ughOuch! The Bobcats again? Really? They didn’t even play that well and they beat us.

Kobe goes for 38, Bynum continues to dominate, and we lose… But we learned tonight. 1) We are lucky that we only play the Bobcats twice a year and 2) Maybe Kobe really is the MVP since we play like the Clippers without him.

On a positive note, I want to congratulate Andrew on his award for Western Conference Player of the Week and his fourth straight double-double.

Also, get well soon Ariza!

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe did everything he could, 38 points on 15-28 shooting, 8 boards, 5 assists, and a steal.

2) Bynum had 24, 14 and 6 blocks. I would say it was a Shaq like performance, but he hit 4-5 freethrows.

3) Offensively Fisher did well, with 14 and 6, but he gave up a near triple double to Felton, so I don’t have a number 3 tonight.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Pau had his worst night as a Laker. 10 points on 16 shots. Also 3 turnovers.

Play of the Game: Fisher’s three to send it into OT.

What to Look for Next Game: Should be an easy win Friday night vs O.J. Mayo and the T-Wolves.

Ticket Info: Thanks to everyone from TLN who bought tickets for the Bobcats game! Even with the loss, you all got your money’s worth at those great last minute prices. Next home game isn’t for awhile, but let me know if you need All-Star game tickets. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • barry

    i don’t think that MVPs foul out of close games.

  • dumblakerfan

    wow really barry? his first time in fouling out in 10 months and now he’s not the mvp. yeah thats some real sound logic buddy.

  • Big Phil

    Where the F_CK was the defense again!? This game showed what boneheads we have in Lamar, Fluke, Vlad, and Sasha. Lamar, why the F_CK do you double-team below the 3-pt line and leave a guy open at the 3pt line when we are up by 3?! Lamar, why the F_CK did u just stand there and not grab a key rebound. Once again, when the game is on the line and there is pressure, good ole Lamar flounders as usual. Why the F_CK is Fluke in the damn game?!…what basketball IQ?! This is not the first time he’s screwed up on an inbounds play. Once Kobe fouled out…it was so telling and apparent how lost, confused, mentally weak, shaky were Farmar, Lamar, Fluke, and Sasha. Derek and Bynum seem strong and unfazed during that period, and it was the others who truly showed what boneheads they are and how mentally weak they are by making stupid offensive and defensive plays. What a damn disappointment!?!

  • The Piz

    it’s Kevin Love and the Wolves..and BTW they’ve got the best record in 09 as of. DO NOT look past the wolves

  • Eidraq

    3 of the 6 fouls were iffy

    without kobe, we are nothing

    give pau more touches, bynum less touches…

    we need to make sure pau is at least warm

    we can with with pau being hot and bynum cold BUT we cannot win with bynum being hot and pau being cold (GRANTED KOBE ISNT IN THE GAME)

    give bynum 2-3 yrs till he can become a 20 and 10 guy

  • J-Ri

    Simply put: Bad loss.

  • kwame4mvp

    mayo does not play for the wolves

  • matt

    wow barry, did u even watch the game? Kobe is the whole reason the lakers even made it to overtime in the first place, 38/8/5 are MVP numbers

  • domz

    lol, when was OJ mayo traded to the Twolves. Maybe Steve wrote this report during the draft pick night.

  • Smush Walton

    How do the Lakers spell stupid? L A M A R ! This numbskull has to be one of the biggest MORONS in the league! Constantly makes the same damn dumb mistakes – is he stuck on stupid or what?

    His STUPID one-handed play – constantly going up with one hand for a rebound. Go up with two hands dumb a$$ and GRAB THE D@MN THING!!! Two missed dunks! And then walnut brain steps up to the line just laughing it up and then boinks both free throws. As soon as you see walnut brain start his dribbling thru his legs routine you know disaster is soon to follow. But the dumbest play of all — leaving a shooter WIDE F_ING OPEN for a 3 to tie the game at the 1st OT. Lame-O should be FINED by the team! Simply NO EXCUSE for such utter STUPIDITY!!!. This bonehead has been in the league 10 years but always keeps making the same STUPID mistakes. When Lame-O is on the floor you can always count on STUPIDITY to follow. This dumb @ss has got to GO! So mentally weak it is pathetic.

    And with both Lame-O and Puke on the floor at the end of the game – FORGET IT! What is Puke even doing in the league? Let him go clear tables in his restaurant. Wake up Mitch we need to get rid of some GARBAGE – Lame-O, Puke, Vlad, Sasha. It is clear you just can not count on these clowns in the crunch.

  • iamthetie

    STD goes to Phil Jackson for pulling Bynum out of the game in the 1st overtime. You gotta give him more leeway then that. The kid was protecting the paint and puts in Pau and the Bobcats started scoring at will


    i noticed everytime u say “should be an easy win…” we end up losing
    we shouldnt overlook any teams we play because its a known fact EVERYONE wants to beat the lakers, therefore they play like “they can win” and we play as if “we should win” meaning no defense, no effort, and no heart…only until the final minutes do we start to pull together and by that time its too late, remember “anything can happen in a game” as we witnessed with the bobcats missing clutch freethrows, fishers wonderfull 3, and kobe fouling out. we need to show dominance in EVERY game to put fear in the rest of the league. and as said before, the wolves DO have the best record in Jan. and shouldnt be taken lightly, i look for kobe to have a big game, and am eager to see if bynum can continue his “player of the week” play against a very talented Al Jefferson
    lets please not overlook any team anymore, this was just another reminder

  • domz

    I guess, we just lacked intensity and excitement tonight while the bobcats almost played for their lives. I think there’s nothing we need to worry about just the lack of effort and how to overcome boredom against sub par teams.

    Btw, get well soon G.wallace and Trevor!

  • e

    im more and more appalled at the fact that we get to watch the best player in the nba

    kobe = mvp

    we’ll get back on our feet


    [Comment ID #59845 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Sorry man but this is ridiculous, …Geeeeezus,
    …Your comment is just …so very …DUMB! …Or maybe, your just here to criticize Kobe and The Lakers!
    …Since it is quite clear and glaringly obvious your Basketball IQ is right On Par with Lamar’s!

  • David

    Bobcats own us. It’s as plain and simple as that. I’m just glad we won’t see them in the playoffs.


    [Comment ID #59866 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …The Playoffs are a totally different world, when compared to the regular season!

  • Freshh

    Gasol against Diaw

  • two0one7

    [Comment ID #59845 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dumbest comment in the history of The Lakers Nation, and that’s saying a lot.

  • Mihailicious

    mayo plays for the grizzlies, and it just goes to prove that this teams chemistry revolves completely around kobe, no kobe, no wins, doesnt matter how good everyone else is..

    radmonovic for MVP haha jokes

  • [Comment ID #59852 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why? Pau took far more shots than bynum, yet was like a moron out there… He shot 4/16, while Bynum shot at a higher than 70% clip.

  • LakersCentral

    Regardless of the lack of intensity of the Lakers in the first half, regardless of the stupidity of Lamar Odom not to guard the 3 point shot, regardless of Pau’s worst game since becoming a Laker, regardless of Phil taking out NBA player-of-the-week Bynum at the end (for the guy who was having the worst game)… regardless of all that…

    THIS WAS THE WORST REFERREE’D GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN! Every time there should have been a foul called, there wasn’t. Every time there shouldn’t have been, there was. They missed so many obvious travels and other violations, I couldn’t believe it. I have never been more pissed off watching an NBA game than that. How do the Bobcats w/ their tallest starter at 6’9″ guard our two 7 footers? I’ll tell you how: They push down low. They push for rebounds. They undercut you. They have incredible actors like Raja Bell on their team. They grab and practically bearhug Kobe every time down, but when he gets any contact as a defender, the refs blow their whistle. The refs are getting worse and worse, and its really annoying to the point of not wanting to watch anymore. When I see games like this, I really wish I didn’t know and love the game so much, cause then I couldn’t get so upset.

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #59878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    because if we had pau focused more on offense early into the game, the errand shots he took later on wouldnt have happened..he would have gained some flow in his shot and eventually could have sealed the deal with kobe out…take my theories with a grain of salt…i dont get paid to do this, i only analyze to the best of my ability

  • david gamboa

    OJ mayo and the twolves??

  • Nick Lachey USA

    It’s a tough loss but you have to hand it to the Bobcats. I think they’ll secure the 8th seed by the end of the season. That team really functions well under Larry Brown’s philosophies. Bobcats does a lot of little things on defense that makes it tough. You can also argue that they do some crafty things on defense (ie. acting).

    However, like Phil Jax pointed out, the outcome of the game really was determined like rolling a dice. For instance, the rebounds seems to bounce in Bobcats’ ways for the majority of the game (note Lakers did go after them). Refs weren’t consistent. Pau had one of these nights where he missed a huge load of shots that he’s used to making. Kobe started the game shooting like crap. As far as the reffing goes, it was a bit odd at times (Kobe’s 6th foul was questionable considering that they let both teams play physical defense for the majority of the game, why would an EXAGGERATED trip be called at that time of the game?)

  • reirey24

    TRADE LAMAR NOW!!!! and luke.. luke 4 nocioni…. lamar 4 josh smith


    This was a game The Lakers had no business winning, but should have stolen, at least to offset some of the ones they had no business losing, so far this year! …I’m sure Kobe felt this, and obviously wanted this game badly, and it showed in his disappointment!
    …Kobe’s reaction on Diaw’s trey to tie the game, spoke volumes, as it truly expressed what he knew and what every other knowledgeable Lakers fan felt, as soon as he was dealt his 6th foul!
    …He knows, like everyone else knows, this team is “Dumb” and “Soft”, and the Bullies around the league will expose them every chance they get!
    I.e. Diop’s well placed knee to Gasol’s butt, completely took him out of position down low, as he was then able to over-power Gasol for a key rebound! …Gasol is talented, but he better wise up and do something about some of these player’s “punken” his freakish weakass, real soon, OR ELSE, nothing good is going to come of this! …As far as Lamar is concerned, enough has been said already!

  • Smush Walton

    How many times in his almost 10 year career do you think Lame-O has been told “do not leave a shooter wide open for a game tying or winning 3″? But you could tell this LUNKHEAD every day for another 10 years and without question he would still keep doing the same damn thing. It just will never sink in with this walnut-sized brain simpleton. That is why I am hoping that after this season we can say ADIOS to this nucklehead! Send him back to the Clippers where he belongs!

  • a$h

    seeing as how steve francis was just waived by the grizzlies… i’m sure we can pick him up 4 MLE… his numbers suck right now but he’s that strong pg were looking for to complement d fish and farmar send sun yu 2 the d league


    “It’s always stops,” Bryant said regarding the late-game difference. “We’ve just got to learn from our mistakes and not let it happen again.”
    …It’s all over “The Net” and he’s talking to you Lamar, not to mention a couple other space cadets! …What part of this space log, do these freakin astronauts, not understand!
    …What’s it going to take, for the “deaf and dumb”, to listen up, see the light, and follow thru!

  • DWinsRings

    Damn we lost, bocats gave us a chance by missing 5 out of 6 freetrhrows leting lakers get back in the game. So basicaly we would of lost in Regulation but had a chance in OT. First of all Phill shouldnt have taken out Bynum and put Gasol in, Bynum was doing great blocking shots and protecting paint. once Gasol gets in, there goes a layup in the paint. Pau had a bad night, he be ok on Friday. Bynum was great, and kobe was Kobe. We have two good Clutch players, Kobe and Fisher. I know Fisher will come throught like this in the furture alot more.

  • DWinsRings

    By the way i dont want to be the first to lose 10 games from the TOP 3
    Basicly 35-10 looks so ugly,so i want Boston and Clevland to lose 10 first, And we going 4-0 on Road Trip

  • Roperez

    Can we please get someone else to write the post game reports? Someone who actually follows the Lakers/NBA. First this guy says the lakers should have an easy win over the bobcats, whom the lakers have struggled against the past couple years. Then he says that it should be an easy win against the t wolves with OJ mayo???? The t wolves are playing the best ball in the new year and OJ Mayo plays for Memphis!!

    It was a tough loss but we all know the lakers will bounce back.

  • jason

    just a big deal..i know it seemed like we didnt play good defense but they only had 93 points at end of regulation..we usually are well in to the was our offense that let us down tonight..that wont happen very often so i’m not worried about it.

    We really missed ariza didnt we?

    Gasol gave us vertually nothing tonight on either end of the court. Hes had a super year though so i’ll cut him a break for the bad game.

    Bynum continues to dominate wich is definitely a good thing to see.

    Kobe was well Kobe.

    My biggest issue was LEAVING THE MOTHA F”IN 3 POINT SHOOTER WIDE OPEN AGAIN WITH UNDER A MIN TO GO AND UP 3..grrrr…why if they get a 2 who can u continuously make the same mistake over and over again…grrrrrr.

  • lakers2000

    Bynum was a huuuuge positive for the Lakers! I don’t know about everyone else, but I see a bright future for this team. Shaq like play with free throwing capabilities! We will be ok. This was just a crappy game that the ref (just one that I saw) was trying to influence. Bad calls and bad plays. This will be motivation for the road trip. I told my wife before the game that I had a bad feeling about this one. We like to lose to sub par teams. It was like that when Shaq was here as well. Get well Ariza, Go Lakers!!!

  • six45ci

    Wow avery, your pretty stupid. your stating again another easy win for the lakers? dont you understand that the Wolves have the best record in 2009? TLN should really hire someone new for the blogs, someone who watches all the teams around the NBA, not just the lakers. your analysis were alot better before, now its like a few sentences and thats it. i am not knocking on your skills, but you really need to do your research on other teams, the wolves have been really good as of late, and no team should be taken lightly, no team is “another easy win”, this is the NBA ! on any given night you could lose.

  • daboss1848

    Nice to see the trading has begun anew. As usual, be ready to praise the same players ur now trading after they do well in the next several games . . .

    A question: With over 100 years of coaching experience on the Lakers bench and dozens of rings, how is it that we dont have a simple baseline out of bounds play which will result in a shot? (not asking for a dunk, or an uncontested shot, but a shot, any shot)

  • Margo

    we all love Pau, but he did not show up on either end of the floor!

  • ShortDiezel

    The STD is PHIL JACKSON for pulling out Bynum at the end and replacing him with Gasol. Gasol OBVIOULSY was having a terrible game on both sides of the court, while Bynum on the other hand was doing the complete opposite.

    Phil also needs to point out to Pau that he needs to STOP trying to back in defenders.. he ALWAYS gets the ball stripped!!! Why he continues to do it baffles me. Pau has a CONSISTENT mid-range shot, but doesn’t make that his 1st offensive option. He is usually taller than his defenders at the power forward position so that shot is available to him all day. Plus we already have Bynum on the block to get offensive rebounds. It is all about spacing.

  • LakersFirst

    I’m going to change my name to LakersSuck


    Bynum choked at the end of the game. You guys saw it. He missed an easy shot at the end of the game. He is not ready for the big time. Trade him now for an experienced defender.

  • kwame4mvp

    another reason to bring kwame back….

  • xtro

    learning experience for the team especially when they have to win the game w/o their go-to-guy. it will payoff eventually in the future. still best record in the west w/ only 9 losses. no worries. still i wouldn’t mind the team trading for a bruiser/ physical player.

  • IwantLukeoutofLA

    I hate Luke Walton!!

  • TonyStarks79

    These post-game reports gets stinkier and stinkier..Get it right O.J. Mayo is not on the Wolves..Also smush of the day has to go sorry as Lamar..C’mon up 3 with 24 seconds left and you help out Fisher on Felton and he dishes it to Diaw for the open 3…Geezus!!! The Lakers can not defend the 3..Kobe was sooo pissed after that play he wanted to hit Lamar with his towel…IDIOTA to LAMAR!!


    Yeah, the refs really screwed us again. I can count nine games that the ref has screwed us. All nine losses.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #59845 Will Be Quoted Here]
    DUMB ASS comment!

    what the fcuk is wrong with phillip? why’d he pull out bynum again? he was the only effective weapon aside from kobe and he decides that he wants to leave pau (4-16 shooting) on the floor instead of going with the youngster who was dominating okafor! he should have left both 7 footers out there and not taken bynum out!

    also, what the fcuk was LAME-AR thinkin? you let felton drive in for the lay up and don’t give up the 3! you’re up by 3, let them get the 2 and still be up by 1 with the clock running down forcing them to foul you! i’ve had it…it’s time to get rid of this dumb ass! he’s always spacin out during the wrong times!

    both phillip and lame-ar deserve the blame for the lakers’ loss last night! more phillip than lame-ar, but barely! FCUKERS!!!!!!!!

  • Al

    When are they going to get rid of Phil? He is probably the worst coach in the league and he proves it time and time again. His match ups and substitutions are atrocious. Putting Luke the Fluke in the crucial minutes of the overtime is just stupid.

  • pancho

    Was it a full moon or what…………?

  • gugy

    Sucks we lost, move on guys. We are doing just fine. Let’s rock the road trip!
    Go Lakers!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59907 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, the REAL LakersFirst is going to keep his real name because he knows the Lakers are the absolute best franchise in the NBA (the NBA needs the Lakers!). I think this imposter should change his name to “I suck Boston Sucdick” – that’s what the real LakersFirst thinks.

    Secondly, whenever the Lakers have issues, its because Gasol isn’t playing like his consistent usual self. The Lakers need Gasol to play well, and last night he didn’t. It was the same thing when the Lakers played the Suckdics. The Suckdics kept it close, because Gasol wasn’t playing well. As soon as Gasol began playing well in that 4th quarter, the Lakers ran away with the game. Whenver Gasol does not play well, the Lakers will have close games. Gasol is a major factor to Lakers success and last night, he didn’t earn his payday (seriously how, does a 6’8 Boris Diaw box you out from the boards? UNFORGIVABLE!!!). He owes the Lakers a 30+ point game.

  • dumblakerfan

    Jan 28th, 2009 at 9:03 am Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    Can we please get someone else to write the post game reports? Someone who actually follows the Lakers/NBA. First this guy says the lakers should have an easy win over the bobcats, whom the lakers have struggled against the past couple years. Then he says that it should be an easy win against the t wolves with OJ mayo???? The t wolves are playing the best ball in the new year and OJ Mayo plays for Memphis!!

    It was a tough loss but we all know the lakers will bounce back.

    Agreed, these post game reports and previews blow. They have solid ones on and I only come on here to comment on crushing losses or amazing victories. But I don’t read this crap either.

  • trade_lamo

    Couple of quick notes for all Laker fans:

    1. Kobe is the most clutch player of ALL time. Yes, including Jordan.
    I have never seen a player turn it on like he does. Did you guys see the degree of difficulty on those shots?

    2. As long as Kobe is in the league the MVP award should go right to him. NO question, votes or polls needed – that simple!

    3. There two things standing in the way of us winning a ring: LAMAR O SOOOO Dumb and Philazy Hackson (a.k.a. COACH!)

  • mamba818


  • kobe8

    Pau Gasol is s-o-f-T..

  • bryan

    a lot of you guys are ridiculous.. seriously. you give us true laker fans a bad name. always talking about trades… stfu already and watch an all-star game if you want every god damn player on your team. lamar has a bad game, he immediately need to be traded? he strings in 3-4 great games, not a word from you bandwagoners.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #59908 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Give us some names. After last night’s disappointing loss we need some laughs!

  • e

    [Comment ID #59968 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i do NOT think we need a trade…someone should just tell bynum to focus waaay more on defense..that 6 block game could have been a 10+ block game if he was more defensive minded…there is no problem with him posting up and working his man into the paint BUT he should only do it only a few times..more importantly..what made our previous centers great was the fact that they passed and kept the ball moving..andrew needs to do that bit more so then we’d get the ball to everyone’s hands and find the best available shot..think defense first…btw kobe has gone into the conversation for dpoy

  • jason

    i totally agree with what bryan said..some of u guys are comical.

  • pvon420

    wow man. i hope ur not lakers fans, all the ones sayin that messed up stuff. im a big lakers fan. long time. and now i feel freakin ashamed because how much of u dis on ur own team. i aint that lakers fan. be that real fan. GO LA.

  • Odom the worst player

    Lamar Odumb enough said. Amen Smush Walton

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #59907 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow…this is what i mean by overreacting to one loss.

  • lakerfan101

    [Comment ID #59852 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he ot more touches than bynum but he kept on missing.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #59975 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agreed! but that’s what fair weather fans do!

  • Lakers#1

    u retards over react to every loss. FCK MAN stfu and be a real fan. lakers beat boston i hear this ”Lakers are the best and are going to win championship” Lakers Beat cleveland and i hear ”Kobe owned lebron lakers are unstoppable” lakers lose 1 game and i hear this ”im going to change mmy name to lakers suck” im not saying all of u are like this. There are some true fans on this site that dont overreact on everything. But the bandwagon fans need to gtfo of this site and quit watching basketball.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59975 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You must be new to this site. You do know there is someone in here (probably a Boston Suckdic fan) that is taking the names of those true Laker fans who have been here for quite some time. Don’t be so easily fooled. I wished the guys who ran this would somehow prevent this.

  • YellowPurpleFever



  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #59923 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agreed! :cool:


    Well I’m the biggost fair weather ferry of all time, and i know Bynum has ass4sure during his lunch time; with little Tim, big Dyck, and slick Hairy as his confidantes!


    [Comment ID #59968 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Jermaine O’Neal would give us the experienced defender we need. We can also get rid of Walton and Vlad in the deal. That will give us the 12-14 million we need to sign Lamar Odom.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60032 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There you go again with your Jermaine O’Neal obsession again. When was the last time he wasn’t hurt? I’d forget about him – he’s damaged goods! We certainly don’t need someone who will be injured for a good part of the season. He certainly was a big plus for Toronto. I’m sure they will be happy to see him gone. We certainly don’t need someone else’s problems. Please, erase him from your mind already!

  • kb4sure

    [Comment ID #59968 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Eh Smush,
    Here’s something to crack up about!
    …This fair weathered fairy is like the Scorned Biaytch that got schooled every time she jumped in the sack with her Impersonating Brutus, who was really Popeye the slick sailor man, going down on a “Butch” Olive Oil and consequently, has completely lost her own slippery Identity!
    …Can you say “Transvestite”…ROFLOL!


    [Comment ID #59968 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Eh Smush,
    Here’s something to crack up about!
    …This fair weathered fairy is like the scorned little woman, that got schooled every time she jumped in the sac with her Impersonating Brutus, who was really Popeye the slick sailor man, going down on Olive Oil; and consequently, has completely lost her own slippery Identity! …ROFLOL!