Who would have though the Lakers would finish the game with a 29 point rout after that start?

The Lakers got outplayed in the first quarter, but the rest of the game was all L.A.! The Lakers defense for the remainder of the game was some of the best I had seen in awhile. The Lakers once again showed what separates them from the rest of the elite — depth and defense.

The Lakers shot 53% from the field and 53% from behind the arc. The keys were their 26 assists and 19 turnovers forced. 50 boards, 13 steals, 10 blocks. The Lakers really filled up the box scores.

This was just an entertaining game to watch with tons of highlights if you are a Lakers fan

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) This is tough because so many Lakers played amazing tonight. Pau was all over the boards and did a bit of everything tonight. 20 points, 15 rebounds, 3 blocks. Ka-Pau!

2) Kobe really played a good game tonight. He didn’t force it and was very efficient. He also had 2 blocks and 2 steals tonight.

3) Farmar was amazing tonight. He sparked the Lakers comeback with 16 points, 2 steals, and 6 assists.

Honorable Mention: Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Trevor Ariza, and Sasha Vujacic all played superb.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Vlad Rad was 1-4 and was slow defensively. Only Laker who didn’t impress me.

Play of the Game: Let’s see…we have Vlad’s oop to Pau, Farmar to Bynum, Farmar to Kobe, Kobe’s block. You pick it.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers have a tough game in Dallas. Should go down to the wire. Can the Lakers make it 6-0?

Ticket Info: Next home game is Friday vs. A.I. and the Pistons. Inventory is pretty low and prices are pretty high… might want to save up next week for the Bulls and/or Nuggets. Email me at Steve@AveryTickets.com or call 818-387-8224 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • Jayson Villanueva

    Nice post game report PLEASE keep them coming.

  • the ape

    i know everybody’s thinking lamar for 6th man of the year. but ariza is sure making a good case for himself. in my mind, he’s the one who brings in more energy and intensity off the bench.

  • mihaithemiraculous

    the mavs have some of the worst defense in the league this year, look for kobe to go off early and all the starters to sit out the 4th quarter

  • Freshh

    good stuff Steve

  • Lo13

    HA if kobe gets less than 30 points the game is a blowout

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Farmar sparked the comeback though, ape.

    I love the Lakers, so FUN to watch.

  • Swiggle

    It was Ariza to Kobe, not Farmer to Kobe. And that was definitely the play of the night because it was good defense that led to a fast break dunk and the ball never touched the floor.

  • Jayson Villanueva

    Great game tonight. I would have to say i was one of those fans saying this game will be a blow out before they even stepped foot on the court. The Lakers, The Laker Girls, and The Lakers Nation are TMP! (Too Much Power)

    Best play of the night is a stalemate. Every highlight was just as impressive.

    suggestion: Add a “most intense/aggressive player”, to the list of best performances because PAU showed some fight in him tonight. Its always good see or hear who was the player who comes out and shows some rage.

    love these post game reports keep them coming!

    Jayson Villanueva of Hacienda Heights CA.

  • Alekz

    I liked Farmar to Bynum, OVER YAO!


    great game! and vlad held his own against t-mac, wouldnt give him smush of the day… give it to kwame for his game in detroit

  • six45ci

    i think your analysis is wrong. radman held Tmac to less than double digits, he made a few key stops.he had the task of both tmac and artest. even though kobe did that as well, some defensive credit has to go to radman. he didnt shoot well, but he did the little things that always count.

  • west213

    plzzz send me the game highlights post it on this article. missed d exciting game……=[


    Man what a game… GREAT defense. That was the best ive seen them play on the defensive end. Great game. LO, Ariza and Farmar were just AMAZING coming off the bench. They did really well… Hope they keep it up

  • roscoe

    bad call on radman as std. in a 22 point come from behind blow out their shouldn’t be a reason to insult one of our players. especially one that held one of the games premier offensive players to 3 points.

  • lakrfan4life

    next game shouldnt be that tough

    i mean, THE CLIPPERS beat them!!!!!!!!


  • daboss1849

    Kobe’s block on t-mac was sick and definitely the play of the game. Vlad played good defense tonight on t-mac so the STD goes to Luke once again. The only laker who did absolutely nothing. 0-0 in 2:28, way to earn your 30 mil. Luke…

  • ko8e_f@n

    That was a nice turnaround from the horrible first quarter.. Great win – 29 points! The Lakers massacred the Rockets in the end :)

    Play of the game for me is the alley-oop from Farmer to Bynum over Yao! ;)

    Let’s be honest though, the refs did help us a bit ;) and Kobe’s block was a clear goaltend :P

  • nabil

    lol. damn, 30 mil!!! By the way, I agree with Jayson about making a most intense/hustle/fire award.

  • mr.laker19

    Hey dream shake… dont retire after we beat you out the frame like that lol. I can t believe you actually thought yall was goin to win but, its ok. Next stop dallas.

  • mihaithemiraculous

    its just retarded how good the lakers are this year and how there are no big egos like there was back in the kobe and shaq days, it was a disaster losing to the pistons in the finals with 4 hall of fame players on a team

  • David

    What a game. Our defense is unbelievable. If we make it through this week without a loss, i’m calling a 70 win season.

  • go lakers

    [Comment ID #54061 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yay Hacienda Heights!!

  • xtro

    defense is offense.

  • http://www.thedreamshake.com Lee – UofTOrange

    [Comment ID #54076 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Did you fail the reading comprehension part of all standardized tests? I wrote, verbatim ”
    I think tonight, the game goes to the Lakers”

    How exactly did I think we were going to win?


    That game had to ingrediants to becoming a houston blow out. But thanks to the intensity of the bench and especially Ariza. When we were down by 16 he still played at a high level and was even getting offensive boards and going to the free throw line. I give him props and he should of been mentioned as the top three players of the game.

  • ojt

    get rid of freaking luke walton,goes in and still scare to play,score,or just catch the ball.What a waste of bench space…luke sucks big time.

  • Yohan

    R u kidding me! Trevor Ariza was one of the reason the Lakers made the comeback. His stats may not have be impressive, but he was all over the place. I’m sorry but you have to read J.A. Adande article on ESPN.com to tell you what Ariza really did last night.

  • ignard

    Vlad absolutely didn’t deserve STD! Can’t always judge a player on how many points he scores.

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    what a game!! my boy Farmar played amazing!! It was a great overall team effort… some of the best team defense I’ve seen in years!! The sharing of the ball was exciting, and the overall, unwaivering confidence everyone played with looked amazing. Dallas is going to be tough, we should not take them lightly. They always give us trouble, and its an away game, so our team won’t be able to feed off the crowd too much.

    Jordan Farmar all the way!!!


    NO STDs today,why?

    ‘CAUSEWETHEBEST.com,The thing about it is Celtics beat by 3 or 5…and we beat’em by 29,c’mon XMAS,hurry up.

    Dallas…your $$$ is NEXT!!!!

  • mr.laker19

    Oh my gosh we got the Dream faggot back again. Look I could go back in forth with your retarted azz but I think 29 speaks for its self. See you in the second round… ooops! I forgot who I was talking to lol sorry, maybe not HA!

  • John

    vlad played phenomenal on defense helping stop tmac to 3 points!… this is my play of the game.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsjeDXx4Jag

  • http://www.thedreamshake.com Lee – UofTOrange

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    Wow, calling someone a “faggot” nice comeback.

    Are you going to call me a “douchebag” next?

  • david gamboa

    whatever happened to sasha?

  • K0be08-09

    [Comment ID #54073 Will Be Quoted Here]

    me too, and i think it would of been ARzia ALL THE TIME

    And LUKE wlaton 30 mills for Sititng on a bench wow, i feel sry for him
    2 years ago- HE WAS A STARTER

  • Michael_23

    What’s up with Stein’s power rankings this week? It’s statistically wrong and bias.

  • mr.laker19

    Can I ask you somethin lee. Why wont you get off of our site and my dicck and go back to your own wack azz web-site? I really dont dis like the Rockets, but I dont like you, so I hope they lose. TTYL douche bag lol. OK im done for real now, but I just crack myself up.

  • http://thedreamshake.blogspot.com Lee – UofTOrange

    [Comment ID #54135 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I was actually invited to come here, how about you?

    I’m done however, you can’t even correspond in complete sentences without third grade insults.