As I am selling tickets throughout the day, I’m thinking why are people spending so much on this Dallas game when they aren’t even that good? If only I knew that this would become one of the more entertaining wins of the season.

The Lakers were down big in the second half, but had an incredible run sparked by great defense and carelessness on Dallas’s end. The Lakers outscored the Mavs by 14 points in the second half to come away with a 114-107 victory Friday night.

Once again, the Lakers had 5 players score double figures, and had another clean game with only 10 turnovers and only committed 8 fouls the entire game!

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe wishes he could play Dallas every night. 35 tonight on 14-26 shooting. He also had 6 rebounds, 5 assists, a steal and a block. MVP.

2) Bynum healed quick en route to 18 points, 10 boards, 3 assists, and 2 blocks.

3) Ariza was all over the place again. He might not have the numbers, but he is the best 6th man in my opinion in the league. 15 points tonight.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): I told myself that if Sasha did not make a three he would be the STD tonight–and so it is. 0-3 threes for Sasha earns my STD.

Play of the Game: I like the oop to Pau during the Lakers run.

What to Look for Next Game: Another win against the Raptors. Bosh might be a monster, but he hasn’t faced the Lake show!

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Go Lakers!

  • webJUNKEE

    Great win! Ariza is a monster!

    Whats up with all our single-digit wins being 7-point games?? Is this a sign of some sort???

    Go Lakers!!

  • albert

    STD vlade, poor D

  • imfasterthanur

    Message to the rest of the league:

    If you refuse to be blown out by the second half and force us to play a close game, you still have to deal with the game’s best closer, Kobe Bryant.

    Big 3 pointer againts New Orleans when they cut the lead to 1 point.
    And a big overall 4th quarter tonight against the Mavericks.

    Kobe never ceases to amaze me when it matters most. Is it Christmas yet?

  • Billy Kupchak

    Bynum took my advice & drank some Verve! before the game :cool:

  • pauu

    Only 8 fouls my A**! That game was so poorly officiated on both ends. I couldnt believe how many fouls against Ariza Dallas got away with. Kobe got away with a big foul against Dirk, thats when Carlisle got the T.

  • sketch

    i wouldn’t have called that poor officiating. i just thought that it was the refs letting the guys play. having said that, i do think that the refs should have reeled the physicality in a little more though. overall, i do like to see the lakers rising above this…it only toughens them up for teams like detroit and boston. tonights game is one that we’ll see much more of in the playoffs, and i’m glad that the boys sucked it up and took it right at dallas to the end!


    who else masterbates to ariza??

  • lakes4lyfe

    ^ you cant even spell masturbate….youve lost ur priviledge to talk dumass.

  • Kenny

    sasha needs to pass and take better shot he’s sucking after his contract deal

  • mihaithemiraculous

    I tried to stick up for vladimir radmonovic earlier this season saying he was just in a drought. but the dude just plain sucks, the second he got off the floor the lakers turned the game around, just stunk up the joint with poor D and stupid shot choices.. other then that Kobe is a beast, if he gets 38-40 minutes a night he would be averaging 28-6-6 and 2 steals

  • Chris Manning

    Kobe was sick!

    35 points, 53% shooting from the field, 100% from the FT line, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 1 block.

  • e

    [Comment ID #55691 Will Be Quoted Here]

    only if he got more playing time on a usual basis…

  • PeanutButterSpread

    I felt bad for Devean George when he was really angry with his teammates after a Kobe jumper during the 13-0 run … he just can’t guard Kobe and that’s not because he’s a bad defender nor was it his fault, it’s just Kobe’s too good.

    Said Kobe on Devean George guarding him: “Since he’s been here, the only thing he’s talked about was going to another team and locking me up. Well here’s your chance, buddy.”

    John Ireland: “Does he still talk about it?”

    Kobe: “Not any more.”

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Steve: “I’m thinking why are people spending so much on this Dallas game when they aren’t even that good? If only I knew that this would become one of the more entertaining wins of the season.”

    I know everyone says Kobe “owns” Dallas, but in the last three or four games the Lakers have played the Dallas, we’ve always had really close games against Dallas. We’re always mounting a rally, only to win in the end by like a couple of points. Last year, this happened a lot, especially when the Lakers played Dallas both times at Staples.

    That’s why I think even if Dallas’ record isn’t great right now, they’re still always a threat to the Lakers. They always play pretty well against the Lakers.

  • VIVA

    I calling Ariza the “superman” of the Lakers. That kid can do anything he wants. He mirrors Bryant very well like Pippen to Jordan.. Finally!!!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #55689 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Glad you’ve seen the light on Vlad. He has about one good game in ten. His “D” is a joke and he is so inconsistent with that rainmaker 3 of his, frequently throwing an airball or banging if off the top of the backboard as he did tonight. Ridiculous! Ariza is so far superior to Vlad its not even funny.


    The smush of the day belongs to Luke. He got dressed for the game and sat the bench making millions. He is the smush of the day.

  • lainok

    does anyone notice that the refs this season are letting stuff go a lot more. It looks like the playoffs. It’s not just laker games, it’s all over the league. I think the officials have gotten a lot of flack the last couple of years and are sick of hearing charles barkley complain about how in his day they were more physical, and you wouldn’t call a foul until you drew blood, and the teams then only had one pair of shoes that they had to share because they had to conserve for the war.

  • nabil

    [Comment ID #55705 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol om Barkley. He’s right about Lebron though- that dude needs to shut the hell up.

    Man, when they came in with the “fast and the furious” unit I was so happy.
    (Farmar, Kobe, Ariza, Lamar, Pau). All those dudes are really quick for their position. I think that’s our best unit.

    Hey, have any of the statistal sites broken down the lakers different units +/-? It would be interesting to see.

  • WallyNewYorkCity

    I loved last nights game, to close but we still won. Gasol better make the All star team! Gasol is the key and a healthy Bynum Lakers will win it all!

  • Jack

    I just wanted to say something. STEPHON MARBURY!

    I want the NBA analysts and every NBA beat writers to make the phrase “STEPHON MARBURY” as use of an adjective. for example: Luke’s game tonight was very stephon marbury.


    Vlad’s game is probably more stephon marburier than Odom’s.


    I just watched the game on YOUTUBE and must say this…Kobe WILL GET 2 MVP TROPHIES,for the regular season and….to be continued.

    …and we have the best defense,%$#@ what ESPN says or anybody else.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    if u gurs look at the calendar you can see that the dallas game starts a 16-game in 28-days stretch for the Lakers, the final one against the Loston Smeltics. Hahaha i like that name…this is gonna be a really tense stretch for them, but i no that 16-0 in that isnt that far off their reach

  • sketch

    i just watched last night’s game again with my boy this morning and i need to amend my statement of “it’s just the refs letting things go”. it’s more than that, they blew a lot of calls! by not calling some of the fouls, they’re gonna make it very dangerous for the players this year. a lot of people are gonna get badly hurt. fouls like shaq taking out stuckey on the pistons to kidd “stealing” the ball away from ariza on a layup or dunk attempt in last night’s game.

    there was a lot of shoving in the back while others are going for a rebound or shots last night that was missed or not called! david stern and stu jackson needs to review that if they’re so worried about the “image” of the league!


    Seeing’s though we’re kickin’ $$$ right now,here’s a lil’ story about OUR next superstar alongside Bynum,Ariza and Farmar…after Kobe leaves,of course.

    He wants to meet Magic and wears his NO.32,just a hint…,

  • Razor Ramon

    [Comment ID #55687 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Please check your own spelling before you attempt to correct someone…. DUMBFU*K!!!

  • KONG!

    [Comment ID #55729 Will Be Quoted Here]


    all that matters is that Lakers are winning!

  • thelakerfuture

    [Comment ID #55706 Will Be Quoted Here] wouldn’t say that is our best unit i would say this is


    2 great rebounders and 3 quick guys that can run the fast break

  • thelakerfuture

    [Comment ID #55715 Will Be Quoted Here] not smeltics smell-dicks

  • ojt

    std will always be that worthless,good for nothing,a**lick,Luke Walton.Luke should ask his father to pull some strings and go play/f***up for the celtics.Luke Walton is the std/the ktd (kwame brown)of the century