stuffedTalk about a game of runs. Lakers blew it open several times but the Clippers kept coming back.  Luckily, the better Los Angeles team got the last laugh as the Lakers pulled away for a 88-85 victory Sunday night.

Both teams put up a dismal third quarter as the total points scored by both teams combined was only 26.

The Lakers MUST start playing better basketball because this is looking terrible.  The Lakers are taking poor shots and not moving the ball like they were earlier on in the season.

Only three Lakers hit double figures tonight as the Lakers shot 42% from the field.

The plus tonight was holding the Clippers to only 37% field goals.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1)  Lamar took some threes that he shouldn’t have, but still put up 18 and 10 on 6-10 shooting.

2)  Pau put up 14 and 9 tonight.  Not good for a number 2 option, but no one really stepped up.

3)  Luke did a bit of everything tonight.  Didn’t hurt us and had 6 points with 3 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Fisher had 3 points and missed a clutch free throw.

Play of the Game:  Sadly, Ariza’s solid defense at the final possession against Baron.

What to Look for Next Game:  Anything better than tonight as they battle Sacramento Tuesday night.

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Go Lakers!

  • paulpierce_best


  • agent47

    Are you a bandwagan Paul Pierce?

  • farmabrick

    Another “Jekyl and Hyde” effort: playing the good doctor against quality competition like the Rockets and morphing into Hyde agsint dogs like the Clippers. At least they get it right in terms of which role to play against which teams, but the trouble will come and does come against teams like the Nuggests, whom they assume are dogs, but are actually really talented, streaky teams that play up against the Lakers.

    The games against the Blazers and the Jazz should tell us exactly how good this team will be. The best record and HCA will be on the line in both games.

  • Smush Walton

    Once again the bench let us down. Fartmore, Vujabrick and Puke – come on already guys! Wake up – show some passion out there!

  • kwame4mvp

    sasha…. u r pretty lame.

  • kev

    damn taht celtic fan doesnt have anythin to do, just internet he might be that warcraft/startrek type of guy

  • farmabrick

    It is becoming clear that the weakness of this team is at the guard position and that Mitch is going to have to do something over the summer to grab at least one 6’1″-6’4″ height individual who can both hit an open shot 40%+ AND guard Paul/Parker/Westbrook. Fish USED to be that guy and he’s given and is giving it his all, but he is clearly within a year or two of retirement, a step slow, and wearing down. Assuming they hang on to both Lamar and Trevor, this puts Sasha, Farmar, and Luke on the block. Any combo of two of these guys for one quality guard would be worth it.

  • Myself

    Disgusting Win, hopefully the Lake Show gets their s*** together before the playoffs, or else they’ll be in trouble. Aren’t all Celtics fan a bunch of warcraft/startrek fans! The Boston Flukes will be knocked out in the second round this season anyways, so I’m not tripping about the s****y team.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #66969 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Absolutely. This off season Mitch MUST shore up our pooint guard position. Fisher has been great over the years, but the end is near. Unfortunately, it becoming more and more apparent that Fartmore is not the answer. He definitely is not our point guard of the future. Any combination of Puke Sasha and Fartmore for one solid player is a must.

  • Heron

    our bench played poor, yes. Kobe: 5-15 against the Clippers?

  • diehardfan

    The true weakness is Farmar in regards to defense. I truly hope that Shannon Brown gets a crack at it this summer. This guy is an athlete. He reminds of Ariza when he first came into the league. He showed potential on the defensive end and that is all that matters. All Shannon needs to do is work on his outside shot. Let’s hope that Farmar shows up in the playoffs. He is only good in the open court but Fisher is too old and Farmar is so weak on defense. He might score a couple of points here and there but he is no PG.

  • lilkobe24

    this post game sucks….

  • lilkobe24

    shannon brown should’ve been play of the game dumb shit mmudda fker

  • 2Anush4

    I didnt see the 2nd half but did you guys here Lukes comments, “the bench is playing well” I cant believe he actually believes the words that are coming out of his mouth. Im still playing the wait and see game, im just waiting for the playoffs, until then im not going to pass judegment or say their not going to win a chamopionship because they show up when it really matters. All the games they had to show up for they did so im still happy with the season so far, but if we dont win a championship then the guard position has to change on the bench. We need a smart player maybe a veteran that can come off the bench and make good smart plays.

  • kb24

    u guys are stupid. sasha is awesum he can hit threes better then most people. luke is crap, farmar is aitee. fine get rid of farmar and luke then. but no sasha he plays way better than what he did today. we need the machine

  • skim.

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    go eat sashas pussy y dont u

  • farmabrick

    [Comment ID #66972 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The starters also deserve a good deal of the game for the way they started the 3rd quarter, including, amazingly, Pau. They were flat and lazy on defense, and that allowed the Clips to close the gap.

    As for Shannon Brown, he’s probably, apart from Kobe, the best “athlete” on the team, but he’s so unsure of the Triangle that his play looks tentative to the extreme. He’s not a starter, but he’s a better fit that Farmar as a backup PG IF IF IF he can develop an outside shot. I just don’t know if he can.

    Lastly, the rotation has been a mess ever since Bynum went down and the coaching staff has done a poor job figuring out what combination of players and plays should be used to spell the starters. That’s on Phil, Frank, Jim, Kurt, and Brian.

  • kobe8

    When Bynum comes back I think Lamar should go to the bench coz the “BENCH MOB” do not have anyone who can run the offense and Lamar should be that guy.

  • kwame4mvp

    [Comment ID #66983 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha rite… sasha blows everygame. and don’t even try to argue that.

  • ilikebasketball

    once ariza or odom go to the bench, i think the whole dynamic will change. the bench had a leader, either with odom or the energy of ariza. now there is none. With bynum back it will be better, not necessarily because of his playing, but because of bench will have someone to lead them. though, yeah, farmar needs to make shots. luke is doing what he needs to do, and sasha is just streaky.

  • gugy

    I hope the bench gets it sh!t together by playoff time. We need these bastards playing ball. No excuse, they are young and healthy.

    We should have been giving the starters a rest in these last few games.

    Wake up bench!

  • Smush Walton

    Why does Lamar continue to do his STUPID one-armed play?
    Is the guy STUCK ON STUPID or what?

    The coaches need to tell him that one-handed rebounding is ridiculous and he should be fined each time he does that!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #67008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you nuts?! odom has been really consistent lately. stop doggin’ him, he’s been giving exactly what we need.

  • purplegoldveins

    bynums return is going to send lamar back to the bench which should be a plus, he solidifies the second unit as a great facilitator and passer. the fact sasha is sucking this year is sad, it seems to me hes either still suffering from the injuries earlier this year, or after he got payed he forgot to give the machine an oil change, hes just not the same player he was last season. he was around the league leaders in 3 point field goal percentage at around 43 or 44% this year he is down almost ten percent in productivity!

    p.s. theyre professional basketball players but their not robots, some of you are completely irrational with your expectations. they make mistakes, get over it!

  • Sean All Ivy

    Odom was a big reason why we won that game

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #67011 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He is productive in spite of himself. Think how much more productive he would be if he introduced fundamentals into his game.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #66963 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Lakerfanl

    Lol this Paul Pierce fan just makes a bunch of different names and bashes the Lakers…how sad

  • Brett

    this game was a game of runs. Runs coming out of my butt. Worst showing in 4th quarter this year.

  • ryguy2303

    [Comment ID #66963 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol we did. we beat the clippers by 3 dude… didn’t u watch the game? if not go to