mvpsThe game we have all been waiting for! LeBron vs. Kobe. Cavs vs. Lakers. Who would have thought that the game would be dominated by the role players tonight? Kobe and LeBron combined for 18 of 47 shooting with 11 turnovers.

On MLK Day, plenty of people celebrated, with 6 Lakers scoring double figures and 5 Cavs doing the same. The Lakers shot 52% from the field, hit 42% of their threes, had 27 assists, 10 steals, and 6 blocks. The only down side was the 7-15 free throw shooting and the fourth quarter meltdown saved by Trevor Ariza.

This was a statement game by the Lakers as they begin to hit the road soon for some tough games.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Trevor Ariza did it all today! The man held LeBron to 23 points on 25 shots, hit both threes, and had 4 steals.

2) Sasha came in the first quarter and brought the Lakers back in the game. He finished with 14 points on 4-5 threes!

3) Pau could easily be #1 with his 11-13 shooting and 12 boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): No Laker really played bad — any ideas?

Play of the Game: Kobe to Ariza for the oop!

What to Look for Next Game: Blowout. The Clippers flat out suck!

Ticket Info: Next game is Wednesday night at Staples. Have amazing deals on PREMIER Level seats at below face! E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • imfasterthanur

    I’m in Europe so I couldn’t actually watch the game, but I thought Kobe defended Lebron for a majority of the game, no?

    Regardless, a much needed victory.

  • lyk13

    Yes Kobe defended Lebron the entire game, with help from other Lakers too.

  • ilikebasketball

    All of the people who come here after every loss and talk about how we need to trade this player and that player, and how we should bring in readymade(old) all stars to beef up our team(like the celtics had to do in order to win a championship {starbury -are you f’ing crazy?-}) really need to have a bit more faith in the team.
    yeah, we play bad(or, rather, lazyily) at times, but we are in a constant state of progression, radman is shooting a lot better in the last few games, bynum is constantly getting better with each game, etc.
    Not only do we have to play against the teams, good ones and bad ones, but we seem to have to play against the refs a lot of the nights as well. that san antonio game should’ve been a win. the orlando game we just got tired and lazy.
    but have faith laker fans.

  • Anonymous

    Wow no love for Kobe?


  • Kobeftw

    [Comment ID #58965 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you can watch it on

  • Razor Ramon

    Kobe defended lebrick!!!

    Kobe kept his teamates involved 12 assist!!!

    i dont think you watched the same game!

    it was on tnt, not fsn…

  • Roperez

    Trevor Ariza had a couple big steals on LeBron, but yes Kobe was defending LeBron for most of the game. Kobe and the Lakers’ team defense forced LeBron to have a poor shooting night.

  • enrico

    I missed the real lakers.
    Saw it today. We are back!

  • gugy

    Great game for the Lakers.

    Glad Kobe finger is not a big deal.

    We have a great team, just need to be patience. We lost the last two games for A teams. We will not win all games, also losing is a learning experience. Farmar and Luke will be back.
    I believe on my team.

    Go Lakers!

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #58969 Will Be Quoted Here]


    I’m here for school and they charge students just to borrow a television. Man I miss California. lol

  • anto (thecalminsanity)

    Clippers don’t “flat out suck”… They’re “flat out missing 4/5 starters” and 2 bench players to boot.

    I liked the recap until the that sentence.

  • lyk13

    LOL TCI, I just know you may just jump into their defense if you read that, and I’m not wrong. :D

  • jCizzle

    love the win. love the team.

    though id much rather have bynum defend and rebound than score. when will it sink in.

  • two0one7

    Kobe was the one that guard Lebron for the majority of the game, not Ariza. The steals Ariza had were on transition and/or switches.

    Kobe, busted finger and all, held Lebron in check and still dropped 20/12 himself.

  • Drewbie04

    Did you even watch the game!!!???? I think stars of the game.
    1)Kobe- Stellar defense on Lebrick and 12 assists with a dislocated finger.
    2)Pau- The guy couldn’t miss and actually played big.
    3)Fisher-Played pretty much the entire game and hit a lot of big shots when momentum was starting to shift toward the Cavs.

    Ariza,Lamar,Vujacic and Bynum also all played very well.

    STD- Vlad Rad. Didn’t play much, but when he was you could notice on defense when the Cavs would get an open shot every single possession. He needs to figure it out.

    GO LAKERS!!!!

  • e

    gotta give kobe more love my friend…

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Lakers executed the last 2 mins and Ariza sealed the deal. Keep it rolling. Go Lakers!

  • king.manu

    lebron mvp?idont think so!
    kobe is the MVP. the last couple of games he had over 10ast plus 20+ scoring and 6+ rebounds… come on…plus he played great despite his finger….

  • e

    without kobe tonight, lebron would have had a field day…kobe will be mvp again

  • ImmortalD24

    Who the hell is this clown? No love for Kobe whatsoever.


  • Nick Lachey USA

    Wow. Was Steve even watching the game?

    Kobe popped his ring finger a minute into the game. He defended Lebron for the majority of the game. Ariza picked him up once in awhile because of switches. On other occasions, LO helped out as well. Kobe scored an amazing 9-22 with a dislocated ring finger that’s popped back (on his shooting hand).

    The so-called “Post Game Report” mentioned nothing of this injury. Kobe shot well while Lebron was denied (yet it was necessary to emphasize their combined shooting percent???).

  • Kristian

    adding to the previous comments:
    Kobe by far the best performer tonight: dislocated pinkie and guarded Lebron better than anyone has done the entire year! the only points he scored in the 1st half where when Kobe wasn’t guarding him, 0/4 when he was!

    1. Kobe
    2. Laker bigs
    3. Ariza/Fish/Sasha

  • domz

    And speaking of love, ESPN and still loves and sucks LBJ’s balls..showing pics of him, even though the Cavs got beaten hard by the Lakers


    Yeah, gotta agree 100% with Nick,
    …Trevor Ariza did it all today? Sasha? Pau? …Kobe and his mangled fingers were directly and indirectly responsible, in more ways than one, for most of his teammate’s forthcomings!
    …Very strange points of emphasis within this Article! ?????

  • hibachi

    man! you fakers sucks!!!!

    banner 18 raise it up!

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  • lainok

    All of this chatter, and no mention as to the scene of kobe walking to the sideline and getting his finger popped back into place, then walking right back on the court to continue playing! have any of you dislocated a finger? It’s beyond painful, and getting it set back in is even worse. He is the best of the day just for doing that.

  • jason

    Great win lakers..kobe showed his toughness and heart that we all know he he could still shoot i dont know as he wouldnt even catch the ball with his right hand if he could help it..great team defense tonight finally..seems like we can turn it on when needed..they did a great job on lebron..yeah kobe did guard him most of the time but it was a team effort tonight and they werent afraid to get physical with lebron like other teams..makin him shoot long jumpshots most of the time…pau was was well..everybody tonight. GO LAKERS GO!!!!


    It was Kobe that defended Lebron and it was his energy that was obvious… That was a bad postgame report sorry

  • green_apple

    ariza played well
    but kobe played d on lebron most of the time, and kobe really played good d against the bigger and powerful lebron.
    you should give credit where credit is due. Kobe for MVP!!!

  • pablasso

    Such a lacking review on such an important game. Kobe was the man tonight, he was on serious -an evident- pain, and just though it up, adjusted his shot and guarded lebron 80% more time than anyone else.

    My serious respect to the MVP.

  • the ape

    been a lot of totally lame postgames. like this dude doesn’t watch the game but picks up a few stats here and there and makes a “report”

    c’mon blog staff. let’s go for more quality reporting here!

  • Mark

    Play of the game should be the kobe’s and one over bron bron

  • ojt

    Great game.let’s not let walton come in and destroy the click.Lebron is good but heis a drama queen with his traveling, when he gets ball stolen acts like he’s hurt..drama queen but good player,kobe is basketball…great laker for life

  • mihaithemiraculous

    Im tired of seeing this dude give no love to people who deserve it, sayin luke sucks all the time when the lakers play better with him in the line up, and giving more love to charity cases and not the people who actually get the job done.. Kobe dislocated a finger and gaurded Lebron ALL GAME, ariza maybe did on one play, and ariza would have never hit a shot in the 4th if it wasnt for kobe, because guess who got him the ball? give love to those who deserve it and stop hating on luke… oh yeah kobe is the mvp

  • thr aantoine

    [Comment ID #59015 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re a funny guy..

  • 1ofMany

    Like many comments above… these post game “reports” need some work. Its as if steve just watches espn news or looks at box scores without actually watching the games. Kobe getting 20/12/6 with a mangled finger (thats 2 now) and not even make the top 3 of the night is rediculous! All that on top of holding LBJ to 36% shooting on the night.

    Another note: Bynum had a great night, his 14/6 werent all-star numbers but his presence in the middle and some tough fouls made the Cavs think twice about playin in the paint.

    All around, a great team effort!

    C’mon Avery… report the game, not opinios and enough with the Walton cheap shots. The best coach in the NBA wants him as a starter… thats gotta tell you something!

  • pr0mega

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, get rid of STEVE AVERY

  • sketch

    yo ilikebasketball,

    i feel you on the “having faith” in the lakers mantra, but having faith and demanding excellence and consistency are separate things. i know that we may have an off night or two, but to not have our guys play to their potential so often is not acceptable. i’m just glad that we got the record that we have now even though we’ve not played up to our potential yet! the only great games that i thought that we had were the 1st two of the season and also the boston and cav’s game last night!

    and would the media please stop calling Le Hype “King James”? i hated hearing that $hit! they kept saying it over and over and over again. he was clearly outplayed by the “Real King” last night, in “King Kobe”! even with a bum digit kobe outplayed and outclassed Le Hype! there goes the MVP vote from the bratty prince to kobe! because kobe definitely played like the MVP last night. he led his team to victory and got 20 and 12 off of a bummed ring finger! with that in mind, the author of this article should not criticize kobe so much on a bad shooting night, he was slightly handicapped, what was lebron’s excuse? oh yeah, he had kobe on him.

  • sketch

    yo, imfasterthanur,

    have fun in europe and keep pimpin our lakers while you’re there! and don’t forget to put in some time in the studies while you’re out chasin the honeys in europe.

  • ignard

    Trevor held Lebron to 23 points????? Did you watch the same game I did? I thought I saw Kobe D up Lebron.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #59020 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yo we dont need you….are u that lonely that the only fan base u can find is the one that u hate?

  • Milo

    [Comment ID #58970 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree some people dont even know what they are talking about here they probably dont even care they just want to post for the sake of doing it

  • Milo

    i think that Kobe did a good job of balancing his offense and creating for others the assists (12) speak for themselves, but we also have to give Lamar a lot of credit because he set the tone right out of the gates even if his numbers dont show it LO did a great job in this one…

  • jason

    just like to add that while king james was in the house..Lord Kobe was still leadin the congregation..MVP MVP MVP!!!!!!!

  • Justin M.

    Ariza play great but wasn’t Kobe guarding Lebron most of the game. Your usually pretty good with the post game reports but not putting Kobe in the top 3 and giving someone else credit for Kobe’s D (with 2 busted figures) is pretty bad man :[

  • daboss1849

    Ariza was the man last night. fun game to watch…

  • lakers4yfe

    wow…u didnt even mention kobe…ariza didnt even guard lebron that much…ur just making stuff up man…but much love anyways. haha


    Lamar is better than Ariza. Keep Lamar and let Ariza go. Lamar is more versatile and more valuable. Ariza is one dimensional and a choker. Remember the San Antonio game?

  • kingkb24

    i think kobe shud sit out next game just to be safe.. it is against the clippers after all. i think our bench their starters all game

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #59054 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Warlock put the crack pipe down I know you want to honor our new president but enough with the Lo is versatile crap. Ariza is much more valuable to our team than Lo is plus he will be cheaper to sign.

  • Yoyo


  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #59022 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol good stuff! Most definitely will. By the time I leave here I’ll be sure to spread Laker love to the Euro ladies out here ;)