dohFifteen seconds to go and you go for the tie? I’m not sure that is what I would have done, but it was drawn up and here we are with another disappointing loss to one of the best teams in the league.

Choosing to shoot a three instead of taking a quick shot and putting the Magic on the line was not the reason we lost the game though. This game was lost because Orlando outrebounded us 54–40, including giving up 15 offensive rebounds – not good. We also failed to guard Jameer Nelson in the 4th quarter.

I’m in no way blaming Kobe for this loss either cause he played great tonight, but his shot selection in the 4th quarter did not help us what so ever.

Hopefully, the Lakers brush off these past two losses and start preparing for when Cleveland comes to town on Monday.

Player of the Game: Despite some poor shots in the 4th quarter, Kobe had an impressive night 28 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists.

Play of the Game: Ariza and one dunk in the first half.

What’s Up Next: LeBron and Co. visit Staples Center Monday for what should be a great game.

  • Freshh

    “Late call impacted game”

  • AndrewT

    Bynum has 7 rebounds total for the last 3 games. That’s pretty bad for a center.

  • L.G.Fuad411

    Fisher needs to step up his D big time. That really cost us. He can’t let Nelson score 26. On many occasions Nelson simply just walked in for layups as Fish stood there. Bynum needs more touches in order to get Dwight in foul trouble.

  • don

    Stupid PJ – he sux as a coach! He let all the momentum go in the 3rd quarter as they let the lead be wiped out in 2 minutes. Great coaches will call a TO way before that happens. Why do we keep having to rehas all the same crap?

  • L.G.Fuad411

    “Stupid PJ – he sux as a coach! He let all the momentum go in the 3rd quarter as they let the lead be wiped out in 2 minutes. Great coaches will call a TO way before that happens. Why do we keep having to rehas all the same crap?”

    phil does do some questionable things. who knows, it might be like a don nelson/avery johnson affect. maybe these lakers just need new blood in the coaching staff to make it over the hump.

  • YellowPurpleFever



  • Smush Walton

    Why can’t walnut brain Lamar make freethrows?

  • Chad

    Stupid PJ – he sux as a coach what a joke PJ rules mabey you should wine about 2 Soft 7 footers.

  • Real Laker Fan aka Reason

    All you Laker fans that panic and freak out when the team losses makes us REAL Laker fans look bad! Were not gunna win them all, it’s a phukin reality, you just have to take what we did good in the game and look to the next opponent. NO PJ does not suck,Fishers D is just fine (remember we don’t have another PG so he can’t play the aggressive D and get into foul trouble), and I can’t believe the notion of replacing the coaching staff even made it onto this site.

    Just watch, if we win (which I strongly feel will happen) against Cleveland, everyone is gunna jump back onto the bandwagon they’ve been trotin’ on since last year and claim the Lakers are the best.

    I mean c’mon I read this crap all over this site now, on the comments, and the darn post game show on 570 from the “fans”. Once in a while a bit of reason crawls into these comment boards but it’s just as rare as the real fan.

    Suck it up, keep your head high, and lets focus in the bounce back game against Cleveland that will magically make these last two game somehow disappear.



    Bynum’s rebounding or lack thereof, can no longer be considered an aberration! …He simply does not want to exert the energy required in moving his feet, for an aggressive attempt to rebound the ball!
    …In simple terms, he only goes after the rebounds that rebound directly to him! …He was not like this last year, nor early this year, but for whatever reason it has become the weakest part of his game; at least for the moment!
    …Gasol’s rebounding prowess is similar, with regards to the simple fact; it is quite easy for opponents to box him out, along with having the weakest grip in the league to boot!
    …I hate to witness, as I know many others do, the fact he gets moved out of position so easily!
    …There is no doubt, there are a couple of things regarding these two “7 Footers”, that are in dire need of drastic improvement!

  • Razor Ramon

    Lakers are the best, everyone else can lick balls

    all the “laker” fans here a crybabies like sasha

    lets get ready for lebrick james and the cavs

  • samoht

    As a loyal lakers fan.. for the first time i feel like the lakers are not going to win.. =(

  • enrico

    yeah we know that the lakers will not win it all; thats reality. but we are not playing like we are supposed to. we can do a lot better. the lakers need to be tougher defensively; we are too soft. kobe lamar and ariza seem to be the only tough guys in this team; this is why almost all our opponents are shooting at a very high percentage when against the lakers.

    i still believe though that we are still the best and i have no doubts on the lakers winning the C this time.

  • mark

    kobe shots tonight are flat… even his ft’s..
    hhhmmm bad shot selection for kobe, although he normally drains those shots.. it just didnt look good tonight..
    and we call staples home… :P
    Lakers will learn on this one…
    Lakers all the way baby!

    next up! Cavs in Tinseltown!

    the king without a bling..



  • kobe8



    I think it is time we trade Gasol. Do it Mitch.

  • pablasso

    Kobe didn’t make a bad shot selection, he usually makes those, this time they just didn’t fall.

  • daboss1848

    wow – im just impressed with the honest reporting . . . a Lakers fan with an actual true account of what happened, which includes criticisms of the almighty tandem of player and coach?

    I just hope the bandwagon Lakers fans and Kobe-can-do-no-wrong fans dont push you off the site . . . what a breath of fresh air!!

    Against the Suprs we learned that 1 brilliant team quarter doesnt beat a contender, and now we learn that 3 brilliant KB quarters doesnt quite cut against a contender either. Plenty of time before June.

  • roscoe

    to don:

    because this game doesn’t really matter, and he wants the players to mature as individuals.

    Really, if you aren’t in a way “over” the regular season as far as wins and losses by now I dunno what the to tell you.

  • jason

    i got 5 lil words that is just basketball 101 when your up 2 with about 30 seconds left or less and its somethin the lakers havent done about 6 games in a row except kobe couldnt bail em out this time…

    Fk me..if they tie its tied but thats how many games in a row now we were up 2 in the last minute and gave up a wide open 3..and not only did we give up a wide open 3 but it was the hot shooter too..omg i was so frustrated i was sayin this all to myself at like 3 in the mornin laying in bed lol.

  • Odom the worst player

    Let’s place the blame where it should be. The people to blame is fisher and odom. First Fisher. let’s see scouting report: Nelson shoots 51 percent from the field, 48 percent from the 3. He had been hitting his shot all night long and fisher still leaves him wide open for the 3. Fisher has cost us 2 games.Second, Odom was seen laughing at the free throw line then step up there and miss 3 out of 4 free throws. I’m sorry I just think there’s nothing funny when your trying to win an all important game

  • lakerschamps09

    how kobe does wat he is paid to do… make shots in the 4th Q….. damn kobe wat was 3-12??? wtf is that…. and we let nelson beat us??? come on man fu k that… kobe make shots when they count.. and bynum rebound the ball.. gasol stop bein a bit ch… LO hit a fu ki n free throw…y is fisher goin to cover lee and leavin nelson open come on man u better than that u should leave the rookie open not the vet…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • lakers2000

    Please people! Trade Odom, Trade Gasol, Trade everyone! This is a bunch of bullsh*t! Gasol is the reason we have been good since acquiring him. Lamar is playing off the bench and I see fire in him lately. The number one problem right now is injuries and defense. Fisher is obviously feeling his age and has done an admirable job holding things down during Farmars absence. Stop calling out trades while we are one of the best records in the league right now!!! The Lakers will make the playoff push after the all star break. We didn’t win every damn game when we won the three peat. Have patience and trust the front office. Remember “fire Mitch”? If we had done that we would not be where we are now. We have plenty of games left in the season, and I really do not care how many games we win as long as we are healthy and hot come playoff time! Go Lakers!!!!!

  • BringDFishBack

    0-6 in the last 1:15 of the game gets Player of the Game?

  • joe grande

    lets somehow get shawn marion for defensive purposes, then 2 dance moves will be on the team the matrix and mamba

  • Angelo Vergara

    Incredible how Howard completely outrebounded the Lakers 2 7 footers. Howard schooled the in the art of rebounding. Bynum sucks right now. He’s playing like a useless center. He exerts more effort on offense than he does on defense and rebounding. One pattern I noticed in almost every game, whenever the opponent puts up a shot, instead of trying to box out and get good inside position to secure the rebound, Bynum stays outside the paint looking to get ready to sprint down the floor so he can work on his offense.

    That sucks and should be grounds for benching. Get your A***SS together Drew!!!

  • all ya’ll are fake

    Everytime the lakers lose, people here comes up with, let’s trade gasol,let’s trade fish.. When they do good ya’ll aint got nothing to say but praises.. Its just another season game.. They were outplayed due to bs calls.. Expect them to lose some and win some..I’m sure they want to be in the finals much more than we want to see them in it.. The lakers just had an off night last night.. Possibly because they just got out of a plane from texas two nights before last plus they were probably devastated about the loss at san antonio (which was another bs ref due loss). So take it easy, they have 40 something games left to play before the post season. A lot of time to make adjustments.also, I know everyones going to start criticizing walton and farmar when they get back, give them a break, they’re recovering from injuries.. There may be an I on team for kobe, no doubt he’s the best, but every actor needs a supporting cast..

  • Big Phil

    So far this season, bynum has been a major bust…very sad that Dwight Howard outrebounds both Bynum and Gasol combined. Bynum just shows no energy and emotion out there…he’s just going through the motions. Vlad kills us out there on defense. What’s with the trend that performance crumbles after Laker players get major contracts?! (Fluke, Vlad, Bynum, Farmar). Look…real fans know and acknowledge when the team has dumb, bad players that don’t seem to improve or even want to improve, and have weak minds and hearts. Lakers still have a bunch of them: Vlad, Fluke, Sasha, Farmar, Odom, and possibly Bynum (if he doesn’t wake up soon).

  • xtro

    again our weakness is exposed. perimeter defense. we really really need a quick defensive guard! please get lue or pargo. fish is good but not as quick as he used to be. he is logging too many minutes.

  • heyho

    pau gashit!

  • heyho

    pau ga shi t

  • SliqRiq

    Lakers need to start Odom he is our best rebounder by far especially on the defensive end where we always seem to give up second chance points, Odom, Ariza and Kobe are the only ones that seem to attack the boards and especially Odom.


    Like I said we need to trade Gasol. He is not a winner but a big cry baby. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. He will never be a winner. Take it from me I know basketball. I watch it and live it. Gasol is soft and will wilt in the end. I told you guys this but you never listen.

  • fUN

    Trades aren’t needed, toughness is. Bynum was being pushed in the paint by Howard all night. 3 rebounds is unacceptable, don’t give Bynum any offensive touches until he performs on defense.

  • w jo y

    That was a good play for Kobe to get a good look at a 3. It’s really hard to say if he could’ve got a better opporunity at a 2 because that was not that bad of a shot (Dwight didn’t switch on to Kobe). He simply just didn’t knock it down. Previous play down as well, couldn’t get the 2. KB couldn’t get his j to fall in the last minute. Good and close game, just didn’t go our way this time.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #58732 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Are you stupid? First of all, it was Odom’s rebound and put back that tied the game up at 100. It was an And 1 which he missed and Pau tapped it back to him where he attacked again. Next trip to the line, he made 1-2. Therefore, getting the 1 pt that he missed and giving the Lakers the 1 pt lead. Basically, he scored 3 pts on that possession to give the Lakers the lead. The game wasn’t lost at te free-throw line. If you don’t know the game of basketball, don’t talk. The reason the Lakers lost this game is why they always lose. Not knowing how to guard the 3 pt line. I mean, especially late in games. Bynum also needs to become a better 1-on-1 defender so they don’t have to double as much. BTW, guess who lead the category in +/- once again? Lamar Odom.

  • LogicGuy

    COACHING DEFENSE. Past players, especially Gary Payton, have said they do not practice defense. Will someone check this out and report back to the NATION. Is phil just lecturing about defense and not walking through and demonstrating what they need to do? The problem is defense. The team is leading the league in scoring, so Phil fixes the defense by adding Walton to make the offense flow better. Will someone wake this guy up??? Time to go.

  • Logic Guy

    THEY CAN’T STOP ANYBODY– Sure they lead the league in scoring and we blame the players for being dumb on defense, but dumb coaches make dumb players. These guys are doing what they are being coached to do. Besides bad coaching, the next biggest problem is Bynum__________If Kareem is coaching Bynum on rebounding he needs a new coach. As you remember, Kareem did not get many rebounds in the last half of his too long career. Bynum is going backwards, has hit the wall or is just plain lazy after getting his money. The guy isn’t moving his feet to get in rebounding position. He is just standing around loafing. Maybe Koby was right. This looks like a huge mistake now. TOO SOfT BYNUM. Give Josh Powell his minutes. At least he hustles.

  • Milo

    [Comment ID #58704 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bob Delany is a laker hater! but we lost this game ourselves with the poor defense and too many threes…

  • Robert

    Now! what i would like to know is how come ESPN does mention the no call against Grant Hill vs the Nuggets but they dont mention the no call against Ariza from Ginobly???How about they mention how Kobe would drive in and get fouled and there would be no call from Bob Delany, this pretty much forces the Lakers to take low percentage outside shots wich caused them to lose this game yesterday.I got to agree with MILO i think that Bob Delany is a Laker hater.

  • chaunceyp

    i thought lamar played very well, delany is a punk, magic are good they started getting me thinking on who i would like to see the lakers play in the finals…


    The Fish stinks. Throw the fish back in the pond. We have no use for a stinky Fish. This team is really starting to smell.

  • dr0wzy


  • cheesy

    you people are incompetent. you’re horrible fans

  • jaCk aSS

    we need another point guard

    we must trade fish
    he’s old

  • barry

    the cavs are coming in minus two starters (SG & C) who are their #2 & #3 scorers, which is a shame – win and it’s tainted. but lose, and it’s really bad.

  • west818

    [Comment ID #58706 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he was the player that made 2 fouls happen and made a three point play, freakin gasol and bynun did not step up in the last 3 mintutes.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    mr juan u warlock…and all other complainers, please shut the f*** up! is this the way we fans are? when we win a game , we’re like NBA Champions LA Lakers, if we lose, we’re like trade trade people suck blah blah. All you complainers calm down and watch the regular season god dammit!!

  • 1-2-3 lakes

    [Comment ID #58708 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well said


    [Comment ID #58770 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I played high school basketball so I know what I am talking about. I didn’t get in the game but watched from the bench. I know coach little boys and really enjoy eat. I am a great coach so sh*t the f*ck up.

  • Anonymous

    don’t blame kobe for the loss. How the fuuck can you when he puts up a triple double.


    Can’t help but, ROFLOL, from all the fakers here at The Nation!
    Eh PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty;
    …Try to refer your reply directly at the poster-(Real or Fake), cuz there are lots of “Ghosts”(“Imposters”) haunting The Nation, thesedays!


    [Comment ID #58735 Will Be Quoted Here]
    For Example and My Answer:
    …The player of the game is more than clear in observation and clarification here… It’s awarded for the performance of the entire game, not just the last 1:15 of the game!
    …My question is: Who else could it have been?

    Post Script; The Real Warlocks such as I am, will always have a space between each word of the username and all capitalized letters… The Fake “warlocks” will not be able to duplicate this!

  • e

    [Comment ID #58735 Will Be Quoted Here]

    who do u propose we make player of the game? fisher???
    jameer nelson had 26 pts…


    I’m sick of all these posers on this site like ab4sure and leaderfish


    [Comment ID #58738 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I probably am the only true laker fan on here. I watch every laker game 2 times. I study the defenses and strategies. I see if they are playing zone and if they are I scream at Phil for not having shooters in the game. I have tapes of every laker game this year. I even email the laker website and give my advice to Phil. I think he was listening because I told him he should play Luke instead of Vlad. I told him he should play Ariza coming off the bench. Looks like he listens to me.


    Check it out! …Both of The Fake Schizoids, are haunting this thread; notice the one with the shaded back ground, and the other without!


    Everybody is always imitating me. It is because I am soooooo GooooooooooooooooooD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    I just want people to like me…

  • Logic Guy

    We have long heard stories of Delaney being a Laker hater. Howard got away with some brutality elbowing Pau and Pau gets a foul??? That sequence of events took the wind out of their sails. Delaney should not be calling Laker games. Gamblers notice these tendencies and bet them. This can be a problem. Keep him out of the playoffs. I looked at the San Antonio game and said”That’s just home cooking” Then they come home and I don’t know what to call it.

    ESPN makes no effort to be objective. They go with the flow of east coast bias. Anything to get ratings. They are the same in all sports. Guess that’s just good business. Selling tickets.

  • Robert

    That’s ok. Maybe this will give Orlando confidence, and they’ll play harder, and then the Celts, Cavs, and Magic can beat each other up the rest of the season. The Lakers used to have to fight SA, Dallas, and the Suns … now it’s the East’s turn to fight, and that’s just better for the Lakers in the long run.

    We just need to get to the playoffs w/o injuries, and well rested. In fact, sometimes injuries allow players to rest up, and peak out during playoffs. Remember that Garnett was out for part of last year. Now he’s playing all the way through. …

    … and technically, Kobe is still ‘injured’ (pinkie). Did we forget about that? He should get MVP on that alone (and, playing through the Finals last year AND the Olympics … )