Just when I thought Luke Walton was the worst person to give the ball with the game on the line (I’m sure you all remember the time Kobe got him an open shot and he passed it), I stand corrected. Jeff Foster now takes that title. Maybe he thought there were 30 seconds on the clock instead of 3.0 — who knows, regardless it’s a Laker victory.

This was a fun game to watch of course with 240 points combined capped with a Kobe game winner. The Lakers shot over 56% percent from the game and had 28 assists.

Unfortunately, they allowed the Pacers to shoot 49% percent, but Kobe had the last laugh. Every Laker that played tonight scored at least 8 points, except Yue, but he only played 5 seconds.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe finishes with 36 points, 7 boards, and 13 assists. His five turnovers are erased by his game winner.

2) Pau tore up the Pacers inside. 21 points on 9-13 shooting, 11 boards, and 4 assists.

3) Bynum also dominated the Pacers with 20 points on 8-10 shooting.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Sasha needs to get his feet set before he shoots. Sometimes I don’t think he realizes that there are 24 seconds on the shot clock and he isn’t playing under D’Antoni. 3-12 shooting.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s game winner.

What to Look for Next Game: Two of the best. Kobe vs. Wade!

Ticket Info: Tickets for the Sunday night game are starting at $47. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • Paul

    When he didn’t pass the ball I straight out said “FAIL.”

    HAH. Kobe’s game winner was awesome (:. Fresh as heck.

  • lainok

    When Farmar went out, Sasha I thought was stepping up really well compared to how he had been playing. But the last few games, offensivly he is back to the same old machine. Camp and shoot. Machine only drain three’s. Because machine is machine. Well the machine is breaking down the offense. Ever since going green after christmas, machine has been breaking down.

  • gugy

    Good game.
    Kobe is the MVP.

    Can’t wait to play Cleveland.

  • Eidraq

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    kobe = true mvp

  • Milo

    Radmonovic needs to wake up on the defensive end! woe did we dodge a bullet tonight or what!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Seriously, Indiana was hittin backdoor shots all night because Radman would lose his man.

  • Eidraq

    id trade radman for a lot of options right now…we dont need him..esp when luke gets back

  • 1-2-3 lakes

    Can someone tell me why Phil hardly plays Bynum in the last??? I don’t understand

  • mihailicious

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    cuz bynum doesnt gel well with the team in the 4th for some reason, thats why when odom was playing, he would always do him n gasol, and does anyone else think that the lakers training staff is a complete joke? people take years to come back from ankle sprains, thank god whenever kobe gets hurt he goes to his own doctors.

  • q2shortdogg

    The Lakers definitely dodged a bullet with that Jeff Foster miss. I’m glad they won, but you’d think they would’ve learned their lesson after that last loss to the Pacers.

  • kobelovesjuan

    look at how stupid vladi is…

    check out this vid @ 3:42 mark…

  • T-Dub

    Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Hornets, Spurs, Rockets all have something in common…They PLAY DEFENSE! We have a problem!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    can someone put the link up for the highlights of this game? I wanna see Kobe’s game winner and the Jeff Foster miss..

  • mike

    bynum didn’t play the 4th because he wasn’t rebounding like he should’ve.. he only had 4-5 rebs going into the 4th i think..

  • kobefan

    Jan 10th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    bynum didn’t play the 4th because he wasn’t rebounding like he should’ve.. he only had 4-5 rebs going into the 4th i think..

    Its hard to get rebounds when your defense sucks and dosent force missed shots

  • Martin

    daboss, we are stocked at the SF position. Trevor Ariza is an all-league defender (not in terms of stats, but definitely intangibles and energy) and Lamar Odom is a starter on any other NBA team. In trading LO, theres no way we get equal value from any one player.

    Below is our depth chart at SF:


    We’re four-deep at that position– deeper than any other. I say we try to unload Radmonovich, since he fills the exact same need as Sasha (or unload Sasha and keep Vlad.) Alternatively, we unload Luke, but while the guy has zero game, he keeps the ball moving, which Phil likes.

    We need a defensive-minded point guard. The only problem is that once Farmar gets back, we’re three (four if you count Sun Yue) deep at PG. We need the Trevor Ariza of point guards. Basically somebody who can afix himself to Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Tony Parker. I used to think Farmar could do that, but now I wonder. Trevor can do it, but it creates a mismatch in the other players’ favor in some ways. Kobe guards the other teams most dangerous perimeter player/swingman.

    But you’re right when you say that if we don’t tighten up our defense, either by making a trade or by just focusing up, we will lose in the playoffs. Last night’s D was unacceptable. We should have been winning that game be 30, Kobe should have played 25 minutes.

  • golakers75

    the smush of the night should go to PHIL F-EN JACKSON…he keeps Drew on the bench in favor of Rad.. give me a break. phil jackson is the most over rated coach ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imfasterthanur

    One of the reasons Bynum doesn’t play the fourth is because it effects the spacing of the offense late in a game. If Bynum AND Gasol were in, then defenders would be able to bunch toward the key and it would make it harder for Kobe, or anyone else driving, to take over in the 4th quarter since the lanes would be more congested.

    Although Vlade Radmonovic is a terrible player (in my opinion), he at least is a threat from the three-point line and defenders have to honor that. THAT is why Vujacic or Radmonovic are in during the 4th quarter, as opposed to a bigger, defensive savy line-up. Leaving us with the option of only having one big-man in during crunch time, and if you had to choose Gasol or Bynum in the clutch, we’d all probably pick Gasol over Bynum.

  • Martin

    Well said, imfasterthanur. Thats exactly the reason.

  • Popcorn

    A long time ago I thought the Lakers could trade Radman and Mihm for the Pacer’s Tinsley (PG) and Graham (SF). Didn’t happen but right now I will say just try to get a good defensive point guard; I thought they should try to get Keyon Dooling from the Nets he seems like a good fit for the triangle and he can shoot the 3 very well too.

  • jason we go..we lose a game and give up some points and everyone is panicking again..when we need to pick up the intensity we do and thats all that counts…we saw that on christmas day..we’ll be fine..i’m not worried about a couple of regular season games in january..we’re on a big run of games right now while playin short handed..theres fatigue factor involved as well..just keep winnin lakers and get healthy and everything will be just fine :)..and kobes playin out of this world right!!!

  • joe grande

    so when will the goods b back

  • sketch


    astute and insightful diagnosis as to why phil don’t play bynum in the 4th. i agree with that 100%. i’ll add a couple of other reasons to phil’s decisions too. bynum’s free throws aren’t as good as gasol’s and we’ll need that going down the stretch for when people start to hack at our players. then there’s the gasol’s outside shooting abilities. because gasol’s so reliable on his jumpers, the opposing bigs would have to come out to challenge thus pulling more people out of the lane and freeing that up for kobe. i think also that gasol’s flailing arms when he feels that he got fouled doesn’t hurt us either. LOL!

    different topic. i know that vlad suck was horrible on D last night and that stupid ass technical almost cost us the game, but he at least came up with a great steal that led to fisher making 1 of 2 free throws during the closing seconds of the game. fish f’d up by not knowing where kobe was…because if he knew and just dissed it off to kobe, it would’ve been a slam dunk for 2 and possibly a 3 point play with an and 1 instead of just 1 or 2 from the line.

    and i also agree with someone else’s comment about sasha being the machine of the old. he’s shooting crappy again. not only is he not shooting well, he also shoots every time he touches the ball! are you f’in kiddin me? especially towards the end of the game. you want to milk the clock and not just throw it up when you’re open. if it’s down low for a layup or dunk, sure! but not a jumper, not you, not last night!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Jeez. Stop hating Luke!

  • Smush Walton

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    You’re right on daboss.
    Quality not quantity.

    Vlad, Luke?

    These guys suck big time.
    To cite them as an example of our “depth” is just flat out ludricrous.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #58152 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I completely agree.

    The 3 spot and point guard are the two glaring holes on the Lakers. It would greatly increase our chances to address at least one of these problem areas.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #58154 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry Martin but Lamar is not a 3. His outside shot is HORRENDOUS! Quality 3’s will eat him up.

    To count Vlad and Luke toward our “depth” is a joke. Both of these two are sub-par. They belong on the Clippers but not on the Lakers. Neither of these two are consistent in any way other than being consistently BAD!

  • domz

    We have to test this team again, that’s all I can say. For now, I dont want any trades. All we need is to get healthy and focus on both ends. I just thought that the Lakers did not play well last night because they were thinking they were shorthanded because of injuries and probably, not playing well because Pacers is just the Pacers. We always play hard when it comes to great teams. All i want to see is what we can do great against Mia, SA, Hou, Orl and Cle. That would really cement the status of where our team is.

  • domz

    [Comment ID #58147 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL. Rad should have not left his man at that posession. Maybe his reason is he saw the mismatch between Sasha and his man at that time(i think that was nesterovic). I saw rad communicated with sasha to guard dunleavy but sasha was too far. That’s just straight dumbness from vlad. I expect not to see vlad in closing part of games anymore unless it’s mop up time.

  • Dracul

    The only thing I didn’t like about our play in this game was that an obviously tired Kobe was trying to do everything on offense in the last part of the 4th. He should have been passing to Gasol who was having a monster night in the paint. Kobe missed a couple of jumpers instead of just passing to Gasol. Other than that, these 2 teams have a weird matchup. Pretty much the same score as last time. Their bigs can shoot from the outside, ours are unstoppable in their paint.

    Right now I hope we need to give Fisher a rest by bringing in some sort of backup point guard help. We have Mihm, Sue and Mbenga who are doing nothing right now. Powell is playing solid off the bench and he needs to stay and possibly get more minutes. Mihm can be traded as any big backup need can be filled by Mbenga, for cheap.

    Other than the fatigue factor, the team is playing as well as could be expected with 3 key rotation players out of the lineup. Looking at the Celtics and using that example of burning out emotionally and physically, our team has been playing fairly even and consistent, save for a small lull when we lost to miami and orlando.

    Our biggest need right now is a backup point guard. I dont think Farmar will return and drop 12ppg starting the very day he comes back.


  • hellbydante

    ya’ll forgotten how Josh Powell played some solid minutes while he was on the floor…. he could be the next best player to come off the bench after trevor ariza.. he’s got a good stroke and nice inside game.. nice intelligent player who does not force a lot.. with more playing time, i’m sure he can only get better…

  • T-Dub

    daboss…I’m with you. You might as well chalk Fluke and Vlad contracts up as losses. They can’t play…shouldn’t even be in this league…and you can’t trade them because everyone else recognizes that except some Laker fans and Laker management. All we have is LO as a trade asset to get a starting,scoring SF…Marion and Howard are available. Lo is not a SF, he’s a PF in a run and gun system, not a half court system. Trade him now or get nothing for him and we’ll that much weaker next year.