kobeWe needed a rebound game to get over and forget that ugly double-overtime loss to the Bobcats Tuesday night and what we got was a relatively easy win over the Timberwolves this evening.

The game remained fairly close throughout the first-half. We struggled to make the game more than a single digit lead for any length of time because of the poor passes we were making that kept resulting in turnovers.

However, things quickly changed after halftime. Led by Kobe we were able to break open the lead in the third quarter and the game was never even close after that.

The Wolves didn’t have an answer for Bynum, who continues to play excellent ball. They weren’t able to keep us off the glass either. We out rebounded them by 10, including getting 19 offensive rebounds.

Player of the Game: It could probably go to Kobe, but I love the way Bynum’s been playing lately. 27 points, 15 rebounds, and 2 blocks is definitely getting the job done.

Play of the Game: Bynum’s spin move then dunking it while getting the 3 point play. You have to love that mans footwork.

What’s Up Next: We head to Memphis for our second stop of this six game road trip to face Pau’s old team. The Grizz have lost 11 in a row going into this game, so I’m sure as long as we show up we can make this 2-0.


    Tomorow night’s game will NOT be a walk in the park, grizzly’s will play very hard and lakers dont bring theyre A game( which they normally dont against bad ball clubs) the grizzley could possibly get the W

  • Kobe Forever

    I think the Lakers are gone win tomorrow’s game against the Grizzlies because they have been struggling.
    Lakers 118 Grizzlies 93
    Lets GO Lakers!

  • e

    kb bynum 1-2 punch? kb gasol 1-2 punch? im liking these options..im really enjoying the big guy’s play..and i was wrong about what i said earlier about bynum..give the guy his touches…however, that does mean gasol will get less bcuz everyone here knows kobe will get his and im not complaining about that..12-23 is great efficiency

  • BringDFishBack

    whoever says anything about any 1-2 punch is disrespecting the rest of the team. there is not way either kobe & bynum or kobe & pau would be anywhere without the reliable pg, unselfish sf, other talented big (either pau or bynum depending on which 1-2 punch you talk about), and the stellar bench.

    oh and 12-23 is not great efficiency. that would be efficient. 60%+ on a consistent basis is great efficiency, consistently under 50% and taking 20+ shots is not even close to efficient.

  • e

    [Comment ID #60202 Will Be Quoted Here]

    quote me next time ur referring to me so i know ur singling me out…

    well then according to u, calling kobe the mvp is disrespectful to the rest of the team…

    and 52% is definitely not inefficient…and its not so-so either..therefore by default, its efficient…not extremely efficient, but nonetheless he is shooting a career high in percentage…

    i still dont see why calling a specific tandem a 1-2 punch is disrespectful to the pg, the sf and the bench


    [Comment ID #60202 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your a dumbazz!!! Yes 12 for 23 is efficient for a shooting guard…


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  • lakeshow

    it’s a great way to start a road trip! glad to see that the lakers handled them pretty easily, as they should!

    what i’m not glad to see is that the 2nd string couldn’t keep the foot on their throats and that phillip had to bring kobe and gang back in to finish the timberwolves off! still disheartening to me that that had to happen.

    although i’m glad to see that phillip at least had the sense to bring kobe and gang back to ensure the win, unlike the last game where he just totally spaced out and decided to take out bynum and left gasol in!

  • 1-2-3 lakes

    everyone is lovin bynem now. patience people. a major knee injury is not so easy to come back from. HE IS THE FUTURE……….

  • daboss1848

    I’m just glad Katie watches the game or at least gives the appearance that she watched the game.

    Plus, it helps that she didnt say Lakers now face Kevin Love and the Grizz.

  • kwame4mvp

    bring kwame back!

  • Logic Guy

    BAD COACHING can still loose this thing for us. Sure the defense is bad but the offense is making it worse by quickly clanking up threes very early in the shot clock. This team has no knowledge of the shot clock on offense or defense. That’s “lack of coaching”, or “bad coaching”. This coaching staff is unable to make adjustments during games, exploit mismatches or ride a hot hand. They do not teach how to adjust offense or defense based on the clock. How do they matchup against the better staffs in the league? How many head coaches has Phil developed???? He has been very lucky to have much better talent and sometimes that’s not good enough to win. All that playing head games with players is not coaching. If the Lakers do not win this yeas, Phil and the whole staff should be fired!!!!

  • Richard

    Lakers don’t officially suck unless they lose to Memphis.


    If the Lakers lose to memphis I will suck off everybody on this site!!!

  • http://www.nicklachey.us Nick Lachey USA

    Wooo. Someone who can do a better post-game report xD!

  • L.G.Fuad411

    bynum will replace yao on all-stars due to injury. he’s a beast man…

  • Michael

    Theres no way L.G. Too many asian voters to let that happen.

  • Ethdude

    Its all about PAU VS. MARK!! THE EPIC BATTLE BEGINS IN 3 1/2 hours!! WOOOOO.

    And the game last night was so boring I wanted to throw my shoe at the TV. Can thank the amazing Refs for that. The second half took foreverrr.

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    If you’re a Lakers fan and on Facebook you must join this group: Lakers Fans Want Tacos.


  • trademaster 2009

    trade radman, fluke, and mihm for ak47 and sign darius miles
    PG Fish
    SG Kobe
    SF AK47
    PF Gasoft
    C Drew
    6 Lamar
    7 Darius Miles
    8 Trevor Ariza
    9 JOrdan Farmar
    10 Sasha Vujacic
    11 Josh Powell
    12 DJ Mbenga

  • LakersNo1

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    Nice to get AK47 but utah is much smarter than that. Nobody wants trash and we’re stuck with them.

  • KONG!

    [Comment ID #60226 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hey thats great! his nickname shoulda been “FUTURE” cause hes the future for the Lake show


    adrew “bynumite” bynum doesnt roll off the tongue .. agk!

  • will

    i would love to see the celtics win their next two games.. making their win streak at 12 games.. then have the lakers end their streak once again in february 6.

  • keehyon

    hey guys don’t if everyone has seen or heard this but it’s good news to hear…


  • trademaster 2009

    [Comment ID #60252 Will Be Quoted Here]
    ur right, maybe we should also add to that trade, i got it, do a sign and trade deal involving darrel armstrong, utah needs a veteran point guard like him


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