The Lakers really need Pau back. Badly. The Lakers were outrebounded today, and couldn’t get any easy baskets. The Lakers shot a pathetic 41% from the field, 31% from the three-point line, and gave up a career high, 31 points to Alston.

I guess there was one positive today—Mbenga outscored Mutumbo 3-0! The Lakers must find a way to get easier baskets. Kobe’s fade ways don’t work against great defensive teams. We need better ball movement and better shooting.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers:

1) Lamar played great tonight, both offensively and defensively. 17 points on 7-10 shooting, 11 boards, and 2 blocks.

2) Ronny played hard, but ultimately he is not a center. 13 points on 4 shots, 8 boards, and 3 blocks.

3) No one really stood out as a number 3.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Kobe’s 11-33 killed the Lakers. But then again, aside from Lamar, no one else really helped on the FGs. I’m going to give the STD to our guards, for allowing Rafer to hit 8 threes.

Play of the Game: Lamar’s drive and finish with the one hand slam.

What to look for next game: Another tough game. Dallas is 29-4 at home! Game is Tuesday @ 5:30 PM (KCAL).

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  • mena

    WE ARE SCREWED and need some help PAUUU

  • 24allup inya

    We need a defensive minded player like Artest so we can win the championship in 09 no more Mihm he’s only taking up a spot

  • Odom the worst player

    The lakers just won’t guard the 3, they just won’t do it

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #29547 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Lakers 24 7

    lol everytime the Rockets play a tough team, the opposing teams star player happens to get injured or suspended the game before, for instance, when the Rockets played the Mavs, Nowitzki was suspended for a flagrant foul, then they played us and Gasol got injured the game before, and now they got the Celtics who are missing Ray Allen who got injured yesterday and New Orleans coming up who are missing David West who got injured few nights ago….so you better cancle a game against the Rockets or a key player might get hurt or suspended the night before

  • Michael_23

    4 seven footers in our team and 3 of them are out …

    We should have 6 seven footers cause we always seem to lose a lot them due to injury.

  • 24allup inya

    even kobe didn’t run out on that rookie in NO leaving him wide open to make the 3’s i still cant get over that game, it’s going to take me a while to get over this one we are slowly becoming GS Phoenix and Denver no defense



  • mena


  • armo4life24

    Lakers just suck without Gasol or Bynum. They need some help for defense.Forget about Mihm he sucks balls and cant even shoot. Also if we lose to Dallase and Utah that we go down to 7th place and thats horrible. I just can say that lakers sucks without a center.

  • kb24

    Can anyone explain to me why the lakers (especially Fisher) have to play help defense everytime down and leave set shooters open for 3’s They rather give up a 3 than a 2. I hope Bynum, Gasol and Ariza come back healthy soon or we won’t win anything this year.

  • armo4life24

    Lakers sucks without Gasol or Bynum. They need some help on DEFENSE. also FORGET IT about MIHM, he just sucks balls and he can’t even shoot the ball well. So if the Lakers lose to Dallas and Utah than we will drop down to 7th place in western confrence standing. I just can say that Lakers SUCKS without a CENTER.

  • Devean George

    Lets not panic, we could not make the come back and so be it…. we just need to hold our playoff position.

  • vida24

    terrible defense ,terrbile game for kobe eventhough i am not balming him i am blamin whom ever was gurading alston …thats stright up ugly defense ..i mean come on 8 threes ..give me a break … and i see many y’all post lakers sucks with out center ..every team sucks with out center not only lakers !!!

  • Ed

    The Lakers can’t drop lower then the 4th seed in the west because they lead their division. As long as the Suns don’t pass us we CANNOT go below the 4th seed in the west which means we will still have home-court advantage. You guys are over-reacting.

  • mena

    Bynum isnt coming back till the playoffs Ariza might not play at all this season and If Gasol dosnet come back within the next week or so WE PROB WILL FALL TO 7th 8th or even OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!

  • kb24

    Having the 4th seed doesn’t automatically give us homecourt we still need to have a better record than the 5th seed

  • megaloco10

    lakers defense sucks..

  • kb24 4life

    just focus on the next game, let it go, horrible game 4 the lakers, where are you PAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU??? :S

  • pjt

    Big deal so the rockets beat a wounded horse today…and they were acting like they won a ring…Memo to all teams…come playoff time, provided we are all heathly like we should be, you will be facing a Thoroughbred race horse…be afraid, be very afraid…

    p.s. It’s funny how all the jealous non-Laker fans are talking all their smack right now…The Lakers have already shown what they can do when they have all the bullets in their gun…except for of course Pau and Bynum in the line-up. That should be coming soon…

  • goodfella

    i think even if we lose the next 2 games, we can more than make up for it in the remainder of our games. it’s not like we’re the only ones that are going to keep losing, this is the west remember, the hornets lost today, the rockts will lose to the celts on tuesday, i mean nothing is written on stone yet, wait for the last two weeks maybe week and a half and then will see who stands where, but the lakers can go far even if they finish in 5th.

  • MILO

    BOO HOO! BOO HOO! BOO HOO! my name is Tracy Mcgrady and if i lose a game i might start crying like a little b!tch.So if the officials dont help us out by not calling the fouls we did on Kobe and we lose our stupid meaningless streak (like Dallas/last season) i will start crying again.AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED THE ROCKETS ARE NOT GOING FURTHER THAN THE SECOND ROUND OFF THE PALYOFFS ANYWAY SO LET THEM KEEP THEIR STUPID STREAK…



  • Basher

    We need Pau and/or Bynum back soon, the West is too tight to go 0-4 on this road trip. The inside presence that makes the Lakers great is missing and we need it back. But come playoff time, no matter what seed we get other teams will be scared because with all of our players healthy we are the best team in the league. Plus we have a young team. Don’t worry Laker fans.


    [Comment ID #29557 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LMAO DUDE Youre over reacting 7th seed. We will never be below 5th seed for a while probably

  • LD2k

    It’s funny. Our two best post players – and a backup who is a starter in Mihm are all out. Yet people say this team is nothing without them – well obviously. Our entire squad is injured…

    I’m frustrated, but I am happy at the fact that Bynum is coming back along with Gasol before the post-season. When we get everyone healthy and back, the league is going to be in big trouble…

  • artpolo5






  • MILO

    i hope you guy’s are watching Artest’s good start so you can see why im so high on him (NBATV)

  • Devean George

    I think this loss will REALLY get Kobe going again and Im glad to see Lamar BALLIN’ out there!!

  • kb24

    The Lakers are cursed ( The Curse of Chick Hearn) to bad huh no more rings

  • pjt

    [Comment ID #29575 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Artest will opt out of his contract this summer and be a Laker next season…watch…

  • ballerv8

    I cannot believe you gave Odom the number 1 spot. In my eyes, he was the STD. The first time Lakers cut it close, he gets a stupid technical for no good reason. Second time Lakers cut it close, Odom misses 2 free throws, which takes the game from being a 2 point contest to a 10 point contest within seconds.

    Also, I can’t believe Alston didn’t get at least 1 technical. After they gave Rad a technical, I felt Alston should have got one for doing the exact same thing as Rad, but I let that go. But when Alston went after Vujacic like that, he needed to get a technical, no matter the score. Those zebras really pissed me off today. Especially with the lack of calls for Kobe. He gets bumped like crazy, no call, McGrady runs around Rad and clips him, they call a foul on Rad.

  • OwnageTime32

    Hey, did anyone except me notice that Shane Battier was sticking his hand in Kobe’s eye’s, blocking the view of the court? Last time that happened; Jermaine O’Neal on Yao Ming. Jermaine blcoked the view of the court and got a technical for doing so. This is how the NBA hates us. Kobe barely made any shots because he didn’t have a view of the court. If i was kobe i woulda have brought my head forward and made it so Shane’s hand slapped kobe which would give him free throws and Battier would stop doing that

  • kb24

    Kobe should learn to double clutch his shot to the right or left and hit the hand of battier covering his face if he were to get contact the refs would be forced to make a call but who knows with these laker hattin refs they probably call Kobe for an offensive foul

  • gugy

    We need Artest. I have been saying that for months.
    Yes he is a nut, but PJ is familiar with crazy dudes (Rodman).

    Artest will bring intensity to the Lakers and the D will improve vastly.
    Plus Artest, respect Kobe and the fact he will have a real shot at a title, it will put him in check, He will behave.

    I hope the FO is watching this and will give him a shot on the offseason.


    The way I see it…It doesn’t matter what seed we are in as long as we are in the playoffs. The whole league knows we are the team to beat, if not at least out of the west.

    So, if we are seated let say 5,6,7, or 8th seed, 1-4 knows that whoever plays us when all are players are back and ready for the playoffs, Lakers are going to win because we should of been a top seed. So it really doesn’t matter as long as we win more than we lose and Kobe doesn’t get injured.

    Pau and Andrew will be back with enough time to play together in practice and a couple of games. If the league ask how the Lakers are gelin, there record will speak for themselves…gelin’ like magelin’.

  • http://myspace lakers_depress

    AwWW mayAN CaNt Wait till this Road Trip EnDs……..DAL n UTA pLzz..

    we be lucky if we win just a game

  • BringDFishBack

    You can blame Kobe for not helping on Rafer when a guard got screened. You can blame Kobe for not boxing out when he got switched onto a big. You can blame Kobe for not passing. Lakers played great in the 3rd. Ironically, that’s the only quarter Kobe was looking for his teammates. Notice something?

  • kPoAbUe

    ah yea refs were on their side. so much fouls that we couldnt get stupid refs!

  • kPoAbUe

    like i said- the real season doesnt start until the postseason. 22 striaght is good for the regular season but when post season comes they will be swept by the goldstate warriors!

  • 24allup inya

    Artest quietly put up 19/10/5 tonight in about 30 mins.Now you can argue that Luke would put up those kind of numbers too if given the minutes, but to me it’s doubtfull.I only wish that Artest decides to sign with the Lakers when he opts out.In the off season the Lakers should try to move both Mihm and Luke to another team for some first round picks.This will open up some cap space for Artest (if he decides to come here) i was hoping all season long that the Lakers made a move to acquire Ron or Miller/Memphis.These two guy’s can help get the Lakers over the hump in the finals.

  • Jonny

    [Comment ID #29601 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what are the odds of artest getting injured when he signs for the lakers?

    honestly, we have ariza for the type of things you want artest to do. .and even if we got artest we would have to play: Bynum-Gasol-Odom-Kobe-Artest

    . . not that that’s a bad line up

  • BigThree2k8

    No way you guys even get out of the WC with your swiss cheese Defense that gives up 101 pts/game. That’s why you guys have problems with teams that can D up. Good defense will almost always trump a good offense. Might as well rename your team the LA Suns!!!

    As for Gas-Hole, might as well get used to his Soft-A$$ getting injured all the time. Had constant foot and ankle injuries all during his career in Spain. Definitely the second coming of Fluke’s daddy – Bill “Brittle Toes” Walton.

  • yash

    Horrible game tday. THANKS to the “MVP” of the Lakers, my fav player Kobe Bryant. I didnt get why he was taking all those BS shots, if he was a facilitator for most of the game instead of the scorer he is, we wudve had a chance to beat these ROCKETS. FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-CCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

  • Jack

    wat can i say guys?

    I am speechless. 0-2 on the road trip. and everybody (including Steve) STOP blaming Pau’s and Drew’s injury, I don’t think the Loss has anything to do with it. Look at the Rockets and learn something people. They have completely lost Yao. He is not even coming back this season. Have they stopped losing games?????????

    No. Then why the fcuk are you blaming Pau’s injury??? Yao was only of the only 7 players in the league who had 20-10. Jezzz…. think about the kind of player Houston lost.

    It’s not about the injuries, I think. It’s about stepping up. Our players need to step up with big numbers especially when we miss somebody. What’s our great bench and star player’s values when they don’t show up during tough times????

    I am so disappointed. The 3s Rafer hit, I have seen from Sasha and Farmer, where was that today?? If Rafer can do it, why can’t the machine and Farmer????

    T-wack didn’t had big numbers, so I thought Kobe’s points weren’t necessary either, but our supporting cast sucked. I had expected a better game from vlad and Sasha.

    On the only a little brighter side, what better a chance for KObe to show his talent and lock that MVP debate that’s been going on???? He failed on sunday, but does still have a chance with two road games remaining. I he puts up big numbers, he’s definitely on the top. As far as the team’s rankings goes, No worries there too. When Houston started their winning streak, there were not in the playoffs, today there are at top. Lakers have more home games remaining than away, so if they can do something better than today and injured players return, we are in top 2 for sure.

    In the end, I hate the fact that we are in the Western Conference. and denver: unless you start showing respect in the NBA, forget about making any noise in the west. Dumping 168 on a sorry rebuilding team will still only give you one W. Start praying about next year, mr. answer(actally, wrong answer)

  • Michael

    Im sick of all this crap about Artest. Who gives a flying fuXk anyways. The trade deadline is over. I don;t want to hear anymore of that dude till this summer; after we win the championship.
    Right now we lack a defensive stopper who can guard the other teams best scorer and a guy who makes players think twice when coming into the lane. Once we get Ariza and Bynum back, we definetely will have those pieces and our defense will become significantly better.
    As for our last two losses you can’t blame Kobe for jacking up all those shots. He tried to create for his teammates but once again they were scared and wanted Kobe to do everything. Lamar needs to stop being a choker when it comes to close games. His productivity on the court highly depends on Gasol and only happens in the first half when theres no pressure. Our PGs are pathetic as of late. I hate to say it but fisher and farmar are really slacking. They let Chris Paul(28pts 18assists) and Alston(scrub but scored career high 31) embarass them. PGs are suppose to be leaders and facilitators and right now our PGS are neither. The only thing Ive seen them do lately is play half azz D and jack of 3 point shots.
    Everyone needs to STEP THE FUXK UP! Stop making excuses and start playing like winners.

  • lakerfani

    [Comment ID #29615 Will Be Quoted Here]
    jack is right
    and you kno what, our players do need to step up
    so true that the rockets have been playing well without
    YAO. the lakers should be doing the same without PAU. i know sasha
    and farmar can shoot the long range. fisher? idk, his stroke has
    been lacking. Turiaf needs to throw down more dunks, and be more
    agressive than he really looks at times. Lamar is doing a great
    job(and i never even liked lamar before) KOBE needs to start being kobe. They shut them down in the third. just couldnt get the job done…ugh and with mavs the next game..idk whats going to happen.

  • hibachi

    hahaha… same old laker nation bunch of cry babies… don’t worry losers my celtics will get the job done even without ray allen… the rockets will never reach 23 on my celts heck! you guys dont play any defense!!! man! put crynum and gasol back in you guys look pathetic and weak.. goodluck against the mavs!!!

    regards from beantown!!!

  • foxxy


  • Jack

    [Comment ID #29623 Will Be Quoted Here]

    eeh.. mr. hebachi. You know what… for the first time in what….. 100 years, your team has something to talk about. its all right what ever you say, because personally I have felt sorry for you my entire life.

    and also get this Mr. Beantown, Detroit is the team to beat in the east. Not celtics or lebron. And oh yeah… the east. eheh. do I need to say anything?? Denver is not the west playoffs man. And I am sure our no.9 team can knock off your celts easily. you guys are a shame to the league. The East is soooooooooooo easy, me and my guys at 24-hour fitness will make a pretty good run for the playoffs, if we were to play for east.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #29561 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you are WRONG! homecourt advantage is based SOLEY on Season Record & NOT on seeding, so do some research before you post incorrect 411 on here. YOU are misleading newbies on here!!!

  • lakernate

    lol every1 is panicing over a loss 2 sry rockets without 2 of our best 3 players?!?!? calm down, nothing 2 worry about, we wud blow the rockets out if we were healthy even if they had yao…and yes kobe took some bad shots, but not like vujacic and farmar were takin good 1’s…QUIT HATING ON ODOM…odom is a beast doin all the little things 4 us, 7-10 shooting is sick, his only downfall is not showing up in the clutch, but we shud b greatful we have odom

  • luke walton

    [Comment ID #29549 Will Be Quoted Here]
    ok, how about this, trade mihm, luke, vlad, coby, and DJ for caron butler and a future first round pick
    [Comment ID #29585 Will Be Quoted Here]
    artest will help if we sign artest and make the trade for caron shown above this will be our team

    PG D-Fish/J-Farmar/draft pick
    SG Kobe/rhe machine
    SF Caron/Artest/TREvor
    PF lamar/Ronny
    C Pau/drew

    now for our draft pick, lets get darren collison

    [Comment ID #29632 Will Be Quoted Here]
    ronny needs to take Pau/Drew’s shift and be the dominant center in order for them to have home court advantage in the first round

  • Shaq786

    I am liking lamar right not… and guys dont trip, we are missing our second third BEST players… rafer just was on something

    ive been realizing tho, that shane battier is EXACTLY what the lakers need at the 3.. there is no doubt in that, he is so unselfish, can play amazing defense, can shoo the 3 ball, and is a great teamate… i hope if lamar goes this off season its for him!

    my dream this offseason is…

    LA trades: odom and d-fish… for baron davis, Patrick O’bryant (sing in) and michael pietrus (sign in)

    #2..LA trades: walton and sasha (sign in)… for shane battier

    Line up:
    baron davis/farmar

    the reason houston is doing good, is beacuase every player on their team gives 100%… and knows their roles… we need some of that… and baron, pietrus, and shane… can do that, plus provide clutch shots when needed,…(not to mention each one plays way above average defense)

  • lakernate

    if som1 else posts some idiotic trade proposals imma peter slap them…we aint gettin another superstar like baron davis, we can barely afford the talent we have now…and y have another shoot 1st player when we have kobe…we have what we need 2 win when we r healthy, cuz drew and bynum r good defensive players so shut up about stupid trade ideas…

  • lakernate

    ****drew and ariza****

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #29598 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes, that is when the lakers played their best. The 3rd qtr. kobe shot less and passed more. Kobe shot 33% while all other lakers shot 47%. Sounds like someone needs to know when to pass and when to shoot still.

    For those of you who continually blame the Refs. Stop that lame a$$ excuse. That excuse is only for whiners and makes this site into patheticnation not lakernation. Sounds like alot of people are following kobe, sasha, lo, and other lakers’ example of whining on the court and now you guys whine on this site. The lakers need to look like a ship team and they don’t now in not only their play but their ATTITUDE. They don’t have a championship attitude and PJ needs to crack the whip there.

    What is up with LO kicking the ball??? That is so schoolyard stuff.


    No trades please and NO MORE PANIC ATTACKS(I had all I could stand yesterday). From my Gerald Green rants to this loss,I’m tired and all I can say is……’DEM SONS OF B@#$%&ES ONLY WON THAT GAME ‘CAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE OUR TEAM AT FULL STRENGTH(PG/AB/ARIZA,F!@$ MIHM).

    We at LAKERNATION need to keep in mind the regular season is totally different from The Playoffs,in other words,The Rocket-ship is going to crash but still a nice story for the NBA,that’s it(SO WHAT I’M HATIN’ ON’EM).

    When Pau and AB get on the same court together it’s not going to matter whether they’re 1st or 8th ’cause in the playoffs YOU NEED YOUR BIG MEN and if you think your shooters are going to win it,ask Golden State when they played Utah in the playoffs in ’07.

    On the subject of the offseason(I’ll save Gerald Green for later)who do y’all think would be good fit for the purple and gold.I got three or four in mind, Josh Smith,JO(YOU DAMN RIGHT),Corey Maggette and Artest(Andre Iguodala,don’t be surprised).

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #29616 Will Be Quoted Here]

    news flash Ariza probably wont be coming back till next season and getting Artest can only help.Tell me you would not give up Walton for Artest?you’de be stupid to not do so the reason why i will always bring him up is because he can also score 20 points 10 reabounds and dish out 3-5 assist per game thats something that we are lacking right now in Luke.I would have shipped him and Karl out for him after all Ariza does not bring a lot offense for us and Artest would fill that void…

  • lakrfan4life

    [Comment ID #29634 Will Be Quoted Here]

    y is luke walton saying he should be traded?

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    It’s getting a little more than obvious, how the zebras are allowing the opposing teams to rough up Kobe and get away with it…If my observation is true and obvious to all, than why doesn’t somebody from the Lakers brass say or do something about it…I hear coaches and GMs from other teams complain and whine all the time…so why not from the Lakers…Are they afraid to get the wax job, that The Mavericks got from the league in the 06 finals…I think this could be the case…If so, true and fair competition in this league, would not be worth getting excited any more. F U C K the NBA if this is would be true, and this trend continues…Is it any wonder how more and more refs can be corrupted in this great game of basketball today.
    P.S….Complaining is not always a bad thing, remember how the players got the old leather ball back in the league, and the dress code relaxed…Sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe in, and say or do something about it.