This was a fun win to watch. While A.I. took the game over through 3 quarters, it was all Kobe in the fourth, particularly in the last 2 minutes of the game. While the Lakers gave up 107 points tonight, I thought that they played decent defense. In the fourth quarter, they outscored Denver 23-19, which turned out to be the difference in the game.

The Lakers did take 26 threes, but made 10 of them. As a team, the Lakers had 28 assists, 12 steals, and 8 blocks. The Lakers played with lots of intensity tonight and played well as a team. Now, the bests of the night…

kobeden.jpgTop 3 Laker performers:

1) Kobe Bryant came through when we needed him. He played great D on A.I. in the fourth. He finished with 25 points on 10-19 shooting, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals.

2) Vlad Rad came through tonight! 7-12 shooting, 6-9 threes, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals!

3) Derek Fisher finished the game with 20 points on 11 shots. He also had 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest):

Sasha was seemingly the only Laker who didn’t add much tonight. He shot 1-4, but did have 2 assists.

Key play of the game: Kobe’s oop to Bynum in the fourth! Should have been an And1 too!

What to look for next game: Tons of rest for the Lakers vs the Warriors. Hopefully, our bigs come back healthy. Game is Sunday night @ 6:30 PM.

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  • peteypablo24


  • osm0nd

    ariza did a great job on AI tonight as well!

  • MILO

    Yea that was an and1!Oh man Warriors is next, this is a game that is really important for the Lakers to win.This will show that they have it in them to make the necesary adjustments in order to compete with teams that they have problems with.They already did it with the Suns and Denver now they need to keep it up against G-STATE.GO LAKERS!!!

  • GoBEACH!

    YYYYYYYYEaaaaaaaaaaaah bbbbbbbbbbooooooooooiiiiiiiiii! This win was big, esp. on the road! G-state got nothing on us!

  • Steve Avery

    sorry i havent posted in awhile…still in finals for school…ill be done on the 13th and will have more articles

  • myriam

    Good Job Lakers!!! Hope for the best against GS Warriors.

  • selam

    this was big for us.i was worried about kobe when he goes down .but then i really like what kobe did when the game was on the line.i really enjoied vlad .he was on fire ,ariza played nice D A.I in 4th quarter.i liked the team effot .the only thing they need is to play constantly.

  • E-ROC

    This was a good win on the road for the Lakers. Here’s hoping they keep it up. What’s up with Jason Kidd? Sportscenter said he missed the game against the Knicks, not because of migranes, but to comtemplate whether he should try to get an extension with Nets or force a trade. Sportscenter also said that the Nets have talked to the Mavs, Knicks, and the Lakers about Kidd. Things could get interesting in the next couple of months.

  • LAKing

    I was so impressed with the way the Lakers are finally playing together. This was a great win, Kobe as always showing everyone why he’s the greatest, takes over in the 4th and overshadows AI’s 50+ pt performance, incredible. I’m so impressed with both Bynum and Ariza, man we totally got a huge steal with Ariza, I’m excited to see more of him in the upcoming games. Radmanovic was fantastic along D-Fish. Walton made some unnecessary TO’s that could’ve cost us the game, that wasn’t like him, but I’m sure he’ll fix those problems. Everyone was just great, we just need to continue playing as a unit and be consistent with a balanced performance from everyone like tonight.

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    that’s what kobe needs to do take over in the fourth while the bench keeps it close especially against the top teams.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

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    Do we really need Jason Kidd? He is a great PG, but he is aging and we would have to give up alot in return. Plus we have a solid PG and two potential stars waiting in the wing. I am still hopings we can get JO for Lamar and someone else. I know JO has had a slow start and is overpaid but he would definitely be a consistent presence on both ends of the floor which is something Lamar will never be. I love the guy but he is our only hope at acquiring talent now that Bynum is untouchable.

  • dave p

    Forget about Jason Kidd. He’s too OLD. I hope we can work out a deal for Lamar. The team can not depend on him. Why does he keep SHOOTING 3’s? The more I see O-Dumb play the more it is clear that he is lacking upstairs.

  • domidomdomz

    lamar did a good job tonoght except those he did from the three..our opponents are letting him shoot 3’s because they know that lamar has poor 3 point fg prcntage..but i still beleive in him..guys dont lose hope in this guy..things can change..and we can get JO for LO and other guy..thats a good one,but as long he’s a laker..lets keep supporting him…go lakers,.beat GS on sunday!!!

  • Thomas

    I enjoyed watching this game. I thought that we played well and Allen Iverson just had a hot game, but Kobe just killed him with D in the 4th. Beat GS on sunday!!

  • Tyler

    Dang kobe was in foul trouble the whole game and he still dropped 26 amazing. He stopped AI in the fourth quarter when it counts can you say defensive player of the year! Vlad did great and so did Fish they didnt miss. Jordan Farmar is getting good and fast hes got a lot of confidence right now knocking down shots left and right. good win great team effort.

    OH yah when bynum got the alley oop from kobe and the anouncer said CARMELO THAT JUST HAPPENED THATS FUNNY

  • lakerfan81

    I think it was the defense in the fourth quarter that won the game for the Lakers. Phil made a good decision putting Ariza on Iverson at the end of the 3rd quarter. Iverson is so quick and explosive that shorter (not shorter than Iverson but short for NBA players) players just get killed by him. He is so quick that you have to play off him, then he can just do that little step back mid range jump shot over anyone that is not 6’5” or taller. Also Bynum came up big with some great help defense in the paint in the fourth quarter. He still needs some work on pick and roll defense (particularly on showing hard then recovering to his man quick enough) but his weak-side help defense has improved quite a bit.

    Also why did Karl put AI as PG in the 4th quarter. He was so effective moving without the ball as a SG with Carter on the floor for the rest of the game. He is so quick that when he catches the ball coming off a couple of screens, that there is no way a player chasing him can recover enough to prevent him from getting to the rim or taking a step back jump shot from 10-15 ft. Jackson clearly out coached Karl tonight in the fourth quarter and earned his 24M extension.

  • lakerfan81

    This was a good win on the road for the Lakers. Here’s hoping they keep it up. What’s up with Jason Kidd? Sportscenter said he missed the game against the Knicks, not because of migranes, but to comtemplate whether he should try to get an extension with Nets or force a trade. Sportscenter also said that the Nets have talked to the Mavs, Knicks, and the Lakers about Kidd. Things could get interesting in the next couple of months.

    they are trying to make a story out of probably nothing. I can’t see Kidd sitting out on without a reason he is too much of a competitor. If they can make a story that sells they will even if there is no truth to it, like they did with all the Kobe crap. One article yesterday even said that Kobe has checked out because the Lakers lost to the Magic, apparently he didn’t try in that game.


    kobe and the lakers played the best game i seen them play all year. i say that because they overcame all the flopping that ai and camby did. the refs were calling all the flopping all night long. did anyone see the foul on kobe when he had his hand on ai’s back and ai went tumbling to the ground and they called a foul? the nuggets should be ashamed on how they play and the officials need more training to spot a flop. Ai looked liked a minature vlade divac out there and camby was falling down before the charge even got there!!!

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    I too noticed all the flopping that’s crazy even d fish flops at times but not lake ai not on ever shot ai looked like a fish out of water on a couple of plays. thankfully they stopped calling the flops in the fourth and just let them play

  • domidomdomz

    In the NBA, there can be only one king.

    You can have LeBron James or Kevin Garnett.

    Before the game, Nuggets coach George Karl testified that Bryant is one of the top three basketball talents in the history of basketball.

    On a night when Iverson scored 51, we saw proof that Kobe is the king.

  • sK

    My random thoughts on the game and Lakers at the moment:

    – Ariza has such a stoic manner, almost as if he is insecure and wants to prove himself, that must always be tough when coming to a new team. So, I was excited to see him the first one up and cheering, throwing his towel when Kobe lobbed to Bynum and Denver called the timeouot. As a fan I was happy to see him into it.

    -A.I. Flops too much.

    -Bynum defense is just as important as any offense.

    -Derek Fisher free throw have so much arc… i dont think the ball ever hits any part of the net. The sound is so distinctive when goes through. Same with Vlad’s, but more Fisher’s

    -From now on, Radmonovich should only shoot 3’s from the baseline. Bruce Bowen-esque. But prettier….. he should never create his own shot or dribble into one… catch and shoot only.

    -I am confident in Farmar’s ability to shoot the 3 now. I dont mind if he shoots more. It’s a nice shot, when he misses it’s in-and-out, rarely bricks, but always on line.

    -As a Laker I will continue to support Odom. But I hold my breathe on any jump shot he takes, also when he tries to make a dribble and create his own shot. I like him more when he posts up and pivots into a jump hook , or jump shot. Last night he blew the shot clock twice and 2 charging fouls. No thank you.

  • T.A.

    YOU ALL are insane if you would rather have Jermaine O’Neal who is struggling in the EAST over JASON FREAKING KIDD!!

    I love our young nucleus to death but Kobe is only going to be the best for so long and he cant wait on the young to grow up. Kidd would make us championship contenders.

    I would definitely do KWAME, FARMAR, And DRAFT PICK for KIDD

  • gugy

    I don’t think we need Kidd anymore. After we got Fisher and we have Farmar doing great and the potential of Crit. I believe we are fine on that position.
    We need a major player to replace Odom. Plus we need another quality veteran that plays strong defense. That would put us on top.

    Send LO, Kwame, Mihn and Sasha away and get good players to replace them.

  • mp

    mplakers here

    man i am laughing my butt off gugy…people like you are what makes writers and reporters say that laker fans are delusional. “send lo, kwame. mihm. and sasha away and get good players to replace them”…hahahahaha…do you think that other gm’s in the league are so stupid and aloof that they would actually trade players such as artest, bibby, or o’neal for the players you mentioned…common! gugy don’t be goofy…and that goes for the rest of you who even think about mentioning trade comments like that…it simply won’t happen….our best bet is let the lakers play out this year and wait till this upcoming summer to sign quality free agents and keep the bench mob that we have now.

  • David

    Good win for the Lakers. I still dont’ understand why phil plays Sasha so much, he’s terrible. As for Lamar….The guy has no basketball IQ, remember when carmelo went down on the floor and the paint was open and Lamar still managed to charge someone in an empty lane to the basket? No brains. The guy is neither an all-star or even a star. He just has a ridiculous star on his head to symbolize what he will never become in his career.

  • gugy

    MP, Did I mentioned to get Artest or Biby in a trade for the players above? No so then Shut up.
    I know most of the players I mentioned are scrubs except LO but at the same time we can trade them for something better.

    Somebody like as qualified as Artest or Bibby we might be able to sign next season as free agent.

  • sK

    I think if the right trade proposes itself than we must make a trade. However I am hesitant in jus throwing Kwame into the mix, in order to just make a trade. He is a valueable comodity (not for his skills) but his contract which expires this year. That is about 9 million off the books for us to be able to go after someone like an Elton Brand this offseason. I know that we want things done now, but I dont think its smart to go after someone and get involved in a 3-4 yr. expensive contract (i,e. Vlad Rad). Unless that person can help us win a championship this year. If not, lets keep at it and stay positive. Elton Brand would be insane in this lineup, regardless there are some big name agents coming out this offseason.

  • lakerfan81


  • mplakers

    hey gugy,

    name a team that will trade a “better player” as you say, for kwame, sasha and those guys you mentioned…you’re still goofy.

  • mplakers

    and buy the way…LAMAR IS A SCRUB PLAYER TOO…you’re wack

  • mplakers

    whoops i meant “by”

  • Billy Kupchak

    “Brand will play with Lakers for the title!” :) You can quote me on this one, ok?

  • BALLIN_’08

    It’s been a while since I’ve commented on the state of the Lakers so let’s get started. As much praise as the Lakers are getting for this win I need to be honest…this was not a great game for the Lakers. It’s a great game in the sense that we got the “W,” but the Lakers still don’t know how to close out teams…Too many careless turnovers put the Lakers in a bad spot. The Laker Bigs need to learn how to stay out of foul trouble…translation, any kind of reach the Refs are gonna call you on it…period. Sasha is seeing too many minutes w/ his run and gun style that is either here or there, more often than not his shots are not here or there…I’m glad to see Crit getting more minutes…Sasha is overrrated…even after his 22 point carrer high a week ago. His shot selection is poor, and Crit’s game is creating for his teamates w/ out forcing any shots…Bynum had an off game, but his defense was there so that’s what matters, especially against an aggressive player like Camby. Kobe was trying to get into his rythem, after that Ist quarter scare. He finished well for us…BUT, the Lakers rely on Kobe’s ability to create too much…translation…rebound, box-out, don’t give up second chance opportunities…

  • gugy

    Like i said MP, shut up.
    LO is a good player, unfortunately he is inconsistent. Kwame has a huge contract that could be attractive to other teams, so the Lakers can get some decent player in a trade for both.
    As for wack, I guess you momma is too to create someone like you. hahahaha

  • RC

    I think Kobe and Bynum have finally connected! These two need to become the dynamic duo. If Kobe and Bynum continue to move the ball, and I mean Kobe has to get the ball to Bynum as often as possible and let Bynum set up the play from the center. If they do this we will see a whole new Laker team.

    Go Kobe and Andrew!!!


    Sorry but JO sounds more reasonable than Kidd right now.When the Lakers are playing against team like Charlotte(Chandler),Boston(Garnett),Phoenix(Amare) and Orlando(Howard)the kid(Bynum) seems to struggle.Now I know people are going to say,he’s only 20 years old,which is true but I kinda see why PJax likes him coming off the bench because of his energy,plus he needs,not only Kareem but somebody more experienced and still playing like…ahhh…let me see…OH I GOT IT,JERMAINE O’NEAL.Say what you wanna but the almost got FUNKED ON by Kenyon Martin when he could ‘ve given a hard foul(Nuthin’ wrong with that)or just raised up and blocked the shot.Once again KOBE saves the day.JO Baby,JO!

  • ab4sure

    Your way off DCLaker…look at the boxscores again….the only one Bynum struggled against was Boston and that was due to foul trouble.
    JO can’t play center….he will get beaten up…

  • aibarra03

    here is an interesting article from the denver post…

    notice what coach george karl says about kobe at the end of the article

    this is why we will never trade Mr Kobe Bryant


    I beg to differ AB4SURE(AND NOT SAYING TRADE BYNUM EITHER).We need consistent play when playing against those EASTERN teams,they are very stacked at that position.I wanna see more agression at the center position,A STRAIGHT UP BEAST.Again like I said K-MART(GET IT)almost slammed on the kid.That should’ve been a classic “GET DAT S!@T OUTTA HERE AND DON’T COME BACK but NOOOOO,he instead moved over too slow and tried to get a charge.I don’t care what you say about getting JO(A proven PF/C,YES HE PLAYS CENTER TOO)he doesn’t mind mixing it up(he’s one of the few players that gives the ELITE CENTERS FITS).Injuries or not JO is Baller(not the bling)and would be PERFECT for the triangle.JO is coming into the PRIME of his career and that’s when you get players like that to take to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL.When we do get JO everybody on this site will be praising him for coming to the Lakers(NOW if we REUNITE HIM WITH Artest,CHAMPIONSHIP).

  • BEC

    Bynum should be in the top three. I thought this was one of Bynums best games. 2pts, 2reb, and 3 blks dont seem much but he effected the outcome of this game with his defense. Which is where we need him the most. He effected this game just as much as Kobe. Carmelo would have made some easy layups down the stretch if it werent for Bynum and that would have really made a difference. Bynum can easily get a double-double, he can easily have 3-4 dunks a game few ft and hes easily at ten with no effort, and being his saize and length getting ten boards is a piece of cake. Check his box score, they look good, but I havent really seen him make key plays that really change the complexion of games. But game by game and as the season progresses im starting to see him really put his stamp on the game and this was one of them and this was a big one.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18825 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I guess you didn’t take the time to look at the boxscores to get the whole facts before you judge. Same thing as usual. You failed to mention the Bynum was a big difference on the defensive end at a pivotal time in the game. Also JO does not play centers real well..he gets injured just like when LO plays PF. “praising him for coming to the Lakers”. He doesn’t make trades. Bird has to do it. JO is a good player. I would like to have him for the right price. One question who had more influence in last nights game???? Kmart or Bynum. Of course Bynum…”Kmart almost slammed on him”..LOL…almost doesn’t count…Let Bynum grow…he is only 20…and for 20 he is damn good.

  • mplakers



  • mplakers



    AB4SURE you said who had more influence on the game K-mart or Bynum….well let me see….uhmmm neither,KOBE(like always)was,agreed.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I liked the way you avoid questions. boxscores, k-mart or bynum, etc…. those who avoid questions either can’t answer the question or don’t like the answer. Which one is it for you??? Never mind you will try to tap dance around this one to.