Hope everyone had a great All-Star weekend and congrats to Kobe and Shaq on their MVP performances Sunday night.

The Lakers opened the second half of the season just like they finished the first half. Lamar continued to dominate the glass, Pau continued to do a bit of everything, and the Lakers bench came through once again.

It was also nice to see the two new Lakers get some action in tonights blowout over Atlanta. After getting beat in the first quarter, the rest of the game was all Lakers, excluding garbage time.  The Lakers blew it open in the third scoring 41 points. Six Lakers scored double figures tonight, with Lamar the high scorer at only 15.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1)  Lamar did everything tonight, including holding Josh Smith to only 13 points.  Lamar had 15 points, 20 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. WOW!

2)  A triple double usually earns number one, but Pau will have to settle for number two tonight. 12, 13, and 10 for Pau. Great game!

3)  Trevor was all over the place getting his hands on everything tonight. He only had 1 steal, but had many deflections.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Mihm shot 2 of 10 and had 3 turnovers.

Play of the Game:  Brown’s block late in the game.

What to Look for Next Game:  A high scoring fast paced game!  Warriors tomorrow night!

Ticket Info: Next home game is Friday, but also have tickets for tomorrows game in Golden State. E-Mail me @ or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • rd3levelpls


  • Dave

    I thought it was entertaining and a great after-all-star-break warm-up game. Let’s hope you are equally bored with a high number of convincing victories the rest of the season.

    PS. Don’t watch baseball or golf. You may lapse into a coma.

  • Retrospect

    What did Kobe do for the game? I didn’t watch it lol.

  • VL

    Garbage time wasn’t great and Mihm did look shakey, but I’ll take the W any time! Concerned abt the Warriors tomorrow. Lakers will have to play some good D and hit the boards. Hopefully Lamar can get 22 boards this time!

  • sketch

    Nice to see that LO, Pau, and the bench took it over and won the game!

  • imfasterthanur

    A little help for us Lakers fans in Europe. What else happened? Sounds like a quietly dominated game?

  • Mihailicious

    This game was over at the start of the second quarter, and the funny thing is that Kobe was sleep walking on the court the whole time. Lamar is a beast, it’s about time he’s getting the love he deserves, and if he keeps playing like this, Bynum is looking at coming off the bench when he gets back.

    Play of the game – Farmars oop to Ariza on the break.

    One more thing, the only reason were 15-0 when luke is 19+ minutes is because these are blow out wins where he can collect garbage time. If a game is tight, there’s no way he’s on the floor at the end.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #62244 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I was thinking the same thing. Not to take anything away from Luke, but it’s the chicken and the egg phenomena. Do we win because Luke gets more minutes, or are we winning when we decide to play Luke more.

    I’m sure if you run the same statistics with DJ Mbenga or Sun Yue, the results would be quite similar.

    But still…. Go LUKE! lol

  • Avcpl

    If Andrew comes back, I hope it’s off the bench this year….

  • bassti

    O man. This game was like a rollercoaster. But entertaining. I don’t know what happend to Kobe, if he lost all of his skill in the All-Star-Game or if he wishes Shaq back to LA after the ASG but nevermind, we don’t needed him.

    PS: Morrison is a chicken. They give him the ball for two wide open shots and he dosen’t throw them. Man. Enjoy it. It’s the Lakers. You can shot whenever you want. Somebody is gonna make it up for you.

  • 305mamba

    Brown’s block at the end was sick, his head was at the rim, if he plays a little like Ariza, he will fit in nicely

  • lainok

    If brown can clean up the rest of his playing to match what he showed in defensive skill, could you imagine him and Trevor on the floor at the same time? Not to mention adding Farmar and Kobe.

  • jason

    Umm i’m pretty sure that Luke was in for the end of the game at Boston and that turned out pretty well. With a team like the Lakers i’ll take Luke Walton anyday, he does all the little things well that apparently alot of u people just simply dont see or choose to ignore.

    This game turned around in the 1st quarter by our defense. They had 24 points with over 4 minutes to go in the 1st quarter and only finished the half with 36. We picked up the defense bigtime. Great to see Lamar crashing the boards hard and hopefully this continues. Nice to get a win where Kobe can basically rest and let everyone else do the work for a night. Great win Lakers :)

  • Big JC

    I want to see Mbenga get some garbage time instead of Mihm! At least Mbenga has a black belt in Judo and can lay the smack down if needed. What the hell is Mihm doing in a Laker uniform anyway? I would expect some uncertain plays from him on an away game, but 3 turnovers on home court? He has worst butter fingers than Kwame!

  • daboss1848

    Although Im a huge fan of cliches – “The Lakers opened the second half of the season just like they finished the first half.”

    Didn’t we lose the finishing game of the 1st half?

  • David

    What’s up with Chris Mihm? He looks terrible out there, even in garbage time.

  • VIVA

    Chris Mihm is just waiting for the Championship ring!!! LOL

  • KP83