This is a tough game to write about. It’s just one of those games you want to forget. You want to forget the Lakers 19 turnovers. You want to forget the Lakers 12.5% three-point shooting. Bruce Bowen’s 66 three-point shooting. Parker’s 26 points and 9 assists. Matt Bonner’s second quarter. I could keep going, but I think you get the point. The defensive rotations were ______ (insert your negative choice for word here). The Lakers had way too many unforced turnovers. It is pretty simple. Look before you pass. Don’t throw it to the other team.

The Lakers continue to struggle against the pick-n-roll. The Lakers do a decent job of guarding the PG and the C, but when they rotate over to help, no one gets back to the SG and SF who are open for three. The Hornets found this out, and the Spurs got Bowen, Finley, and Ginobili open all night. The Spurs are a great team however, so let’s not get too down on this loss. After all, we did slow Duncan. Now, the bests of the night:

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) Kobe Bryant once again did the best he could to keep us in the game. While he shot 9-19, he couldn’t get to the line tonight. He grabbed 9 boards and had 5 assists. Defensively tonight, he was a monster with 2 steals and 3 blocks (he should have had more, but the refs called fouls).

2) Andrew Bynum again put up a double-double. 11 points on 4-5 shooting, 12 rebounds, 1 block. Can we please play this guy more than 26 minutes? He also was part of a trio of Lakers defenders that held Duncan to 2-13 shooting.

3) We didn’t really have a third great performer tonight. Lamar shot well, but turned it over a lot. Most Lakers played poor on defense. I guess if anyone, I’ll give it to Farmar. Farmar put up 16 points in 21 minutes. My knock on him is his 0 assists and 2 turnovers. He also took a couple of bad shots, but had some sick dunks.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest):

Ronny Turiaf cannot have 6 turnovers in 21 minutes. He just can’t. You wouldn’t think someone with 8 rebounds and 2 blocks would make the STD, but 6 turnovers is just awful. At least he played good D on Duncan when he was matched up.

Key play of the game: Farmar’s dunk on the break off a pass from Luke.

What to look for next game: Look for a tough game. Tmac is coming off a 41 point night. Kwame always does well against Yao. Both teams are coming off back-to-back games. I have a good feeling about this one though. We lost at home when we shouldn’t have against Houston. Let’s get it back! Game is Weds night @ 6:00 PM. (Game is on ESPN for those of you sick of Stu and KCAL)

  • steve

    Oh my ,lit up by Bowen…..Oh my

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    1990 Chicago Bulls huh? It’s a ghoast town in here. The closest thing the looks like the 1990 Chicago Bulls are the Spures and that D. Like I said the Lakers are garbage. They remind me of the Knicks but that the only difference is they have Kobe.

  • mplakers


  • Shakobe22

    how come no predictions tonight?????

  • Caleb

    Give Bynum and Farmar more playng time. Give Mo, Mihm, Vlad and Cook no playing time.

    Simple enough.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Yes the future of the Lakers are Farmar and Bynum.Good luck with that!

  • Jsahmad

    You say Kobe was a “MONSTER” on defense…Yes, those big blocks and steals were solid…

    But, if you actually watched on him defense off the ball..


    He let parker get easy layups… he was the cause of sagging down when unnecessary leading to an open 3!…

  • Steve Avery

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    Very true. He did rotate just as bad as any other Laker. Part of the problem was Parker kept getting to the basket, so Kobe had to sag in and help. Then Bowen hit 3s. I think Kobe still played well defensively. The rest of the Lakers made him look worse. Either way, he still needs to make better decisions when helping.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    I think the Lakers need to rebuild! I mean rebuild. You wana get rings or just below average players surounding an aging star? If the Lakers can’t play without a superstar or sell those tickets then what happens when Kobe has hit the wall? So what I guess I don’t understand is how the Lakers fans really think that the light is at the end of the tunnel.The Lakers are wasting their time with Kobe. Don’t make the same mistake the T-wolves made. If you hold out for too long you’ll get complete garbage in return. Time to make a play is now. Thats why I don’t understand what LA is thinking.It’s the end of an era, your team won’t win a ring with Kobe and JO or Kobe and Artest or Kobe and anyone who they could trade for. The teams in the West are too damn good. You would have to give up Bynum anyways in any trade. The Lakers are running out of time on this.


    wow look at what happened tonight. the lakers don’t play any perimeter defense at all, but we are championship material lol. look at the 3 teams we beat this year. we caught phoenix on the second game of a back to back, we caught utah on a second game of a back to back and minesota the worse team in the league. on our losses we got blown out by new orleans we got blown out by san antonio and we lost at home to houston. But hey the FO did a great job these last 4 years. you guys keep telling yourself that you might actually believe it one day.

  • drake hunter

    we just need to keep kwame off the floor. He may be better against the pickand roll then our other bigs, but he’s to turnover prone and way to clumsy on both ends. Play ronnie and bynum with the majority of the minutes with chris breaking the players in between. If we need to go small just play odom walton farmer vlad and kobe.

  • jack

    what can I say? Turnovers are a problem since game 1. Good Luck tonight against Rockets. I hope this team makes it up for the loss

  • keep24


    Aging star? REALLY?

    Don’t worry my little Bulls fan. He’ll be a Bull soon enough. If you really thought that the Lakers need to rebuild, than you should hope for the Lakers NOT to trade him and have him walk off and GET NOTHING IN RETURN.

    Getting nothing in return is a good thing. That means salary cap space! That means $22 Mil a year we can spend on another star. This is how I know you’re not a Laker fan.

    Why do we need another teams garbage players, or long contracts? Remember Bryan Grant? Remember Shaq. Imagine what we could have done if we waited for Shaq to leave. We’d be talking about a repeat or three peat instead of rebuilding.

    The only aging stars on this team is Buss and PJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT KOBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve

    JOJOEnglish94bullsforever….Sorry i dont mean to be rude but your team is 1 and 5..and jojo english played for my local team and was cut after a few games he was that bad..The Adelaide 36ers in australia..its about the 10th ranked league in the world……..1 and 5 ..great team

  • drake hunter

    Good game from the future franchise Bynum. Another L in the loss column for us. This is working out great. Lets win in 5 years instead of now!

  • Rpoc

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  • mihaithemiraculous

    We played bad defense so we lost. Kobe did his best, and Bynum had another solid performance, but what I dont understand is how Kobe didn’t get to the line, I mean I’m tired of how Bowen doesnt get calls just cause hes 10000 years old, Kobe averages 12+ trips to the line per night and that wont change on any court or in any arena, now lets say he hits these 12 freethrows this is now only a 3 point game. Of course this is all hypothetically speaking of course, because we all know how Kobe can be hated on by refs, and i know you’re thinking “yeah right”, if you dont believe me check out this link … and then tell me people dont hate on kobe. Now are we sure that theres not another jacked up referee in the league accepting bribes? Because some of those calls on Kobe on D were weak fouls and in most circumstances would not be called.

  • Jrich

    Terrible coaching job tonight by Phil.


    Last 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter until 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, he had Kwame in there the whole time. Kwame was doing terrible, throwing up ugly shots and letting passes go between his little girly hands. I was thinking in my head, “BRING IN BYNUM and FARMAR!!!!!”

    Bynum and especially Farmar were doing really good in that 2nd quarter until they were taken out for the last 5 minutes. And after the half they weren’t in the game for the first 9 minutes. A total of 14 straight minutes without those 2.

    TERRIBLE coaching! And why didn’t Phil tell his team that they were leaving the shooters wide open almost every play?

  • LakerNation1

    ahem….1-5. great team u got there. great fans too. a crowd that chants another team’s superstar. must be nice.

  • Jrich

    Who is this guy that writes these articles, Steve Avery??? His last article he said the Lakers will lost most likely to the Spurs. At the end of this article he says, “(Game is on ESPN for those of you sick of Stu and KCAL)”. What the hell? Why would we be sick of Stu? What is going on with this guy’s negative attitude towards my team?

  • Jrich

    ^^^^Typo on the second sentence^^^^… His last article he said the Lakers will LOSE most likely to the Spurs.

  • Jrich

    I don’t appreciate how you end your articles with a negative comment about my team. Care to explain yourself STEVE?

  • osm0nd

    LOL, as much as I love the Lakers and KCAL.. Stu Lantz can be annoying sometimes.

  • lakergirl_24

    Jrich, I agree. You don’t know how well you’ve got it until you have to listen to the BS on ESPN. They often focus on the drama, whereas Stu explains everything clearly about the actual game (not to mention Rich Bucher’s stupid reports). It sucks not being able to watch local games.

    As for the loss, I stopped listening after the middle of the 3rd quarter. I couldn’t bear hearing about the SAME mistakes: turnovers (15 in the first half!) snd wide open shots for the Spurs.

    Until the Lakers D-up, I don’t expect them to beat good teams on a consistent basis. Hopefully they get it together by tomorrow…see how they make adjustments on a back=to-back.

  • lakergirl_24

    Just to clarify, I think Steve Avery does a good job with the post-game takes. Keep it up. I just didn’t agree with the Stu comment.

  • T-Dub

    What are you people smokin? Luke Walton is garbage and always has been. yet they give 6yrs and 30mil for 5pts a game…smart. D-fish is and always has and will be a backup. Lamar is just not it…he’s been in the league 9years..this is it. They resigned Cook, extended Kwame and Sasha, resigned Mihm. The FO just dont get it. They have a bunch of bums and kids on this team. The run has been over since Karl Malone got hurt in 04′ finals. Time to find a new hoddy

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    Steve two points i disagree with you on about last nights game. First of all about doing a decent job defending point guards. Chris Paul had a career night against us and Tony Parker absolutely destroyed us last night. Both point guards were the reason for the poor rotations because we could not stop their penetration. We are not defending the point guard position well or even decently. Secondly Andrew Bynum did not have the second best game last night Jordan Farmar did. Jordan actually made plays when the game mattered. His deep three and two viscious dunks were valuable plays in the game when the Lakers were trying to stay afloat. Most of Bynums stats were garbage time stat fillers aside from the rebounds he picked up from just being 7 foot and running the floor. Bynum had little or no impact on that game last night where we needed a low post presence.

  • 24allup inya

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    I agree with you 100%, i sometimes think Phil does not like Bynum there-for does not give him the chance to succeed.I cant stand mhim and cook either!!!

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17003 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I dont think Phil is ever going to give Bynum a chance to succeed, i go as far as thinking that Phil is trying to force a trade to please Kobe.I totaly agree with you on Phil’s coaching tonight, it was to passive.The main thing that hurt the Lakers was no movement with-out the ball and there-for no passing.And they really have to tighten up their defense, i thought they learned from their game with the Hornets but i guess not!!!

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Due you guys it’s over after this month your team is done! My team will rise.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That is exactly how I feel. It’s great to listen to other analysts sometimes. Stu is too predictable. 81 games of Stu is too much in my mind. I’m sorry if I offended the hard core fans who really enjoy Stu. Even when we had Chick, I would still enjoy the other channels, because KCAL flat out sucks. They don’t know how to do a lot of stuff ESPN does.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17010 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanks, I guess everyone has their own opinions. I personally like ESPN because they give you a different perspective. Stu is 100% pro Lakers. I like to hear both sides of it. Also, I like how they show other games as well if a nice dunk happens.

    And, for some reason, John Ireland’s voice just gets to me…But I will keep out my Stu comments from now on. but at least it gave us something to write about?

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17013 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are right. I agree with the first point 100% and maybe I didn’t communicate that well. The point guards are getting beat on penetration all night long. On the pick-n-rolls however, I think we are doing a better job. It’s the hardest and most simplest play to defend in basketball. The best way to defend it is to have your SF or SG sag in to clog the middle to prevent the easy pass or penetration. But then the other player needs to get out there and cover for the SG or SF. That’s where the Lakers are slow.

    As for Farmar last night. He had 2 great dunks, some nice drives, and a crazy 3. But I feel like he made some bad decisions and did worse than Fisher of defense. He had 2 unforced turnovers and didn’t rack any assists.

    Bynum didn’t have the best of games, but he played GREAT defense on Duncan. Duncan did not score on him once in the half court set. He did give up an easy layup to Parker. Bynum was also very efficent. 4-5 FGs.

  • TongIts

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  • singKO

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    Normally , I would disagree about anything degrading about the lakers but I agree on this. Kobe’s always had ths aspect in his game. When getting bad calls from refs or somebody gets the better of him (‘say, blocked him or the ball gets stolen from him), he complains first leaving his teammates out-numbered. He also sucked at switching on defense. Like Kwame, he’s an excellent one on one defender, and maybe average team defender.

    Having said all those, he’s godly on all other things basketball-wise.


    Unfortunately I didn’t see the game but it is TOOOOO early to be complaining about this team.They do need to make a trade(please trade BRIAN COOK,PLEEEAAASSSE).Isaw the highlights and after seing them on defense ARTEST would be perfect right now(KOBE’S block on Duncan,INCREDIBLE).It seems certain players can not match Kobe on the defensive side of the ball,too passive.Get Artest PLEASE.

  • ab4sure

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    Incredible block on Duncan and terrible defense on Bowen(career night for Bowen)

  • Michael_23

    It seems like an inidividual on the opposing team will have a career high when facing the Lakers … How bout Mike James get 37 pts tonight?


    [Comment ID #17056 Will Be Quoted Here]

    smush will probably look like mj when they play us!!!

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #16981 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Dude, dude, this is coming from someone who’s town is begging for Kobe to save them…. in the East. Beggars should grovel not bite.

    Kobe, the ultimate assassin. He can kill franchises across the country!


    The front office needs to make some real moves in coming months.I here people talking about JO is injury prone but so is LO(NOT SAYING WE SHOULD TRADE HIM,NOOOOO).I would make a trade when it’s time.Look at how out matched we are when playing a more experienced team like the Spurs.Don’t get me wrong,they are the champs but the Lakers should have been at this level of 2 years ago.Lakers have a lot of talent but that doesn’t equal being contenders.I feel Kobe has to do,yet again,more of the scoring,at least 28 a game,in order for them to win.With a of more Vets on this team then your talking BIG TROUBLE,MAJOR.