grrrWe lost. How? To the Sixers. At the buzzer. What a depressing game.

After Kobe hit that shot, I thought I could forget about this game and sleep well tonight. Wrong. The Lakers 18 turnovers really came back to bite them tonight.

The Lakers shot the ball well, but just didn’t play hard enough to win tonight. The problem was their lack of possessions. Phili got off 86 shots compared to the Lakers 74.

The Lakers blew the game open early but again let the lead slip away.

Don’t really want to talk more about this game so…

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Pau had 25 points on 12 shots, 8 boards, 6 assists and 3 blocks.

2) Lamar had 14 points, 11 boards, and 5 assists.

3) Ariza had 16 and 8, but should have used that foul at the end. Either way he contested the shot.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Fisher needs to play better defense and take smarter shots.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s last jumper…

What to Look for Next Game: A high scoring game in Los Angeles. Golden State comes into town and the Lakers should be mad.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Thursday vs. the Warriors. Uppers start at $55 each, with lowers at $125 each. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • Brett

    Vomit on this game. Man it was frickin lameassSHIT!

  • Chris Manning

    Man. I believe this was the first dead buzzer beater at STAPLES.
    What a horrible way to go out.

    But you know what? We deserved to lose that one…

  • Brett

    I agree man. Lake-show sucked tonight, I was frustrated after the point we led 11-2 all throughout the rest of the game.

  • Juan

    Farmar has to go. This guy comes out looking lazy everynight. Pointgaurds just fly by him and he is turning the ball over too much it is time we get Shannon Brown in their that’s enough of this lazy piece of shyt

  • Dracul

    The game was NOT lost on that last play. And don’t let any of that ‘foul to give’ supposed mistake fool you either. If you see a guy lunging towards to take a foul, and you go into some sort of supposed ‘shooting’ motion or even let off a shot, all sorts of hell will ensue.

    The game was lost when the Lakers couldn’t hold a 14 point lead. They kept missing jumpers, which lead to easy fast breaks for the Sixers. Nothing in the stat sheet, other than turnovers, stood out.

    I agree that Farmar and Vujabrick are playing horrible all around. I say give Shannon Brown some minutes, at worst he plays as ‘good’ as those two are right now.

    Ariza in starting lineup is working out well so far. Problem will be the bench. Between Farmar, Vujabrick, and Fluke, there’s just too much combined suckiness. Powell is playing well.

    So if those 3 don’t pick it up, Lakers are in trouble.


  • allthewayLA

    wtf happened? i was just looking over the net and i thought we had them. next thing, we lost. yeah i agree, keep farmar in the bench for a while and try shannon brown. that way farmar will be thinking and will work harder to earn his spot. we just gave up top spot to the cavs. sucks big time. we cant win it playing this way. we need to respond.

  • allthewayLA

    Why do we keep losing to teams we shouldnt lose to and winn against the giants? maybe phil jackson’s right in what he said in an interview, the team is not underestimating teams, they just think that it is an easier game. well according to PJ there is a difference. well whatever, if we want to win we got to play consistent ball whoever the opponent is. ALL THE WAY L.A.

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #64988 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree with that…farmar is simply hurting us..and how ironic when luke starts guarding iguadala, he starts lighting up the lakers…correlation? or just coincidence…ill bet my money on the first

  • Freshh


    Let’s feed the hot hand for once.
    Even if it is “Kobe Time”.

  • Juan

    To me Farmar acts like he don’t care , the last 3 games everytime he comes in is when we blow these leads , sit his ass down. I would even go as far as he is bringing down everybody on the bench , to me he seems negative. Shannon Brown not only is stronger but is more athletic as well . During the post game show I think Phil is fed up , he was just waiting for a loss like this hjopefully we see some changes in this rotation for the playoffs.

  • osm0nd

    It doesn’t do us any good winning all the time despite playing poorly. You learn from your mistakes but sometimes its hard to remember any mistakes when you’re winning. As dumb as this might sound, we really needed a loss like that.

  • Lakersfan9

    I would disagree with you about Fisher and suggest that Farmar was the Smush of the game. He’s been playing like crap for a while. That bench is now a collection of turnovers waiting to happen, and every time the starts put up a big lead going into the fourth I now expect the bench to let it shrink, or let the other team erase the lead completely. Far cry from earlier in the year, when I felt just as comfortable with the bench in there as I did with the starters. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way…

  • Mitch4Pres

    i guess they dont want homecourt advantage. i guess they want to play game 7 in cleveland IF they even make it that far. they dont take shiit seriously and i dont know why. they dont deserve to get out of the first round right now. and what the hell is wrong with the bench?? soft as f uck

  • Michael Perez

    Hurts to say it, but i think the STD award goes to kobe on this one: 5 TOs, 5-15 from the filed, NO FREE THROWS, foul trouble that led to him not playing ANY defense.
    It’s all good, we’ll get back to business soon enough and all this bs will be forgotten.

  • iamthetie

    How does STD not go to Farmar? The 2nd unit didn’t play well but Farmar has been playing exceptionally BAD defense as of late.

  • i hate the color green

    i absolutey abhor the fact that i saw a bunch of green excrement in staples center. boo to the fans that donned the ugly manure color clothing. boo to kobe for sporting green laces. and boo to the lakers bench. ughhhrrhgh. pathetic. u call urself pros? what a waste? they should give that kid brown a chance. he’s way better than shooter-happy-vuya-beeyatch

  • Juan

    Farmar nees to go to the Defenders again like Kobe said “ship his ass out”
    Out of the last 2 UCLA guards we get soft one , I wish we had Westbrook

  • Michael Perez

    Hurts to say it, but i think the STD award goes to kobe on this one: 5 TOs, 5-15 from the filed, NO FREE THROWS, foul trouble that led to him not playing ANY defense.
    It’s all good, we’ll get back to business soon enough and all this bs will be forgotten.

  • ed

    smush should go to Kobe for jackin up stupid shots in the 4th and Phil for dumba$$ coaching!

  • lakrfan4life

    Kobe does not deserve STD (to the person/people above who say he does)
    he made that shot, if the Lakers won, everyone would be saying how clutch he was for making his last shot after missing like 5 in a row before that
    it wasnt his fault they lost, Ariza should have fouled, they needed to play better consistent defense throughout the game, EXTEND the lead, etc.
    it just came down to a great shot by AI, they deserved to lose this one by the way they were playing

  • Smush Walton

    Disappointing loss, but not surprising. Once again of bench SUCKED BIG TIME like they have for quite a while. The starters have been able to save us, but not tonight!

    No lead is safe with Useless Luke, Pathetic Sasha, and F-ing no D Farmar. Without fail these rags keep giving up leads. Sit these guys down – let’s see what Shannon Brown and Morrison can do.

    We can forget about the #1 record, but we will be ahead of the Sukdics. Unfortunately, if this BS keeps up we won’t be in the finals.

    Puke and Vujabrick have to go and it should be OBVIOUS by now that Farmar is NOT OUR POINT GUARD OF THE FUTURE. At best he will always be a sub at best, but even at that he is shakey.

  • digdug

    STD is DEFINATELY the bench and to the lame fans wearing green


    This is the ongoing result of a bench mob gone weaker & weaker!
    …Beginning when the space cadet’s 3 point arsenal got demoted to the bench, for no viable apparent reason, and eventually getting trashed for peanuts and pixie sticks!
    …When Bynum was playing out of his mind, just before getting hurt, this weakness was being masked or hidden and being ignored by the winning, even though it was always there.
    …The end result has developed into an obvious digression in Farmar’s game, as he is missing his side kick’s speed and athleticism, which Ariza would bring along side with him!
    …This is the fear I have felt ever since Old Man Jackson’s stupid pension for playing mind games, with certain players-has caught up to him, as karma has come to collect like the grim reaper claiming his victim in the end!
    …This is not going away, the damage has been done and the fix is gone… I just hope Bynum’s return will again mask the weakness that Jackson is solely responsible for!

  • LakersNo1

    Our starters are playing too many mins and they’ll b wore out before the finals if our biotches i mean benches won’t step up. they’re a joke for playing like this. We need bynum back so LO n Ariza can boost our 2nd unit. Fluke should make another suggestion–remove himself from the league. STD for stoopid fans who wore green at the game tonight. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sixers#1

    yes!!!!!!!!!this is the best win of the season for the sixers!who hoo!!
    i hate the lakers!haha..
    just stoped by to shove it in ur ugly a** LA faces!!!
    oh, hello mario saravia, aka “tito”..
    im sorry we had to crush your much needed home victory..
    yayyy! :)

  • Anonymous

    all of you need to get over the lakers and get a life. quit crying and yappin like a bunch of women

  • Dracul

    [Comment ID #65005 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If Ariza would have went for the foul too early, they would have given the ball back to Iguodala with not much time run off the clock, same play would have ensued. If Ariza was to foul late in the clock, Iguodala would have been ready to spring up for either a ruled ‘attempt’ or even jack up a shot – Then everyone would have said “OMG Why did he foul when the other guy KNEW he was gonna get fouled and thus was ready blah blah”. The foul situation was talked about but that’s only the issue to people who don’t see that the game was NOT lost on that play.

    For one, when Sasha and Farmar were on the court, they had trouble bringing the ball up against pressure. Then Farmar starts making turnovers and Sasha passes to Josh Powell – WHO WAS AT THE 3 POINT LINE AT THE TIME – so Powell as expected turns it over.

    Another thing was, at one point, the Lakers in the 4th were jacking up jumpers that were not going in, leading to fast breaks and scores for the sixers. When the Lakers would score or the Sixers were in the half court, their offense has basically nothing.

    Kobe was having a horrible game, but was still taking his usual dribble-baseline-fadeaway. When the situation is dire, you need to go in the paint or as close to the rim as possible. Gasol was having a monster game, he should have touched the ball on every possession, especially down the stretch with no Dalembert in the game. You get either a layup or a shooting foul when you’re in the paint.

    This was a mirror of the loss at Indiana – where they gave up 19 offensive boards. Teams like these shouldn’t be in a position to have a chance to beat you, which is why you need to enter the last 3 minutes with a solid lead. The opposition will not play inspired and aggressive if they don’t think they can catch up. So it saves 3 minutes of physical struggle down the stretch IF you put in the work during the prior 45 minutes.

    Now, the Lakers DO show up for the solid competition games, like the Spurs or Celtics – however As with the Dallas game, they are playing ‘Lakerdaisical’ with teams that they feel they should have an easy win over.

    While that might have still given them the win in the past, with Bynum out, and Ariza in first unit, we now have one single solid contributor on the bench in Josh Powell. Putting Ariza in the first unit is good for the first unit, but that means that suddenly he’s no longer there in the 2nd unit, so the lakers WILL get the big lead, but watch it dissappear when the 2nd unit comes in…. (does that sound familiar?)

    With Luke in the 2nd unit, we know he’s a passer. Can we trust Vujabrick to make an open shot? Can we trust Farmar to go to the rim when he’s shot isn’t falling and actually play some defense?

    I say give Shannon Brown some minutes at either the point or shooting guard. Ariza brought quickness and slashing to the 2nd unit, which has now being replaced by the diametrically opposed Luke. Maybe Shannon can bring back some options that Ariza provided.


  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #65015 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice to hear from you Analomous. Come back sometime when you have something worthwhile to say.


    Analomous? …Coming back? …In the back? ………ROFLMAO

  • Joseph

    This was a great game! You guys have a bunch of idiots on your team. You guys had a foul to give and didn’t take it. Everyone on the team knew it, but decided not to take it…. great basketball IQ man. This is the reason you numbnutts are going to lose this year.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    I wasted over 2 hours watching that horrible game. The bench mops strike again! At least they’re consistent at sucking donkey d1ck. KB sucked a$$ this game too (5-15 shooting). I was watching the practice interview with PJ and he was saying the bench mops were a bunch of “knuckleheads”. He also said that last game guys were yelling at Fluke cuz he sucked a$$, and he was losing his focus. Fans are going to do that when you suck.

    I don’t understand why Brown only played for 2 min? I thought he did pretty good while he was on the floor. He did better than Farm-er and Vujabrick. Phil Jacka$$ keeps playing these bums during crunch time. He should really limit their minutes. Powell is starting to suck donkey d1ck too!

    Another lead slips away, and right on cue as the bench mops enter the game. The DOG (Dumba$$ Of the Game) would have to be Ariza. Why didn’t he take the foul, know that they had a foul to give? That’s the big question. We have a lot of “knuckleheads” on this team.

    I would trade all these young guys for veteran players. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to play this game. We’re better off sending these clowns to the D-League and having Rambis, Shaw, and Kareem suit up for the next game. Hell, Lawrence Tanner should suit up too… he couldn’t do any worse than the clowns we have now.

    We need more intelligent players on this team. I hope Phil Jacka$$ changes the lineup for next game and gives Brown and Morrison some PT. I don’t see how it can get any worse.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was the 2nd game where they had a foul to give (when the game was on the line) and didn’t take it. The coaching staff needs to bring crayons and draw out poster size diagrams for these clowns during these moments, or keep yelling out “foul sucka”!

    We need to trade Fluke, Vujabrick, Farm-er in the off season. Mitch Cupcake better not give Farm-er an extension. I’ll settle on a 3 for one deal. I would say trade Powell too, but the clown is playin for peanuts now… just don’t pay this dude too much. It will be interesting to see what they do with O-Dumb. He needs to realize that he is not a 3pt shooter. The bench disease is contagious.

  • domz

    [Comment ID #65020 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bulls and Celts was a better game.

  • Rich

    It’s something about Tuesday’s just look at the records, Lakers have most of their losses on Tuesday and Friday. I think Farmar is just about done here his confidence is gone, Vujacic cant make a shot anymore, and we all know about Luke. Should have kept Vlad and Ronny and gave away those guys, but you know Phil didn’t like Vlad and Sasha fooled everyone.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Well just like Greg Poppovich said, “I’d rather have my players 100% and not have home court, than have my players 75% and have home court.” or at least something in that sense lol. Bynum is on his way back, and we’ve proven we can beat both the Celts and Cavs on their home floor. So even if we don’t get home court, it’s our year.

  • abs

    I thought moving Ariza into the starting lineup was a good move when Odom was out against the Rockets. Not so much with Lamar back. We need Trevor’s energy off the bench. Walton slows down the second unit and that doesn’t play to their strength.

  • Joseph

    I suck kg’s balls :) mmm tasty

  • mr.laker19

    We have to reduce the minutes of Farmar, LUKE!!!, and Sasha. Shannon Brown looked good out there from what I can see. Kobe cant save us every time

  • xtro

    lackadaisical overconfident lakers. serves them right. hope they learn from this mistake. you can’t be playing like this towards the playoffs.

  • kobe8

    [Comment ID #65028 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i was gonna say the exact same thing.

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #64995 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agreed,
    I think sometimes is very good we lose some games. We need here and there a shake up to wake the guys up. Maybe now they will focus even more to get the HCA again out of the Cavs.
    I still positive. We have a good schedule ahead and Bynum seems to be on track to join us soon.
    Go Lakers.

  • mr.laker19

    [Comment ID #65033 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I kno we have a better starting lineup with Ariza in it. WE just need to switch it up with shannon and Adam in more.

    But the real problem was… KOBES DAMN ST.Patrick Day shoes!!! That Celtics green is bad luck

  • lainok

    so I guess I wasn’t the only one disgusted with the team after last night.

  • IwantLukeoutofLA

    our bench needs to step up big time!!

  • Farmabrick

    That game gave me a major headache. The perfect storm of lazy Laker play. Don’t extend Farmar. Trade Sasha and Luke.

  • The Machine is Broken

    The Lakers losing on St. Patty’s Day. Celtic fans, FEELING YOU!!!

  • mihailicious

    its the fact that there is no killer instinct, and thats missing because of the coach, because every time we go up 15 + he puts in the bench who then gives up the lead, if phil jackson would keep in the starters more we would have shut this game out and kept the lead.. as good of a coach as he is, he can really be a moron sometimes

  • dub824

    kobe DOES deserve STD. he had a bad game, it happens. 11 pts, got into foul trouble, only made ONE shot the entire 4th and had 5 turnovers…. he was -9 in his +/-.. the rest of the starters were positive

  • sixers#1

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee wasssssssssssssaaaaaaaa

  • Hunting

    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff