Who knew the Celtics had 4 All-Stars? Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Kendrick Perkins?

It was a night where early foul trouble got the worst of us. Bynum had to go to the bench early with 2 quick fouls and it never seemed to get better for the Lakers.

The three Laker bigs scored 4 points apiece—Bynum, Odom, and Turiaf. That is a recipe for disaster. I don’t really think the Lakers played that bad. I think the Celtics are just that good. The Lakers shot 42% from the field, but let the Celtics shoot over 50%. The difference in the game in my opinion was the three-point shooting. The Lakers hoisted up 30 threes and each miss led to the Celtics running the break on us. Garnett finished with yet another double-double and Perkins had a career best 21 points and 9 boards.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker performers:

1) Vlad Rad was splashing threes tonight. He shot 7-12 and 3-6 from behind the arc. Vlad finished with 18 points. He does need to work on moving his feet on defense better. And when you foul Vlad, make sure you don’t give up an easy And1 to Perkins, thanks.

2) Kobe was Kobe again. 28 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists. He did what he could, but the Lakers bigs just didn’t give him any help.

3) Jordan Farmar continued his superb play. 13 points on 8 shots, including 3 threes. He finished with 3 assists and 2 turnovers.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): While Lamar had a poor game, Chris Mihm simply hurt us tonight. When he needed to step up with Bynum in foul trouble, he did the opposite. He had 0 points, 2 turnovers, 4 fouls to go with his 5 rebounds.

Key play of the game: Farmar’s three in the fourth to cut the lead to 9.

What to look for the next game: Look for the Lakers to get back on track against the Nets. Even though Vince Carter is back, the Lakers are back at home where they play best. Game is Sun night @ 6:30 PM. (Chick Hearn night)


    The smush award should have been lamar because he is our #2 guy. He came with nothing again he should definetly shave the star and Put a big L instead for loser…

  • kb24 4life

    tough game to watch
    boston is a scoring machine
    but i still believe we will be in good shape against nets…

  • laker_27

    I want to see PASSION from Lamar!!!
    Be a fighter, not a spectator!!!

    And Kobe shouldn’t force a three-point shot after every time he hit a long jumper. Hit a few jumpers, make sure he is definitely in “the zone”, and then may start forcing reasonable shots.

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  • AAA

    Nov 23rd, 2007 at 11:49 pm
    The smush award should have been lamar because he is our #2 guy. He came with nothing again he should definetly shave the star and Put a big L instead for loser…

    i agree, beacuse he blame him self for loseing to the bucks and he should’ve came out and did something about it.

  • steve

    I said a couple of days ago when Steve wrote the article ..we want revenge..that the player that had to step up was Odom…and surprise surprise he was M..I..A….I think its time to say see ya and look for a player that has some fire..Who is that .. im not sure ..lets look at some forwards around the nba…..

    Chris wilcox..I know not a very stable player..a little loose..
    Drew Gooden..A little hit and miss
    Channing Frye..Not a big enough body..
    JO..A little injured..Would the pacers take Kwame and Odom?
    Zack Randolph..Very loose upstairs..
    Nene..Bad contract.. injured alot..a little
    Mike sweetney..Real fat..
    Antonio rebounder..good size

    Some of you may think im a little crazy but the lakers need a good solid vet like Mcdyce ..He may not give us points but Odom isnt either..I like what he brings and how he plays

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17824 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I second you’re request and i’d also like to say that even Kobe did’nt show up in the first half.I did’nt watch the second but i dont see Kobe to excited about playing with the same team.I would really like to see the Lakers make a significant trade if it means getting Kid or JO i dont know but LO has got to go.We do have trade bait, but Buss and Mitch have been to passive and reluctant to use it.Im just tired of seeing the inconsistancy of LO.And i cant stand that he does not use his dribble penetration we need to get rid of this guy.Why is he shooting threes i f-u-c-k-e-n hate it.Lakerts need to pull the trigger on posible trades before this 7-5 record turns into 7-10 or even worse.It is frustrating to see the Clippers beating good teams like Denver and thats with-out their full squad.While the Lakers keep loosing.JO wants to be here, LO is inconsistant and Bynum has a long way from becoming a decent center.I think JO injuries will not be a factor, he’s just not playing with passion because he’s not happy in Indiana.Ainge got it done for Boston giving up Jeferson and Green whom i like and think will develope to a nice surprize for Minni.They gave up a couple of picks as well for KG.There-for i dont think that LO and Bynum is too much to ask for in exchange for JO.That trade will give us the addition of one more ALL-STAR in the team as oppose to just Kobe.I know that alot of people will dissagree with me for wanting to give up Bynum, but the truth is that the Lakers are waisting the best player in the world prime years.If Kobe continues to carry this team it will eventualy catch up to him so Lakers need to “DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW”.We now have Ariza so why not wait till injury prone Kwame get’s back and pull the trigger to get JO…PLEASE!!!

  • steve

    Sorry its spelt Mcdyess

  • 24allup inya

    Steve, yes JO is a little injured but so was LO and the Lakers were and still are reluctant to letting him go.Read my previous comment and tell me what you think.

  • steve

    24allup inya…If the Jo deal came along for Odom and Kwame then im all for it as well..I think Jo is hanging to get out of indy..and he isnt motivated..The deal for Ariza was made for a reason and Lamar Odom is that reason..He is gone…Now the only reason i thought mentioned Mcdyess is he would probably cost alot less than Jo….im out ..back in a couple hours cheers..24allup inya

  • MILO

    24 allup inya i totaly agree with you we need new personel either get Mr.Triple-Double (KID) or get JO naaaooowww!!!

  • kgmvp

    Well it went down to be a SCARED and FORCING LAKERS vs A ready to BEAT LA CELTICS. Well will have to move on…….

  • 24allup inya

    Steve Milo thanks, hopefully Lakers management starts moving!!!

  • hellbydante

    this might sound like a long shot but.. would a trade for iguodala involving lamar and critter be feasible?

  • Michael

    Tonights game was embarassing. I think the only ones that were ready and pumped for the game was Kobe and our Laker fans. Our bigs did suck balls. They looked scared against the Celtics front. Disagree with me if you’d like, but Kwame would have made a difference in this game. And thats a rarity to say, but he definetely wouldn’t of let Garnett and Perkins clown us like that with his inside presence.

  • jack

    somebody go tell mihm he’s the starter, and play like a starter. wat else?? hope they come back on winning track. fans: stop talking abt trades. no matter how mucb we shout in this website, nothing’s gonna happen. if something does happen… we will get in the news. ehe… nothing’s gone yet… we can still well place ourselves in that 3-5 spot in playoffs. good luck lakers. p.s. special nite:chick.

  • krzyjin

    lol. yea. the lakers had a bad game, but so what? who caresss. lols. i bet that lakers were going to beat the celtics and i have to buy a friend a free lunch, but whatever. i still got faith in the lakers. come on. 7-4? that’s a really good start. everyone has bad games. jordan had a billion. so don’t even tripppppppppp.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    How much slack are they going to give LO? When is enough enough? I LOVE LO’s game…when he shows it. I have always been a proprieter of keeping Lamar, hoping he will break out. I still do have hope, but I’m starting to think about a more motivated and active JO. However, DO NOT give up Bynum. Next to Kobe, he’s the only other consistent player we have (how many double-doubles and/or double-digit rebound nights in a row?)! He’s doing his job. The maturation will naturally come with time.

    Seriously, how much longer should LO have to prove himself? Comments?

  • Nabil

    Yeah, if we are going to get JO or Kidd, then its bye bye to LO and Kwame. For Kidd we would probably have to toss Critt into the deal as well and take in one of their cheap bigs.
    Trade for Kidd lineup-
    PG- Kidd, DFish, Farmar
    SG- Kobe, Sasha,
    SF- Walton, Ariza
    PF- Ronny, Vlad
    C – Bynum, Mihm, some dude from NJ

    or if we trade for JO, then I think Kwame and LO is a fair trade. Leaving us with:
    PG – DFish, Farmar, Critt
    SG -Kobe, Sasha
    SF – Walton, Ariza
    PF – Ronny, Vlad
    C – JO, Bynum, Mihm
    or, if we want to go BIG start em like this:
    PG – DFISH
    SG – KOBE
    PF – JO
    C – BYNUM

    Which trade is better? By the way, I agree that JO would play a crapload better for us then he is now. But what does that say about him? Hmm. You don’t see Kobe dogging it. You don’t see JKidd dogging it. That’s why I say the Kidd trade is better. Can you say SHOWTIME?!

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #17842 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah! Im also a NO-No in trading LO,.but my patience is burnin down because of what he shows every night-in and out..I hope he already learned lessons about his mistakes..

    But if the Pacers agreed in accepting an LO package for JO, then LA management should grab it…What do u think guys?

    Besides, the Pacers are doing well even if JO is out..

    Larry B., it’s time to send JO to the Laker Land and revive the true sense of LA-Boston Rivalry once again…

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #17844 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think a Kidd trade is a better one,.look on How the USA team dominates the FIBA America due to the leading of Kidd and our very own KB24..

    But according to rumors, JKidd is still staying for NJ..maybe he’ll change his mind when he see KB24 on Sunday..

    Goodluck to the Lakers..Beat NJ!

  • Kballday

    There’s 2 reasons why we lost. Luke&Lamar.why the hell do you pol like Luke so much I don’t know but he is figgin garbage! The b!tch can’t jump and he canty shoot and gels too slow on defense you can’t tell me 1 thing that he brings to the table other than getting burned by the other teams sfs of the handles, no shot or hops, and that stupid fade away jumper. Lo on the other hand doesn’t know WTF he wants. He’s another laker bonehead that aint worth sh!t. When they bring these players in do they also scout there mental stability also? Too many dumb turnovers. Why bring sasha in off the bench to fnck up when crit is on the bench that is Better in my opinion Phil is an idiot also

  • Ahmed

    I’m glad somene said it first. I have wrote this numerous times but Kwame as much as he is hated can play great defense and get rebounds. Who the Hell is this Perkins guy… he ends up dominating not Garnett. COME ON!!! Lamar is in the twilight zone and Andrew showed why he has to come off the bench, we he starts he doesn’t do as well. Farmer and Vlade continue to impress but everyone else was garbage. It’s also evident that Kobe has no intentions on turning the high scoring on, which in this game would of helped but again we shouldn’t be at that point …Lamar has to find a way to get 15 no matter what… All these hypothetical trades please. Didn’t you hear we got Trevor Ariza WOW. All are Fears can be erased. Thanks management another subpar entrance into the playoffs and a early exit and another offseason of crazyness to come. Strange I swore I even heard Phil say he would lets us know something before Thanksgiving. What happened to that?

  • domidomdomz

    sorry ahmed, these trades are just for fun..we know that the management won’t here us out here..but who knows, maybe they’ll read our bright comments and do the trades..

    Nothing is Impossible..Have Faith…

  • domidomdomz

    Even if the Lakers lost, I still hate the celtics and their color..

    Lets Go Lakers and beat them on the 2nd meeting on late december..


  • David

    Lamar is real garbage. He goes from an all-star one night, to an inconsistent nobody the next. The problem is most nights he’s the nobody. He has absolute no right hand game and no jump shot. We need to dump him asap before his trade value drops even more. You suck Lamar…

  • Tyler

    The lakers didnt play that bad i think they just shot too many threes, and got too deep in the shot clock sometimes. I cant wait until kwame comes back because CHRIS MIHM BLOWS!!!!! When might trevor ariza be playing we could of used him last night to help with the big 3 or even the big 4. Next time well get em were at our house baby. NICE TRY LAKERS KEEP UR HEADS UP.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17837 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree Kwame brings better defense than both Bynum and Mihm

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17854 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree, and he still had the audacity to say that he was going to be an all-star this season.And i really fu-ck-en hate it when he shoots three’s knowing that he only makes about 1of20.Phil should bench him immediately after he shoot’s a three that is what we have Kobe and Vlady for…

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17856 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I dont know why Phil has’nt played him as far as im concerned the whole team looked like if they have’nt ever played together in the last to games…

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #17848 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Luke when a starter provides alot of good looks for his team-mates.Id bet he would average a solid 10 ponits a couple of rebounds and 5to6 assits per game when given the chance to start.He and Farmar are alwats looking to help out the big’s…

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #17854 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Kballday

    You said what he brings on the offense you didn’t say 1 thing about him defensively his pasing opens up the floor his shots sure aint he can’t even jump he always gets blocked he’s so overrated its rediculous.

  • IOX

    I think the LAKERS should practice on their LAYUP and FREETHROW drills a hell’o alot more. Luke, Vlad, and Mihm can’t seem to make a simple layup. If you’re getting paid millions of dollars, you better F’kn make a point-blank basket! Better yet, they should go strong to the hole and DUNK the ball! Don’t try to be fancy with it, just take it strong. That’s what ARIZA will bring, he’s not scared to slam the ball in someone’s face. He should start instead of Luke or Lamar.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    I am dead serious, at this point bynum has the same chance to make a 3’s than odom…maybe slightly better
    when the fuching hell phil will prohibit Lo to shoot a 3?
    and yes, i agree about luke, defensively he is a black hole!
    we should trade him along with everyone else except kobe and bynum to get real players
    get artest, he is crazy but thaqt guy is an all star, and plays D like no one!
    get kidd
    Inconsistency frustrates me like nothing else!!!!!

  • steve

    The bulls lost to the knicks…give me a break…How could you want to join that team?

  • gugy

    Well, now that the Lakers lost the last two games, let’s see how long the successful streak will last.
    Once again this team is not a contender because the lack of consistency. The playoffs will be here and is hard to imagine the see this same team win 4 games against a good team and advance into the playoffs.
    We need a star quality player that is a veteran and not injury prone. Until then we are just going to repeat the previous years.
    I really hope I am wrong, but I see the same pattern happen all over again.

  • sK

    looks like that lamar for Marion deal is looking better and better. I wish that could’ve happened… our team would be nice. I dont think at this point we can give up Bynum… for the most part (besides last game) hes been consistent…. and he makes his free throws. I would LOVE to have an Artest on board…. how can we do that?

  • jack

    [Comment ID #17868 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agreed. But, Ariza to start.. i don’t know. Lakers play a whole different type of basketball…(wheather or not they win games..,) Ariza will take time to learn this unique triangle offencse Phil’s got. Also, he should know how to play with Kobe. It’s a time process… but, undoubt I am awating a difference factor right away. Ariza’s got defense talents, and nothing is better than this opportunity for him to prove that he needs minutes that too in front of his family and neighbours. p.s. careful of these Nets now, just coming off a hot win.

  • Kballday

    Why does everyone think the triangle is so unique when we barely use it. You know every game we win the triangle is no where in sight the season opener the triangle was no where to be found. Here’s what makes us contenders not using the triangle and just play ball

  • ricky

    as much as i like odom and what he can bring to the game because of his unmatchable versatility, im beginning to dislike his inconsistency. he is our #2 player but does not play like it. he says he’s passionate, but he never plays that way. he doesnt look to exploit and take advantage of his abilities because if he truly did so, he would be nearly unstoppable with his capabilities. im not gonna give up on him, but im just tired of watching him not put up the numbers that he can each game.

    i like the team right now, but yes we still need upgrades. im not sure at what positions currently because everything is looking kinda blurred right now. i can understand why phil is not inserting ariza into the lineup because he has not practiced with the team yet, but he should get started soon. all i want for the lakers to do is have a very good season, possibly make some noise in the playoffs and then take care of business in the offseason by making some truly significant trades/acquisitions.

    the lakers look like this currently

    pg: fish
    sg: kobe
    sf: odom
    pf: turiaf
    c: bynum

    pg: farmar
    pg: crittenton: should go to d-league to get more playing time
    sg: karl: go to d-league with critty for more playing time
    sg: vujacic
    sf: walton
    sf: ariza: should be kobe’s backup because luke will be better off at the sf position
    pf: radmanovic
    c: mihm
    c: kwame: currently injured, but ever since, the lakers have struggled without him with a record of 1-2 on the latest road trip