The Lakers haven’t lost back to back games since November—and it stayed that way. The Lakers rallied late in the third to blow the game open. It was the same old story for the Lakers. 48% FG, 44% threes, 29 assists, 12 turnovers, and held one of the best offenses under 100 to give the fans free tacos at Staples. The Lakers rotated great on defense tonight.

I was pretty unimpressed by Kwame again. He seemed to be forcing many shots against a defensive juggernaut. An interesting stat on the side—Carter had 0 points and 14 assists for the Nuggets. Now, the bests of the night:

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) No doubt in my mind it’s D Fish tonight. 28 points on 16 shots including 6-7 threes. His shooting kept us ahead all night.

2) Ronny came off the bench and made up for Kwame’s lack of defense. Ronny had 11 points, 5 boards, 2 assists, a steal, and 3 blocks! Great hustle and just a great overall game.

3) Odom and Kobe did their jobs, but Farmar came through again. 19 points and 2 assists. Clutch threes and good ball movement.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): I thought Kwame played awful. His stats show otherwise, but he was slow tonight and took bad shots. I give him my STD. Feel free to disagree.

Key play of the game: Kobe around the back pass to Ronny on the break.

What to look for next game: San Antonio is a tough place to play. Key to the game—Kwame on Duncan. Game is Wednesday night @ 5:00 PM (ESPN, KCAL locally).

  • hZm

    FREEEE DACOS!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakaluva

    Keep it going Lakers!!!

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    JUST PLAY AS A TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!! and were CHAMPS

  • lakaluva

    Oh, and Luke is the definite STD tonight. I mean he really stinks out there. Its about time the fans booed him to get some better results!!!

  • SILO

    hmmmmm. Kwame at 7pts and 11 boards. pretty good way to bounce back if you ask me.

  • Phant0M

    Good Game
    Good Win.

  • Lakers 24 7

    I dont think Kwame did that bad, sure he forced up shots and rushed a little, but TWO DUNKS AND A LAY UP, THATS A START!!! lolll

  • gugy

    Good game,
    Congrats Lakers!

  • For real?

    How ill was Kobe’s passing tonight?

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #23246 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Kobe made Steve Nash look like STEVE TRASH

  • two0one7

    Kobe has to be in the top 3. He went “magic” on them tonight.

  • Frank

    Kwame did not do bad, he actually bounced back pretty good. Kobe is too dangerous… he could of had 20 assist but a few guys failed to make the shots… Mbenga had two good blocks that saved the DACOS!!!!

  • selam57

    i loved the ball movement we should do that all the time!
    i felt sorry for melo .hope him the best eventhough he was talkin smack about lakers !anyways it was awesome how fish was felling it from everywhere kobe was amazing ,….. !just luv it!

  • LakersOnFire

    not only was kobe’s passing excellent, he made great decisions out of double teams not forcing shots and passing to open teammates. he was able to pick apart the denver defense at will and was helped out by his teammates making shots. kobe showed his leadership and put his mark on the game without dominating the scoring column. finally a balanced game from him. i hope this is a sign of things to come. i thought the lakers would be boring to watch without andrew in the line up, but tonite they proved me wrong.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    45 points from the bench. Not bad for a team that many here say is garbage.

  • Jack

    Keys to the game was nodoubt fish and carmelo’s knee. Here comes a demo 2 game trip before playing 9 straight. hope lakers take everything they should need to win these games. can’t wait till there are here in dallas. just can’t wait. just 4 more days.

  • Lakers

    Kobe top 3, Kwame not std

  • mplakers

    what is up with the lakers team twisting ankles recently?!?!!!!!!!!

    you all know i hate kwame but, common he wasn’t the std of the night. luke did look worse than he did.

    is there favoritism going on here because certain people just never make it to std. (luke and jcritt)

    mbenga had 1 block i am curious to know if kwame had one also?

    good win let’s get a pocket pair when we play texas hold’em against dallas and san antonio. gooooo lakerrrrs!

  • lakers4life

    how is kwame std?? he had a good game, luke was std

  • pio2u

    Good ball movement and strong benchsupport, what more can you ask for. Great TEAM effort. The FUN is back!

  • tye

    luke did play awfully tonight, but give the guy a break–he’s fighting bone spurs in his ankle and is giving it all he’s got while vlad and ariza are out…

  • kaynam24

    lakers stepping up like farmar.. hes getting really consistent w/ his 3’s… next he needs to work on his inside game… taking it da hoop… which hes really capable of. he can be like a tony parker,mike bibby type..

  • foxxy


  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #23253 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • dforce412

    Kwame played well, he should no way be the Smush of the Day. Completely wrong. If anyone give it to Luke Walton.

    I like to see Kwame be aggressive. I was cheering him the whole game. I think a boost in confidence is what he needs. I was at the Sun’s Game on Thursday and tonight. Get off Kwames back.

    I’m glad to see the fire in Kwame’s eyes.

  • as1084

    these post game recaps are cool…best players of the game are named, best play and the STD is named and also a preview of the next game…but there is one thing missing from every post game wrap up,THE SCORE! please who didnt watch the game and come to this site to find the result never know the score. sorry it was really bothering me that the score of the game is never mentioned…just thought id bring it up but keep up the good work!

  • e

    good game…in my opinion kobe was the one that made it happen tonight…on my list, he’s either 1 or 2

  • Mr. B-DAY

    mbenga heard the chants and he thought they were laughing at him. so he got mad and blocked 2 shots and got a rebound to make everyone stop. DACOSSS…

  • lalakerfan

    great game. I was there in attendance. very fun. especially at the end when the entire arena was chanting for tacos. kwame played extraodinarily well in comparison to the phx game. luke is the std – can’t guard anything, can’t buy a basket. kobe was amazing. go lakers

  • Roscoe

    probably one of kobes best games of the season and he isnt top 3? Mb fish #1, kobe #2, farmar 3

  • domidomdomz


    Like I was saying yesterday..

    Kobe and the lakes will make it..

    Good game according to articles that I read and to all ur comments..

    I really love being here in the Nation..

    Believe, Lakers Nation..

    Lakers are for real!!!!

  • Rpoc

    Went to the game and Kobe in the post is extremely effective against the Denver small lineups and constant double teaming.

    Kwame same old story. He still rushes his post moves. Doesn’t look like Kareem can break that horrible, horrible habit. Crowd was more positive for him. Converted easy dunks at least. Disappointing moment letting Camby blow by him for the jam.

    Not a showcase of defense tonight for either teams. We were up by 15+ and they manage to take the fraking lead with Melo out. Then in a matter of minutes it ballooned from 9+ to 20+ with the help of 3s from Fish and Farmar.

    Mbenga’s got solid size and height. Looked clumsy but seems to have a better knack at getting the block than Kwame. Good hustle. Picked up a bunch of quick fouls, blargh. Offensively questionable. Please Phil don’t fraking feature Kwame or Mbenga on the post a la Suns game. It has to be Kobe or Lamar. Everyone just cut for the inside shot or take the open shot.

    Most importantly he got the DACOS!! Earns big points from me. I just read he knows judo and is a black belt. ENFORCER and a BEAST! Hell yeah. Believe in DJ DACO!

  • DingleBerry

    I totally agree with kwame being the std. other than the give-me dunks that kb and lamar gave him he looks awful out there. Steve you need to show more love to kb. There is a reason fish got 28 points there was no defender close to him by 10 feet. same with farmar. You see how they doubled and tripled him from the get go. Kb should be number 1 up there eventhough i think fish and farmar played excellent tonight.

  • Swiggle

    If Fish and Lamar play like that, we are tough to beat.

  • Rpoc

    Luke was worse than Kwame. And if Melo didn’t get hurt and if Phil left Luke on him, he would have been lit up like a Christmas tree.

  • ab4sure

    Lakers played team ball tonite which was the difference in beating this team especially without Bynum. Kobe looked great despite the low point total. In the long run, this might benefit this team. More players will have to step up and improve their game. Despite the hatred for Kwame, we still need his defense and boards especially with Bynum’s injury.

  • kobeshow2008

    kwame doesn’t play good D. that’s my only beef.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #23256 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Both Luke and Critt have been STD. The only player Avery admits to favoring is Sasha and perhaps Kobe. Yes, he swoons for Sasha, and I believe there are a few others here who like Sasha too.

  • hibachi

    the red sox won the world series and the new england patriots are in for super bowl with an perfect record and my boston celtics are by far the number 1 team in the nba and on the pace for 70 wins history baby!!!

    there you got our big three…

    and in los angels? what sport is in there? the lakers? hahaha… injuries wash up fans who doesnt stick to their team hahaha… poor kwame!!! man you guys are just plain losers….bwahahhaa

    keep reaching for that rainbow La…. first round exit again ouch!

    regards from,


  • Jack

    [Comment ID #23272 Will Be Quoted Here]

    kb is number 1 every game. I think the top 3 in TLN’s report is more about players else than kobe who contributed. the report looks boring if Kobe is 1 every night. This is why I like this report. And in some games where Kobe’s numbers are just electrifying, it’s inevitable not to put him on number 1, (literally.)

    And for mplakers:… Mbenga had 2 blocks, and Kwame didn’t had any. to let u know Kwame had 2 of his shots blocked by camby.

  • Jack

    btw. why isn’t anybody talking about Melo’s injury????? Was that a factor in today’s win???

    I don’t know if you guys watch post-game locker room talk at or not, but its pretty awesome. Farmer, Turiaf, Fish, and esp Kobe talk very sensible, real and smart compared to other professional athletes elsewhere.

  • Nabil

    - D-Fish was on fire. And then when we blew the 17 point lead, he lit it up again. Try that Smush!
    – Kwame didn’t magically become a skillful master of the game overnight, but for once he actually tried. For once, he didn’t look high out there. I think he just ran out of gas in the 3rd quarter. He bogged down the offense and was slow to move on defense. Poof went the 17 point lead. But Phil put in Ronnie, who put the spark back in the game, and immediately Fish and Farmar got some open looks. Notice Kwame didn’t come back after that…Anyways, he tried! Woohooo!!!!
    – 39 first quarter points and Kobe without a field goal attempt?! DAAAAAMN!!!
    – Good game Lamar, except for your 2 three point tries. Just stop shooting those…please.
    – WTF was Luke thinking trying to back down Marcus Camby and do a little turn around hook? I think we might want to look into the possibilty that Luke may be…how can I say this nicely? “Special”.

  • lakerfan81

    Kwame forced some shots and and played too fast (as usual) but he played better than last game. I think people expect too much from him. People are still expecting him to play like a former #1 pick. Its not going to happen though, Kwame will be an average back up center, a big strong body; don’t expect anything more. I’ll be happy with 6 pts and 10 rbs while Bynum is out plus some hustle on defense.

  • LakerSon24

    Come on guys, let give Kwaaamee a little break he had a gr8 start i though, i know he got blew by fews times but it was better than thursday….what you guys thought of DJ last night for a first???

  • Tyler

    the lakers did good tonight but i dont understand why luke walton guards carmelo anthony. luke cant handle him melo can score wenever he wants on him. if melo wouldnt of gotten hurt then it would of been a closer game. FARMARS MY BOY AHAH


    To all of you guys who say that Kwame didn’t do that bad, all i have to say is you should go on a torrent site and try downloading the game (since TNT doesn’t offer replays) and count how many times he was blown by for a dunk, and how many times he forgot/or was too lazy to rotate on defense! he’s the biggest STD, not just last night, but every night!


  • mfoznot

    I thought KObe was #1. With the way he set uphis teammates in the first two quarters. Awesome!

  • xtro

    Never mind Kobe’s double double. DJ “Tacos” Mbenga in da house, ladies and gents!! The Congo native blocked two shots last night. I hope he will be a keeper for the rest of the season. The team may need him the playoff run. I guess C-Webb ain’t coming, huh?

  • T-Dub

    If Fish and Farmar continue to outplay the PG position, we’ll be ok even thought we’re lacking at the SF position…Luke definitely got the STD in my opinion. Only 5 more yrs of that!…Its starting to be appearant that when Fish struggles, we struggle. Farmar is starting to be the most consistant Laker other than Kobe. I still think Mitch needs one trade to bring in a starting SF.

  • kim

    when bynum comes back then trade Kwarme and Walton for Artest!

  • derrick

    how was luke not the std…



  • daboss1848

    Nothing better than the silence of the “Kobe must shoot 50 times per game b/c the rest of the team sucks” crowd.

    Most impressive was that KB stuck to the game plan even when the Lakers went down quick out of the gate.

    STDs are definitely Luke and Critt – game stagnates when either one of those guys was in. It’s quite clear why PJ prefers to go with Sasha (catch/shoot) vs. Critt (dribble/spin/shoot).

  • kb24mvp

    thats f**kin dumb,u dogged kwame in a solid gm for him and us.7p,11r,2a,3-7fg(almost 50%, IN ONLY 23MIN! obviously camby is faster and kwame is still getting to full stregnth thats why camby got him a few should have been one of those,”i couldnt find an STD tonight”,ur fuked was a great overall gm for us and kwame was DEFINATELEY not the STD of the of the gm.

  • kb24mvp

    lol mbenga had 2blks and 1stl in afew min,also with 3 fouls,he can help us i think if webber doesnt want to come here.

  • RoWyN

    I kinda agree with you putting Kwame as STD. Even though he started better than last week, he was really slow defending KMart and Camby when they took him off the dribble. But then again that’s Denver’s game.

    I don’t know if it’s Kwame’s ankle or if he’s still trying to recover from the booing but I’ve seen him defend better than that. I thought he was really hesitant to be any part of the offense (except when he really had to — drop passes.) He was hiding from whoever had the ball. There were 4-5 plays that he had open lanes, where a little cut could’ve given him an easier shot, but he didn’t take them. I’m not hating on Kwame. I just gave his game more attention due to the booing last game.

    Having said all that, Walton looked really bad too. He was awfully slow and undecisive. He really should learn more moves than the three that he uses every game. Because he’s not making use of his well-praised basketball IQ, his weaknesses are being exposed (slow and short for his position.)

    I’d say STD is a toss-up between Luke and Kwame.

    BTW, can I call them Luke-Kwarm whenever they mess up?

  • RoWyN

    Oh and also, why is Kobe not in the top three again?

    Wasn’t he responsible for Fish and Ronnie being up there?

  • MILO

    You got to love the behind the back assist to Turriaf from Kobe but i really hate it when Stu Luntz (ij) say’s
    “that is nawwwice” he gets anoying some times…


    GET DALEMBERT!!! Kwame played good but can he create his own shot,NOPE.He looked better because his teammates(KB/LO)made him look good by passing him the ball to build confidence,7 years in the league and you still need other players to baby you around,as Irv Gotti would say,’MAN UP’.25 YEARS(OR 26)AND IN THE SAME SYSTEM FOR 3YEARS AND YOU STILL DON’T GET IT,YOU NEED A CONFIDENCE BUILDER?

  • Swiggle

    [Comment ID #23301 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How dare you. I live in AZ and have NBA League Pass to watch all the games. Which means I have to listen to all the other announcers everytime the Lakers go on the road. The Lakers still have, BY FAR, the best announcing team in the NBA.

  • RDLAKB24

    Walton has played terrible the last couple ball games but he is gonna step it up the next games watch he will score like 14 in the next two

  • lalakerfan

    oh yeah. i met stu lantz!!!

  • Viva Vegas

    Yup I hate to say this but the Lakers do have the best annoucing team on TV and Radio. I listen to all the games too. They are suck compared to Shicky Babee!!!


    I wouldn’t worried too much about Walton,he’ll pick it up by March,he’s still hurtin’ also but that Kwame is another story.What Mitch should do is trade him for,drum roll please,DALEMBERT,YES HIM(JO WILL BE HERE NEXT SEASON). A AB/DALEMBERT BACKCOURT……CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #23303 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The lakers won’t get him especially when Bynum will be back. He would have to be a back-up center to Bynum and would only get probably 10-15 mpg. So they really don’t want to pay 11 million a yr for a back-up center.

  • as1084

    wtf is taking webber to make up his mind??!! he isnt going to the pistons (no roster spot) the magic dont want him and the only time he has a legitimate title shot with is the lakers. so wtf! the longer he takes the less I want the lakers to sign him. he’s worse than a woman making his mind! the queen is a loser!

  • Mr.81

    Kwame wasn’t THAT bad.

  • kb24 4life

    clearly luke was the std , kwame played good… kobe was spectacular dishing the ball, fish couldnt miss, ronny was great, jordan , lamar , all of them, go lakers!!!

  • artpolo5

    GOO LAKERS!!!! hell yah, finally after a couple years of bad performances the laker’s actually have a good team. I’m really starting to like the way this team is playing. They really look like a championship team, but we can really use Bynum back. Kwame is trying to do his best filling Bynums spot, but the guy really needs to start working on his game.

  • RC

    Kobe is turning this team into a major playoff contender. He knows the game as well as any veteran player and is combining his knowledge of the triangle offense and good defense to help Kwame and anyone who doesn’t have a big ego improve their game.

    Kobe is setting up the great shots for his team mates and this is truly the mark of an NBA Super Star! Magic Johnson made the Lakers the greatest team of his time and Kobe can do the same.

    It’s all about team work!!! Kobe you have now taken over Magic Johnsons spot for me as the greatest player of all time!

    Great win Lakers!!!!

    Next we’re going to San Antonio, then we’re going to Dallas, then home for New York and then Cleveland and then to Detroit YEHAAAAAAH!!!!!

  • BringDFishBack

    What the frick is wrong with you? Kwame played great D and ran to the break and found open lay-ups/dunks, yet you give him the STD? There werent any obvious choices for the STD, but certainly not Kwame. Why not give it to Odom for taking out Bynum and Ariza?

  • brandon

    [Comment ID #23322 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are u stupid? he had a great game and fyi… it was dfish who “injured” ariza.. get ur facts straight.

  • somelakerfan1

    great job lakers especially kobe if he gets 10 ass per night we will have a chance for beeing in the top 3 in the conference before bymun and ariza come bak

  • Jcritt.=star

    ’m a big wally szczerbiak fan and i think he would be a perfect addition to this team in our current situation, since we are undermanned at the small forward position. Here check it out!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23312 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I can appreciate why you want Dalembert (he’s a good rebounder), but why would Philly trade him??? Dalembert is their best rebounder and starting center.

    I don’t want to burst your bubble about JO (if he opts out of his contract and comes here for the MLE, more power to the Lakers), but because JO has been hurt all year and playing subpar, the rest of the league doesn’t value him very high (his marketvalue has decreased). Because JO is guaranteed $20+M next year, and seeing how the league doesn’t value him very high, he won’t be able to get decent money on any other team. Why would he opt out, and leave $20+M on the table, knowing that he most likely won’t get anywhere NEAR that amount of money?

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23306 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I dont agree with you at all, i think the best is Kevin H or Joel M and then Marv wich are the actual play by play guy’s

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23330 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hopefully he makes a sacrifice and takes a pay cut with a team who is a lot closer to a championship because sorry ass pacers have no chance, i know it’s very doubtfull but Duncan doesn’t seem to mind.And again hopefully JO cares more about winning than money.How’s that for beeing optimistic huh!!!

  • MILO

    Then again with the way Bynum is playing and Mihm back next season they’ll probably look for shooting guards to back up KB or PF not centers!Sorry Sasha you better raise you’re percentage if you want to come back (be consistent)

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23332 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hear what you’re talking about with regards to, but the scenario is different. Duncan was up for an extension (he signed an extension with the Spurhs), and he just so happend to NOT take the max extension because he wanted the Spurs to get talent (Duncan didn’t opt out of money). JO on the other hand would be basically refusing $18M ($23M his guaranteed money next years – $5M MLE to come to the Lakers = $18M he sacrfices).

    A lot of people think that players like JO should opt out of their contracts to sign with the Lakers for less, however, couldn’t Kobe opt out of his contract after next year (he can opt out after next season) and resign with the Lakers for less money per year (I don’t know if there is an NBA rule against this because Shaq opted out of his contract when he first got to Miami but he opted out only to resign with Miami). If Kobe were to do this, this would free up money so the Lakers could go after some free agents. If Kobe were to do this, then that would really something.

  • lakerguy

    trade radman, he is so inconsistent, and fish/farmar are good enough at 3s


  • kyler_hay

    this was a nawwwwwwwice win! :)

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23335 Will Be Quoted Here]

    unfortunately im not to sure even Kobe would do something like that so i guess im dreaming when it comes to JO but maybe we wont need him with Bynum really good and Mihm coming of the Bench to give him a breather.Maybe a trade for Artest is more of a reality.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23336 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen to that!!!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23337 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yup yup the Lakers owned them this year i loved it when Kobe spanked i forgot if it was Martin or Smith as in to say we’re spanking you guy’s that sh!t was great.

  • xmxgambitx

    Was up everyone hey can you guy join my laker group because there this guy on this site that says he can get more Suns fans to join his then mine. During the games I will also have the game live and I have a live chat so we can talk and watch the game at the same time.

  • Hugo Boss

    LakersNation Staff
    Please fix the scroll thing to the right! It’s too slow and when blogs are too long, it takes forever. If it’s too long, I just avoid the blog. Thanks my friends.

    Colorado loves the Lakers!

  • T-Dub

    One thing i like about Sasha, he is not scared! He comes in firing away…aggressive. If he could bring his percentage up, he would be keeper. The stroke is there.

  • Steve Avery

    Error—game time is 6 pm sorry

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #23344 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As long as KMart doesn’t stare at him again like how he did.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #23359 Will Be Quoted Here]

    KMart’s a d*ck. That a**hole needs to get his a** healthy before he can stare anyone down. When was the last time KMart played a full season again?


    Lakerfirst,maybe your right about Dalembert but WHOA!That would a monster backcourt with AB starter and SD backup then when one goes down,still Championship Caliber.I’m still optimistic about JO,I just think we’re a Championship Caliber team RIGHT NOW but with JO,HAND OVER THE RINGS BEFORE THE SEASON TYPE-OF-TEAM.If your a Lakers fan WHO would you suggest we get(other than WEBBER)AND PLEASE NOOOOO ARENAS(NO DEFENSE,I’M A WIZARDS FAN TOO SO I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN WATCHING),NOOOO SHAQ(WE ALL KNOW WHY AND IT’S NOT CAUSE OF KOBE).

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #23370 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I completely agree with you, AB and SB would be a great 1-2 punch at the center position but SD makes a little too much money to be a backup. He makes:

    this year: $9.6M
    next year: $10.5M
    2009/10: $11.3M
    2010/11: $12.2M

    I like Kurt Thomas. I would trade Kwame for him in a second, however, I believe this is the last year of Kurt’s contract. If it is, then Seattle doesn’t gain anything in trading Kurt for Kwame (they make the same amount this year and both contracts expire this year).

    I don’t think the Lakers will make any moves before the trading deadline. A team that is 27-12 usually doesn’t make any trades. This is the team that they are going to ride with.

    In the offseason you will see the Lakers sharpen their team. I would love to see the Lakers sign Jamal Magloire in the offseason as he is a free agent and made $4M this year. Perhaps sign him to the MLE if its availablbe ($5m/year for 5 years), however, I’m not sure if the MLE is something you would want to waste on someone who is 29 now (30 next year), but Magloire would be a nice backup to Bynum.

    I also think the Lakers need to resign Turiaf and also get another Power forward (LO is just not a true power forward. That and I don’t think he is worth $13M this year and $14M next year). LO’s Laker fate will be decided at the end of the year. Next year is LO’s last year ($14M) and a team looking for salary cap relief could value him.