Same opponent, much better result.

This was a game the Lakers had to win, but getting the outcome wasn’t pretty. They continued playing subpar defense and gave the Kings a free path basket pretty much the entire game.

They played with more of a sense of urgency toward the end of third quarter. However, despite starting the fourth quarter with a 10 point lead, they allowed the Kings to put up 31 points and pull the game to as close as 5 with a little under 3 minutes to go.

On a positive note, we did win the game, we kept our turnovers to 11, much lower than our previous game against the Kings. We also shot an impressive 47% from beyond the arc as a team. It doesn’t make up for the 14 missed free throws, but impressive nonetheless.

Player of the Game: Has to go to Kobe. He had 32 points on 52% shooting, adding 7 boards, 3 assists, and a block. Most importantly he provided the life we needed when we were struggling in the third.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s two-handed dunk with 1:36 left in the game. The game was over at that point, but his 3-point play extended the lead to 10, making a comeback all the more unlikely.

What’s Coming Up Next: The Minnesota Timberwolves visit Staples Sunday. Seems like it should be an easy win when you see who we’re facing, but no team we have faced has been easy win lately.

  • Ko8e_f@n

    finally a good game by kobe on this recent stretch! :)


    Having Walton play this many minutes is a formula for mediocrity! And, like I’ve said before, Ignorance is truly BLISS! …Even my mother-in-law can pass the ball around and eventually she would, by default no less, notch a few assists to her stat sheet!
    ….Until Walton can establish himself as a true scoring threat on the offensive side, and/or a true defensive stopper, or at the very least, a defensive presence on the defensive side of the floor, the guy brings very little of a winning or dominating influence to the game!
    …If passing is all the opposition has to worry about, from a player’s standpoint, that player can be totally nullified by overplaying passing lanes and/or other players on the floor! …A perfect example of this and case in point would be in: (CP3’s) Chris Paul’s game and repertoire, which has passing in his arsenal most of the time, but he is a major offensive threat, all of the time!
    …Another stat that is blown way out of proportion is this new idea or philosophy that has recently been invented by some so-called knowledgeable or analytic basketball people, which intends to force BLISSFUL thinking, into translating a +/- stat; directly into an invaluable or valuable perception of any given player, while on the floor! ….The winning team will always have most of the positive point (+) players, while the losing team will always have most of the negative point (-) players!
    …Case in point: In tonight’s game, John Salmons was dominating; both on offensive and defensive runs while he was on the floor, yet his +/- stat was a -10!
    …Beno Udrih was not only dominating and attacking the Lakers at will, while being an offensive Juggernaut during his ENTIRE time on the floor, yet his +/- stat was a -14!
    …Walton had a 2 for 7 shooting night, with 4 points, 1 rebound, 1 steal, had a shot blocked against him, and 4 personal fouls, with 8 assists that even my grandmamma, would have picked up, yet his +/- stat was +15!
    …Walton simply plays in SLOW motion while everyone else is going full speed! …Is it a wonder to anyone, how the Lakers have struggled MIGHTILY, in the two HOME games in which Walton not only started but got major minutes!
    …Don’t get me wrong, I think Walton is a nice guy, but he is also a very weak weapon that The Lakers have in their arsenal at this time, and brings to the mix, in my opinion, a losing proposition! ENOUGH SAID!

  • lakers4lyfe

    ^ wow…u really feel strongly about that…lol

  • Michael

    I totally agree with Warlock. WTF is Walton doing in the starting five. Let alone in the f-king game. Anyone can do what he does out there. He crowds up the lanes for Bynum and Gasol. Radman gave you the three point threat and spacing on the floor. Yes, sometimes he makes some airheaded plays but he is a way better fit than fluke. Fluke dribbles the ball till he finds someone to pass to. Way too one-dimensional. No killer instinct. Everyone knows what he is going to do and his jv type defense is going to be exposed by guys like Pierce. Wake the f-up, phil.

  • the antoine

    he’s getting 8 assists.. thats what he’s doing.

  • jason420_7

    radman belongs where he is on the bench…hes just not a very smart player..actually thats an understatement..he cant even hardly dribble for more then a few steps without getting all out of control..thats ok if he was a center or power forward but not at the 3 position..and ariza’s energy is much better suited for a bench role besides the fact that hes a super inconsistent shooter and not a flow with the offense type player..that only leaves guess who..luke walton..wich i dont mind at all as long as he stops picking up those stupid reaching fouls..wich by the way alot of lakers have to stop doin not just him!!!

    I thought it was a decent game last night..defensively we got better every quarter until the 4th wich we sucked again at closing out shooters and i kept seeing people leaving their man to double who had no reason or need to do so…why are we doubling anyone on the sacremento kings to begin with…the 3rd quarter it looked like we actually woke up on d playing very well and at a high energy at that end of the floor, only to revert back to the same ol bad habits in the 4th quarter..I dont know..i guess we’ll see as the season goes along if they fix it or not..nothin much else we as fans can do!!!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    anyone happy with this result? u can be, but im not. Our defense is still out of flow and we cant seem to stop teams the last 7-8 games. Sure were 19-3 but this Laker team is turning out to be like last one’s….playing great offense until we met the celts and learned that defense wins championships. The Showtime Era was a decade ago, we need to tighten things up NOW!!!


    For all of you Walton Lovers, let me just throw this out there, before it actually happens! ….LOL!
    It’s possible some other team’s GM has been impressed with Walton’s basketball prowess from back in the day, and might feel that Luke, if healthy, could be compatible with what they are trying to do… And therefore, are in contact with, and have asked the Lakers’ Brass to play Luke for an agreed upon period of time, in order to dispel any permanent, physical regression, due to injury! …And maybe, just maybe; this is a short show-case to an up-coming trade! …Cuz, it doesn’t make any other sense to this move, especially right at the time, when VladRad was Ballin like never before!

  • lainok

    All this battle of Vlade and Luke. Look, they both have their attributes. Vlade can hit the 3 ball much more efficently, and when he’s really on, you can count on a 10 point or more swing in just a couple minutes. Beyond that, he doesn’t really do much. Luke can space the floor a lot better and set up the other guys for more success. So both of them can help start the game off right, when they are on. But that’s the problem, they have to have an “on” night to be able to get that done. There’s only two guys on this team that have been consitent all season. Gasol and Ariza. Only one is a starter. Luke and Vlade can give a great effort off the bench, but Ariza has earned the right to start. He is one of the top three guys on the team right now, and one of the few going to or coming off of the bench that isn’t whining about it right now. Vlade cryed about it, Drew is crying about being out at the end, Odom may not be saying anything but he is still sulking about coming off the bench. Kobe’s numbers are down around the board, but he’s not crying because his team is 19-3. All the team needs to step it up, but the argument of Luke or Vlade means nothing when it’s Ariza that should be starting.

  • jason420_7

    i agree that ariza’s our best small forward..but he cant start for the reason that we need his energy more off the bench unless your gonna play him unbelievable minutes..and he cant shoot very well compared to the other 2..i have a massive man crush on ariza lol..but hes in a perfect role for him right now..i would love to see walton get traded for a lil better option at the 3 position..but for now hes our best option to start..vlad rad can hit a 3..sometimes..sometimes he hits the top of the backboard when hes wide open too lol…do i think walton is a supreme nba hes the best option to start cause our starters are a half court offense while our bench is a run and gun offense which fits ariza more..i like it the way it is rotation wise…we just need to step up the intensity on defense!!!

  • Moses

    I actually thought Lamar’s influence on last night’s game was quite understated and went beyond what his stats showed.

    I thought he played well last night, thought we looked much better when he was on the floor, and maybe he could be the answer to our small forward problem, i know a lot of people will probably hammer this line of thought, but think about this:

    – His size adds a mismatch
    – It creates a huge front-line
    – Our best 5 will be on the floor
    – Lamar’s versatility as a ball player could serve the starting unit well, creating possibly a lot of good looks for Pau and Andrew.
    – The argument for Luke is that he is a good passer, but Lamar is quite a good passer himself, and much more athletic than Luke, and more consistent on D than Radmanovic or Luke.
    – Lamar’s size could help with rebounding, and while he isn’t that strong for a power forward, as a small forward he looks pretty big.
    – I think he’d do ok against the likes of Pierce.

  • jason420_7

    i think we need lamar off the bench for size purposes..with him in the starting lineup it really limits our size off the bench and the rotation of gasol bynum and odom is a nice one..always have at least 2 of em on the court right now 99 percent of the time..and wouldnt get that with him starting…and hes not a good shooter at all..if we had more depth at pf and center i would say yes but we dont.

  • Whatsa

    ..Luke’s not a scorer. He runs the offense.

  • Logic Guy

    THE ZEN MASTER HAS LOST IT— He says their biggest problem is defense. He has about eight guys who think they are facilitators. About a week ago they were saying how effective defensively Vlade has been this year plus, he is the team leading three point shooter. What does the Zen Master do? GRABBAGGING! He he replaces the best shooter and the effective defender with another “Fluke” facillator that can only do one thing. (Facillatate) Remember last year when on national TV the announcers said that if Kwame Brown and Luke Walton continue to start for this team they will not make the playoffs. Our senile zenmaster has forgotten that. These guys can get enough offense by accident to beat most of the West, but defense is another story. This move makes the Lakers a weaker team against stronger teams. It probably want be noticed against weaker teams.

    The poor communications with the player in this instance, along with the many guys on this team that think they have a legitimate gripe leads me to think the Zen Master is loosing this team fast. Times have changed. You have to talk to players. You can not do all your communicating with your players solely through the media. Is the DEFENSE better?


    Why would any of you dumb b*stards question PHIL’s coaching???????

  • Michael

    anyone can do what luke does. shoot airballs and dribble the ball till someones open. Everyone knows hes not going to shoot it. Too one dimensional and has no one-on-one defense; thats how he gets those reach-in fouls all the time.

  • sketch

    since the lakers clearly don’t want to insert LO into the starting line up, and Ariza is a tremendous spark coming off of the bench; the only 2 viable options to start at the 3 is Luke and Vlad-suck. Luke is much smarter than vlad and does a much better job than vlad in the starting line up.

    i do see what you’re saying as a possibility though senor juan. i know that the lakers are still not done with tweaking their team. we all know that their defensive identity is still lacking. we know the players on this team can play defense, but there’s not 1 guy that can lead by example and demand it out of them! not even Kobe! Kobe only does a few strong defensive efforts, but if you watch him throughout the game, his man is constantly driving around him.

    KG is that defensive identity for boston. before he got there, was Paul Pierce aka pudgy known for defense? was Ray Allen? KG leads by example and demands that of this team (make no mistakes about it…it’s KG’s team and not pudgy’s)

    we need that defensive identity if we want to play consistent D. so i can see senor Juan’s point of show-casing Luke to attract other GMs out there to trade for a defensive minded player.

    someone in a previous article back last week had mentioned Alonzo Mourning being ready by Dec. is there any possibility to pull Zo outta retirement and compete with us on this Lakers team? he would definitely be that defensive identity even if it’s only gonna be 20-25 minutes a night!

  • jason420_7

    i like your thinking sketch..but not alonzo mourning even if he is one of my all time favorite players..hes just too old..i dont have a problem trying to move walton but will we really get a guy in return for walton that would make that much of a difference..i dont see it!

  • daboss1849




    These are all players that are unhappy and we can get throwing Lo expiring contract at them maybe with some draft pics or throw ins.

  • Freshh

    Fake boss alert #2?

    Damn dudes should be trying to emulate me, not boss


  • e

    luke has been working well with the first line recently…since fisher is not much of a passer and cant run the offense properly, it is interesting seeing walton play the position of point forward..i was not too hot on luke playing at all and i will admit myself i was absolutely disgruntled by his play..however, with scorers like kobe and pau..a shooter like fisher, and a inside finisher in bynum, luke does not need to necisarily score to be effective..i like him running the offense

  • Lakers4Life

    what happened to the “Top 3 Laker Performers” and the “Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest).” It’s always nice to read those.


    [Comment ID #56777 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This appears to be written by “Katie” and not Avery, our normal pre-post game writer. I’m assuming she’s a backup. Fair job, but not the same flair as Avery.

  • sketch


    i know that Zo is older, but the dude is as fit as a friggin horse! if friggin Faq, i mean Shaq can still play being how outta shape he is, imagine Zo. all we need is for him to patrol the floor for 20-25 minutes a game, even less when it’s a bad team, to block or change some shots. he’s not the “defensive identity” that i was talking about in my previous comment, but then who is besides KG at this point?! he’ll be plenty enough going down the stretch like how he was for the miami heat when they won it that year. if it wasn’t for Zo, the mav’s would’ve been the champs that year.

    i’m not really looking to move luke, but i just don’t see the lakers sitting idly by as other teams are improving and seeing how our defense is being exposed. if there’s a move, it’s probably more than just luke for a straight up trade. it’ll most likely be luke + vlad + LO or something of that nature.

    i’m not proposing any combination of a trade, i’m simply saying that not just 1 person, but a few people may get moved in order for us to get what we need.

  • Zenfire

    People need to understand, Bynum and Pau together equal what Shaq was. You had the great offense from Pau plus the defense and the boards of a Bynum all in one man. Shaq brought serious power and TOUGHNESS to the lakers, something that they are definitely in need of. Last night Kobe stated in an interview that this squad is not as nearly as tough as the old championchip squad. Stoudmire brings that to the suns, KG to the celtics, Oden to the Trailblazers. TOUGHNESS will make it happen for the Lakers

  • lakerferlife7

    wat we need is a sf that can play great d…..we have ariza but i like him coming off the bench…..we should trade lamar for the matrix,butler, or prince…..lamar doesnt do shit anyway…i think that the only true possibility is marion…..maybe butler cause the wizards suck and need to change things around

  • sketch

    marion is not exactly a defensive identity that would set the tone for the entire team. what the team needs is not an individual defensive player, but someone who will inspire TEAM DEFENSE! like how KG is able to do for the celts. maybe there’s no one else out there that’s like him in that way, but that’s what we need!

  • let there be light

    There is something wrong. This said, Phil needs to change the line-up back to last years. We are gonna be best with this line-up: FISHER, KOBE, RADMAN, LAMAR, GASOL. THus making the second unit as follows: FARMAR, SASHA, ARIZA, POWELL, BYNUM. I really dont think Bynum is ready for starter minutes. Bynum and Powell play well together seen in the pre-season. This will improve the attitude of LAMAR and fix some of the issues. I said this at the beginnig of year, and im saying it now. I think Phil needs to start COACHING now. Then he can change up the second unit as much as he wants. Lastly, Something is up with kobe, he needs to Put his SLEEVE back on or the the tape on his fingers. I am worried because he celtics and cavs are playing championship ball and we are NOT. we really dont need any trades or changes.

  • jason420_7

    da boss..are u kidding me u really think we could trade for nash and stoudamire lol..yeah pheonix would allow that to happen..and even if they did its a horrible deal cause nash is getting old and NEITHER OF THEM PLAY ANY DEFENSE lol..wich is why pheonix hasnt won..stoudamire while an awesome offensive probably worse then any the current lakers on the defensive end..why dont we discuss actualy real trade possabilities if thats gonna be the topic..rather then fake fantasy video game ones that wouldnt help us anyways.


    Alonzo Mourning would be a great fit on any team, even if; for only one season/20-25 minutes per! …But, that is not going to happen outside of Miami. …Zo is in love with Miami! …Go check out the Miami Heat’s sports blogs and/or threads and you will figure that out for yourself.

  • sketch

    i’m sure he can be lured back. there’s no team there anymore! he knows that riley is gone and the pieces there even with him aren’t enough to compete. he may not be after the money, but even he admitted that kobe is the best player and that along with having the chance to compete for another title just might be enough to lure him back.

    also bynum can learn a thing or 2 about defense from Zo! all that talk about wanting to stay in and play in the 4th, good job bynum. way to go. you friggin fouled out with your first opportunity after whinning like a little biatch about it in the media! now STFU!!!!!! STFU and learn to listen and to trust your coaching staff, BIATCH!!!!!!


    I think “let there be light” makes a very good, if not great; Point!

    #1) This should naturally inspire & motivate Lamar (Remember he’s in his contract year) to a higher level of focus & intensity, if not his best year; across the board!
    #2) This will allow Bynum to continue developing more dominance, bringing more intensity, but still, with less chance of fouling out! …Remember how Bynum dominated off the bench last year, when Kwame was here, but without a Pau Gasol in sight!
    #3) This would basically be the same team that went barreling thru, the same but seemingly weaker group of western conference playoff teams that will again be there this year; with relative ease! …And if there would have been any amount or level of fair play; they also should have beaten the Celtics in The Finals! …But, with the added valuable year of experience and seasoning for the entire team, plus a more seasoned & dominant Bynum, plus a super energetic defensive and offensive minded Ariza, but minus the LIABILITY, that I’m sorry to say; Mr. Walton brings to the mix. …This same but more powerful and proven mix should be given a shot! …AGAIN!


    [Comment ID #56762 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Which offense? …The Lakers? …Or do you mean he makes the other teams offense more efficient? …LOL,
    Sorry, just couldn’t resist this one! …LOL!

  • jason420_7

    ok now i have to completely ignore mr juan the warlock as i now realize hes one of the many ignorant fans who think we got screwed in the finals instead of just beat up and outplayed

    “And if there would have been any amount or level of fair play; they also should have beaten the Celtics in The Finals!”

    thats just a moronic statement..i suppose everytime we lose we got cheated..we didnt get cheated in the finals..we got outplayed outclassed out hustled and outpassioned and we’re BEATEN..period.

    Your opinion now has absolutely no credibility and i hope everyone here completely ignores everything u say from now on cause u my friend dont know dk about basketball!


    [Comment ID #56794 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Tisk, tisk,
    1) Little boy, you need to go back to basketball school.
    2) There really is no need to reply to yur RANT!
    3) But! …Not to worry tho, since I know it’s really not your fault, and you have plenty of time to rectify; yur more than obvious BLISSFUL thinking!
    4) And since the high possibility exits that the numbers on your site name; most likely add up to your AGE!


    One more thing Jason…….
    The Celtics absolutely and without question, beat down on the Lakers in Game 6, but only after being demoralized for 5 freakin jokes of an officiated Series! …After those 5 games the Lakers, especially the young-ones were demoralized and discouraged beyond belief, and it showed in their body language through out game 6; therefore, the subsequent voided need, for further assistance from the NBA’s version of the stripe-less Zebras! …Furthermore, I do not stand alone with this opinion; it was very obvious watching this on the boob tube to millions of viewers; Lakers fans and non-Lakers fans alike, throughout the entire country! …Get a grip, dude! This is not a revelation!

  • Smush Walton

    If we are counting on winning the finals with either Luke or Vlad then forget it! These guys both suck big time. The defense doesn’t even bother covering Luke when he is on the floor because he is a JV player at best. Recently the weakness of our point guards is also being exposed. Its time to consider filling some of these holes or we are looking at another disappointing playoffs – when the season really matters.

    The core of this team is obviously Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Ariza. The rest are EXPENDABLE.

  • jason420_7

    yup warlock..and all those people who refused to admit we got beat in the finals and think we got “screwed” by the refs are idiots too..its not your fault you was born that way.

  • Dracul

    RadmanoGlitch was actually contributing effectively in the last couple of games, so and now suddenly Fluke is in the starting lineup? WTF?? At least yank him if he’s continuing to suck, but the dude was scoring between 8 and 11 points a game, and now he’s not playing AT ALL ?

    The problem isn’t Fluke or Glitch, this is just something minor. The problem is if Fish/Farmar can CONSISTENTLY get beat with the high screen and roll, that’s always going to cause the defense to scramble. In the last game against the Kings, there would be mad scrambles to shooters simply because Beno Udrih got by his man a few seconds earlier.

    Either Fish/Farmar learn to defend the screen and roll, or we need to trade LO for a defensive point guard. Josh Powell seems to work out pretty well at the backup PF, and good things happen when he’s on the floor, especially since he’s an offensive rebounding specialist, with Fisher/Sasha/Ariza shooting, he can clean up the offensive glass and get us more possessions.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #56798 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You don’t sound like a Laker fan at all. I bet you were one of the people that was also in favor of trading Bynum for Kidd.

    The Lakers are 19-3. Everyone expects them to win games in the first 12 minutes. It takes 48 minutes to win the game. Yes, the Lakers are blowing leads, but it’s f’n December. There is still plenty of time to tighten the screws. There is no reason to panic.


    There are a lot of “idiotic posters” who undoubtedly, are very young and immature, thereby, don’t know any better than to criticize other LAKER FANS’ opinions’ and posts’! …They constantly spew their stupid and ignorant remarks, not realizing just how stupid they actually look and sound to everyone else looking down upon these little “BIG TIME PENDEJOS”!