Wow — that sucked.

I don’t really feeling like writing much about this one considering the ending, so I’ll let you add in with the comments.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker performers

1) Kobe should have had another game winner. But Fisher ruined it. 29 points, 7 boards, 10 assists… a great performance.

2) Pau was a monster inside as was every Laker big man surprisingly. 21 points on 10-14 shooting.

3) Many other Lakers could go here, Powell, Ariza, or Lamar, but Bynum really did well tonight and made some good shots against an elite defender.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Even though Fisher blew the game, Vlad Rad was pathetic on both sides of the court tonight.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s three — again.

What to Look for Next Game: Not sure on this one — Magic are streaky. Should be a high scoring game.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Friday vs. Orlando. E-Mail me at Steve@AveryTickets.com or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • Lakers 24 7

    …I have nothing to say…So I don’t know why I’m posting

  • yash

    Im gonna f-ing choke a biatch

  • Freshh

    Mason forced contact on Fisher
    {But Fisher should have never gambled & been in that position in the first place}

    Ariza did not travel & if he was a notorious player on the levels if your Lebrons, Wades, & Chris Pauls
    He would be shooting two there.

    Anyways we can keep moaning and groaning about the loss, but the hard cold truth is it’s still going to be a loss.

    On to the next game and hopefully a win.
    DEFENSE needs to improve.

  • pancho


  • FT

    No D! WE HAVE NO DEFENSE!!! wake me up when the playoffs start, and if we’re still playing this kind of defense (or lack thereof) then lets start talking about nxt yr.

    Im sure im not the only one who is sick and tired of allowing teams more than 100 pts on every night!

  • baltimoresbest01

    as much as i want to blame this game on fisher or vlad, i feel like the team defense was too weak. the spurs should not score over 105 points under any circumstances. as far as bad calls and losing on big shots, these things happen to every team throughout a season, i know it sucks but thats the way it is. i also feel like pau didnt get the ball enough in the end. our shallow bench is starting to catch up to us

  • ayaz3d

    The Way I look at it, The Spurs had to play a PERFECT offensive game to beat us, without three of our guys. And all the people blaming D-Fish, lets put our FORMER starting PG in that position, and lets see what you guys say? One loss, big deal, we played horrible, and we still almost won.

  • LA_24

    Rather lose this game then lose against them in the postseason.

    Also, Spurs had to be at home playing us short handed on the 2nd night of a back to back, with more free throw attempts, the refs on their side, shooting lights out, and a lucky shot go down just to barely win this game.

    Yeah, good luck in the playoffs, when we take things a little more seriously

  • lilkobe24

    yeah d fish hey hey hey fuck u

  • Lakers 24 7

    Don’t blame Fisher. Derek won a game for us in San Antonio and he’ll lose a game for us in San Antonio. This is the Lakers fault as a team. They can’t always rely on late-game defense and clutch baskets from Kobe all the time. The last 5 games have been nail biters and the Lakers caught a break a few times, but it won’t happen all the time. You know who wins games? The team that decides to play defense first.

    The Lakers are back to their old ways by just trying to out score their opponents. We’re giving up almost 100 points a game. No matter how beautiful the offense might look, it’s the defense that wins at the end.

  • Scarface

    we are simply not disciplined defensively. we should NEVER gamble, ESPECIALLY when were UP, the only EXCEPTION is when were DOWN a couple points but all in all we must stay grounded and stay at home and make the shooter shoot a tough shot over the defender with his hands up. then again the spurs won 9 out of the last 11 games and they were healthy and we were undermanned

  • Mitch4Pres


  • Jason

    Damm tough loss to swallow and though I don’t blame Fisher for the loss (he’s a huuuge reason why we’re at were we are atm) he needs to be better disciplined and not put him self in a situation to get a call like that.

  • L.G.Fuad411

    fish blew the game. as simple as that. he didn’t need to gamble at all. we had a 2pt lead, no need for a steal. just needed lock down D.


    What a i don`t understand is they call a foul on fisher,fisher dosent really hit him but on the other end of the floor where there is more contact they call travel well as they say the NBA where amazing happens

  • shakobe22

    can’t blame fisher at all,
    the spurs, as always late in games, hit miracle shots,
    and the refs kinda blew the last call, the expression on kobe’s face at the end tells you htis loss was not deserved
    at least we got to see him do that hilarious swagger jog/dance after his three

  • Jason

    Actually looking back on the reply that’s not a foul, Mason reacted like he got hit by a truck while Fisher walked behind him. I agree still Fish should still be more careful but that’s just a bogus lame a$$ call.

  • jorge

    just go home from the spurs terrible arena and annoying fans…kobe should have jacked that last shot dam


    You win some and you lose some. Plain and simple. Yes they didn’t call the trip, yes Fisher shouldn’t of gambled, yes Duncan shot was all luck, and yes Mason did initiate the contact but at the end of the day, we lost.
    This game did show something a bit more then what all of us are complaining about. The fact that Powell was needed and he stepped up. Bynum was needed and he stepped up. Pau was needed and he stepped up. Even though our defense sucked, we just lost by a non-call or luck shot by duncan. When the pick and roll went Powell’s way he didn’t hesitate and try to give it back to Kobe. He squared up and shot. Can’t wait to see the more confident Powell on Friday.

  • http://yahoo.com mark

    Lakers will play this kind of pace till the end of the season.. fast offense for 3 quarters and clamp down on D on the 4th, and let kobe close the game… tonight was just one of those nights that all we can say is ouch, wtf!!… we own the spurs.. like we did on the west finals.. let them play and then we turn it on and the game is over.. tonight we’re short handed.. looking at the line-up alone we have 3 lakers that are on our rotation that are on IL.. for the spurs,, they dont have any,.. plus they’re at home.. what else? and still we should have won that.. anyway, next sunday we’ll have our chance to get back at them, on Staples.. for now, its pay back time against orlando.. Lakers are the best.. Kobe backtoback MVP this season!

  • Edward

    Realize, the Lakers had a foul to give… Fisher was probably going for that, then realizing Mason was going for the shot tried to get out of the way. Mason flopped, and they got the call. They denied Kobe the ball, but the coaching staff should have prepared the Lakers for a play after the Spurs got the ball just to make sure, that obviously didn’t happen. Ariza got fouled twice that I saw during the game… like he got hit by Stoudamire and no call… the refs called a lot for the Lakers against the rockets… but like nothing for us tonight. It’s all good. It was a good game, and the Lakers on average in their loses have only been losing by a couple of points. Which means they’re right there, and in a 7 game series, the better team will win, which will be the Lakers. 1 Loss against a quality opponent on a back to back ain’t that bad. Forget that we could have won. Good game.

  • Sako

    that was a fuckin dagger thru the heart

  • David

    Spurs got lucky. Ariza’s stupid foul at the end of the 1st quarter and Ginobili’s miracle 3 at the end of the 3rd was the difference in this game. It’s all good, we will take it out on the Magic this Friday. But dammit, i’m so pissed i’m gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight.

  • gugy

    Wow, what a heartbreak.

    After that 3 point from Kobe, I thought we had this game. That’s life folks. We can’t always win. Great job coming back, we were not just lucky enough at the end.

    Kobe is indeed the MVP after these last performances.

  • Mike KB24

    First mistake ive ever seen D-fish make against the spurs nevertheless KOBE was frekin amazing …. this is our year

  • Eidraq

    it is what it is…fisher handed them the game…and now we play the magic fri…if i rmbr correctly, jameer nelson had a field day that game…i guess kobe is going to have to undo all the bad that fisher does on friday..again

  • Razor Ramon

    Forget these
    Ugly losses,
    Cant win all
    Kinds of close ones.

    Sweet when we
    Pull out!
    Ugly wins
    Sucks when we lose!

    Read the first letters down…

  • Milo

    i just want to say that i am not surprized at the no call, it happens all the time i also saw Boston get screwed by the officials in a couple of games you know how it works they just want to even out the standing to make it more interesting so fu-ck it…

  • the antoine

    why no time out? draw up a play and go for teh win.. they took too long to inbound the ball to have any suprise effect.. bad coaching i saw.. taking powell for fish.. bad move when these were teh guys that got us back in it.. fish is making bad decisions with more playing time.. gambling on D.. making bad decisions in traffic and never getting the foul called.. bad pull up J’s.. horrible defensive rotations.. always leaving his man going through the paint leaving him wide open.. uggh.. we need solid point guards asap..

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #58503 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes we do…

  • http://lakers.com kobe_cali_love





    LAKERS ALL DAY matHAF**********


  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #58506 Will Be Quoted Here]

    slapping ur wife might be going a bit too far dont u think?

  • 12Gage

    hit me up 4 lakers game friday 562 7166155

  • king.manu

    first of all. stop hatin fisher. he is doing everything he can. he is not 25 and used to play 42+ minutes…. plus he hits big shots for us. so dont blame him. he is working hard….
    we should get a pg. and we should do it now… a pg that can play d!!

    plus the spurs had all players, we miss farmar vujacic and walton. we got no guard on the bench…and for that we did a good job. they had a lucky shot and one… so what?? we would still beat them in a 7game series…

    i know that sucked but we will get over it

    next up is orlando and they are steaming hot atm… lets hope machine will be back

  • sketch

    the lakers had 1 great defense sequence where they forced tony parker into a turnover. that was simply beautiful. time duncan had a crazy lucky shot…it was simply amazingly lucky! then there’s fish…wtf!

    you’re wrong lakers24/7, i do and we all do need to blame fish at the end for the loss. he shouldn’t have gambled on that play, no reason at all. all he would’ve done was to tip the ball out of bounds anyway, even if he got there, so why bother? he was in perfect position to front mason and force him into a difficult shot! but instead fish gambled and we lost!

    i absolutely blame him. for a seasoned veteran and a captain of the lakers team, he sure comes up with a lot of bone headed fouls at the most inopportune times! not only was that a bad gamble, but if you guys watched the replay, fish actually “LEANED” into mason as he was shooting. it wasn’t even mason jumping into fish. i think that mason was trying to jump behind the 3 point line and stupid fish was in the way! smush play of the day fish on mason!

  • KING-BQ1981


    We have 2 much injuries in the Team.

    Hope we will win the next 2 big games…

    LAKERS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FreakinCrod

    Hell, I’ll go ahead and blame fisher. He’s been making a lot of dumb plays this season.




  • king.manu

    what da fu** is wrong with u guys? blame fish for the loss? come on are u not better than that. he was 4-4 from 3pt, he has done so many great things and shots for the lakers and now u blame him for this foul? blame radman for his 0-4 shooting from 3pt. basketball is a team sport. so dont blame one person. that loss sucked, but it was just loss in regular season. we are still 5,5 games ahead of the spurs…and it was that close without a guard on te bench…


    Fisher DID NOT foul Mason! …Mason tried to force contact on Fisher, but in actuality was unable to! …Fisher, so much as did not even “Touch” Mason! …Check it!
    …While people want to criticize his gamble, staying at home, still would not guarantee anything! …There were still about 12 seconds left on the clock, when the ball was in-bounded, and anything could have happened, including losing on a last second trey!
    …This was just a very fortunate shot with a very unfortunate call! …As far as The Lakers are concerned, the unfortunate part regarding all of this, is that the officiating truly S U C K E D !

  • lainok

    fisher is a great player that has been making questionalble decisions on the court this season. But he’s still one of the top pg’s in the game. as for bringing in another point gaurd? really? farmar will be back after all-star break, which is soon enough. they just have to tough it out. who knew that sasha would go out too? brining in another pg just disrupts the team chemistry. and besides, once farmar came back, what do you do with this “cheap” pg? and would you want a “cheap” pg in the first place? anyone new on the roster takes money away from trying to lock down ariza and farmar next season.

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • poi2u

    Guys never gave up despite the odds (& refs). Good to see JP playing well. We’ll thrash ‘em on Sunday (w/ different refs)!

  • kobe

    Lakers missed alot fast break opportunities in the first half that they blew if they woulve made those easy shots maybe she woulve won

  • lakers2000

    SSSSHHHHHEEEEEEIIIIIAAAATTTT!!! I would rather go to the dentist than see a poorly called game like that! It is less painful to get your azz kicked than lose because of a bad call at the end. I figured they may lose due to being short handed but COME ON REFS!!!! This is getting f*cking ridiculous. The Spurs will pay next time. Kobe can’t get calls to save his life anymore. Lakers need to play better defense to avoid the league determining the winner. The NBA is like my marriage, painful bliss!

  • http://Ton Anthony

    I was at school so I didn’t see the game. However, from what I did see in replays and reading I can tell we played one of those flat games. the kind of game where spectators who don’t regularly watch the Lakers are misled.

    Couple things that didn’t go exactly go our way at the and it’s loss for us. I don’t think any of us Lakers’ fans should be worried, though. This Spurs team might get one from us in a playoff series, but not much more.

    Luckily for us, we get a shot at revenge in 10 days. The 25th of January at Staples is going to be a classic beat down. Kobe won’t be forgetting that he passed the ball. It’s like this: if he does not pass and tosses up a bad shot and it missed — he’s ripped for being a hog. He did pass and that debacle happened. I’d rather they ran a nice little screen and either get a great look for Kobe, or have the others swarm and get a great look for someone else. But not a shaky looking drive from Ariza.

  • gugy

    Fisher made a mistake but I don’t blame him for the loss. If the Lakers played better D we would have won this game with comfort. It was a great game to watch and we were just unlucky at the end with that foul and that miracle shot by Duncan.

    Kobe proved once again why he is the MVP. The guy is just unstoppable.

    We will lose some games like that during the regular season. I think it’s all good. We are learning lessons with our mistakes and I bet Fisher will not make that same play again. Patience people, were are fine and still need to get 3 players back from injuries.

    The only liability I see now on this team is Vlad. The guy is just a mess. We need to get rid of him but on the other hand a good surprise has been Powell. He deserves more playing time.

    Let’s focus on the Magic and Cavs and try to maintain our home court advantage. Go Lakers!


    [Comment ID #58525 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fish did make contact and when you are shooting a jump shot any contact is tantamount to a foul. Stop whining and accept it.

  • Martin

    That hurt, dudes.

    But you know what? I’ll go ahead and blame Fish. Sure, our team defense could have been better (but what else is new?) Kobe had just given us a two point lead. All we had to do was guard the three point shot and NOT FOUL. As a seasoned veteran, Fisher should have known better than that.

    To all of you saying he didn’t foul Mason– you’re wrong. He absolutely fouled him. He got JUKED by Roger “who are you again?” Mason, who ended up being the hero of the game. It was a stupid, careless, boneheaded play that cost us the game. And then for Trevor to travel on the last posession? Even dumber (though I didnt like that call. It didnt have to be made.) Furthermore, I dont like that Kobe passed the ball. If I were him I would have split the double team and gone to the rack. He would have at least gotten a call.

    If we expect Kobe to secure wins with shots like that, we need to expect everyone else to pull their weight and play a smart TWELVE SECONDS of basketball thereafter. Jesus.

    This is not taking anything away from Fish as a great player and a great Laker. Love Fish. Always will. Those of us criticizing him are simply talking about his performance in this game– moreover, his performance in the last half-minute of this game.

    But MAN. That loss hurt.

  • pb2000

    Wow. This game was one of the best games ever. I honestly think that it was not Fisher’s fault at all that he fouled Mason. As he went to contest the three point shot, he went past Mason, and as he’s turning around to go back on defense thinking that Mason was going for a layup or something he was shocked to see he was still around. As much as he tried to step aside and not foul him, he did. So that was that and Mason made a lucky A** shot.

    As for Trevor Ariza, it was clear that he got fouled and secondly he only took two steps. I bet you if it was the “Crab Walk”, no traveling violation would have been called on him! Or even the long long D-wade steps! Anyways, KOBE MVP.

  • trade_lamo

    Two things to say:

    1) Kobe is the G.O.A.T ! NO DOUBT! That would have been 4 game winners in a row. NO ONE has that kind of talent or ability. This is why LeBron is NOT better than Kobe and this is why Kobe should be MVP every year. He is the most valuable player at all times because wit the game on the line he is second to none.

    2) The next time he’s in a similar situation I want to see Kobe should the ball one on three from half court with a hand in his face than see anyone else take an open 15 footer.

    We are so lucky to be watching this guy play day in and day out!

  • Adrock

    The bashing of Derek Fisher is just ridicolous. Yes he is older, and a few steps slower but he is part of the foundation of this team. He and Kobe will be the guys keeping everybodys head where it needs to be towards the end of the year and thru the playoffs. Fisher like everyone else is gonna make dumb plays at times. Last night he got caught up in a reggie miller move. The loss of last nights game really comes down to the last posession and the inability to get the right play executed. Trevor Ariza shouldnt be forced into taking a game winning shot!

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #58544 Will Be Quoted Here]

    kobe might be older, but he’s been in the leauge as long as kobe has…so that makes no sense..the fisher bashing is absolutely legitimate bcuz the truth is, he handed the spurs the game…as fans, we need to stop covering it up…had kobe done the same thing, i know more than half of you would jump on his case…so yeah, fisher = std

  • Flobe24

    This is one loss on the way to the ultimate goal. It was a great game to watch. Even short handed we were able to keep the game close. Fisher was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mason must be doing his summer work outs with Reggie Miller. I thought the league was trying to cut down on players doing the scissor kick to draw a foul. Don’t know how I felt about Kobe’s dance after he made the 3 at the end of the game. I think this loss will light a fire for Friday nights match up against the Magic.

  • Milo

    somebody needs to explain to the Lakers that they can amp up the d at home when the whole home court advantage bull sh!t kicks in, on the road you know you’re not going to get all you’re calls thats just how it is…Everyone please stop complaining we could have easily lost to the rockets too if they would have called that invasion of landing space on fish in the last play! hmmm now do you understand???

  • thr aantoine

    fish did the same thing against the rockets.. diving for the ball when kobe was already there tipping it back in which led to that three by battier.. just bone head moves.. watch him the next game.. screw the offense.. just watch him on D.. and actually watch him on transition.. forces the issue into the paint is horrible at drawing contact and getting a foul.. fish is good at 30 mins a game.. not 42.. play trevs along side kobe as the back court.. then the dream of lamar byno and pau.. who scores on that length???

  • http://lakergirl77.blogspot.com/ lakergirl77

    beyond sad over here….stop by sometime!

  • purplegoldvein

    .4 seconds of karma. it had to happen, the spurs get revenge from fishers shot with fisher getting called on that bs. its ok though, good thing it happened in the regular season and the playoffs. still hurts though, kobe could have solidified himself again as the leading mvp candidate with two game winners two nights in a row. but noooooooooooooooooooooooo, damn it fish!!

  • purplegoldvein

    i meant good thing it didnt happen in the playoffs in my previous comment

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    wow out of all the losses we’ve had this year…i think we deserved to lose this one the least. We shot arnd 60% the whole game and all the players except Vlad Rad stepped up tonight. It was just another story to this never-ending rivalry i guess. We’ll just have to see how the Lakers respond tomorrow.

  • DWinsRings

    Lakers learned alot form this game, they didnt win but they could look back at this game and they know the played good. Firs of all we didnt have Farmar or sasaha and we almost won in a back to back game agiastn two good teams. Lakers also found a great player that can fit in to the rotation Powel. He showed he up for the spot with his 3 shots during the 4th quater run. Also, Kobe reminded the League that he is the best closer and he showed his leader ship in the game. I know we dindt win but i was a great game which we didnt have 100 percent of our team. I think powel can slide it to the lakers roattion. If he plays a solid 12-20 mins a game we will have another role player who we can trust. Take out vlad, and add Powell Simple as that.

  • DWinsRings

    [Comment ID #58560 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i dont think kobe cares about being in the MVP race and that if he made that shot he would of been in it. He was just looking for a win, also i think kobe should of shot that shot. I rather let him take a full court shot for the game then leting some one take a layup. THats how much i trust kobe. So i think kobe should of took that shot or atleast go get the foul(WHICH Billups does alot). Ariza showed something there during the last play where i think was brave. I bet most of the lakers would of passed it back to Kobe(Luke Walton), but he didnt and he took the shot for the game.

  • gugy

    Stop this nonsense.

    It hurts the loss, Fish made a bad play. We lost for the 2007 Champion Spurs in a highly contested game. We can’t win it all.

    It was a bummer, but stop pointing fingers and bashing Fisher. This guy is one of the reasons the Lakers are where they are now. We need to focus on the Magic and Cavs and move on. Past is past b•tches….

    Go Lakers!

  • purplegoldvein

    i didnt bring up the mvp issue trying to assert that kobe wants to hit the shot to be the mvp. obviously winning is the only thing as Lombardi put it, but what i was tryin to say is that back to back nights with game winners would put him back as the forerunner in mvp contention since i feel lebron is probably the leading mvp candidate. but just being a die hard Lakers fan, i want kobe to win the mvp. that was my point. go lakers.

    everyone get your ankle insurance

  • PnG4LIFE

    OK I’m new to this so forgive me if I screw this up. I also bleed PURPLE & GOLD for life.

    If anyone is to blame, it’s Phil. We would not have been in that situation if Powell and Lamar had stayed on the court a little bit longer. Why replaced them? I didn’t see any sign of them tiring out, they were on a roll. Why mess with it? If anything, Pau could have come in for Bynum for a better outside shooter and defender against Duncan.

    One thing I like about last night is when Phil finally played a big line up with KOBE, ARIZA, POWELL, LO, AND BYNUM (I PREFER GASOL)? I hope Phil uses it more and have LO run the point with this crew. Let me know what you guys think.


  • thr aantoine

    [Comment ID #58589 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i rather have bynum in that lineup.. protect the paint better.. but thats length and then some..


    [Comment ID #58537 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Just as soon as you accept your delusional ranting, being tantamount to your aimless whining!