Lakers play well. Lakers blow it. Lakers regain it back. Lakers turn ball over and commit clear path foul. Kobe misses free throw. Nachbar missed free throw. Vlad Rad at this point is 0-9 for the game. Lakers down 2 with 3.7 seconds left. Inbound to Vlad for a contested fall away three pointer. Clank. Lakers lose.

Out of everyone to get a chance to win the game, why Vlad? He was 0-9! Did we really need to go for three down by 2? This is a loss that I want to forget. Sorry for venting all my frustration…

Anyways, the Lakers had several moments they played well, but a costly run in the fourth. The Lakers once again had turnover problems with 18, but had 12 steals. The game shouldn’t have even been that close. It shouldn’t have taken a miracle comeback to beat a starting frontcourt of Collins and Allen. The Lakers should have pounded the ball inside to Bynum who was 5-7 shooting. The Nets had nobody who could stop him. Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) Andrew Bynum had 12 points, 13 rebounds, 3 steals, and 3 blocks for the Lakers. He got many big rebounds the entire night and protected the paint.

2) Kobe kept us alive in the fourth with 17 fourth quarter points. He finished with 31 points, 7 assists and 4 steals. His 7-21 shooting was overcome by going 15-16 from the line.

3) Derek Fisher shot lights out tonight. He shot 8-10 including 2 threes. He also added 4 boards and 3 assists. Great game Fish!

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Vlad Rad. For more info refer to the top of the article. He also had 3 turnovers.

Key play of the game: Kobe’s And1 behind the shoulder lay-up in the fourth with 3 minutes remaining.

What to look for next game: Look for the Lakers to get back on track against the Sonics. The Sonics are an awful team and the Lakers have no excuses in this one.

Game is Tues night @ 7:30 PM. (Let me know if you need any tickets for this one.)

  • kb24 4life

    all im going to say is


  • steve

    I know this is going to be a little stretch but…..does anybody think that Jo not playing is a little strange…anyway….back to the game

    what seems to a little off putting is that since the trade the second unit looks lost and doesnt have any spark

    sasha,kwame,odom,and mihm….any takers ..anyone..anyone..beuler..beuler..beuler

  • KLMonster

    yes…why take 3 when the lead si only 2…and why should vlad take the last shot?????!!!!


  • jack

    lots of ‘whysssssss” huh? i think the boys are missing cook and Mo in the locker room too much.

  • laker4ever

    why didnt PJ call another time out when he saw that kobe was defended by kidd very well

  • lakerfan81

    65 pts in the 2nd half to a bad team that was only averaging 96.2 pts/game (29th). Just horrible, horrible. It seems that the Lakers offense is completely out of sync, their not moving the ball, still turning it over a lot. And it seems like when their offense is working, that they don’t even bother to try on the defensive end. They need to pick up the defensive effort, the offense will come back and teams go through bad offensive stretches, but the lack of defense is unexcuseable.

  • Tyler

    Pretty much the lakers just blew it they had a ten point lead for a while then blew it. Vlad sucked tonight. There was a couple of fouls that should of been called late in the game wich lead to fast breaks for the nets. Exciting fourth quarter no doubt kobe and his two threes got me jumping out of my seat, but it just didnt come out the way we wanted it to. They just played a little sloppy but it was a good game.


    as charles barkley would say “just terble, terble i say” kobe almost brought this team back but this laker team outside of kobe doesn’t seem to care if they win or lose. vlad and walton got there contracts and seem to care less about playing hard now!!! maybe its time to have a whiteboy fire sale??

  • 24allup inya

    Aside from the fourth quater Kobes shooting has not been all there the last couple of games.Maybe he should take 3-5 day’s off to rest his knees and then come back rested for the rest off the long season.I dont know if 5 days will be enough but it will help…

  • chris

    this loss definitely hurts. but did anyone else see the scoreboard mistake? i mean, they may have just messed up on the scoring but at one point, lakers were down 10, 85-75 and we make 2 baskets in a row and the scored said 85-79 and nets call a timeout with 6:10 remaining in the 3rd. when they come back on, carter makes a jumpshot and the nets score goes from 85 to 89, anyone else see that? i mean, i know they probably just messed up and didn’t add 2 points before that but the nets score was 85 for a while. i’m recording the replay today to make sure but i thought that was really strange. was i the only one that caught that?

  • Smush

    About Radman… I said the same thing….I would actuall give the STD to Phil on this one just because of that last play……Fish was shooting lights out and he inbounded the ball, why?!?!?!?! Was luke fouled out? he should’ve inbounded and have Fish, Kobe, Farmar, and BCook on the floor. Oh sorry, BCook’s out. Okay maybe put Turiaf in.

  • lakergirl_24

    Yeah, that last play was HORRIBLE, but the game was really lost on defense. All of the first half the Nets had open shots but they weren’t knocking them down. Finally, they got hot in the 3rd and 4th quarters (65 pts in the 2nd half!) When the Lakers decided to play tighter defense in the last few minutes, it was too late. The best part about this loss was the free Chick Hearn talking key chain I got. Disappointing loss. Hopefully, they can bounce back big and blow out the Sonics.


    [Comment ID #17959 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree with PHANTOM, these white boys get blocked attempting simple layups! Instead of taking it hard to the rack, Vlad and Luke anticipate the foul call and then get blocked. Then, instead of getting back on defense, they stay there complaining to the official. STFU and get back on DFENSE! Or just stick with shooting 3’s…. oh wait, Vlad you’re a joke: 0-9

    Time for a trade:

    Cobe Carl, I haven’t forgotten about you
    and even Stu Lance… O.V.E.R

  • Michael_23

    Many reasons ‘WHY’.

    Probable reasons for loses:

    2 unnecessary technical fouls.
    Luke playing horrible
    Vlad Rad playing horrible
    Kobe missing last FT
    Coach not calling timeout in 3rd quarter when Nets went on 10-0 run.

  • chris

    i just read on the newspaper that the last play was drawn up so that bynum would get the inbound and give it back to fisher but bynum said he thought he was suppose to set a pick for vlade. antoine wright left fisher to double team kobe so andrew was suppose to get the inbound and then hand it back to fisher for the wide-opne shot but andrew misunderstood. regardless, the lakers blew it in the 3rd quarter. but i’m still puzzled by the scoreboard error. can anyone enlighten me on that?

  • nyla


    Howie (OC): Marc..Bulls/Lakers trade for you NOT involving KOBE. Why wouldn’t the Lakers go after Ben Wallace. Trade Kwame’s expiring contract and a player for Big Ben and a pick. The Lakers could move Ben to the 4 spot and have him focus only on D/Rebounding. This would allow Bynum to play center and stay out of foul trouble. I know the financial impact (luxury tax for the Lakers) but still doesn’t this deal make too much sense for the Lakers to pass up. It moves Turiaf and Radman to the bench where they belong. Wallace would be rejuvenated. The Lakers could potentially contend.

    SportsNation Marc Stein: (2:21 PM ET ) Interesting idea. My initial reaction is that the expensive two-plus years on Ben’s contract and his increasing offensive limitations would put the Lakers off, because Kwame’s expiring contract is one the best chips they have to make a move that makes Kobe happy. I imagine they’d want more of a scoring four man. But I also remember a very smart GM telling me that surrounding Kobe with as many shooters and rebounders/hustlers as they can find might be the best way for the Lakers to proceed. The issue is how much hustling Ben has left.

  • nyla

    Marc Stein: (2:24 PM ET ) Can’t see how the Bulls could say no, though. The combination of Ben’s decline and his obvious issues with Skiles suggest that his Chicago numbers aren’t going to pick up any time soon.

  • lakerfan81

    I would consider that, but not sure if Chicago does, who do you offer besides Kwame? It would have to be someone Chicago was interested in not sure who we have. They need some interior scoring and the only player we have that can do that is Bynum. No way do I trade Bynum for Wallace.

  • allan

    about the scoreboard error..

    it was adjusted a few minutes later after josh boone scored a layup. the score was 93-79, then they put it back down to 91-79.

  • AlexVK

    I think Phil is stealing money from Lakers. He is not the greatest coach, he is a moron. And besides the 3rd string players that Lakers have in abundance, Phil is the number one reason they are losing year after year. It is obvious that Phil cannot make the right match ups, motivate his players and call the timely time outs, instead of waiting for them to “sort it out”. What competent coach would do that? We have too many players that nobody wants (Kwame, Rad, Walton, etc), but the first one who should be replaced is the coach. We were doing much better in the beginning of last year when Phil was recovering from surgery. Get rid of the coach and we might start winning again.

  • kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #17961 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hey i also saw that , the lakers were down by 10 , they scored two baskets and new jersey one and the lead was still 10, theres a mistake

  • Yoni

    Can someone teach Mr. Phil Jackson what a timeout is???
    Lakers were up in the fourth, then NJ makes a run with Lakers 2nd unit, and Mr. Jackson (I’m too mad to call him Phil, I want to distance my self from him for now) waits until they go down 84-74 to call a time out.
    Note to Mr. Jackson, you dont have the combination of Jordan and Pippen, or Shaq and Kobe. It is time to stop letting your players try to play through it, and time for you to call a timeout. Sorry if im skeptical that Vujacic, Farmar, and Vlad can’t play through it, but its true.
    Lakers have a young team and it is Mr. Jackson’s job to call timeouts and to halt the others team’s momentum.
    If Mr. Jackson called a timeout earlier, the Nets might have stopped their run and not went up by 10. If that happened the 2 points in the end would have been in favor of the Lakers and not the Nets.
    Is anyone with me, or am I crazy?
    -Yoni (Yoni-laka4life. Forgot my password for now)

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #17956 Will Be Quoted Here]

    because PJ used up both of his 2 timeouts together. first, he called a 20 second timeout, which he shouldn’t have. then, he called a full timeout, which he should’ve used initially, since it was going to be a very important possession.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #17979 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re insane! INSANITY!

  • Billy Kupchak

    Andrew Bynum made a colossal mistake on the game’s final play of the Lakers’ 102-100 loss to the New Jersey Nets on Sunday night at Staples Center, misreading Phil Jackson’s diagram to set up a potential winning shot for Derek Fisher’s hot hand.
    Bynum’s error spoiled an otherwise strong night for him and resulted in the Lakers settling for a contested three-point miss from Vladimir Radmanovic at the buzzer; he was hardly the Lakers’ preferred shooter given he had missed all nine shots he tried.
    The confusion also meant Bryant’s missed foul shot with 6.1 seconds left that would have forged a 101-101 tie — after he made all 15 other free-throw attempts in the game — cost the 7-6 Lakers dearly in a third consecutive loss.
    Bynum accepted responsibility afterward.
    “Honestly when we drew up the play, I thought that I was supposed to set the pick for Vlade for the three,” Bynum said.
    “Really, he (Jackson) wanted me to face the ball and get it on the inbound — you know how the defense falls asleep — and then Fish steps back inbounds and I was supposed to give it right back. But the way he (Jackson) diagrammed it, I thought I was supposed to set the pick for Vlade.”
    Jackson’s way might have worked perfectly if Bynum had gone to get the inbound pass and given the ball to Fisher, who made 8 of 10 shots on the night for a season-high 20 points.
    New Jersey’s Antoine Wright left Fisher, the inbounder, to double-team Bryant at the top of the floor, so Fisher would have been wide open.
    Jackson acknowledged he wanted Bynum to get the ball on the play.
    “We were hoping it could be Drew, actually, to be honest with you,” Jackson said. “He had a 4- or 5-inch advantage on the guy who was in the post. But it’s a multiple situation. Kobe’s the hot guy, the key guy, but if they chase him, someone’s open.”

  • lakers not to happy

    i’m just tired of the lakers now
    they just suck
    go clippers


    I’ll give my fellow Laker fans two reasons why they loss(2 in a row),NO JERMAINE O’NEAL or ARTEST.This whole NBA season favors the Celtics to win.This is why Kobe went off on the front office in the first place.I admire Boston for one(maybe 3)reasons,GARNETT,PIERCE(finally getting help)and ALLEN.As a Laker fan I have admit that and that’s what is messed up about this FO,they have NO HEART.GET DF/KB/LO SOME HELP NOWWWWWWWW(JO WHERE ARE YOU?).

  • kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #17999 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you know what, you suck.
    this is a laker nation, not a clipper nation.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #18002 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think JO’s on the bench icing his knees, and not really contributing to his team this year, but still enjoying the $40+M dollars he left on this contract after this year.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    artest is kicking azz though!
    get that nut head!!!!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    I like the idea of getting Artest too, but why would Sac send Artest to a division rival. Sac would probably ask for someone else. Over the summer, the rumors were the Lakers were trying to get Artest but Sac wanted Kwame Brown, Farmar and a #1 pick, so the Lakers declined (I can’t blame them). Would you trade Kwame and a #1 pick for Artest??? If that were to happen, that’s yet another small forward on the Lakers and we would have sacrificed our best low post defender (Artest is good, but he can’t defend centers as well as Kwame).

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #17999 Will Be Quoted Here]

    screw you..get out of here..ur not a true laker fan..

    build ur own

  • 24allup inya

    Lamar le gusta la verga