Not a pretty night for the Lakers. The Lakers barely escaped with a win tonight, but lost Bynum in the process. The game turned around when Bynum got hurt and the Lakers won on a drive to the basket by Lowry that got blocked by Kwame. I’m not sure if it was a blocked, as it looked more like a foul, but the refs kept the whistle quiet and the Lakers won their sixth straight.

The Lakers shot only 43% tonight, one of their worst shooting nights in awhile. They made only 8-25 three point attempts, and had 20 assists, a little below the season average. Another positive note, the Lakers had only 11 turnovers.

The Lakers were outrebounded tonight by 6, mostly due to the 16 offensive boards Memphis grabbed. Gasol killed the Lakers with 10-16 shooting, 18 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 blocks. Now, the bests of the night:

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) Kobe didn’t have his best shooting performance, but kept the Lakers in it and led them with 37 points. He also had 4 steals, 4 assists, and made 14-15 FTs.

2) Bynum was on pace for big game before the injury. In only 19 minutes, he put up 10 points on 5-7 shooting and 9 boards. Sadly, Kwame played more minutes and was held to 3 and 6, respectively. But Kwame did have the game winning free throw.

3) Farmar impressed me tonight with his defense. He had 3 big steals to help the Lakers win it in the fourth.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Luke’s 5 turnovers earn him tonight’s STD.

Key play of the game: Critt’s behind the back pass to Farmar for a three-point basket as the third period expires.

What to look for next game: An easy W again on the road. Seattle is awful. Game is Monday night @ 7:00 PM (KCAL locally).

  • Jack

    is it “HERE WE GO AGAIN?”

  • e

    luckily bynum is feeling better already..he walked out himself tonight..he’ll bounce back soon hopefully…kobe’s gonna be kobe so with bynum back, it’ll a 1 2 punch

  • Lakers

    Look for a close game tomorrow

  • kb24 4life

    i dont know but i feel like all of us are like, i dont know like sad because of andrew but happy that we have won 6 in a row and wondering what will happen with this team, hopefully is not like last year… we just need to pray and stay positive, the good thing is that we got seattle tomorrow then 2 off-days , then phoenix and then 3 off-days… hopefully enough time for drew to recover…

  • Billy Kupchak

    Bynum is cursed now!

  • DingleBerry

    Walton played bad with 5 turnovers but did shoot 50% from the floor unlike kwame’s 20%, kwame is still the smush of the day. since cook left its kwame’s new title. u see how awkward his post move is and how do you miss a wide open dunk when your 7 feet tall??? he is just pathetic, ronny needs to take his minutes… please phil wake up.

  • lakerfanJapan

    Stay positive laker fans, not a great performance tonight but the great teams always find a way to win even when they are not at their best!
    At least we won the game and now are one more victory closer to clinching a playoff berth!

  • double

    Hopefully Bynum’s injury isn’t serious. I just don’t feel the least bit confident when Kwame is holding the ball.

    Speaking of Kwame: any new trade rumors?

  • CJ

    it hurts watching kwame play! i cringe every time he touches the ball! and if bynum is out for a while, which i’m presuming, we’re stuck with kwame for the next month or so as the starting center. this is not good, not good at all!!

  • tradekwame

    i don’t care what anyone says….kwame and his defensive presence…blah blah blah….he looks so shaky when he’s on the floor that it makes me cringe everytime he has the ball….does anyone else get that feeling?????….

  • drake hunter

    I don’t see why there should ever be anything positive to say about Kwame. He literally sucks ballz in every aspect of basketball. The only thing people say he’s good at is his interior defense which I think is bogus. The reason why he holds people down is because he weighs almost 300 pounds and no one can move him. Kwame your in the wrong sport. You should be an offensive lineman in the NFL.

  • Edward

    Kwame…. we need him out. He’s gotten so much better, and everytime i see him make a move, its so good, he creates his own open shot… and then blows it. Hahahaha, if he could only finish. That WAS LO’s problem before, but LO seemed to start making those shots. Anyways I hope we can win tomorrow, and that Andrew can come back for the Pheonix game. We need him.

  • Jack

    thankx Lamar for doing this to bynum. hope his makes up for this till big baby returns.

  • Flush Odumb

    I may have to change my name to Flush Kwame. He is about as worthless a player as you can get. He fumbles the ball constantly, his post moves are a joke as he is falling down mostly, his free throwing is attrocious at 41 percent, and he misses a POINT BLANK dunk. We traded Caron Butler for this piece of CR@P??? What a horrible deal that was. If we don’t trade this slug then I hope we just release him. Under no circumstances can we resign this loser after his contract runs out!!!

  • Tyler

    we were doin so good now its gonna be like last year if bynum stays out for a month or so. PLEASE GOD HELP HIM BE OK.


    I hope for the best but it doesn’t look good. We just don’t win when Kwame starts. :(

  • Ignard

    I still can’t believe Kwame missed that two handed dunk………dude. We’ve been chanting MVP for Kobe the past 4 seasons, if Drew has to miss alot a games because of his knee and the Lakers keep winning Kobe would be the hands down choice 4 MVP.

  • GoBeach!

    Get well soon “Drew!” Soincs will get smashed on tonight! … thats if Kwame can step it up. . . .


    PLEEEEEAAAASETRADEKWAME.COM IN FULL EFFECT.They should try to get JO NOWWWWW!I not into numbers or how how the FO works their deals but the Lakers need an inside presence BAD.Teams are going to notice,depending on how long bynum is out,that defensively the lakers are OK but offensively they are lacking.Kwame is very strong and has an assortment of post moves but his hand are too small to handle the pass or someone is swating at it as he coughs it up.MITCH I PERSONALLY ARE THIS ONE LAST FAVOR(the rest i’ll save for the off-season),CALL LARRY BIRD!!!

  • Thuggishdeer

    bynum doesnt have a torn mlc acl or tlc hes just sprained. hell be back on Thursday.

  • Viva Vegas

    Where did you hear that?

  • Viva Vegas

    After a scary injury to his left knee forced him out of Sunday’s game, Andrew Bynum was surprisingly upbeat afterwards, declaring that the injury was “not as bad” as it initially appeared.
    “I think I’m fine because I can put weight on it and it doesn’t hurt at all,” Bynum said. “I can move it left and right. Just to take a step forward is the only thing that really hurts. They put ice on it and it felt better right away.” Coach Phil Jackson has officially tapped Kwame Brown as the starter for any games Bynum misses, while Ronny Turiaf will be the primary backup center. Jan. 14 – 10:38 am et
    Source: Los Angeles Times

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    report on espn/latimes.


    TORE IT…

    jkjkjk.. HURRY UP WIT da results :D.

  • http://getgarnett Che

    u aint funny buddy

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    im srorrrorry :(

    If i cud edit i wud..

    12:54 west coast time yet no results

  • http://getgarnett Che

    it will come 2 games he will miss

  • Frank

    8 weeks!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    8 weeks.

  • MILO

    This fu-ck-en sucks is there the curse of the bambino going on or actually in the Lakers case it would be the curse of the big deisel fu-ck this is really frustrating Bynum is the key to the Lakers early success i hope he can make it back soon but rather have him take the full 8 weeks off so he does not risk further injury…Thanks a lot Lamar!!!

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    I didn’t see a post but on espn the are reporting 8 weeks Bynum will be out.(subluxation of his left kneecap)
    This is actually going to hurt…Jut think more I can’t catch a ball-Kwame..

  • MILO

    Lamar is a fu-ck-en walking calamity i dont care if im beeing to harsh or what any of you idiots who dont agree might say FU-CK! THIS IS FRUSTRATING…

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    Dont blame this on Lamar..

  • Jed17

    Listening to AM570:

    -no tears, just a seperation
    -bone bruise as well as the subluxation
    -no surgery, just rehab
    -minimum of 8wks


    Stop blaming LO for everything.That was freak accident and we know,especially with the Lakers,these things happen alot.What would make pain of losing AB(I’m getting all T.O. on this one)for 8weeks,or less,would be to TRADE KWAME AND A FILLER(Sasha)for JO(PF/C).I’m sick of people saying trade LO,HELL TO THE NAH!!!

  • ignard

    Drew has LuKwamOdomitis.

  • Scarface

    just like last years scenario. just when Lakers were doing superb the injuries started to pile up. this year, injuries have already piled up and now we lose a crucial player to a moderate injury. ITS OVER.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22188 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What bridge will you be jumping off??? I just want to no where to send the paramedics.

  • lakerfan101

    [Comment ID #22188 Will Be Quoted Here]

    have you forgoten somthing????

    last year we dont have a powerful bench, but then we still win games and now we do have a bench(AMONG THE TOP 5 BENCH LEADERS)that can score and defend… take note bynum average just 8 and 6 last year…!!!!!!!! so we will be ok!!but Odom HAVE TO STEP UP!!!!

    hey by the way where is radman and sasha???? anyone tell me pls!!!!??????:D

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22188 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Geez, talk about a lack of Laker faith. Are you a Laker fan? God I hope not.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22143 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Milo – This is why I can’t bury the hatchet with you. You say stupid like things like this. I know you’re frustrated but Bynum’s injury was a freak accident. Him and LO were both going for a rebound and unforunately Bynum didn’t land with both feet flat on the ground. You can’t blame LO for this (if you do you’re a retard). I mean seriously, if he would’ve gotten tangled with Kobe, would you have blamed Kobe????

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #22251 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha this is very funny….looking back at it. Foreshadowing, isnt it?

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