The Lakers bench reminds me a lot of that Duracell Energizer Bunny—it keeps going and going and going. Maybe our bench really is this good? The Lakers had 8 players in double-figures, the most since the 2003 season. Imagine what the score would have been if the Lakers didn’t give up 18 offensive rebounds!

The Lakers defense continues to be superb. Even though the Lakers gave up 114 points, they held Indiana to under 41% shooting, including 6-27 from behind the arc. Clean up the boards and the Pacers don’t reach 100. The Lakers tonight had 29 assists, with at least 3 assists from 7 different players. The Lakers also had only 13 turnovers.

It was a night where no Laker played more than 31 minutes and every Laker made a positive contribution—even Cook for leaving the team. Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) As good as every other Laker was tonight, Kobe is still my number one. He kept the Lakers ahead of the Pacers in the first half until the Lakers decided to grab some rebounds. He had 32 points for the game, 26 in the first half. He also had 6 rebounds and 4 assists. MVP

2) This is where it gets tough to pick a number 2. Jordan Farmar sparked the Lakers once again and helped the Lakers blow the game open. Farmar made his first seven shots and finished with 18 points in 22 minutes. He also had 4 assists and 2 steals.

3) Andrew Bynum had another double-double. 17 points, 10 boards, and 4 blocks. He also didn’t miss a FG attempt (6-6) and played great defense on JO. JO shot 4-13 and only had 3 rebounds. Great job Andrew! Sorry Fish, I’ll get you in next game!

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest):

There really wasn’t a STD tonight. Ronny didn’t make a FG, but he had 4 rebounds and 5 assists on a sore ankle. I think I will give it to Brian Cook because he showed up at the game. This afternoon when he got traded, I thought I would never have to see him near a Laker bench again. Guess I was wrong. This will be Cook’s 7th and final STD of the season. Great game Cook and good luck to Mo Evans in Orlando.

Key play of the game: Farmar’s offensive rebound and no look pass to Luke for the And 1.

What to look for next game
: Look for the Lakers to keep on rolling! Bucks are coming off a big win at Cleveland. Slow down Redd and take care of the ball. Let’s make it 5 in a row! Game is Weds night @ 5:00 PM. (Game I don’t think is delayed)

  • MILO

    I hate the game delay on K-Cal, good job Lakers.Bring on the Bucks!!!

  • steve

    Great game Lakers…..I like to see any Aussie do well but i hope that Bynum gives Bogut a lesson..Steve you forgot to mention Mo Williams, he can fill it up …And finished last season off with a couple of tripple doubles..So Fisher and Farmar need to be on the ball….BTW i agree with your votes spot on

  • kb24mvp

    i think thats effd up to give it to cook,cook stayd for a last goodbye to his friends on the team,it was a classy move by him.i know alot of us dont like cook and im happy we got ariza but to send him out on that on your post game is kinda messd up,but same here GL to mo and cook in orlando.we definateley got the better end of this deal and cant wait to go into boston 8-3 and have them chanting mvp for kobe again LOL :P

  • Tyler

    man why do you hate brian cook so much i agree he wasnt that great but give the guy some credit he knocked down some important threes and he showed up tonight to say goodbye and mo didnt

  • domidomdomz

    Yeah..gud lak to the Magic..

    Cook and Evans are still lucky because they went to the best team in the East..that’s cool..

    but being a Laker is the best…

    Kobe should freeze redd, Bynum kills Bogus (Bogut i mean), LO on Yi jin Liar(haha) and Fish and Farm on Mo Wil..

    Kwame, get well soon and you’re next to Cook..

    Ronny and Kwam


    Great Job Avery. I gave the smush award to cook also. I dont care if he came to the game to say goodbye, he should of been working on his game instead. Good luck orlando you just aquired the worst player in the league.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17599 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I just think that every time Cook was out there, someone better could have. He is one dimensional. And its not like he does things others cant. His 3 point shooting is good, but I would rather have Vlad Rad out there. Cook had too many 0-? games.

    I wasn’t trying to bash cook, but seriously…no Laker played bad tonight. Had to give it to someone, and he was in the building. Maybe Kwame, but I think hes still in LA

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17603 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanks! He isn’t the worst player in the league. He is the worst guard in the NBA :)

  • ryguy2303

    haha yea i think its messed you gave it to cook too. but i tihnk the game might be on delay again…frickin sucks!

  • lafanfromindiana

    first everyone complained about smush. you cant complain about him anymore so you complain about cook. now that he is gone …who is next? just because someone might be the worse player on our team doesnt mean that they are horrible and we have to talk down on them. i thought basketball was a team sport.

    One NATION…Under God…United We Stand…Divided We Fall


    I think it was a class act that after finding out he (Cook) got traded he still took the time and went down to the bench while the game was on and gave his congradulations. I hope he has much success in Orlando just not when they play the Lakers of course.

  • r3dempti0n

    [Comment ID #17605 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Come on guys and have a sense of humor. The STD was obviously a joke.. I personally found it quite funny. It was kind of like something to remember Cook by. Lol yeah, anyways. Good game.


    This was a very important game for Bynum and J Oneil. This game showed who we should have and showed wich GM messed up in the offseason. Maybe now Larry Bird wished he would of traded for Bynum when he had a chance. I personally don’t think the Lakers should trade for Bynum anytime soon.

    What he needed was a coach that would of used him since day one and not waited 2-3 years later, waisting a couple of valuable experience years. I just hope this coach realizes his mistake and not make it again with JCrittin.

  • LAnative4life

    This was a great game for the lakers. bynum really foot Bird’s foot in his mouth by stopping JO. Ill miss you mo and cook….HE is awful and hopefully he can do better with the magic.

  • Lakers4eva

    I’m a former Illini so I might be a little partial, but this Cook bashing is so undeserved. To say he’s the worst in the league is ridiculous to me. He is good at what he does and he’s a great 3 point shooter. And it was so classy of him to come say goodbye to everyone. Good luck to both Brian and Mo in Orlando! You will be missed.

  • ricky

    bynum definitely showed the lakers that they did the right thing in not trading him for jermaine o’neal in this game. not only did he do well for himself, but he also played some excellent defense on o’neal, allowing him only 14 points, 3 rebs, and blocking 2 of jermaine’s shots in a row. bynum just pounded jermaine tonight and proved to many he may be the real deal for this team’s future, along with the amazing jordan farmar of course. can you say next shaq and kobe? lol! =]

    peace and go lakers!!!

  • drake hunter

    I didn’t like cookie when he was here but much respect to you for showing up to the bench during the game to say your goodbyes to your ex-teammates and friends. Goodluck in Orlando bro!

  • two0one7

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    Agreed. Cook handled it very professionally. I thought it was a bit of a low move to give Cook the STD this game. It was his last game, he came down to the bench to support his teammates for one last time. Give the guy a break. Good luck in the future, Cook,Mo.

  • E-ROC

    I do give Cook respect for coming to the game for one last goodbye. Trades are always tough because you establish some friendships with your teammates and you don’t want them to leave. As always, it’s a business.


    [Comment ID #17621 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ok who is worse than 2 inch vertical cook in the league? up until the last game he played he had a negative per of -.216… and dont say smush i think there tied…

  • Jrich

    Damn Steve Avery is at it again. Now you’re talking crap on Cookie when he just got traded? I seriously don’t get all this Cook bashing. Yea, he had some off games here and there but everybody is like that. Cook doesn’t play great D but he can hit his 3’s. He didn’t get a chance to play that much this year so you can’t blame the guy if he didn’t come through in the limited amount of time he got.

    I felt sad to see Cook behind the bench saying his last goodbyes. I can’t even imagine how terrible I would feel if Kobe left. Sh*t I hope that never happens….

  • lakerfan81

    The team looks pretty good right now. If they continue to improve defensively (last night was a set back) and cut down on turnovers to 13-15 range (which is ok for them since they are rebounding so well) they could potentially hit the 50-win mark this year. The problem is that the way the west looks right now that may still be 7th seed.

  • the postman

    Sucks that Mo had to go too
    but im glad Cook is leaving
    that doo-doo head

    Coby Karl better start packing too
    i hope he is next to leave

  • TonyStarks79

    I also feel bad for Cookie..He invited all his family and friends for this game thinking he was gonna start and play and then he finds out later on the day taht he gets traded..pretty sad but good luck to you guys in Orlando..I feel good about the trade and we have one more roster spot to fill…hmmmm….I wonder what Mitch’s next move is???

  • Smush

    Hey Steve,

    That was a cheap shot on BCook. I gave him props for supporting the team even though he just got traded. He’s been a laker ever since and yea he was a disappointment most of the time, but when he was hitting those three’s u gotta admit u liked them too. Yesterday, by being in the game when he didn’t have to, he showed that some professional athletes are more than the $$$$ but values the camaraderie of the team. He showed class by supporting his friends.

    I know you were just joking and its actually a tribute to give him his last STD award.

    I just wanna say that as disappointing BCook had been, he had always been a true laker ever since and that he gave the team all the best of his (limited) abilities. = )

  • Ballin_2008

    I think as Laker fans we try to get excited about the players we have on the roster. I mean we see them every night, and our only link to them really is that they’re on the team we wanna see win. Brian Cook being on the team so long, the laker nation wanted to see him succeed…right? When he came on the scene we probably saw him as we see most of our new players…a guy with potential. He was a big body Forward who could hit the three…Little did we know he would just end up being Brian Cook. The guy gets lost on defense, running around (sorry jogging) like a chicken w/ his head cut off, never raising his hands…never boxing out (he played the outside..he thought he was a guard..) Giving up foul after foul…because he couldn’t play defense (how do you come off the bench and have more fouls in five minutes than everyone else combined…) He hit an open three here and there maybe (he never hit a big shot b/c Phil wouldn’t play him the game on the line..)…Sorry Cookie you had your chance…we wanted to like you…but your lack of effort and inconsistency only fed our dissapoinment with you…Mitch “Kupcakes” million dollar extension of your contract hurt the fans because we know that could have gone to a real forward in a summer of chaos. Thanx but no thanx Cook..our only regret is we had to give away Mo to get rid of you…Mo you showed amazing promise coming off the bench. Your follow through dunks, open shots and energy made you what Orlando really wanted I’m sure…Good luck to you in Orlando, you’re sure to be a big time player in this league very soon…Ariza we welcome you with open “hometown” arms. This is a new Laker team…don’t let us down.

  • MILO


  • TheLAunit

    Now all we have to do is play better D-fense and I see that steppin up real soon. Who would of expected this lakers of to a good start.:) Go LA, GO

  • mr47

    I can’t believe all of you crying about Steve’s humorous STD section. It was a freakin’ joke, give the man a break. Cook was best at his 3 point shot, but can you honestly say he’s improved his game since being a laker? His shot has been there for years, yet that’s all he brings (the positives at least). This season he was trying too hard in moving the ball and I could bet money he missed all of his shots creating a shot for himself. A true laker throwing his towel at the coach that brought us championships and bringing your team down. We don’t know any of these guys personally, they might be great guys. The problem is, great guys won’t cut it in laker land, they need skills.

    If cook knew what his role was and stopped bringing his team down by trying something special, he MIGHT be decent. As for right now, I’m glad we traded him and Steve’s post was meant to be humorous. Since when did the people in this country start crying over every little thing? What ever happened to laughing and moving on? Give me a break!

  • mr47

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    Amen Balling_2008!!!!

  • Exick

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    Nope, the game will be on KCAL at 5pm.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17669 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #17671 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thank you!!!

  • David

    No one should be giving props to Brian Cook. Yeah, the players might have liked him in the locker room, but he did nothing for this team. He cannot play defense, pass, rebound. All he can do is sometimes hit the open 3 and pick up fouls. This was a good trade for the lakers and it gives us some salary dumping and younger.

  • jason

    The worst is when the games are delayed and you flip to another channel an accidently see the real time score.. it takes out all the fun of watchin the game. I know they delay the games because people are comin home from work but common now we have dvr or use ur old vcr..

  • gu3szwhoo

    [Comment ID #17599 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree give the brother some love. it was kind of sad seeing him near kobe talking. peace cook. peace mo.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    well deserved STD for Cook last night. He did what he does everynight, sat on the bench and talked to his team mates and had no effect on the game. It was funny that he got the STD last night and probably makes up for many more he did not recieve but should have. For those of you out there who are defending Cook today out of sympothy, Let me ask you a question. Have there been times where Cook’s ball hogging, slow footed, flat shotted, play has driven you to obsenitys in the comfort of your own living room? If the answer to that question is yes than please join me in saying Good Riddance Puppy Crap.

  • Smush


    Those asking ppl to stop crying about Steve’s comments to BCook, listen to how u cry about not crying about it, LOL.

    We know it’s a joke and it is funny. Don’t get me wrong I wanted him to be traded. I’m just saying we got what we wanted so let it go. BCook had the decency of supporting his friends from the team b4 he moves on. I give him props for that.

  • 4th quarter

    Thumbs down on the Cook comment. Yes, it was a joke, but an ill-placed one. He showed us some class leaving LA, so why don’t you show the same? Good trade, but to say good riddance is just being bitter.

  • mr47

    Smush, nobody cared that he was there for the game. It showed some class or whatnot, but the entire STD thing was a joke. You sure didn’t sound like you took it as a joke. Switching your opinion was a good move.

    Anyway, this website isn’t ESPN or If you want to read classy goodbyes without disrespecting players, you shouldn’t be here. Thanks.

  • 4th quarter

    “Anyway, this website isn’t ESPN or If you want to read classy goodbyes without disrespecting players, you shouldn’t be here. Thanks.”

    Really? Believe it or not but a good portion of avid GG/TLN fans have high hopes for this website. Who are you to speak for the whole community? Who are you to label the mission statement? Are you a staff member? Because you just put a whole lotta words into their mouths right now. And I sure don’t think they want you to shun any TLN supporter. Thanks.

  • Jrich

    I’m not a fan of Steve “the dweeb” Avery’s articles. Ever since he said we would most likely lose to the spurs. And then when he dissed Stu Lantz. Now taking a cheap shot at Brian Cook. Where’s Fatty at????? Bring Fatty back!!!!!!!!!! Cmon guys: FATTY! FATTY! FATTY! FATTY!


    [Comment ID #17695 Will Be Quoted Here]

    calm down dude. avery is doing a great job. cook deserves to be made fun of plus he’s a millionaire for nothing so dont feel to bad for him. he is the luckiest guy in the world to have kupchac give him that exorbant contract…

  • mr47

    [Comment ID #17693 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What the hell? I have high hopes for this site also, did I ever say I didn’t? You just made a ridiculous post as if I was trying to discount the site of its credibility. I’ve been here since the site started and plan on sticking around. My point was that this site works different from sites such as ESPN or, is that a lie? I love the articles that are written here, how about reading what I wrote before creating a useless response?

    This site talks about being the voice of the laker fans, the laker fans disliked brian cook, and that was my whole point. I’m not speaking for anyone but myself, can you show me where I speak for the entire community? My opinion on the site is they speak their minds and that’s why I come here. If you read the comments, a lot of people feel the same way about cook. You’re ridiculous.

  • Jrich

    [Comment ID #17696 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Avery is doing a great job? So dissing Stu is great? Saying the Lakers will lose is great? Get your head out of your ass playboy.

  • mr47

    [Comment ID #17696 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #17699 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You do know that there are people who dislike Stu, right? Not everyone digs the sarcasm or his metaphors. I used to strongly dislike the guy and eventually he grew on me. Not trying to get in between, I just know others who don’t dig Stu.

    I don’t ever say the lakers will lose since I always feel they have a chance of winning. I also didn’t catch when steve said it….but they did lose! and bad!


    [Comment ID #17699 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your a friggin loser. first off defending cook, there is no one more useless in the league than him. secondly no intelegent person thought we were going to win against the spurs and we didn’t we got our ass kicked. Go declare your gay love love for fatty somewhere else…

  • mr47

    [Comment ID #17702 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Phantom I agree with you on the cook thing….but man it always strikes a funny bone when someone misspells intelligent!!!

  • domidomdomz

    hey guyz…

    Do you think acquiring Kidd through Bynum is a good idea?

    According to the articles I read from, Kidd will push a harder demand trade before the deadline on February..

    Maybe here’s our chance to be a MORE championship contender…

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #17702 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ha ha ha, Jrich you are gay go lick fatty’s balls

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17701 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you! Interestingly enough, the spurs lost…ESPN is still better than Stu and KCAL, and Cook still sucks. Thank you to all my supporters.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17720 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I did not write this, some guest did…the spurs did not lose…so whoever wrote had a typo. i apologize to whomever i offended, but i am just explaining my feelings…i personally like espn over stu and anyone over cook

    the real steve avery–as you can see i am logged in

  • Jrich

    Phantom: I’m a friggin’ loser? Yet you’re the one who wrote “intelegent”? We learned how to spell intelligent back in elementary school.

    Milo: You want me to lick fatty’s balls? Why? Does that turn you on?

  • nycdunay

    Happy for Andrew, played great against the guy who was to replace him. Hope he keeps it up!!



    wow i made one typo. i went back and looked at all your comments and your as smart as cook is at playing basketball…

  • 24allup inya

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  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17724 Will Be Quoted Here]