MVP MVP MVP! That is what Arco sounded like as the Lakers erased a 13 point second half deficit to come away with a 117-105 victory in Sacramento. Sadly, this was a great win for the Lakers as it showed how resilient we are. The Lakers outscored the Kings 36-18 in the fourth and scored 106 points from their starting five.

Offensively, the Lakers played well. 45% from the field, 83% from the stripe, 47 boards, 22 assists, but 16 turnovers (most in the first half). The Lakers improved to 43-18 as they handed the Kings only their 11th home loss of the season.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers -

1) He may have started 7-21, but he made his last 5 and that is all that matters. 34 points, 10 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals, and MVP chants. KOBE!

2) Pau had an amazing game. This shouldn’t shock you because the Kings have no size. 31 points on 15 shots. 10 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. He might even be number one. Too bad he has Kobe on his team.

3) Lamar played great! 19 points on 8-10 FGs, 12 boards, 3 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): The bench as a whole. 9 points compared to 24 from Sac. We can do better than that.

Play of the Game: Pau full court to Luke, back to Pau for the one handed Slam! (Kobe had some nice ones too.)

What to Look for Next Game: Should be another easy win. Clippers suck. Game is Friday @ 7:30 PM (FSN).

  • The Nugget


  • kb24 4life

    we are 4 real man…13 down and win by 12 , thats a good team…

  • mrjustinoh


  • Jsahmad

    108 points from the starting 5***

  • Basher

    Wow the Lakers got lucky with that one. Thankfully we were playing the Kings. Tonight we showed how bad the Kings are as of right now. But in a summary of that game…. Kobe = MVP!!

  • LakersOnFire

    4 minutes of defense won this game for us.

  • MILO

    How’s that for deserving the MVP Skip Bayliss/Hater, you should be bowing down to the real King of the NBA
    the best there is!
    the best there was!
    and ever will be!


    Queens get the fu-ck off!!!

  • Tim

    play of the games should be that and the kobe 360

  • MWilson2

    Did you see how the fans were dogging Kobe lol that was funny

  • e

    yeah the 360 was nice

  • lakerz

    kobe showing he has pride with his jersey poppin

  • lakerz

    360 dunk by kobe was #8 on BSPN.

  • drake hunter

    Luke needs to go back to the bench next game and Radmans gotta start. We’re more dangerous offensively when Luke isn’t so involved in the offense. He gets so many touches on offense and he tends to over force the issue. Leave that job for Lamar. As witnessed tonight and the last game, our bench needs a boost, and maybe Walton can be a spark for them.

  • leo

    if kobe is not mvp then the world is not round

  • KiKosDad

    …and for all, no need to worry anymore.

    There’s no comparison.

    Through all the hurt, banged up and pain that Kobe is having this season. (do we even need to remind everyone about it just for the sake of comparison)

    for all of us, sir Kobe Bean Bryant is 07-08 Most Valuable Player.

  • Kobe’s Pinkie

    It felt good tonight!!

  • foxxy

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  • lakerrfani

    [Comment ID #28512 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahah, YEAH!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    he’s HOT! :-D he was airing out his perspiration YO! :)

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    The Lakers played well enough to win tonight. Offensively, all of them played very well (obviously Kobe took over in the fourth). The defense for three and a half quarters wasn’t very good as they allowed too many points in the paint.

    The last couple games, the opposition has really come out strong and played physical against the Lakers. With the Lakers now having a bullseye on their back, teams are going to come out even harder and even more physical. No team in the NBA wants to watch the Lakers win, especially after they acquired Gasol.

  • iLakers

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    Yeah the defense was non-existent until the last like 6 min of the fourth. But Kobe and Pau picked up the slack. Our bench is lost somewhere in the North Pole.

    I agree with you on how these teams are stepping up their game when they play us. You see that no-right point guard they had, we made him look like a friggin all-star.

    Im glad we got the win tonite because both the Spurs and the Suns won.

    And the throne of the L belongs to King Kobe…someone bring him his scepter…haha.

  • Alvin

    That Kobe guy…he’s pretty good.

  • lakerrfani

    [Comment ID #28523 Will Be Quoted Here]
    this is all true, every team is trying to beat out the lakers
    and it has been very obvious these past couple days
    but hey
    its only gonna make them better and more
    prepared when playoffs come around
    nba champs 08! hopefully! :D

  • kaybee248

    dude im so tired of luke sh*t drop luke now please! mitch do it somehow! std=Fluke Walton

  • SunsRGay

    “Should be another easy win. Clippers suck.”

    Hahaha I couldn’t have put it better in any other way Mr. Avery

  • jackmaadtech

    I was just at theres an opinion poll for mvp. over 110000 votes lebron 83% kobe 15%. how is this possible ya lebron is great but there just above 500 and there in the east only two teams with 40 wins and only 5 with winning records. kobe has carried the lakers the last two years and never got this recognition. I’ve watched lebron play he has no poetic motion he’s not multidementional he’s just a big guard that can dunk and travel to the hoop. I just don’t get why lebron is even in the mvp running ahead of kg cp or even chuancy this is a sham if the lakers win over 50 games and kolbe doesn’t win

  • LA LA land

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    wat an understatement…. the spin move on martin… pure genius

  • Edward

    Radman can not defend any man on the run. He isn’t fast enough. Luke is a decent player when he does his job. He can get a few interior points here and there. I was just glad to see fisher back to normal on offense. But where did’s Jordan’s shot go? haha.

  • Kwame Brown

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    Actually we don’t know what shape of the world is. But I’m guessing u mean the earth I actually payed atention in my 12th grade remedial science class. DANG I shuldve went to college to work on my basketball and then I wuldnt be in this situation

  • Kwame Brown

    dont worry about me guys I talked to coach Jackson earlier this week and he said they will sign me next year to the d league. And in no time I will be back to my allstar form and will take bynum’s place

  • jrich

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    Luke is a piece of f**kin sh*t. WTF is wrong with this guy? He shot another wide open airball from the corner. How many airballs has he shot this year? I have never shot an airball when I’m wide open… and I only play for fun. This douche bag whitey gets paid $5 million dollars a year and he can’t shoot, he can’t defend, his post moves are slow, his dad is a douche, and he’s a total waste of space. No offense to the white boys out there, I’m 25% white myself so I have the right to use that word. HA

  • Lakers4Life

    Whatever the reason is.. Phil sure trust Luke out there.

  • jrich

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    I don’t think Phil has a choice. Vladimir just got back from his injury and Trevor is injured.

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #28497 Will Be Quoted Here]

    People People, what in the world is going on???????????

    Everybody go to and start voting Kobe for MVP against Lebron. Currently Lebron is leading Kobe by 85%. wtf?

    Do those a s s holes for voted for Lebron not realize that if Cavs were in the west they won’t even make it to the playoffs. G.state has a better record than them.

    what a shame!

  • sepehr

    Of course Lebron will get more votes on, he is marketed alot more and is seen as the future of the league. The people who actually vote for the MVP can’t screw Kobe out of the MVP this year, it will be nearly impossible and it will discredit the league as a whole if the Lakers win 15+ more games than the Cavs who play in the leastern conference.

  • kingkb24

    kobe got like 48% of mvp votes on the espn and there were three other people


    I was one of the ones screaming MVP! Arco was purple and gold last night


    Luke is a good bench player. The reason he’s in the nba is because of his fundamentals and not his skills. What he needs to do is go out and rent a lot of AND 1 dvd’s, run on sand to increase his speed, chase a chicken around an empty lot wearing ripped grey sweats and marry a chick named adrian.

  • thisbedo

    i saw the overall on espn last nite and KOBE had like over 85% of the votes only two states outta the whole US chose Lebron Ohio and Rhode Island


    I AM SO F!@#$IN’ AMPED RIGHT NOW,FO’REAL! I loved when KING KOBE(as Reggie Miller calls him)yelled into the crowd after the 360 DUNK,THAT WAS THE S!@#! I just can’t until AB/Ariza get back,boy,oh boy it’s going to get crazy.Down 13 or 17 points and you when by 12,I don’t care who the team is,VICTORY IS OURS!,THE RETURN OF AB!!!

  • goofella

    can’t wait till Bynumite and ariza come back either. when ariza comes back that should permanently put luke in street clothes, that dude is freakin’ stiff. can’t believe the money made this kid soft in the middle. you a pop tart sweety.


    If anybody is out there,HOW MANY THANK LUKE NEEDS TO BE TRADED DURING THE OFF SEASON. PJ seems to think luke can’t play 30 min. a game anymore and plus he doesn’t take care of himself like he should like during All-Star Weekend he said he just laid around and did nothing(he said during the game vs.Miami)even R.Miller said he’s like his daddy,LAZY!

  • Ed

    I’m going to the Lakers Clippers game. It’s my first game ever. I am so excited. I’m taking everything that has Kobe’s name or picture on it. If Kobe gives autographs anything that I own, I’m gonna break down in tears. Plus, one more thing, everytime you guys hear an MVP chant for Kobe know that it started from me. Eveytime Kobe shoots free throws I’m gonna yell out MVP and get everyone around me do do the same.