You know life is good when you are watching Mbenga block a shot which leads to a Luke Walton jumper.

The Lakers blew out another opponent Sunday night at Staples. This one was a result of great passing and team defense. The Lakers held the Raptors to only 37% from the field and outrebounded Toronto 54 to 36.

The Lakers dished out 34 asssits as a team, and had 19 turnovers, mostly due to sloppiness in the fourth.

The Lakers are simply blowing out playoff teams left and right now. The difference in this game clearly was size as Bynum and Pau destoryed the bigs of Toronto in the paint.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe was very efficient tonight. 23 points on 9-14 shooting. He also had 7 assists and 5 boards.

2) Bynum just overpowered Bosh tonight. 18 points and 10 rebounds says some, but not all of how effective Bynum was. Bosh was held to 12 and 6.

3) Pau also proved to be too much inside tonight. 24 points on 10-17 shooting and 9 rebounds.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Farmar was very sloppy at the end. I know the game was out of reach, but no reason to be that careless. 5 turnovers and 3-9 shooting.

Play of the Game: I like to oop to Pau during the Lakers run.

What to Look for Next Game: Lakers hit the road to Indiana. Look for Luke to get some time in the fourth again.

Ticket Info: Bucks come in town Friday night and tickets start at $40 each for uppers and $135 for VIP Premiers. Email me at or call 818-387-8224 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Go Lakers!

  • PeanutButterSpread

    lol Andrew Bynum just said Jack in the Box will probably be out of business with all those free tacos tonight

    STD would not be a player but that last 2 minute stretch in the 4th quarter with the crappy defense and lousy TOs. Seriously, 99 points given up is not good, even if it is garbage time.

  • gugy

    Lakers are too much.

    Bynum and Ariza are playing really strong.
    Pau has been amazing.

    The bench mob and Lamar are great.

    Life is good on Lakerland.
    Bring the east coast road trip. That will be the real thermometer on how this team is great.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Bosh said he wants to be MVP, and he said he has to stay consistent. Well Mr. Bosh….meet Mr. Bynum.

  • lainok

    Farmar was for sure the smush, but is anyone as concerned as I am with Fish this season? I can understand if you are in a shooting slump and just trying to find your touch, but Fish seems to be throwing up near impossible shots and over looking the pass most the time, which is completely out of his character. It seems like frustration is digging into him a lot, and he’s always had such good composier. I was glad he didn’t back down from what’s his name that they both drew the tech on. He was bringing the fight to him, but at the same time he started to take wild shots to show him up. Maybe I’m wrong, but he just does not seem like the same Fisher this year.

  • Freshh

    and gugy you didn’t even mention Kobe!

  • gugy


    Kobe is a given.


  • Mike KB24

    Bynum was absolutly beasting it that game……..check thoes oops out man !

  • Jay

    Both my teams won 2day the Vikings and Lakers… Today was a good day!!LOL

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Anyone notice how Kobe so far has 0 technical fouls? It’s a very good thing in my opinion, considering how many he got last year lol

    I am through surprised with the other Lakers that have gotten t’d up.

    Drew leads the way with 3 Technicals (He’s tied for first in the league with 4 other players)

    The other players on the Lakers that have TFs (although I have to say, I’m surprised those 3 have TFs just because I don’t remember them?)

    Trevor has 1 Technical
    Pau has 1 Technical
    Lamar has 1 Technical

    I could have sworn Derek led the Lakers in Technical fouls… he’s lost his cool in some games … I thought he would have at least 2 by now … he got one tonight didn’t he?

  • PeanutButterSpread

    We should keep a game log on everyone who gets a Technical Foul:

    Drew got his TFs against Clippers (Kaman), New Orleans, Dallas (hanging on rim)
    Pau got his TF against New Orleans (Posey/Paul)
    Trevor got his TF against Portland
    Lamar got his TF against Clippers

    and now Derek joins the TF crew against Toronto (Calderon) tonight.

  • skim.

    this season is too easy

  • Ron

    Drew does not lead the league in techs….yes hes got 3…but the leader right now is kendrick perkins with 8 techs…of all the boston players i hate him the most….he thinks hes the best…just coz he plays with 3 all stars…loser is always going to be a scrub

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  • jason420_7

    hey Jay..i’m a viking fan and laker fan too…go purple and gold baby lol

  • ojt

    well std luke walton got his 2 minutes in,that’s just 2minutes to long…trade the scrub or pay him out. D. Fisher is just worry that his starting days are over with farmar taking controll,he had his days but he is just to slow and every teams just beats him …time to get your seg way fisher,itsbeen fun get your luke to share some wax for the bench…Luke sucks

  • Dave

    Three game road trip

    Tuesday, 4 PM, Indiana Pacers, record = 6-10
    Wednesday, 4 PM, Philly 76’ers, record = 7-10
    Friday, 4 PM, Washington Wizards, record = 2-12

    Lakers could be 17-1 by the end of the week.
    That would beat their best-ever 16-1 start.
    Can you DIG IT?!


    To all my NEW friends on this site and to all those who disagree with my comments but still respect me…DCLAKER IS DEAD!Yes, he’s gone ladies and gentlemen,kick the bucket,Audi 5000…you get my drift.

    …or is he really gone…maybe not…ok,he just changed his to…you’ll know.

  • LakerLivefromDC

    HE’S HERE!!!

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Forgot the S.

  • nabil

    Yo play of the game was Bynums and 1 backwards spinning monster jam on the alley. That was CRRRAAAAZY.

    Dacos saved tacos with his block party. :)

    LOL, Vlad was like 9th on the team in minutes. How many starters in the league do that? I guess it makes sense though.

    Nice to see Kobe’s averages 5 and a half less minutes a game this year. Everyone’s keeping decent minutes. Hope it lasts!

  • PeanutButterSpread

    [Comment ID #55817 Will Be Quoted Here]

    My bad, updated there Technical Foul list and it is Amare Stoudemire leading the league with 5 Technical fouls.

    Drew is tied with three other players, 2nd in the league, with 3 TFs.

  • Flobe24

    My favorite dunk was the Bynum alley oop over Graham I think…

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Anybody think Jamario Moon would be a decent fit or Anthony Parker?

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    u sorta got the play of the day wrong there that was from last game against the mavs…but the bynum dunk and 1 was the best easily

  • thelakerfuture

    bynum did way better than bosh

    bynum should get a spot on the 2012 olympic team over bosh

  • Whatsa

    Our real test is.. Christmas day.

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Jason Kidd plays his last year or 2 with season?

  • Алексей Рубин

    Читал про это уже на каком то другом сайте, но у вас намного интересней написано ;)