When the Lakers got off to a 16-8 lead with 8 layups initially, I was thinking I could stop watching in about 5 minutes after we opened it up to a 25 point game. Unfortunately, I had to watch all 48 minutes tonight. Until the fourth quarter, the Lakers did not play defense. As good as our bench was, Lee and Robinson matched us with 43 between them. Nevertheless, the Lakers came out with a 120-109 victory. The Lakers continued to do what they do best—score.

They shot 51% from the field, including 11 threes, and 30 assists. They also had 13 blocks tonight (although it seemed every block led to a layup). The Lakers played fine offensively, but you can’t let the Knicks score 109 points—no excuses for that. Now, the bests of the night:

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) Kobe was Kobe again. 24 points, 11 assists, and 8 boards. He was getting everyone involved tonight and led us once again.

2) We all know Sasha shot the ball well tonight on his way to 20 points. However, it was his defense that impressed me tonight. Crawford started off on fire, and Sasha held him to 2-10 FGs in the fourth.

3) So many players could go here. You can’t go wrong. It would be Kwame, but he still needs to learn how to finish. Ronny had 14 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 blocks tonight. He was everywhere. He also helped hold Randolph to 7-20 FGs (Lamar gets most of the credit though).

Honorable mention: Fisher’s 17 points, Lamar’s 22 and 12, Farmar’s 9 assists and 2 steals, and Kwame’s double-double with 4 blocks. Like I said, we did fine offensively.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): I know Luke got hurt, but while he was in there, he looked bad. 0-3 FGs in 8 minutes. Get well soon though, Luke!

Key play of the game: Lamar making Curry look like the worst defender in the world (oh wait, he is) and getting an easy one handed slam.

What to look for next game: Detroit is always tough—especially at home where they are 15-4. Key to the game—win the rebounding battle. Game is Thursday @ 5:30 PM (KCAL delayed, I think).

  • lalaland

    that was one of the ugliest defensive performances i have seen in a long time. thank god NY sucks and we just played some d down the stretch to win. losing luke wont be that big a deal considering he does not do much. after the first 2 games on this road trip the rest of the team sucks so we better win at least 7 of the 9. and for gods sake will the lakers please stop shooting so many 3’s.

  • Thomas

    This wasn’t as pretty a win as we could have had but we were in a 3 game slump and this is what we need to make sure the road trip goes well. The key to the Detroit game is make Chauncy Billups pass and Rip Hamilton shoot with a hand in his face and crash the boards.

  • Envision4

    Why did we ever sign Walton to anything? I’d rather lose Walton than Kwame…

  • DingleBerry

    the machine baby!!!!!!!! i think sasha is playing like he is in a contract year, wait he is in a contract year. he is doing everything he can so he doesn’t have to sell fries at mcdonalds next year…

  • lalball81

    good game by Odom

  • http://thelakersnation.com Tyler

    this is not good well its good that we won, but not good that we barely could hold off the knicks. We should of blown them out of the water. I hope we play better D on the pistons and rebound or else were gonna get blown out.

    good win though headin in to the 9 game road trip. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  • T-Dub

    One of the worst teams in the league at home, and we barely get by. This will be a long 9-game trip. I’m going to say 3-6…now with the fluke hurt AGAIN…maybe this will trigger a move by Mitchfor some front court improvements.

    Odom/ Vladrad/ Sasha for Wilcox/ Wally Z./ Wilkins….


  • Young

    While Luke has been in a funk lately, I’m going to have to half-defend him. I think he, along with Lamar, are hurt more than they’re letting on. Obviously, Luke it hurt more now, but I think that ankle was still giving him problems. You can see it in the way he tries to lift when he shoots. Nonetheless, he’s made me miss Trevor a whole lot…hell, he’s making me miss Vlad.

    Anyhow, I liked how Kwame played. I empathize for the guy–it wasn’t his fault he was the number one pick. If he were a second rounder, we’d all be clamoring for Mitch to resign him. For example, someone else was saying that Kwame’s four blocks were “not bad”, whereas Ronny’s five blocks were “excellent” (or something of that derivative)…really? One block makes you go from “not bad” to “excellent”? Seriously? I just think it says a lot about how we view Kwame. Yeah, the guy doesn’t exactly have the most talent in the world and he can be pretty frustrating to watch, but jeez, give him his props when it’s due.

    I hope by now we’re seeing that getting the crowd behind his back is the best way to help him. I was ashamed as a Lakers fan to see us booing our own players. We aren’t the Knicks, thankfully.

  • leo

    T-Dub ur a retard!!….why wud we trade odom(rebounder,facilitator,sometimes 20pts), vlade, and sasha (our best shooters)for wilcox wally n willins…wow….tats worst than the kwame for caron trade…juss wow

  • trdsol23

    Agree, that is a pathetic trade. That has to be one of the worst trades in history. Sonics lost 14 in a row with those guys as starters. Just wow, to even come up with that trade is…wow. Shows that you know nothing about basketball…

  • daboss1848

    Gone are the Vujabitch comments?
    Gone are the Lamer Odumb comments?

    My biggest issue with this team is that they are a bunch of poons. No one intervened on behalf of Turiaf when he got cheapshotted by Barnes and same thing happened here with Sasha. The Lakers of old would have dropped that punk at first chance.

    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt – perhaps they thought Sasha was flopping…but this is clearly becoming commonplace where teams think they can manhadle us without retaliation, so far they are right.

    Back to the game – our guards (Fish, Farmar) got worked. KB keeps getting lit up because he keeps freelancing for steals/blocks and help D. Sasha has improved every year – and his tenacious D is quite annoying (see Melo, Balkman reactions). Turiaf refused to follow PJs instruction of staying down low on D so that the Knicks (specifically, David Lee) would not get ez putbacks – which is why we saw Kwame at the end of the game (who, by the way, did a good job holding down the fort).

    See u all at the next panic festival.

  • daboss1848

    oops “vujabyatch”

  • 08ChampLakers

    what a dumb thinking trade!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24119 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I like see that you’re still being positive. For awhile there you almost had me convinced you were a Laker fan but then you relapse, like a drug addict, and make me realize that you only like them when they win.

  • mplakers

    hey t-dub,

    i wouldn’t trade lamar, vlad and sasha for those guys either. however, i would gladly dump kwame and luke for wilcox and sczerbiak but, i don’t think the trade machine approves of it since it doesn’t work fiscally.

    the only way it would work is to move kwame, luke and vlad rad


    sasha and vlad are basically duplicates of each other’s skill but, vlad gets paid 5 million a year. wilcox and sczerbiak are improvements over kwame and luke plus both of their contracts expire in 2 years. the same year that kobe’s contract expires ( i believe) just in case kobe doesn’t resign, that would take kobe’s 20 million plus wilcox and sczerbiak’s 18 million if they don’t work out.

    seattle would want kwame because of his 9 million expiring contract which they can use to sign a better fit if he doesn’t work out for them. vlad flourished there and would probably be a starter and luke can just defer to durant all day long which, is what seattle probably wants.

    hmmm…lol…on second thought there isn’t much positives there for seattle….lol…

    like i said before, it’s a good trade machine possibilty but, unrealistic.

  • T-Dub

    Leo… first of all Wilcox would be able to rebound, defend the paint and block shots as well or better than Odom which is what we need. Wally is a better shooter than Vladrad and Sasha. Wilkins is a good tough basketball player who can create his own shot, all of which we are lacking on this squad. Seems to me that you’re the RETARD if you can’t see this.

  • T-Dub

    mplakers…you couldn’t trade Luke if your life depended on it. By now,every GM in the league has found him out. Vladrad hasn’t done anything in a Lakers uniform. Sasha has one good game a year! We all know whats wrong Odom. So why wouldn’t you trade these guys???

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24137 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-Dub: I hate to rain on the Chris Wilcox parade but he is only averaging 12.6 pts a game this year and only 7 boards a game (LO doing 11.5 and 9 boards per game so they are basically the same). For his career, Wilcox averages 9 pts and 5.4 boards a game, which isn’t all that (LO even though many despise him here, puts up better numbers). When Wilcox got to Seattle he did well, but his point productivity and rebounds page game has slipped year after year.

  • mp or mplakers

    t-dub put things in perspective

    sasha was benched his entire three years as a laker. how can he prouce if he gets 3 minutes a game or so. now that he is getting minutes, he’s putting up the numbers that justifies why the lakers drafted and kept him.

    vlad has been hurt. almost all of last year and most of this year but, when healthy he produces way more than luke.

    my comment “i wouldn’t trade lamar, vlad and sasha for those guys either.” was more directed at trading odom for wilcox. as much as we dog on odom over here, he is still a better producer than wilcox. that’s why i want to trade kwame, luke, and vlad for wilcox and sczerbiak instead. BUT LIKE I SAID IT WAS JUST A TRADE MACHINE SCENARIO. I WASN’T TOO SERIOUS ABOUT IT SINCE I HONESTLY DON’T THINK SEATTLE WOULD GO FOR IT.

  • fdhfgh

    lakers sux, go heat


    Good game but they’re STILL GETTING KILLED ON THE INSIDE.Yes and FINALLY LO HAD A AIGHT GAME BUT where was that game Sunday,there’s a difference between The Knicks and Cavs,one is actually going to the playoffs. I can’t stand it when they decide to step up against the OK teams but stand around when it’s time to play the Elite Teams. I would trade LO for S.Marion(you have to admit he’s MORE consistent plus Phoenix would love his game,he fits their better than LA,Lakers love SHOWTIME). It’s time to take it back to ol’ throw the ball up(ALLEY OOP)and BANG! They only have KB/AB for that,no one else fells like they have to jump. Imagine KB tossing Walton a Alley Oop,WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? Now imagine KB or DF tossing GERALD GREEN THAT ALLEY OOP(HE IS THE SLAM DUNK CHAMP),plus some suggested Big Ben,I’D DO THAT TRADE ALSO(WHETHER NOW OR OFF – SEASON,BETTER OFF-SEASON).

  • bryan

    Odom is actually averaging 13.4 pts per game with is 9.6 boards.

  • Ballin’08

    Why trade an underachieving player for another?? Pieces like Odom, and Sasha, Vladrad prove to be valuable trade bait, so why “settle” for Wilcox & friends…who more than likely will interept the “chemistry” for lack of a better word, when we’ve been talking about getting franchise players: JO, Kidd, Artest…that’s a big downgrade. We need immediate impact players if we’re gonna make a trade…not to make a trade for the sake of making a trade.

    Sure we’ve been telling Odom to be “more” aggresive and he thinks that means, “shoot a three” when he’s missed 5 open lay-ups…With “Odumb” he should be doing what Ariza was doing; being a slasher and attacking the basket…I mean we got Kobe, Fish and Farmar, who are automatic on the perimeter…play your role Lamar!!

    As for Sasha, I’ve gotten on him for his run and gun it up style…He has a “better” shot selection now, and has hit some big shots…

    Vlad can’t play D he’s the reason…I can’t forget Peja lighting us up for 36 and all those 3’s he made with Vlad’s lazy defense…hit’s an open shot here and their but he’s expendable right.

    Kwame played well in the last 6 minutes of the game…Why??? He was playing D…He was challenging shots, being a presence in the paint, the stuff he should have been doing…I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Not too much praise to be given though because if he had done this in the first place the Knicks would have to have settled for outside shots and we would have blown them out…but I’ll take the win.

    Walton….(sigh)…what can you say about this kid. He has been scared to touch the ball, so much so that he turns it over at every opportunity…He played well in the beggining of the season as a starter for Odom. PJ starts him b/c he thinks Luke can develop a better rythem as a starter than a bench player…that was the only reason Ariza didn’t start. He can’t play defense and gets d!cked by everyone he plays. Luke needs to prove something when he gets back…

    The Lakers would be better served to run Kobe at the 3 now w/ Luke out,and give Farmar or Sasha some starting minutes…having Ronny alternate at the 3,4,& 5 spots.
    Ronny comes to play hard everynight. You can’t say nothing bad about the guy….

  • T-Dub

    mplakers…I don’t know, the Sonics just might go for it, but we’ll never know if we dont try. As bad as they’re doing, I can see them looking to cut cost. If we can keep LO and get Wilcox, wonderful. But like DCLAKER was saying, whatever happened the big, strong , nasty PF of old. LO doesn’t fit that, Wilcox does. Lakers1st, I think his numbers are down because Carlisimo’s weak system…that run and gun crap. Power and defense wins championships, ask Phoenix.

  • bryan
  • kingkb24

    i think the play of the game was when farmar throught that horrible lob to turiaf and turiaf finished with that crazy ass dunk

  • MikNLakeShow

    What about the fact that we could not get a defensive rebound?
    BOX OUT!!!
    I wanted to pull my hair out every time I saw Nate Robinson rattle one of his ugly shots in, and I had to look at Spike Lee’s dumb grimace.

    This was not a good game, but a good recovery in the last five minutes.
    If we were playing like this against any time better than the worst five in the NBA, we would have lost.

  • sepehr

    Balkman got suspended for that dirty play. It was only 1 game where as I would have liked to see something harsher (maybe 2 games ).

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #24115 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you bet you’re ass he is!!!

  • MILO

    If J-Kidd is traded somewhere in the west what does this do to the All-Star game???

    What are the cahnces Kidd will end up in Cleveland???I think there good cause they do need a point guard Hughes and Gibson are not much of one at all.With Kidd and James it will be 2 assist machines out on the floor at the same time…


    What do you guy’s think???

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #24165 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I meant chances fu-ck!!!

  • http://Farmers.com Jcritt.=star

    One of the worst teams in the league at home, and we barely get by. This will be a long 9-game trip. I’m going to say 3-6…now with the fluke hurt AGAIN…maybe this will trigger a move by Mitchfor some front court improvements.

    Odom/ Vladrad/ Sasha for Wilcox/ Wally Z./ Wilkins….


    Yo nice trade however i dont think we need odom in the deal or wilkins

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24151 Will Be Quoted Here]

    PJ Carlesimo was hired to coach the Sonics last summer, which means this is his first year as head coach. Wilcox’ numbers dropped last season too, when Carlesimo wasn’t head coach.

  • zenmaster2323

    I doubt that anyone cares if Luke is injured. In fact, that is probably the reason why the Lakers won this game. If Luke stays injured for the next 9 games, we should have a decent chance on this road trip.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #24167 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think a little more down the lines of 5-4 c’mon whre is you’re optimsm???

  • MILO

    Thu 31 @ Detroit 4:30pm KCAL HD KLAC, KWKW
    February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
    Fri 01 @ Toronto 4:00pm KCAL HD , RTV, RTVHD KLAC, KWKW
    Sun 03 @ Washington 9:00am KCAL HD NBATVHIGHDEF KLAC, KWKW
    Tue 05 @ New Jersey 4:30pm KCAL HD NBATVHIGHDEF, RTV KLAC, KWKW
    Wed 06 @ Atlanta 4:00pm KCAL HD KLAC, KWKW
    Fri 08 @ Orlando 4:00pm KCAL HD KLAC, KWKW
    Sun 10 @ Miami 12:30pm KLAC, KWKW
    Mon 11 @ Charlotte 4:00pm KCAL HD KLAC, KWKW
    Wed 13 @ Minnesota
    five of these teams are easy matchups for the Lakers specialy Minn and Miami

  • MILO

    I will be boycotting any fu-ck-en games aired on a delay there-for the first two i wont be watching fu-ck k-cal 9

  • somelakerfan1

    One of the worst teams in the league at home, and we barely get by. This will be a long 9-game trip. I’m going to say 3-6…now with the fluke hurt AGAIN…maybe this will trigger a move by Mitchfor some front court improvements.

    Odom/ Vladrad/ Sasha for Wilcox/ Wally Z./ Wilkins….


    why the heck we will be 3-6 the teams after Detroit arent very good i say 8-1 probably 9-0

  • http://yahoo.com cfresh

    9-0 on this upcoming trip, no doubt.

  • somelakerfan1
  • MILO

    I just saw an ACC game on ESPN it was Virginia-Maryland, now im definately no GM but there is a palyer by the name of Benbala Osby i think the Lakers should look into drafting this guy for next season he’s kinda like a Ben Wallace he even has the fro and has a better freethrow % than Ben and Kwame.They could sign this guy for 1mill or so and he’ll be a good back up to Bynum.KWAME CAN GO HOME AND WATCH THE GAMES FROM HIS COUCH!!!

  • T-Dub

    Kidd is going to Dallas in a 3-way deal involving Portland. There’re alot of decent NBA players drafted from #15 and down but for the most, 90% of the best players are lottery picks. The Lakers are stuck between a rock and a hard place…as long as they have Kobe, they will finishwith a top 12 record, meaning they will always draft from #18 down. Meaning no all-stars unless they get lucky ala Spurs, Mavs. They have to decide to rebuild without Kobe, and get young all-stars (Blazers), or make trades to get all-stars to play with Kobe. They will never have cap space as long as they have Kobe, so they won’t be signing any TOP free agents anytime soon. If they continue with this plan, they will continue to be a good team, but not a championship team just like the last 3.5 years. They MUST make a trade to bring in an all-star to play with Kobe and Bynum or trade Kobe and start over!

  • MILO

    Beleive me when i say that i hate this guy but Le’Bron just stuffed down one of the most sick ass dunks everrr!!!WOW

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #24185 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Always being optimistic I see. Why don’t you make a decision when the team is healthy again and everyone is back (remember before the injuries we got to the #1 spot in the West).

    Even Magic Johnson said if Bynum wasn’t injured the Lakers would be #1 in the West”

    “The Lakers, we’ve got problems right now. It’s tough because a lot of things that we were doing successfully, [Bynum] was involved in,” said Johnson. “You can’t replace 17 and 10 every night, that’s hard. And what, about three blocks I think he was averaging?”

    “You couldn’t defend him. The pick and roll play was bread and butter. He made everybody better,” said Johnson. “Also, he made the game easier for Kobe [Bryant]. We can’t get that back now.”

    “Now you know why [Laker GM Mitch Kupchak] didn’t want to trade him. Also, everybody wanted him back in trade . . . New Jersey and Indiana,” remembers Johnson. “Everybody saw the potential but you never know if a young man is going to reach that potential. Give him credit.”

    “If Bynum is not out, I’m telling you right now we’d have the best record in the West,” said Johnson. “You know [Laker owner] Dr. Buss and Mitch are smart enough to add the pieces that are necessary for us to really compete. Now that we know what we’ve got, the Lakers make a move to win the championship. We’re excited about the future and I’m sure Kobe is too.”

    “I can’t tell you if the Lakers are going to make a move or not. We don’t normally talk about things that we want to do,” laughed Johnson. “Of course, we’re like every other team. We’re looking. That’s a part of it.”

  • lakers1fan

    Go Lakers!!

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #24144 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your a f*cking freelancer..stay away punk

  • Ryan

    [Comment ID #24144 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dude best watch himself

  • domidomdomz

    Lakers GM, please consider this one..

    Vlad, Fluke and Mihm for Wally, Wilkins and Collison

  • mplakers



    of course lakers would trade those guys in a heartbeat…seattle won’t.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    lets go lakers, we need to play better at detroit..