The Spurs gave the Lakers a great holiday gift tonight—No Duncan, No Parker. This should have been a 20 point rout for the Lakers. Instead, it turned out to be an entertaining game that kept me on the couch for a whole 2.5 hours. Somehow the Lakers found themselves down by 3 in the 4th, and escaped with a 5 point win Thursday night. How the Spurs scored 97 points with that lineup, I cannot tell you. Especially since they only shot 41% from the field.

The Lakers just looked awful tonight and were lucky to come out with a win. The bright side was the defense played on Manu. Manu was held to just 5-17 shooting and 7 turnovers. The other bright side was that the Lakers only had 8 turnovers on the night. Now, the bests of the night:

Top 3 Laker performers:

kobespurs.jpg1) There wasn’t a clear cut number one, but Kobe played well the entire night. He forced some shots he shouldn’t have but his defense made up for it. He finished with 30 points, 7rebs, 3 assists, and 4 steals. Only 1 turnover too!

Ronny Turiaf picked up the slack for Bynum. Off the bench, Ronny added 8 points, 6 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks. Great game Ronny!

3) While Farmar played well for us, I think Odom made several big plays in the fourth. He finished with 15 and 8 on the night.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest):

Andrew Bynum missed several layups tonight. He shot 3-9 and should have had his way out there without Duncan. He also got ejected in the second half.

Key play of the game: There wasn’t an electrifying play tonight. At least none that comes to my mind.

What to look for next game: A high-scoring game. Lakers will need to score 110 in my opinion to come away with a W. Game is Friday night @ 7:30 PM (ESPN).


    PLAY CRIT!!!!!! HE’S A STAR!!!!!!!!!

    o and good win

  • HiYo2o

    Kobe’s alley-oop to Bynum for the dunk!

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    NUMBER 5 IN THE CONFERENCE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 24allup inya

    What a disgusting game to watch! Bynum needs to mature, but on his defense id like to say that Sheed get’s away with saying “thats bullshit and the ball dont lie” all the time he must have yelled the ball dont lie like 30 times yesterday.So why cant Bynum get away with the same thing after all he was being fouled but fortunately Turiaf finished off the night for him…GO Turiaf!

  • 24allup inya


  • domidomdomz

    Lets go lakers..Beat GS again tomorrow!!!!

  • http://hhb KobeBryant15

    PLAY CRIT!!!!!! HE’S A STAR!!!!!!!!!

    Shut the F**K up man..
    Jeez. Im sorry but im tired of these crit d-riders.
    prasing him like hes god cuz a flashy move..

    Farmar>>> Critt..
    Unless i see some consistency ..
    it wasnt too bad of a game, but the shooting 1st half was horrible. and yea bad move by bynum but hes still young.. he’ll mature..
    anyways lets continue on this success path..

    GO L.A.!

  • kb24

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    I do not get you guys, what did Crit do for him to be a “star”?
    Did you judge him because of summer league? yea he’s good I guess but its summer league! We are now into the season where the REAL games are at and Farmar is doing a hell of a job than what Crit did in summer. Farmar proved that he is more of a star than Crit.

  • Edward

    I want them to play Critt, because I’ve seen him in college. Sure he doesn’t get as much publicity as Kevin Druant or Greg Oden, but we are lucky to have gotten such a talented player so late in the draft. The kid can play, you can see it in his confidence he plays with in the NBA games. If you want to compare, Farmar was not as good his rookie year as Critt is. The only reason Critt isn’t being played a lot is because the rookie rule PJ has. He believes you gotta prove yourself. I believe Critt will. It’s just like saying Farmar should’ve got more playing time as a rookie instead of Smush. People believed him to be better. I think Critt will show in time, he is in fact a star. I hope we don’t trade Farmar or Critt, we will need them once Fish’s minutes go down because of age.

    As far as Play of the Game goes. Trevor Ariza’s miss, that Bynum hustled for the rebound and jammed it in traffic. I think Bynum needs to start working on not being so much of a big man, start training ball handling, training his shot, and hit hops. Cus sure he is strong, but I want him to be like Dwight Howard. Howard is basically an overgrown SF, he can dribble shoot, gets up and does athletic things. He’s not just about power, and that’s where I want to see Bynum, having ballhandling skills and reactions of a smaller player so he will know how to deal better in traffic.

  • Billy Kupchak

    OK USA!

  • jack

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    soooo agreed. Critt is paker(same jersey numbers), but farmer and sahsa look good. the only reason spurs was fighting till the end was because of the threess. everytime we scored, got a big lead, we got a three in return. even with parker, duncan we would have still won , i think. or at least, we are in a position to say that, aren’t we?

  • domidomdomz

    yeah that’s right..

    the lakers would be beating spurs even if parker and duncan are present

  • ricky

    a win is a win no matter who plays and how much you win by. lakers are now moving up in the rankings and are learning to win ugly games which will help them in the long term. keep it up lakers.

    beat those warriors tomorrow!

  • Lonestar848

    How is Crit better than Farmar? Cuz you saw him play in college haha.
    So far from what I’ve seen he just has a better crossover

  • lalakerfan

    i think LA_LAKER FAN is mocking me because on several occasions in the past here I’ve posted my excitement for the rookie.

    Though I do not share LA_LAKER FAN’s opinion that “CRIT IS A STAR!”, I believe he’ll be one some day.

    As for tonight’s game. Pure trash. We couldn’t have won this game with the way we played if Duncan and Parker were playing. Ariza’s got a horrible shot, though I do consider him a valuable pick-up for the defensive abilities and toughness he brings. Kobe played like crap yet somehow stumbled to another 30 point night. Walton is still playing horribly – missing open shots and just not like he was last year facilitating the offense. Lamar missed 2 easy layups and a lot of open shots in the game. That first quarter was one of the worse quarter of basketball I’ve ever seen.

    What can I say, hopefully they come out and play with more energy tomorrow night – those Hyphy boys will be looking to win this next one, so we gotta come out stronger

  • David

    I don’t believe that Critt should getting minutes over Farmar BUT…. Sasha is garbage. I can’t emphasize that enough, he is terrible. You guys remember against golden state when he hit the side of the backboard on his 3 point shot? That’s the type of player Sasha is. I can’t stand the guy. Of course we have Vlade Divac to blame for being our “Euro Scout” and finding him. Why does PJ keep playing him? Put in Critt over Sasha that’s all I ask.

  • foxxy


  • Nabil

    Watch out for Bynum tomorrow.

  • Flush Odumb

    Another typical game from Lamar. Time to pull the plug on this failed experiment.

  • lakerfan81

    I wouldn’t trade Lamar unless it was in a deal that couldn’t be passed up. Yea he didn’t play well tonight and he is inconsistent but he still ended up with 15pts, 8 brds on 50% shooting. That helps even if it isnt a particularly good game from. So just trading him for the sake of trading him would be stupid.

    The Lakers had not energy too night. They came out flat and squeeked out a W. The energy did pick up a bit in the 3rd after Drew was ejected though. If they play flat like that tonight they will get run out of the building, but I don’t think they will. Besides if I was a betting man, the safe bet would be betting on Jackson over Nellie. Nellie doesn’t have a very good track record against Jackson.

    Speaking of Drew getting ejected; it was good to see Kobe get in the refs face to back him up.

  • lakerfan81


    “Cus sure he is strong, but I want him to be like Dwight Howard. Howard is basically an overgrown SF, he can dribble shoot, gets up and does athletic things. He’s not just about power”

    Have you ever seen Dwight Howard play? not about power? Can dirbble, shoot? What the hell are you talking about. Howard is all about power and athleticism. Think Shaq. Howard plays exactly the same way as shaq used to except that he is not as good of a passer or ball handler, but is more athletic which is kind of scary. One of the biggest criticisms of Howard is that he is not a good ball handler or passer. And he definitely can not shoot. In fact if I was coaching Howard and he took a jump shot (even if he made it) I would chew his ass and tell him that if he takes another one that I would bench him.


    [Comment ID #19470 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thats a pretty ignorant statement about howard. he’s the best center in the game and a top 3 mvp candadate so far.

  • lakerfan81

    PHANTOM. I agree except that Id say that he is the top MVP candidate right now. But he cant shoot at all. I wouldn’t want him to shoot a jump shot. WHY would you? The guy is completely unstoppable in the paint. He is too big too strong too athletic. He puts so much pressure on teh opposing teams defense just by posting up. Why would you want him to take a jump shot? Would you want Shaq taking a jump shot even if he could make it? NO.

    Actually I think that Howards lack of a jump shot actually helps his game. I don’t understand why my statement is ignorant. I think it was a very accurate appraisal of his game. He is the most dominant force inside since Shaq’s younger days, but he is not an overgrown SF. If you want an overgrown SF Garnett is you man, Howard is a big strong athletic center, much like Shaq was. And to think he is only 22 and will only continue to get better… thats pretty scary for the rest of the league.


    Farmer is not better the J-Critt he just gets more playing time. It was the same thing last year when Farmer was coming behind Smush. We all new Farmer was better he just never got any playing time (during the season). It’s not his time now but soon you’ll see. I wish they would give Critt Vujacic’s minutes at least, He is way better then Sasha.

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    ugly game ya anytime u play the spurs its an ugly game not because their that great defensively but because the refs allow them to play aggressively to me they push off and slap at the arms a lot im glad bynum got upset good to see some emotion from the young fellow hopefully this translates into a monster game for him tonight.

  • MILO

    Yea! it’s good to show some passion and heart but not at the expense of the team.Bynum needs to mature and know how to let the reff’s know when they are dooing a poor job.He acts like a kid in the 8th grade not like a NBA player.Yes, we all want Bynum to show some heart wich he’s been doing, but you cant aford to get thrown out knowing the team needs you.The only time you do that is when you are winning by a lot or been blown out (Melo) over-all it was a tough game no rhythm.

  • MILO

    where are you??? why didn’t you come out to you’re boy’s defense yesterday in the shoutbox???Now there is other people talking about Bynums immaturity.There is a slogan, not sure how it goes but it’s something like THERE IS NO WORSE BLIND THEN HE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO SEE

  • Thomas12

    I think that the Lakers played well tonite and should look to do the same against Golden State. Kobe needs to take a better shot selection and shoot a higher percentage from the freethrow line, he’s too good to be making mistakes like those. It looks to me like Lamar Odom is getting back into game shape and starting to play well…Go LAKERS!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19483 Will Be Quoted Here]

    milo, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? I said he overreacted on the shoutbox. Look at the last line MIlo.. and NEXT TIME TALK WHAT YOU KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!

    ab4sure: i like the way kobe defended bynum when talking to the ref
    Tim-4-Show: plus, Obero went to a VERY pssd off Bynum and purposely got all tangled up to draw the tech
    J-Cool: Remember Drew Nuggets Beat The Hornets Last Night?
    J-Cool: Nuggets Are 3rd
    razz: No doubt he did, but he’s a bright kid. He’ll learn from this.
    ab4sure: refs would never throw out a vet that fast
    drew: hey J-Cool earlier you said the Hornets are 4th….did you mean thats where they will finish…cause right now they are in 3rd in the West
    J-Cool: He Hoping To Go Next Week
    ab4sure: but he got two t’s too quickly
    Tim-4-Show: but good to see Bynum passionate
    ab4sure: he overreacted…bynum

  • RC

    Finally, some emotion from my buddy Andrew! Keep it up Andrew just don’t get thrown out! As Phil Jackson says, “Penatration”! is the way to win and Kobi and Andrew need to keep up the pressure. Continue to work the lane and get the ball to Andrew.

    Kudos to the Laker bench! Second in the league in scoring is the best we’ve seen for some time. Keep it up!

    Go Lakers! Since Golden State is a small team I again look for Andrew to have a huge game especially after last night!

  • Dragon

    The dunk last night by Andrew from Kobe lob reminds me of the good old days when it was Kobe and Shaq. Hope it will be Kobe and Andrew this year for the one-two punch but Andrew needs get to the rim more.

  • Eric Pates

    I’ll only trade Lamar for Artest. Hopefully Artest will play for the Lakers next season since he will be a free agent. It will also be nice to acquire Jermaine O’ Neal via free agency as well as long as they accept a paycut. Imagine getting those two without giving up Lamar. The road to a next dynasty has been paved. The journey begins.

  • lakerfan81

    I don’t understand why everyone is still so hot on JO. Have any of you seen him play this year? His numbers are down across the board, pts, rbs, blks. His defense has been pretty bad this year. Part of it is that the system jsut doesn’t suit him, but I think most of it is that all those knee injuries hes had for his entire career are catching up to him. He may recover from his injuries and start playing like th JO form 2 years ago, but for now he is not even worth Lamar straight up.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #19486 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well i didn’t find it or maybe i was already gone, but is there still doubt in you that Bynum has some maturing to do???

  • ab4sure

    Is that the best you can do??? Accusing me of something in which YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WAS WRONG!!! I don’t need your “apology” just TALK WHAT YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. Criticized what i say but don’t MAKE UP STUFF AND TRY TO SAY IT IS A FACT!!! (and that includes your last statement here)

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #19502 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • shortdiezel

    BYE BYE LAMAR!!!!!!! He is doing absolutely nothing for the team.. He is hesitant to shoot or penetrate to the basket.. If I was guarding him I would anticipate him passing.. he is soft and I hope we trade him for a true POWER FORWARD.

    Elton Brand?

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #19504 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s a fact that Bynum needs maturing and you get upset when i say this when in reality there is nothing to get upset about.I think as a Laker fan we all want him to succeed, ya feel me???


    For those that think JO isn’t a good player still,imagine KB/DF/LO/JO/AB.Don’t be fooled into thinking JO doesn’t have anymore,like I said before,players have a way of not showing up every night to make room for the younger or more inexperienced players to shine so he should commended for that.Now that’s what I call teamwork,helping others to develope.Sounds like he has the TRIANGLE already down packed.At least he do like VINCE in TORONTO and not play,he called KOBE selfish.JO comes to LA you better shine that TROPHY up,TRUST ON DAT.THE PACK RULES!!!

  • ab4sure

    Of course he just turned 20. Every 20 year old needs maturing. If I said something that didn’t agree with you in the past it definitely wasn’t that he didn’t need to mature, it had to be something else.

  • LA Forever

    Lakers had a great win but not so great, but a W is a W. If lakers play like this against Warriors tonight they wont get no where, I want to see a better game and make it 5 Straight this time plz

  • Flush Odumb

    People, wake up!

    There will be no “dynasty” or “trophy to shine” as long as we have Lame-ar on the team. You can take that to the bank!!!