The Lakers reclaimed the best record in the league with a Sunday night win over Portland.

The Lakers won their 15th straight at home with amazing defense, holding the Blazers to only 39% shooting. The Lakers shot 49% themselves and a had a nice balanced attack.

Five players scored double figures, including three off the bench.

After some rough games on the road, the Lakers are looking much better again. Also, great to see Luke out of the lineup. Even though Ariza didn’t make a shot, he still had a positive impact.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe’s 26 points on 11-19 shooting were too much for Portland.

2) Sasha came in off the bench and hit some big shots. 11 points on 7 shots. If he can continue to give us 25 minutes of solid play off the bench, Farmar’s injury won’t affect us too much.

3) Pau continues to play efficient basketball. 19 points on 7-9 shooting.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): No Laker really sucked today. I’ll give it to Luke just because.

Play of the Game: Sasha’s four point play.

What to Look for Next Game: More Laker domination. Hornets are just not the same team.

Ticket Info: Hornets tickets are starting at $35 each for Tuesday night’s game. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • the ape

    good thing they got some focus during the second half. i was worried that they were sloppy in the first half because they knew they would get the best record with this game.

    but they got the killer instinct back and that shows that they’re developing mental strength.

    oh, and it doesn’t look like a good idea to have ariza start…

  • jason

    great game lakers..bad start but their d kept em close enough to not hurt em so bad..i dont like ariza startin..i like him closing games when we’re ahead though..i just think his energy is better comin off the bench.

  • CG

    Very nice cleanup by the Lakers at the second half.

  • basketbolista!

    vlade should be the starting SF not ariza.

  • Big Nick

    Luke even sucks at being injured

  • biglakerfan3408

    What an asinine comment on Luke Walton. The guy is not a superstar or an all star, but he is one of those guys that would get picked up every time cause he knows the game of basketball. All the scrubs that work here on this website, and come here to read an comment, would take Luke Walton on thier team cause he would play the game the right way, and get all of you some good shots that you wouldn’t be able to create yourself, cause if you could you would probably have played college ball as well as Pro or semi pro ball.

    Please don’t make stupis comments on a very good basketball player Lakers Nation.

    He is not an eye catcher player, but he is a key part to the winning streak we are currently in

    Go Lakers!!!!


  • Jaime Quintanilla

    [Comment ID #57708 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • ade

    Please stop all the bad comment on Luke Walton. We should support all members of the team regardless of who is playing. Thanks

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #57709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Some of the fans are deceived by his lack of raw athletic ability. I’ve actually grown immune to the bickering because fans like you and I understand the concept of team-chemistry and facilitation. There’s no point in convincing all the “professional arm-chair coaches” on this website otherwise. =P

  • Trifecta37

    Don’t hate on Luke. Tell me you weren’t screaming in happiness and amazement on the Kobe over-the-head-chuck, Luke behind-the-back-in-the-air to Odom for the dunk last season, in one of the greatest “showtime” plays I’ve seen. Not only is Luke a team player, he took sitting on the bench for the first 20 games like a Man, and whoever is writing this “I HATE Luke” crap is clearly not acting like a man. Grow up and start appreciating him for the good he does for the team. So what if he can’t shoot threes? Do we NEED that? He’s a better D player than Radman and a better passer than Ariza. Everyone is good in some aspect.

  • LeaveLukeAlone

    I miss Kwame

  • David

    I also disagree with Steve Avery. Luke had been playing well for us in the starting lineup, better than Vlad Rad anyways.

  • the antoine

    you should lay off luke.. its not funny anymore..

  • TLN

    Blazzers missed alot of shots.

    so good D uhhh dont think so but they played some great D in some possieson but blazers missed hella shot… hell and i am loving it.

  • Mitch4Pres

    how can u say its great to see luke out of the lineup? what kind of shi t is that? support our players don’t be happy when theyre injured. what kind of fan are you? disgusting.

  • Dracul

    With Luke in the lineup, the offense ran smoother and the defense was the same as with Glitch. So I say it was a loss for the Lakers to have Luke unavailable.

    With Farmar out and now Luke needing an unknown amount of time to come back, our 9 man rotation is going to Plan C.

    Glitch (now that he’s gonna get more playing time), needs to take it to the rim and just generally take more than just 3 pointers – something that he has been doing lately. Only problem is that Glitch and Odom share a deficiency and it’s inconsistent mental focus. You never know what these 2 will give you from one game to another.

    Also, I don’t see anything wrong with a Sasha/Ariza/Odom/Powell- Gasol/Bynum 2nd Unit lineup.

    Until they Farmar comes back or they bring in another backup point guard, Lakers might show to be out of rhythm

  • portman

    yeah, you guys should stop picking on luke, he’s playing his brain out nowadays. the only thing that sucks about him now is he’s injured.

  • Cristopher

    ”Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): No Laker really sucked today. I’ll give it to Luke just because.”

    Seriously, Yue is being too biased…’cause he´s chinese?

    Come on, Sun Yue deserves the Lakers Smush of the Day. He sucked. Hard.

  • Alba Soldier

    Seriously STD shouldve been given to fish. he was the reason for the lakers trailing the game in the first place.

    He had 4 TO in the 1st quarter, he picked up his play a little but not by much. also he only shot 3-9

  • king.manu

    sun yue played 1.29min at the end of the game. it was trashtime…how can he be a std?

  • lainok

    The question is not at all who is better, Luke, Vlad or Trevor. It’s obvious that Trevor has been the man of their position. But there are advantages to starting him AND to having him come off the bench. If you start him then you have his defensive tenacity attack from the get go. The other teams offense gets swarmed and never has a chance to build momentum. If he comes off the bench, he does the same thing, just this time the guy that has been running around the court for 10 minutes chasing Luke is already tired and is going to have a fresh ariza all over him.

    Luke is great at spacing the floor and when he is shooting well he is definately worthy of starting. Even on this team. The problem is he is inconsistent on both ends of the floor most nights. His defense is okay, but nothing special. And you never know if his shots are going to fall. He’s definately a better shooter than Trevor, but Trevor’s consistency is what is needed. Look at what Pau has accomplished for us with his consistency.

    Vlade can drain the three. He’s really good at it. But he can’t defend, blows layups, can operate well in the triangle. He is great coming off the bench when you are down by 12, when 1 0r 2 threes can give you that swing. But to start? still third behind Trevor and Luke.

    I don’t know who should ultimately start, but Luke has done a great job. But Ariza is one of the keys to the future of this team, far after Kobe and fish are gone. And one day they will be. Bynum, Gasol, Ariza and Farmar will be what keeps the Lakers legend on top. Maybe machine, but machine needs less coffee or sugar or both. though he has a great opportunity with farmar out to show why he was worth keeping on. And so far he has done really well.

  • pancho

    I never thought true laker fans would cheap shot one our players when he is injured. Maybe fans should take it out on our home crowd for being the std.

  • Whatsa

    Ariza is our spark off the bench. He started today, how many points did he make? Oh wait, none. Keep him on the bench and let Vlad start again. Luke deservingly got his minutes, but now he’s injured; Vlad scored 15 last night, that’s enough to make him start again instead of Ariza.


    I am very critical on Luke only because of his lack, desire intimidation on offense. I mean, at times(and there is times) that he gets the ball down low and instead of shooting it(which he should) he will pass and compromise the rest of the team, during a semi fast break.

    Luke is a strong boy, he should have a nice mid range shot/post up game if only he practices it. Luke is what 6-7 or something and the guy can barely get up. I’m 5-9 and I can dunk(barely but it’s a dunk) on 10 footers. I mean the defense know that he doesn’t think of scoring first so they stay off him. Give us a good 7-10 points a night and I guarantee a welcome stay w/ all readers on TLN.


    One more thing…I’m not sure what Bynum got in the game but am I seeing the contagious desease that goes around called “LetmeworkmyassoffjusttogetpaidthenIwillstartsuckingittiss”?
    Again, why is it that I see Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Pau, and even Shaq at his fat and old age have better footwork that our 21 year old? It looks like this dude has cement for feat. He is very flat footed and needs to start training w/ apallo Creed, start chasing chickens or something. I mean this kid needs to start being on his toes. I don’t know what it is but it isn’t working for me. My confidence in him is slowly going away.


    sasha in the bests of the night?…yeh he had a couple of good shots…but he did alot of stupid things defensively…i thought he unesseccarily doubled oden…constantly at that, and everytime he did…he left a man open leading to a an open shot for the blazers…which was usually blake…he also had some stupid fouls…if anything, vladrad should have have gotten best of the night. coming off the bench, stepping up and contibuting like that with a season high 16 points… give that man a spot!

  • Lukes_girlfriend

    Lay off Luke, I just did…

  • jason

    Blazzers missed alot of shots.

    so good D uhhh dont think so but they played some great D in some possieson but blazers missed hella shot… hell and i am loving it.

    i agree they did miss alot of good looks..but credit the laker defense for giving up very little inside and forcing a team that was struggling to hit shots take long jumpers over and over again.

  • lakers4life

    s Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): No Laker really sucked today. I’ll give it to Luke just because.


  • pr0mega

    Why would you talk bad about someone who is injured, Laker or not?

    Steve Avery gives very watered down post-game analysis, it’s almost like he just looks at the box-score and types something up really quick.

    Watch the games homie.

  • Lakerboi

    [Comment ID #57732 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How can you say that, he played ONE MINUTE!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Stop hating Luke…

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #57739 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fish really struggled in the first quarter with turnovers and ridiculous drives where he just tried to throw himself (I guess) into the defender.

  • e

    [Comment ID #57779 Will Be Quoted Here]

    fisher is not much of a pg…his passing ability is pretty crappy too

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    first of i agree STOP hating Luke..and radman starts over Ariza

    I was worried about this game cuz did u see how many upsets there were this weekend? All the road teams in the NFL wild card won, No. 1 UNC lost, and the Cavs and Smeltics lost too…but i guess the days we win are the days others lose, and the days we lose are the days others win

  • +Baker

    Hey all.

    Check out this parody That I made of the two biggest starts on the Lakers, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant.



  • +Baker

    Sorry Wrong Link.

    Here is the correct one:



  • jason

    actually 2 of the home teams won in the nfl games.

  • Milo

    where is Genaro Pargo??? maybe we could trade somebody like Mihm for him!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    Everybody just hates on Luke. YOU ALL ARE JUST A BUNCH OF HATERS

  • Thomas

    yes!! This is just what i expected to see from the Lakers since November and now that the Boston game is outta the way, the Lakers have found that killer instinct again and i dont see anyone in the League that can take us out…barring some fluke or some stupid injury

  • kaypee83


  • meaz82

    Luke is not my favorite player by any measure on the Lakers but i know what he brings to the table and when he is on his game he is a great weapon in the triangle. I have yelled at my tv countless times because of Luke, but he is part of the team so i always want to see him as well as member of the team balling, and healthy. Saying it was good to see someone hurt and out of the line-up is bush. Stay classy LA.

  • portman

    [Comment ID #57827 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that was really unnecessary, man.