Those who thought we were going to go 82-0 or who thought this game would be an easy win are going to be disappointed.

The Lakers started the game poorly and played that way pretty much the rest of the game.

They were able to get some good looks in the first quarter, but they couldn’t knock them down. The only bright spot during that time was the offensive boards our bigs were getting, but even then we had a hard time converting them into second chance points.

Despite the missed open looks and the poor shot selection on the offensive end of the floor, it was ultimately our defense that led us to this loss. It was non-existent the whole game. They were unable to contain Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace, and allowed the Pistons as team to shoot over 50% throughout the game.

To end on a positive note, the Lakers have three days off before hosting the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, so they have some time to reflect and improve on what we saw tonight

Player of the Game: It’s hard to choose someone after such a poorly played game, but I did decide to go with Trevor Ariza. He had 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals, but more importantly he shot the ball well and played defense when much of our team chose to take the night off.

Play of the Game: Ariza’s dunk from Farmar’s lob pass in the first-half.

What’s Coming Up Next: The Lakers get their first look at this year’s #1 pick, as Derrick Rose and the Chiago Bulls roll into to town on Tuesday. No team in the NBA should be taken lightly, but they are certainly are a downgrade from the Pistons.

  • Jason

    I thought Kobe really hurt the team today. He’s usually good at reading what the defense gives to him, but for some reason he decided to clank difficult shot after difficult shot instead of trying to move the ball and score within the flow of the offense. His stat line is gravely misleading (29/5/6, seemingly an excellent game) and I hope he plays a LOT better against the Bulls.

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    But rationally, there was no way the Lakeshow was gonna go 82-0, that’s just not realistic.

    Still, it would have been nice to pull out a win against the Pistons, just cuz we only play them twice a season … but if we were to lose to a team, better a championship/playoff contender than an under .500 team.

    Agh, I hate seeing the Lakers lose, but I’ll take this loss and hope the Lakers play with more intensity and passion next game.

    At least, they better if they want to be a championship-caliber team….

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Kobe was terrible. He kept shooting even though he knew his shot wasn’t going all game. Additionally, I didn’t get why Phil stopped going with Pau and Drew on the court at the same time. They worked well together in the 1st quarter.

  • kb24 4life


    i cant believe that we played like this, i mean, c´mon, detroit is a good team, but not better than us.. i just hope that tuesday we get the W vs Chicago

  • LakersNewDynasty08


  • stanley

    So Kwame finally shows up?
    Whatever. You got to remain positive. This is one loss compared to seven other wins.
    The thing that killed us was Rasheed and Iverson’s penetration. Rasheed’s outside shot drew Pau and Drew away from the post and opened the gate for movement. Then Iverson’s penetration found open guys.
    The referees pissed me off though in the fourth quarter. When we were making a push, Sasha kept getting called for touch fouls. SO frustrating.
    But the Lakers can take a lot from this loss. But wow. Why didn’t Kwame give that kind of effort when he was here?

  • David

    This was just an off night for us. Our team defense was terrible and offensively we were out of sync. Kobe wasn’t looking for his team mates in the paint like he normally does and ball movement was non-existent. It should serve as a good wake up call. Look for the Lakers to take out their frustrations next game against the bulls. bulls.

  • david gamboa

    to beat the 72-10 record, or to be the number 1 in the nba in the season’s end, or to be truly a contender for the championship, Lakers should START strong, and FINISH strong!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #54607 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its hard to get off to a great start when we are starting Vlad. For a “three point specialist” he is a joke out there.

  • Smush Walton

    Pau has been great all year but tonight Rasheed was a tough matchup for him. Pau had a hard time guarding him and he looked tentative on offense.

    I would have liked to see Bynum take it to Kwame more but he rarely got the ball.

    Too much one on one and one on two by Kobe. He was really forcing some bad shots again and missed a lot of shots. He was basically forcing bad shots all game long as he did in the last game. In his halftime comments Coach Hamblen stated that there were too any early shots or shots after only one pass. Also Phil in the postgame said he wants more passing to swing the ball from one side of the court to the other. Kobe was probably the biggest offender.

    Even Lamar in his half brained postgame utterances said they did not “play right” or “move the ball” so I guess he was referring to Kobe.


    Smush Walton, You hit it right on! You are seeing exactly what I’m seeing… So why isn’t Jackson seeing the same, obvious tendencies? …I believe, Jackson’s experiment with starting VladRad in hopes to keep a stronger 2nd unit when called upon, just makes the starting five that much weaker. Those rainbows Vlad throws up are really just prayers, and this is all he really knows how to do, and still, with a suspect amount of skill… His basketball prowess is akin to that of a Jr. High School kid, still learning the ropes… The guy is a joke for at least 80% of the time… Man, if Jackson really is hell bent on keeping Lamar, Trevor, Farmar and Sasha in the 2nd unit, which by the way, is a good idea not to add VladRad as a member to this unit, I would try starting Josh Powell, who has a decent offensive game and brings a lot of energy and toughness to the equation on both sides of the court, much like Ronny did in spot starts last year… He then, can still bring in VladRad, in spots, depending on who’s on the floor, to stretch out the defense… Jackson’s reluctance to play new players is very frustrating, very similar to last year, when he was very reluctant to play Trevor, even though he was healthy, preferring to give the minutes to Luke and/or VladRad over the much more talented and athletic Ariza… This was unbelievable, considering the obvious failure that was taking place on a consistent basis with Luke and or Vlad on the floor, at any time, and all of the time… I truly believe this decision, by Jackson, is one of the major reasons the Lakers did not prevail over Boston… Sometimes, I believe Jackson has lived a charmed life as a coach, having lots and lots of talent to play with… As far as a strategist, he leaves a lot to be desired… His pension to let his player’s figure it out on their own, when the going is bad and for extended periods of time, without calling time out, is in my book, the worst aspect of his coaching prowess… His hard head ness has cost the Lakers many a game.


    Man, I just freakin hate it, with a humongous passion, when the Lakers lose… Even more-so when so-much obvious ineptness takes place (when it doesn’t have to), right before your eyes… Gees, with so much talent all you need to add to the mix, is discipline and basic fundamentals…

  • awaker85

    If we only loose one game out of every 8 for the rest of the season and you round it in our favor our final record will be 72-10…!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it’s only one game, and on the bright side the Celtics have already lost two!

  • jayPHATS

    The Pistons deserved that win. They played the better game and we made poor decisions. But we can’t put blame on Kobe as i see alot of u are. Half the team didn’t play any defense and Detroit made us panic. The whole squad started shooting quick jumpers instead of moving the ball or kickin it inside the post. i saw many times when bynum would double way too early on the high post leaving his man open with no one rotating. And we just played poorly on both ends of the floor.
    Heres the thing about kobe. He always takes those quick jumpers. Sure he makes bad decisions at times but hes the hero. The thing is when he makes the shots everyone’s “yay kobe!”…but when he misses his shots, “kobe forced the ball in way too much”. Only because hes Kobe Bryant.

  • kPoAbUe

    We should of tried to put Powell in the game to guard against rasheed.
    What would of hurt. I also think Kobe from the beginning said he was going to control this game. He was gonna be like Kobe from 2 years ago. Well, the outcome was not good but we still managed to get 95 points.

    Also it was the refs fault. It was like we could not put a finger on them. Inside the paint I counted we should of had 30 calls on us. But no we are always the underdogs and the hateful. So we can’t even get obvious fouls called for us.

  • domz

    ^^ It doesnt matter if the celdicks won or not..we just lost to a tough team which is like the celdicks (damn, i get used to calling them that way)..I think, TOUGHNESS is still our problem..Yes we got length..BUT we have NO toughness and intensity..And it also seems that we are afraid to drive to the basket all throughtout the game..Perhaps they are afraid to smell Rasheed’s yuck mouth and kwame’s waffle hands..I was so frustrated to see our team play with NO energy and focus at all..I dont know what went wrong with them but Im hoping they learned a LOT from this lost..Next time, they have to move the ball better (sorry Kobe but you are the main reason why we lost tonight)
    and our ‘Bigs’ should grow MUCH more muscles so they would not be pushed around and killed by the opponents especially by the fu cken Celdicks..

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • mr.laker19

    Well guys the first loss always stings the worst, well until the last loss. We had a hard 4 games in a row, we came out 3 out of 4. And the team that beat us played basically a perfect game to beat us while we played our worst game offensively. Our bench played well but our starters sucked especially Kobe. We got to comfortable with winning. But hopefully now we can work on all the things we need to work on. But sometimes you need to get punch in the mouth to figure out, hey, Im still in a fight and even though Im winning its the first round. We got a long way to go… still.

  • Big Phil

    Very disappointing and frustrating game..argh!?! These slow starts in recent games are becoming one too many. As was the case last night, they can’t always turn it around in the game especially with a good defensive team like Detroit. It’s quite obvious that the Lakers still have much room for improvement, and I don’t think that they’re at championship level yet…not until they develop consistency on both offense and defense for an entire game and for the rest of the season. They’ve (especially the starters) have gone away from the pass and flow offense that was apparent in the first few games (and was beautiful to watch) to now way too much one-on-one basketball. The shot selections have been absolutely terrible…too many low percentage, outside shots and not enough inside shots, layups. Granted Vlad has made some improvements on defense, but his offense has taken a nose dive. His rainbow shots are higher than ever and man, is he way off!! I think he needs to sit on the pine next to Fluke, start Ariza, and bring in Josh Powell alittle more. Fish seems to be getting worse and worse at making layups, and I think opposing teams now know to stay close to him but not foul him because he can’t make layups. Kobe is still the best player in the league, but so far he hasn’t been playing as well as he did last season. His shot selections this season have been so terrible that he’s been forcing alot of shots. He needs to go back and take on the playmaker role early in games like he did last season. Andrew has been fab on defense and rebounding, but he needs to improve his offense…he misses alot of short range shots. Please PHIL, play Bynum more…he’s not getting enough playing time.

  • Big Phil

    I can’t say enough how Vlad is not working out there. Another 1 of X outing, fumbled balls and turnovers for Vlad. Get this guy off the floor. Phil, what more do you need to see? He didn’t produce last season and he’s not producing this season. Since it’s still early in the season, try experimenting with playing Josh Powell alot more. So far, he has shown himself to be a good rebounder, defender, and a good mid-range shooter.

  • kingkb24


  • IrieVibes

    did u watch the game kingkb? bynum got offensive board after offensive board only to kick out to players who would miss a three.

  • kb24

    i dont kno why everyone is talkin about kobe forcing the ball so much, when in the last few games fisher has shot the ball waaaay too much, with most of his shots being contested pull ups or threes, or contested drives agains opposing bigs. Fish needs to settle back into a being a role player, allowing his offense to flow with the game, and not tryin to be a scorer. Defense and leadership is your role son, learn it.

  • Anonymous.

    Nothing you can do when Rasheed is banking in 30 footers with a 7 ft spaniard in his face.

  • kobe_2pac


  • kPoAbUe

    You guys are saying we need toughness.

    Well am telling you trade Mihm vlad and 1st round pick for chris wilcox man. He like 26-28 year old he tough can rebound and defend! I don’t care what all of you think we need chris wilcox. With him we can play Chris and Powell off the bench with Lo ariza and farmar. We need Sasha to rest a little his shot is not that good and he rolled an ankle again.

    Get him and play like that. Also Sasha can share minutes with farmar his head has gone completely down since that 16 point game the other nigh.

    I dunno but i like this move.

  • Smush Walton

    Excellent comments by everyone. I’m surprised that there weren’t more responses from the mind-numbed “Lakers can do no wrong” KoolAid drinkering crowd.

    Yes we were 7-0 but there were some glaring warning signs. The collapse against New Orleans and the repeated slow starts come to mind.

    First priority is to bench VladRad. He SUCKS BIG TIME. I like the idea of trying Josh Powell, but for God sake don’t bring back Walton! No lead is safe with him on the court.

    Phil has to have a talk with Kobe and get him back into the framework of the offense. He is still the greatest player in the league, but he is forcing way too many shots. This is NOT MVP performance. I think even Kobe would agree with that.

    I agree Phil’s stubornness is his weak point. Years ago he stubornly stuck with Smush Parker, Luke, Kwame Brown Stain when they were ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and it looks like he is now hell bent on sticking with this slug VladRad. And his “let the team figure it out” theory is a bunch of BS! He can’t just sit there with his thumb up his you know what while the team has a total melt down, especially against quality teams. That is just asking for failure.

  • kb24thebestever


    Am tired of hearing all this type of s*** its not that sheed was to much for pau its not that kobe was taking bad shots cus he wanted to its not that the bench wasnt looking like the bench that were used to seeing its not phil’s fault for not keeping pau and bynum on the court at the same time and its definitely not because kwame was playing good defense or the pistons defense its just to good..

    its just that when you come back from playing the rockets and then the mavs a day after at dallas and then the hornets at new orleans the next day and then you dont even get the chance to rest a whole day because you got to get back to LA to play the pistons come on now that takes alot from the players cuz remember they are humans too. so all we can do its support our team for giving all they had left in the tank nd we only lost by like 12 so now just leave the players alone stop criticizing the team and support them if your really a laker fan…

    One thing i would like to include its that sorry bulls because you guys its bout to get a taste of what the scoring machine can do and what the best defense in the league does specially now that were gonna be hungrier for that W because its like starting from zero again..

  • Smush Walton

    I agree with the comments about Fisher. For the most part his shooting has been off this year. He finally had a game where he knocked them down (New Orleans I believe) but overall his percentage has been down. And his drives into the paint have more times than not looked comical. Obviously he is not a high flyer so he continually has to resort to throwing himself into a defender, flinging up a weak shot while falling down, and then ending up on his back with his feet up in the begging for a call. Ridiculous! Seems the refs aren’t buying it this year – they’ve seen this act from him too many times before.

    Also it should be obvious by now that we are’t going anywhere with Lamar shooting from the outside. Every time I see him start firing from the outside I just CRINGE. And on his drives to the hoop he continually ezposes the ball to the defender with his one-armed style of play. Good defenders know to simply park on his left arm and force him to his right where he ends up awkwardly exposing the ball with his left hand into the waiting defender. You would think after all of these years Lamar would have worked on this problem, but it is clear that Lamar is not one of the more cerebral players in the league as evidenced by his postgame interviews.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #54596 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes! someone needs to tell Kobe to take smarter shots and to pass the ball to Drew when he’s completely open.I am actually begining to think that the team performs alot better when he’s not on the floor.I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but aside from the bad shooting from Rad and Fish i credit this loss to Kobe’s stupid decision making…

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #54640 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Looks like I spoke to soon about not hearing from the “Lakers can do know wrong” crowd. Thanks for chiming in.

    Tired after 8 games?

    Sorry, but with all due respect, I find that laughable to the point of being absurd.

    So NONE of the comments about the one on one play, or Lack of Toughness, or VladRad, or Fisher, or Lamar have any merit? It’s all because of “fatigue”.

    We haven’t yet played Phoenix, Boston, San Antonio, Utah, or who else, and we are gassed? After playing two of last year’s playoff teams, after ONE back to back the Lakers have nothing left in the tank?

    Well, I guess based on that theory its going to be a real short playoffs for the Lakers this year.

    Sorry, but that is Laughable!

  • Smush Walton

    There have been more playoff teams but the only legitimate contenders were Houston, New Orleans, and Detroit.

    It is still Laughable!

  • Dan Andreas

    Let’s not give the Lakers an excuse for playing four really tough games, because the Pistons could have had the same excuses, too.

    Lakers beat the Rockets (who right now are better on paper), Mavericks at Dallas (who record wise are pathetic), and the only real test being the Hornets at NO in game 2 of a back-to-back (impressive, almost lost it, though).

    The Pistons are in a transition right now trying to incorporate AI into their system, and this was not only game 2 of a back-to-back, but game 3 of a 4 game west coast swing. So don’t give me your Laker pity, they BLEW it last night.

    And I do agree that Phil sometimes hurts his team by ‘waiting until all the animals have left the barn before closing the door’, and stubbornly playing certain players and lineups (no Bynum in the 4th? How come Lamar doesn’t play 1 MINUTE of small forward all season? He acts like inserting him at SF will put a hole in the space-time continuum! Let’s try it out for 1

  • Dan Andreas

    ^^My bad, hitting Tab accidentally sends your message!

    … Let’s try it out for 1 minute when we’re up by 15 or so!)

    In short, not sure what Bynum’s problem is. Maybe he’s still a little cautious of his knee, or maybe it’s just me since I’ve been watching him a lot closer since we inked him to that contract. But getting less dunks than Kwame in a game is simply unacceptable (Kwame 1 (on Bynum), Bynum 0). This man should’ve been booed off the court or sympathetically taken out by Curry in the 3rd, but he looked respectable out there. One play in particular someone threw a lob to Bynum that last year would’ve been shot through the rim like a rocket. This time Bynum caught it and awkwardly threw it up in the air to hit nothing but backboard. That’s all Bynum used to do is dunk, but now he’s trying to be cute. That’s what Pau is for, for $14.5 mil a season we need Bynum to be a beast!

  • Kobe8>24

    Kobe messed up last night. he’s too good to be playing the way he played. And i honestly dont know what Radmanovich’s role on the starting squad.

  • likwidsage

    It was just off last night. Any other night, Kobe would be hitting those wide open jumpers, Bynum would have scored bunch more in the paint, and Fischer would be making more than half of those wide open 3 pointers, and Kwame still wouldn’t be able to catch the ball. Their record shows that their not better than us. Just a really weird night, that’s all.

  • kPoAbUe

    I thought Kobe really hurt the team today. He’s usually good at reading what the defense gives to him, but for some reason he decided to clank difficult shot after difficult shot instead of trying to move the ball and score within the flow of the offense. His stat line is gravely misleading (29/5/6, seemingly an excellent game) and I hope he plays a LOT better against the Bulls.

    yes! someone needs to tell Kobe to take smarter shots and to pass the ball to Drew when he’s completely open.I am actually begining to think that the team performs alot better when he’s not on the floor.I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but aside from the bad shooting from Rad and Fish i credit this loss to Kobe’s stupid decision making…

  • kPoAbUe

    ^^ lol ur syaing kobe should leave La lol

    lol am just joking yea someone need sto tell kobe not to take stupid shots

  • sir charles

    i say josh powell needs to get involved

    maybe have him start and play the first 4-6 minutes of the game then he can spend the majority of the time on the bench. have him start at PF and move gasol to C

    we need more energy in the starting lineup which josh powell says he brings

    we need to get ALL of our players involved

  • Big Phil

    Phil Jackson acknowledged after the game that Kwame Brown outplayed Bynum. That was certainly true. Andrew still hasn’t regained the form that he showed us last season. And whoever above said the Lakers lost because of fatigue is the dumbest, lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. If that was truly the case, the Lakers will not win the championship because that would clearly be mental weakness. Give credit to the Pistons last night…they played with more energy, more resolve, and physical toughness. Lakers still have a tendency as a team to play dumb, settle for one-on-one poor play, become lax on defense. Phil should know by now that he can’t rely on his team to “figure things out” when the game gets tough. Don’t be fooled by the Lakers 7-1 start…they still have ALOT to improve.

  • lakerschamps09

    damn i know we all hate losin but if u play like sh it u will lose… and all these comments bout this and that and why is vlad rad startin or watever who cares man we gonna win the shp so thats all that matters… we need to have a great 2nd unit so thats y lo,farmar, sasha and ariza are on there.. lol… 1 loss boo hoo.. if they keep like they did vs det we will lose a lot of games

  • AC green

    [Comment ID #54684 Will Be Quoted Here]that is a good idea, our bench would be a great fast break team with two great rebounders in L.o. and drew and three quicksters in J-Farm the machine and the postermaker

  • thelakerfuture

    [Comment ID #54709 Will Be Quoted Here]there should also be a few minutes with this lineup

    PG lamar
    SG kobe
    SF Ariza/vlad
    PF Gasol
    C Drew

  • IrieVibes

    [Comment ID #54639 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s one regular season game. Phil knows we will finish first in the West. He leaves the players out to toughen them mentally for the playoffs.

  • e

    [Comment ID #54669 Will Be Quoted Here]

    did u watch the game? haha…funny bcuz he did pass the ball to drew and drew just blew really easy shots…and as for kobe going 12 for 30…had he made 3 of his shots everyone would have called it an efficient night..shots werent falling for him, thats all…and when he passed the ball, no one took the initiative to find a good shot..the whole team terribly…i cant point a finger on this one..but here’s my take on it…not kobe but, drew needs to step it up…sure defensively he did well..but 9 pts while kwame gets 10? please


    WE NEED JOSH POWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!