The Lakers put on another show tonight. The show started with defense as the Lakers held the high-scoring Suns to only 92 points on the road.

Tonight was a very balanced attack, as the Lakers sent a little bit of everything tonight — Kobe scoring, Ariza slashing, Sasha pestering, Vlad splashing, Pau being Pau, and everything else. Six Lakers scored double figures.

The real stat tonight is the Lakers 25 assists to only 7 turnovers. That is a winning formula. The Lakers also took care of business from three point land with 10 threes in 21 attempts.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) I thought Lamar played amazing tonight. His stats don’t show much, but his 13 points and 9 boards were a big part of the Lakers ability to blow this one open.

2) Vlad Rad’s 5 threes in 6 attempts solidifies his spot in the lineup — at least for now.

3) While many other Lakers did well, Farmar did a bit of everything tonight. He helped slow down Nash and ran the offense smoothly.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Every Laker contributed positively tonight. Since we must have an STD, I’ll give it to Mihm, for being the only scoreless Laker.

Play of the Game: Pau’s dribbling and around the back pass to Fisher for the three to break it open.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers have another test as the red-hot Nuggets with Billups come to town Friday night.

Ticket Info: Nuggets game tickets start at $35 each for uppers. Email me at or call 818-387-8224 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • carlo

    i hope farmar would not hide against billups…

  • west213


  • Iron24th

    Pau was Pau??? he posts 4pts.
    And Radman made 5/5 at 3pts.

  • Brett

    ON offense: I actually thought Lakers played horrible. Fish/Kobe/Pau/Bynum – All of these guys were off tonight. Truly. This was the first game all season that Kobe forced it. Fish has been forcing it every game this season, I don’t know what’s up with him, Pau’s been great all season(except for this game), and Bynum was playin’ against Shaq tonight.
    Radman was the only Laker starter that played well.

    Defense was alright, could have and should have held the suns to a high 70 to low 80 pt game.

    All in all, the last few games the Lakers haven’t brought their ‘A’ game, yet they still win, and that’s pretty amazing, and comforting for the rest of the season that they can win even when playing mediocre basketball as a whole.

  • basketbolista!

    even though pau didn’t get another 34pts but he still one why lakers won because of his 9 assist..


    [Comment ID #55144 Will Be Quoted Here]

    even though he only posted 4 pts, he had 9 boards and 9 asst and the lakers were +21 with him on the floor
    thats pau being pau, helping us get the win

  • Nick Lachey USA

    lol. People are so focused on points total that they forget about the other 90% components/aspects to basketball.

  • sketch

    it was a good win for the lakers. now, i saw the game from the 2nd quarter til the end. i thought that the lakers played nice solid d, but not the “great d” that everyone is making it out to be. let’s face it, amare’s just not going to miss all of those gimmes the next time. i can’t believe how many point blanks he missed tonight. i can count 3 in the 4th alone…the reverse point blank, the dunk that popped back out, and the gliding in layout that hit the back of the rim and bounced out.

    the missed jumpers by the phoenix players were mostly just misses from them as opposed to “smothering d” that caused them to miss a bunch of shots. i don’t see the reason people are celebrating the lakers defensive prowess…i just didn’t think that it was there tonight.

    i gotta agree with brett. offensively, except for vlady (whom i’m utterly surprised in) hitting 5 out of 6 3’s. who else shot well in the game? Ariza and Farmar i guess had good shooting percentages with 10 and 11 points each respectively. kobe got 24, but he also shot about 21 or 22 times.

    the lakers defense was only ok, as i have stated above. the lakers need to start bringing their A game. the last few games were won based on wanting it a little more as opposed to domination. we all know that they can dominate. we just need to see them putting it together on a consistent basis.

    i’m glad for the win, but don’t think that it was a “great” win.

  • jason420_7

    anytime u can beat a division rival on the road its a great win no matter how u got it..we controlled the pace of the game tonight wich is somethin we didnt do in the chicago game…overall solid game in my opinion..gotta cut down on the tikky tak touch fouls though..especially fisher..hes gettin alot of em called on him goin around screens and reaching..thats the good thing about havin such a deep team..some of the starters struggle a lil..the bench picks it up…still get over 100 many other teams can say that…very very few if any!!! GO LAKERS GO!!!!!


    Bynum looked intimidated to me. Compared to Shaq, Bynum size looked like a forward out there. Is it me or does Bynum tends to set up on the blocks way too far from the rim? And why does he tend to stroll down the court instead of running? When Shaq dunked on him in his rookie year, Bynum got up and RAN down the court and demanded the ball, that’s the attitude he needs to bring every night. I just don’t want him to show up for below .500 teams and not for the teams that we NEED to dominate and make a statement.

    Bynum, man up!

  • mr.laker19

    It was nice seeing the highlights of the good ol’ days, I have to admit. But today is a new day. A whole new era of Laker basketball. We have a potential dynasty but we have to bring it every night. The game was incredible on both ends but I do have one gripe.

    Kobe, watch Lebron play a game. THATS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!!! All night I was begging Kobe to attack, attack, attack. He has gotten into a bad habit of forcing long shots up. He should attack first because just like Lebron, he is unstoppable when he drives the ball. The difference between the two is Lebron is huge and drives the ball with power. Kobe drives with finesse and shoots shots not even jordan can match.

    The thing that makes Kobe better is that if he starts with driving, he can eventually go back to shooting because he is a great shooter, but he needs to switch his approach. Instead of shoot until he misses five in a row, he should drive and see the ball go in the basket first and then shoot shots over the defense. He could also drive and kick to, something else he can do just as good as Lebron even though the assist totals dont show.

    But tonight we are playing the Nuggets. But lets not be confused, this is a VERY different team then we faced in the finals and earlier this season. I told people that the Nuggets benefitted from that big trade more than the Pistons did, and so far that has been proven. Lets go hard tonight, they are one of the best teams in the league. GO LAKE SHOW

  • Nabil

    After seeing Bynum’s progression last year, I have some level of faith in him to get it together. Unlike Luke. Hey Luke, thanks for tossing in your patented spinning no jump hook shot that gets packed right out of bounds, lol…but way to knock down that wide open look right afterwards to “redeem” yourself.

    All in all, it’s just about racking up the W’s at this point, and progressing a little bit at a time. Even if its 2 steps forward and 1 step back for awhile. Then after the allstar break tighten up the screws a bit. Personally, I think this would be a great time to trade Lamar plus Luke for Matrix. Money works, and Miami might be convinced that Luke would be of value. I’m talking about trading depth for a legit allstar 3 that makes our starting line-up the shiz-nit. And by including Luke, it eases up the logjam at the 3 a bit, and opens up more space for signing a McDyss or someone else that’s sure to come along on the cheap looking for a ring.


    LUKE HIT A 3…WTF?!?!

  • imfasterthanur

    Some of you guys are ridiculously picky. You have to understand the bigger picture. It is impossible to bring your “A” game for 82 straight games, especially if you plan on going deep into the playoffs.

    Considering that we have a back to back schedule (Denver @ LA today), it would be unnecessary to exert every ounce of energy to blow every team out by 20+ with stout defense and overwhelming offense. In the past few games where the Lakers have had, according to some of you, “okay” defense, take a look at how many minutes our starters even played. Kobe alone is averaging 34 minutes a game – that alone speaks wonders.

    It’s a championship or bust season. Would you rather go 81-1 and have nothing left for a championship run? Or would you rather ration our resources to get another championship banner in the Staples Center?

    A win is a win and I, for one, can’t wait to see our juggernaught lakers dethrone those damn Celtics when it really matters. Go Lakers!!

  • gugy

    I think is safe to say the rivalry between the Suns and the Lakers is pretty much over.
    The LAkers is a far superior team now.
    Sure the Suns can still beat the Lakers, but they are nowhere close to the team that was fun to watch few years back.

    Karma baby. I knew it this core of Amare, D’antoni, Raja and Nash would never win together. They are paying the price for their arrogance. Bye, Bye Suns.
    Shaq coming to Phoenix just sealed the deal.


    Gotta give to Vlad,yes,I must,’cause he played pretty good on both ends,especially late in the game.


    True but if these guys tend to lay low for big games then what have we really proved? That we win when it doesn’t count? They should blow everyone out like last years patriots? Win w/ 20+ points everynight will show DOMINANCE. Win w/2-8 points show an average BEATABLE team.

  • sketch

    DC, yo…if us being wrong about vlady is what it takes for him to play well, then let me tell you, i’ma be wrong until june!!!!! WTF?!? 5 out of 6 3’s? did he forget that he was vlad rad? was he possessed by jordan’s spirit during the playoffs against portland? i don’t think he hit 5 3’s in a week, let alone a game. that was awesome!!!!

    and no, i disagree with the notion that any time you get a divisional win, it’s a “great” win. it may be “great” to win, but it was not a “great” win. we looked sloppy and discombobulated on offense and certainly very unsure at times. that does not constitute as “great”!

    we’ve seen the lakers’ greatness, and it was in the 1st 2 games of the season. we’ve not really come close to it since. sure we still blew out some teams when you look at the final score, but those games were deceiving and not indicative of what really happened throughout the game. let’s just take the 2nd clippers game for example, we were down by 2 in the 4th before we finally put together a run and ended up blowing them out. otherwise, the clips were right there with us the entire game. the 1st 3 quarters were not “great” basketball for the lakers.

    we want our guys to be consistently dominant! if everyone keeps claiming that we basically have 2 starting teams and the deepest bench in the league, which i’m not arguing against, then we should be capable of kicking ass every night and i don’t think that it’s too much for us to expect that!


    True, true.

    I think we should keep dissing Vlad too..he plays alot better,so here is goes…since his value went in one game and those stinkin’ Warriors got my favorite back up for Farmar in Crawford (yes,Harrington is with the Knicks),get this guy,

  • aggressive expansion

    i so badly want to see this team in the playoffs, payback on so many levels, knock off the suns, bell, nash, knock off shaq, oh man i want this so bad.

  • Jayson Villanueva

    I think the team read the news paper before heading to Arizona. They learned how to give the ball to vlad when he is on the floor. More touches means more consistent vlad. We all know he can produce and well 5/5 tonight could be mean all season long because like Stu Lantz says if u can do it, then you can do it again and again and again.


    Pau behind the back to D.Fish,WOW!!!!!

  • jason420_7

    EVERY WIN IS A GREAT WIN PERIOD!!!!…especially on the road against our division rival..they didnt turn the ball over very much..missin shots isnt sloppy its just a fact of life in the nba..your gonna miss shots..if u dont believe me..go to the court right now and shoot some…some of u guys are so spoiled by the blowouts..THIS IS THE NBA PEOPLES..blowouts arent gonna happen nightly i dont care how good u are…winnin by double digits on the road against a playoff team is dominant..right now i’m very happy with the way our team is playin..keep it up lakers and everything will be just fine..we’ll see u in the finals boston..i cant wait for revenge!!!

  • sketch

    DC, if we can get gerald wallace…then it’s time to get rid of LO! if you think about it, they’re the identical player in abilities. i know that LO is taller by 3 inches, which has its obvious advantages, but gw is a work horse. he gives you stats across the board and is CONSISTENT!!!!!! he definitely brings toughness too, otherwise he wouldn’t have all those blocks under his belt. he can also knock down the occasional 3. it’s almost like getting both LO and vlady in one player. only knock on gw is his health, he tends to get his nagging injuries(probably brought on by his style of play).

    also DC, you right about the play by Pau, but how about the alley loop to bynum by kobe? kobe lobs it to bynum and bynum catches in the air and 2 handed jams it through the hole!!!!!


    Sketch,I’d rather trade Vlad and Mihm for Wallace because both of their salaries combined equals his (Wallace at 9 mil.,while Vlad 6 mil. and Mihm 2 mil.).

    Think about it,sketch,G-Force sees Boston,Clev. and Detroit regularly (at least 3 to 4 times for each team..experience..and Boston always has trouble against Charlotte for some reason),now put him with Farmar/LO/Ariza and Bynum or put LO back as starter or put GW with the starters…it doesn’t matter,know why? ‘Cause now ALL those teams,not only, have to deal with KOBE and TREVOR slammin on’em…..hahaha,now this…and he gets a Title,

  • SliqRiq

    LO is way better than GW and is better than the matrix someone said it best matrix is only good if you have a great PG cuz he cant score on his own! Its best to keep Odom for the year and sign him for less money if he’s willing to stay.
    People here tend to hate LO cuz we all know his potential but in the end he is still a double double guy and knows our offense.

  • sketch

    yo, i’m not saying to trade LO, but what i’m sayin is if we can get gw for LO…that’s worth thinking about. not only for the reasons that i had mentioned before, but also for the reason that you had brought to light…the experience of 4 games against those eastern conference teams.

    if we can get gw for vlady and mihm, i say pull that trigga now. shoot, we should probably throw in luke as a tip. hahaha.

    but on the side note: did you see how fat shaq’s gotten? he ain’t playin for the suns, he is the SUN. and the other 4 fools on the court with him are all lil planets orbitin around him. man, he so fat now…he’s got his own gravitational pull. WTF!!!!

  • ukuga

    I saw nothing out of the Suns last night to convince me that they will be any kind of threat to the lakers in the play-offs

  • Michael_23

    Wow, what’s up with the Knicks and Clippers blowin’ up their teams.

    What I don’t like about the Knicks is that they are all doing this for Lebron James in 2010. That’s about 2 years from now. Then next thing you know, James doesn’t sign to the Knicks.