As expected, a win tonight for the Lakers and free taco’s for all fans in attendance!

Chants of “we want tacos” were heard as the Lakers finally held a team under 100 (barely) and won. I’m going to make this very short because I have endless studying to do for a final exam… It’s up to you all to add comments and fill in some details for the others. Now, the bests of the night:

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) Kobe Bryant played superb ball, 35 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists.

2) Derek Fisher continued his amazing play, 3 of 4 from the field and 8 assists to go with his 14 points!

3) Lamar Odom was active all night, he put up 20 points and 8 rebounds.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Chris Mihm shot 2-10, but had 8 boards and a block keeping him safe tonight. Instead, Sasha struggled 0-3 and took bad shots. Sasha is tonight’s STD.

Key play of the game: Kobe’s And1 behind the back pass to Ronny on the break for the And1.

What to look for next game: Look for a good game. The Nuggets are 9-6, but only 3-4 on the road. Game is Thursday night @ 7:30 PM (the game is also on TNT).

  • steve

    Good win…..Not a great win….but i shouldnt complain right…..

    it seems like this team has lost its groove since the trade and Kwame going down..

    Lamar played better ..But the one thing i would like to know is why was Treva inactive?….

    We are in need of a gutsy power forward that can bang down low and put more pressure on guys like Wilcox….Ronnie is missing his spark and Bynum was more effective with the second unit

  • Jrich

    Our rotations are really bad right now. It’s combined with the loss of Kwame brown – Mihm is killing us- he’s slow, has no post moves, and can’t jump. The reason the 2nd unit doesn’t look as good is because –

    1 Bynum is not there – in turn Mihm gets too many minutes

    2 Vlad is starting instead of being there for Farmar or Walton to kick out to

    3 Turiaf plays better with the 1st team where all he has to concentrate on is hustling- with the second team he has to do too much down low

    We are going through a transition period though- just like we will if we make another trade. Our chemistry has been disrupted.

  • steve

    Jrich…..Thats a very good point about Vlad…..another thing with Vlad was his foul trouble……He does seem to be more effective with Farmar and Luke


    This was a good game for the lakers expecially the starters. our front court defense really needs to step it up, i guess that will happen when kwame gets back. overall when kobe is on, the lakers are hard to beat. kobe should have had at least 10 assists tonight but his teamates are still missing wide open j’s, oh well as long as kobe gets his the lakers will be fine…

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    lets see lo 2 good games next game a no show. mihm sucked why were they passing to him. I also want to know why ariza wasn’t playing maybe he can play center instaed of mihm hell let farmar play center.

  • drake hunter

    Jrich….you took all those words out of my mouth. Bynum and Vlade belong with the 2nd unit to keep us strong off the bench. Both Mihm and Kwame suck but at least Kwame has a big body to defend in the post. With Kobe, LO, and Fish in the starting lineup, it keeps us strong in the front so we’re better off putting Turiaf and Mihm with our starters (veterans) until Kwame gets back to replace Mihm. I’m also for benching Vujacic (man I hate that guy) so that Ariza can get in the rotaion with the 2nd unit. My idea is that since I heard Ariza doesn’t really have a jump shot, we could slide Luke to the 2 spot and play Ariza at the 3 or 4 with Radman. Luke’s not that great a shooter but he’s decent enough and we have Radman coming off the bench also. Ariza could definately change things up alot with our bench in terms of more defense, lob passes, quickness, and fast break points playing with Walton and Farmar.

  • lakerfan81

    The 100 pt mark is a bit of a misleading statistic. From looking at the box score this game had a very fast pace, so there are going to be more points put up. A better determinant of how well the defense plays is eFG% (which takes in to account free throws and 3 pointers), points per posession, or just shooting percentage. From looking at the box score the Lakers played pretty good D (42% FG) but fouled too often (28 FTA).

    I agree with Jrich. I think the injuries to Kwame and Turiaf through off rotations which disrupted the chemistry of the team, particularly with the second unit. The team is going through a transition right now with a number of players recovering from injuries (Mihm, Turiaf, Odom) and a number of players adjusting to new roles (Odom, Walton). The poor play as of late is not anything to be alarmed by yet. But the mistakes at the ends of games; last shot in NJ, lackadaisical defense and TOs at the end of this game, can be expected by a young team but needs to improve.

    Statistically point differential is the best determinant of success and right now Lakers have a point differential of a 50-54 win team. I don’t think they will win that many, more likely around 46-48, but so far this season they have been playing pretty well.

    Thursdays game against Denver should be a good test for the Lakers. I Think Turiaf should start this game to beef up the interior defense of the starting unit. They will also need good rotations to cover JR Smith who is a good outside shooter.

  • Thomas

    This was an ugly win and we needed it. We have not been playing well and it showed tonite. but notheless we got the win and now we can move on and take the Nuggets. Now that Lamar is feeling and playing well we can now get back to buisness.

  • T.A.

    The nuggets and lakers are two relatively similar teams in that they are not up in that TOP 4 elite contenders category, but they are both VERY dangerous and capable of beating anybody on any given night.

    I think we will have to see more Farmar matched up on Iverson than Fish. We have to hassle Melo. Kobe will get his. I am looking forward to one specific matchup that i think will be the best: CAMBY vs. BYNUM

    It is going to be a good one!!

    Can anyone tell me when Kwame is coming back???

  • David

    I agree that Bynum and Vlad work better with the 2nd unit and I do not know why Ronny has not started since he came back from the ankle injury. I understand his ankle is still probable tender, but he actually looked decent tonight for the first time since the injury.

  • ab4sure

    Kobe is playing some of his best ball this yr. I am sure this is really upsetting kobeonly fans that he is not making 50 pt games, but then you don’t really understand bball. Kobe is really looking to pass and find his teammates and he himself took only 22 shots which is a good number for him. He had 6 assists last night and even fish had 8 assists. For those of you who think kobe should have had 10 assists… Your right, but you some logic here. Hell if every NJ net made the shots that kidd passed kidd would avg. 20 assists a game. So don’t buy that bogus complaint that the other laker players don’t make there shots. The fact is all teams don’t make all there shots. The fact is the lakers are near the top five in FG% so you KOBEONLY FANS need to get your facts straight. This type of game will truly make kobe one of the leading candidates for MVP.

    By the way I have notice the KOBEONLY FANS have not given much credit to Bynum. Here is a suggestion, Why don’t you follow Kobe good example of giving some love to Bynum, after all Your idol has been giving Bynum love… Why don’t you?? I am sure kobe would be proud of you… lol

  • lakerreality81

    the lakers sucked yesterday and barely got a win from a 2-13 team! i don’t no y everyone is happy when we only won by a few points. our whole lineup is useless. man i wish i was in boston or san antonio. the lakers are disappointing and the clippers have way better coach and chemistry. i’m just showing reality

  • mp or mplakers

    yea the “clippers have a way better coach”…lol..your as laughable as the girls you date. dunleavy has accomplished what in his basketball tenure in the ain’t as bad as others BUT, mcompare it to phil jackson’s resume…


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18135 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YOur reality is a dark cloud over your house and mind. Very gloomy and depressing and can’t see the talent on the club. There is no hope for you. Just end it all.

  • ab4sure

    On second thought don’t end it all… the season is not even 1/4 over. Plus i would hate to have any influence on your demise. LOL

  • LA Forever

    This was a good win for the lakers, and a good win for LO now that he sees that he not bum. He might even play good in the Nuggets Game, and if Kobe keeps his groove they will have a chance. Im sure if lakers played the way they played in the 2nd half they will come up with the W.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #18137 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why trade when we can’t get even CACA for him? i say we just cut him from the lakersnation for his negative personality! :-D

  • LakersFirst

    True Laker fans support the Lakers whether they win or lose.

    Like I said in another blog post, all teams go through years when they don’t win or don’t compete like the Lakers did in the 90’s, but when you stick by your team, even when all the bandwagon fans leave, and then your team wins championships, then those championships are all the sweeter.

    True Laker Fans Support the Lakers in good times and in bad!

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #18146 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I go through most of the comments on this site and I cant even count the number of times youve typed “true lakers fans”, im guessing its around the thousands, haha. Love the support and pride you have in our Lakers.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • mr47

    JRich, I agree with you but I also think there is more to it.

    Former bench – farmar, evans, walton, vlade, bynum
    New bench – farmar, sasha, walton, turiaf, and mihm

    Who is supposed to be the scorer in this second unit? Farmar is a hybrid and the best off the bench. Sasha is horrible, walton is a distributor, turiaf is not offensive, he is hustle and defense, and mihm is also horrible. Why can’t phil see this? The bench with radman, bynum, and evans was much better. Turiaf needs to start, he can focus on hustle and defense with the second unit until his offense improves. Kwame at least brought a defensive presence, mihm brings neither defense or offense.

    I hope this gets corrected soon, the bench is not the same and we need them bad. The starters are too offense heavy while the bench is not suited to score. If things don’t change, who knows when we start looking good again.


    The Clippers???Child Please.This site is for REAL LAKER FANS ONLY!!!Don’t get me wrong,I don’t this team winning championship this season(though strange things have been happening in sports lately,MIZZOU #1!?!?)we Laker fans have a lot of PRIDE in our team.Some of us want changes(trades),some want Kobe gone(WHICH is THE LAAAASSSTT thing WE WANT)and some like the team we have(as long as B.COOK is not on it)but the BOTTOM LINE IS WE ARE LAKERNATION AND WE STAND BY THAT AND OUR “PACK”(WOLF HOWL HERE)!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler

    It was a good win, but we should of done better there the worst team in the league. I never relized but Kwame Brown is a big part of this team he is way better than chris mihm, and when he plays bynum plays better and dosnt get into foul trouble. When is he coming back, and Trevor ariza how long until he plays. The lakers played pretty good last night and im glad to see Kobe taking more shots, but sometimes he should pass it instead of pulling up, but his passes are actually finishing and hes getting assist because the other players are scoring now. Happy to see a win after a 3 game losing streak good job lakers keep it up.

  • mplakers


  • 24allup inya

    Im sort of glad that Kwame is out, this gives Bynum more time to develope while on the job not just in practice.If he can just resist from fouling so much he can really amount to something special.Vlady need’s to get his shot back, im counting on him to become a more consistent ofensive monster like Stoyakavic.Did i spell that right? well it does’nt matter…

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #18149 Will Be Quoted Here]

    BEC – Thank you. I use the term “True Laker Fans” because I get tired of everyone thinking that the Lakers are called the Los Angeles Kobe Bryants. The Lakers are a TEAM and should not revolve around ONE MAN. We should support the Lakers TEAM. When they lose, they lose a team, and when they win, they win as TEAM. We should all just want the Lakers to win. Unfortunately some people in here just want the Lakers only if they have Kobe. To those I say you are not TRUE LAKER FANS. You are only Kobe-fans.

    Yes, KB is a great basketball player, but he is NOT the entire team. Bynum has showed fantastic progress this year, almost averaging a double double each game, but very few people here have acknolwedged that. I will acknolwedge it right now


    If Bynum continues to improve, and stays healthy, then in a few years, he’s really going to be force to be reckoned with. Yet, some people were dogging on Bynum showing passion. It’s almost as if some people in here want Bynum to fail just so they can say “I told you so”. If you are one of these people, you are NOT A TRUE LAKER FAN.

    Farmar is also playing better, so is Turiaf. Even Radman (albeit he’s a bad past two games) is playing better than last year. Last week, people were praising him, scoring 18 points in Boston, averaging double digits off the bench. Now he’s in a lull, everyone rags on him. The same with LO, he plays well, people love him. He plays bad, people are quick to trade him. He’s on OUR TEAM, Support him while he is here!

    Do we need to improve, sure we do, but its still early. Remember Golden State last year didn’t peak until April and they were very close to beating Utah last year in the conference semi-finals.

  • kingkb24

    wasnt kwame supposed to be out for like 3 days??

    well i think we should start turiaf, even though hes not doing too good right now, starting him might jss get his spark back.

    has nebody noticed that bynum gets almost ten rebounds in the first quarter and then only a couple of rebounds throughout the rest of the game?

  • redliNe[24]

    I love Kobe. Just like everyone else does. We all saw what happend to Nick Collisons Face during the sonics game the other night. Thank god For my High Def DVR. I rewinded, and played the part where kobe hits collison in the face. surely, if you ask me, it was so blatant that he hit him on purpose. If you watch closley, after kobe flys over collison his hands and body are no where near him, after watching it over and over again in slow you, can see that after he’s clearley away from collison, he basically blatantly, and purposly smacks him in the face. Thats something that made me lose some respect for mr cry baby bryant. and by the way, has he ever gotten a nose job? his nose is too pointy and perfect for a black man. peace.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18175 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your way off base. In basketball those things happen unintentionally when you try to slap the ball sometimes you inadvertently hit someones face. You obviously have not played enough ball i guess. There are alot of questionable things about Kobe but this is not one. Save your ammo for a legit reason.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #18175 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re sick in the a$$, it’s lame’s like you that had Kobe suspended last year when he hit Ginobli “intentionaly” when he clearly wasn’t looking at him.Even Manu said he did not think it was intentional.But since you’re a sick person you think it was; because that’s something you would do.Are you sure you’re not David Stern?Get out of this site Kobe hater!!!