Hello, Lakers Nation!

I’m Katie and I’ll be backing up Steve Avery when he’s unable to provide you with those post game reports we’ve grown to love. I’m very excited about this upcoming season and my hope is that you all enjoy what I have to say and welcome me with open arms.

Now on to my first post-game…

Well, for the first time we saw what will most likely be our starting lineup. Unfortunately, it failed to impress me. Bynum and Pau seemed to play well together, but as expected, Lamar looked lost. I’m not ready to call it a complete failure ‘cause it will take time for them to gel, but they definitely have some work to do.

As of now, the trend of sloppy play and poor defense continues. Allowing the Clippers to score 59 points in the first half is unacceptable. Am I setting my expectations too high when I feel our defense will be improved every year? Eighty percent of defense is having the desire to play it. The Lakers showed me none of that tonight. They looked like they had little interest in getting back in transition and their help defense was poor. On top of that, they continued to make bad decisions with the ball, turning it over 25 times. It’s is preseason, but go out there and play like your proud to wear Purple and Gold.

That said, not all was bad, we finally were able to see Sun Yue in a Lakers uniform for the first time, it was very brief and he didn’t do much of anything, but it was still good to see him out there. We also saw that Ariza’s back and healthy. He didn’t shoot the ball well, but scrappy play on defense helped spark that comeback late in the 3rd and into the 4th quarter.

Onto a couple awards…

Player Of The Game: It was hard to choose someone because everyone played poorly. However, I’ll give it to Radman. He played fairly well, scoring 14 points, including shooting 3 of 5 from three, and adding 5 rebounds and a steal in 23 minutes of play.

Play That Will Most Likely End Up In LD2k’s Next Video: Trevor Ariza’s steal that he took down the court for the one-handed dunk.

Forgettable Performance: Coby Karl… again. He was out there for close to 16 minutes and did a bunch of nothing. The kid showed potential last year, but he’s looking like he’s not even going to make the team this year.

What To Look Forward To Next Game: I’m not sure they can play much worse, so I anticipate a little more effort and hopefully better play on both ends of the floor. I expect to see Phil put Ariza in the projected lineup of Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, Fish, and Lamar/Ariza.

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/forums/ Nissan

    Good job.


  • ryguy2303

    Your post game report was fun to read.
    Thank you. Keep it up :)

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    I’ve been a LO7 fan for a LONG time. I also know that it’s preseason, he’s getting into new roles. However, I find it troublesome that he’s not trying hard (especially when he took the summer off to get his body rested). He is the third highest paid player on the team.

    Notable players who has played well this preseason are:
    Andrew Bynum
    Pau Gasol
    Jordan Farmar
    Trever Ariza
    Kobe Bryant (he’s not looking to score cuz well it’s pre-season =))
    Vlad (Kind of, he’s playing hard out there though).

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog jonny

    great Job Nyla!

    i agree, LO needs to try harder

  • Anonymous.

    clips jus killed the lakers lol.

    clips young talent > lakers young talent BY FAR

  • Smush Walton

    It’s always the same story with Lamar. The guy is a lazy slacker. Have some pride! There are still some foolish GM’s out there who think he has some value. We need to see if we can get something for this guy as I doubt we resign him after this season. If we do resign him, it should ONLY be after SUBSTANTIAL PAY CUT.

  • Smush Walton

    I agree with the assessment on Cobe Karl. He looks overwhelmed out on the floor. Perhaps he would be more suited to be on a smaller market team like a Milwaukee or Memphis. He looks lost and it is unfortunate.

  • Smush Walton

    I don’t think I’m ready to give Vlad Rad player of the game. Yes he had one good stretch of good shooting, but it seems he still primarily just stands around flat footed at the three point line. He does not hustle on D and still throws up airballs and bricks. If he is to get more playing time he must be a more consistent performer on the floor.

    I hope Ariza gets most of Vlad’s and Walton’s playing time. At least he gives a consistent effort and he has great quickness.

  • The Machine

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    why are you even here? are there no blogsites for clipper nation?

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

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    Probably not…cuz b4 this season who wanted to be a clippers fan with the lakers in town??

  • Monkey

    we all expected our D would improve a lot this year.

    I totally agree with “go out there and play like your proud to wear Purple and Gold”

    I have no idea about what’s going on with LO7….

  • T-Dub

    Ship ODOM’s A-S-S OUT! He’s not gonna fit at SF. The Lakers need a shooter at SF to keep floor spacing. Ariza cant throw a pea in the ocean. Vladrad is to inconsistant and Puke is just weak. Four SF @ $25,000,000 per year and not one good one!! Let’s move some of these bums and get a player. It may have to be SASHA if he can get stronger and more consistant. But, get at least a 1st round draft pick for Odom!

  • http://myspace.com/priceless1 Priceless

    good jobbie! our defense is ridiculously poor. they look like they dont know what theyre doing half the time.


    I don’t know how you guys feel but after seeing some of Oden’s preseason game highlights and Bynum’s Highlights….It’s going to be tough, very tough. Oden just looks a bit more athletic then Bynum.

    Bynum needs to start getting a bit more light footed and start running the floor faster. It looks as if he is dragging cobe on the floor when he is running. He needs to chase chickens or something ala Rocky balboa.

  • E-ROC

    I can’t believe Mike Taylor lit up Farmar, Fisher, and Heath the way he did. That just boggles the mind. There was no hustle on the court from the Lakers. Where is Quinton Ross? Oh wait, he signed with the Grizzlies worth the amount of lent in my pockets.

    The big lineup with Odom, Pau, and Bynum worked out well, at least in my eyes. Obviously, they still need time together on the court to develop that chemistry.

  • Jonathan

    Bynum and Pau did not look good playing together at all. They sure looked awkward and confused tho.

  • Michael_23

    The fans liked Coby Karl last year during garbage time. But in game situations where the level is play is up, I’m not sure he’s cutting it guys. And I think the combination of Karl, Heath, and Crawford isn’t going to ever do much good for the Lakers. That could be one of the last times we see that combo in the game.

    Get well Sasha! We need the machine.

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb

    Vlad was 4-7 from three…the least you can do is get the stats right.

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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    you are too kind Caleb! :cool:

  • E-ROC

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    I agree, but defensively, that was when the Lakers were at their best with those three on the floor together. Even Odom ‘looked’ good defensively with Pau and Bynum. They still need work and that is why they have preseason games.

    Also where the hell is Ariza’s jumper? Non-existent.

  • deemac1

    Pretty good assessment here Katie but still a bit to harsh. This is Pre-season and there is no need for the starting guys Like KB,LO,D-Fish,Pau to go out there and really scrap hard.If you are a true basketball fan you know that all pre season games are sloppy and not very energetic. Except the ones played against European Teams cause they have something to prove. Also PJ tells his main guys to take it easy out there to dull the risk of a injury before the season starts. Pre season is mainly for the coaching staff to see what rookies or new free agents will make the team. That said every1 needs to relax and just enjoy seeing our team out there and watching Bynum get his rythm back. Its gonna be a long season so the best is yet to come!


    I heard that LO didn’t look good..again,well,it’s just preseason so I’ll take it easy on you for now…but you GOTTA STEP UP,PLEASE..or else,


  • Billy Jean King

    The Lakers did not look good at all, is it just me or does it seem like Lamar Odom only gives his full effort about 25% of the time, the other 75 % he is the laziest player in the NBA. Someone needs to tell him to lay off the wead man cause its killing his brain cells. The Bynum and Gasol combo showed some flashes last night, I like the way we looked with the big line up with Bynum, Gasol and Odom, that was the only time that Odom actually gave effort all night was when he had those other two 7 footers out there with him. The only thing that I would suggest is that the twin towers of Bynum and Gasol need to slow down, there was a time when they went to that high low passing game early in the third quarter and Bynum had his man pinned down low but for some reason Gasol rushed the pass and the ball bounced off the front of the rim. With more time together they will get that down cause that high low passing game is gonna kill the NBA watch. We should not worry cause this is just the pre – season, they need time to gel together. I still think that we have the best first 5 in the league and the deepest team in the league. And I know you guys see the way Kobe is playing out there, there is no way that he is gonna continue to NOT look for his shot when the season comes, when the 1st real game starts then you will see the KILLER KOBE, and you add Bynum, Gasol and hopefully a motivated Odom then we have enough to win it all. Lastly can we call it like it is and let it be known that we need a new point gaurd, Baron Davis is a good player no doubt but we made him look like Magic Johnson out there, he did whatever he wanted to do whenever he wanted to do it, it was just sad to see. The Fisher, Farmer combo sux, I have been watching Laker point gaurds get killed ever since Magic retired and I’m sick of it. Troy Hudson, Rajon Rondo, Mike Bibby, Deron Williams, Chauncey Billups, Allen Iverson and even Damon Staudemire have killed us in the past, and the one person that they all have in common is Derek Fisher, they all killed him. Please someone show that man how to play defense or we will continuee to have this problem. Go Lakers!!

  • Michael_23

    You know, LO doesn’t need to have flashy passes like Magic did, but he can surely play up to his game. And with this Dream lineup who wouldn’t. LO could be running the ball, dishing out assists, grabbing rebounds if our 7 footers can’t. Man LO should be hyped about this.

    Phil or anyone connected with the coaching staff,

    Since we have a lot of preseason games left, how bout trying LO at PG and have Trevor be SF.

  • nyla

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    Thanks, Caleb.

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    It’s preseason, but its also not an excuse to play so poorly. I’m not asking to go all out, just to show a little effort. Laziness is sign of character and I’d only hope they don’t continue to play bad.

    I don’t think I’m overreacting too much on this cause we’ve had issues with our defense and turning the ball over for the past couple seasons. If we want to win a championship, those things must improve. The west is tough and need to form good habits now, not wait for opening day.

  • Lakers 24 7

    You guys need to calm down. It is pre-season, the coaching staff is running some different line-ups and rotations, failure is bound to happen. They will get everything straight by the start of the season. What do you guys expect when you have two rookies, Coby Karl, Mihm, and Radman on the floor? Im sure that these guys won’t even play or maybe be on the team when the season starts. Lakers will probably have Odom start and have Bynum come off the bench. Ariza, Farmar, Bynum, and Vujacic will work well together, although Ariza may be a starter. Our young guys have more experience than the Clippers or Blazers young players.

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb

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    No Problem.

  • Smush Walton

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  • Smush Walton

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    LO can sure play up to his game?

    The problem is he needs to have a decent game more than once every two weeks. This guy is so unmotivated. I don’t know, once a pothead always a pothead?

    We’ve been waiting, hoping, praying for some consistency from this guy but it just seems to be so futile.

    And playing him at PG?
    He looks so clumsy out there – and that scarecrow defense – standing straight legged flapping his arms while the quicker PGs run circles around him? I don’t think so.

  • lakrfan4life

    yeah, yeah, yeah, ive heard enough
    it is preseason people! u think kobe would be so reluctant to shoot when hes being guarded 1-1 in the reg. season? u think there wont be more lobs for AB during the season? u think THE MACHINE wont be back for the season? u think the main players on the team are gonna get this short amount of time on the floor? u think lamar is gonna play that bad in the regular season?…wait…he probably will, scratch that last question…
    if u think one of these is true…GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!!! U NEED MEDICAL HELP!!! nothing to be worried about here, PG and AB will have better chemistry, kobe will be kobe, win back-2-back MVPs, and, if we cant find a use for lamar, we’ll ship his @$$ out of la la land

    ps, everyone boycott nba 2k9, kg is on the cover, so dont support it


    KGISONTHECOVEROF2K9?WTF.com,@#$% 2K9,and Boston (though I still wish we had gotten KG…!@#$’em)!