  • sketch

    i swear kobe knew that he was only 3 points behind drexler on the all time scoring list. 2 jacked up 2 3’s as his final shots when he didn’t need to. these are the examples of what i’ve been saying about kobe still trying to get his at times throughout the season. he then made up for those 2 bad shots when he gave ariza a great pass in the key for ariza to slam it home 2 handed style!

    as far as the trade for battier and hayes with our vlad-suck and mihm. what would that really get us? wouldn’t battier basically be an ariza for us? who then would be our shooter? well, i guess vlad-suck wasn’t our shooter either. LOL!!!

  • gugy

    be patient people.

    I am actually happy that the Lakers are having some hard time now. This is all part to build a great team when the playoffs come.
    It’s better having hard time now than in April.
    Plus take in consideration the great record we have so far. So I think it is all good.
    Our team is young and they need to make mistakes in order to get better.

  • jason420_7

    battier is actually a decent shooter and hes definitely a lock down defender thats what he would get us lol..we need defense and he would probably be the best defender on our team immediately!!

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    1. Stop triple teaming.

    2. Start boxing out.

    3. This is OUR HOUSE. Don’t let anyone in (the paint).

    4. Use your bigs, on Offense and on Defense. They will play much more aggressive.

    5. Work on communicating, besides the occasional giggling up and down the court. No one seems to know when to rotate at all.

  • WallyNewYorkCity

    What is wrong with Kobe? his defense is suspect, and he is not taken over games in the fourth quarter. He is not intense. We are in some real trouble

  • Lakers 24 7

    We got a nice win, but I’m still not convinced. I don’t know if the Lakers aren’t giving it their all with a mediocre team or are they just bad. I know the potential this team has, we all know, they will kill anybody when they hit on all cylinders. I understand them not giving it all against weak teams, but dammit show some sign that we are still that team we saw in the early season.

  • as1084

    sign dikembe mutumbo! he will bring toughness to the second unit


    Ok, if look isn’t going anywhere then can some one tell him that it’s ok to be more offensive minded from time to time. I mean, it’s one thing when everyone is making shots and all they need from Luke is the assists and rebounds but when the shots aren’t falling then please shoot the ball.

    There was a play where Luke took it inside the key then instead of shooting it off backboard or something he decided to just pass again. I mean even stu and the other guy mentioned the fact that he needs to be more aggressive.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    whats wrong with u kobe played excelent and hes not in the top 3

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #56967 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he played well but had bad shooting overall