Finally a fourth quarter dominated by the Lakers. Despite Von Wafers 23 points on 10-14 shooting, yes the same Von that we waived, and many other teams waived, the Lakers won 105-100 at the Toyota Center Tuesday night.

Six Lakers hit double figures and the Lakers really took care of the ball with only 7 turnovers. A very clean game as they shot 51% as well.

Tonight’s game was full of mismatches and the Lakers capitalized in the end. Rarely, can you allow a team to shoot 53% at home and only force 11 turnovers and come out on top.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe saves the day again. Although he had 19 misses tonight, he had one big make which proved to be the game winner.

2) Ariza continues to play well. 14 points with only one miss.

3) As good as Vlad Rad was, Lamar gave us that spark off the bench. Glad to see him back.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum fouled too much. He did a good job early on Yao, but he got outplayed in the second half.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s three.

What to Look for Next Game: A low scoring game. Lakers vs. Spurs for the first time since we beat them in the ’08 Playoffs.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Friday vs. Orlando. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • Freshh

    I hope we don’t have to see this Kobe anymore
    {not the clutch, but the myriad amount of shots}

    His teammates need to assert themselves more and demand the ball more
    & he has to make a conscious effort to look for them

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    good game for us to win on the road because we really did not play our best…

    love Pau but he should be smush tonight….Bynum is young and those fouls can be anticipated (not that they are acceptable)…
    and the Greatest Of All Time, Kobe, saves the day again…

  • Salty

    I still can’t get over the Lakers drafting Von Wafer a pick before Monta Ellis in 2005.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #58392 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dude this is the first time in I dont know how long that kobe has shot 30+ shots..

    dont worry its a once a month thing at most

  • armo

    lamar is back. lets continue to win. get ready to beat spurs tomorow. i am looking for the cav. vs la. game because this is going to be an great matchup. kobe vs. lebron for M.V.P

  • Thomas

    This was a good win to boost our morale going in and playing a tough San Antonio team. We need to find that same intensity that we brought to the defencive end of the floor back in November. It doesnt help that we have a handful of injuries and it is January. I am just looking for the Lakers to play better.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Ariza didn’t even need to take that extra 3 and miss. He would’ve been perfect. We didn’t play our best, but we still hung around. I was just anticipating Ariza to get a steal or Fisher to hit a 3 for us to take the lead, it didn’t happen, but we got the win.

  • gugy

    Good win,
    Let’s beat SA.

    Can’t wait to play the Cavs and beat them. Kobe is the real MVP!

  • pancho

    vlad. 5/6 keep it up

  • lilkobe24

    yeah what the fuck STD is pau not bynum dumass

  • mark

    im not worried about this game.. busy on the net with the rockets-lakers background.. hearing battier nailed a 3.. i know kobe will get back, and he did! as a laker fan for a couple of decades,.. we know if we’re in trouble or not.. this one is in the bag.. as early as tip off.. hmmm about the spurs tomorrow,.. we have the edge.. bec. spurs are pretty banged up team rigth now..

  • Scarface

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    hes right by stating that the other players need to assert themselves, but Kobe does look for them but they are just standing there, the other players don’t ask for the ball, they just give it to Kobe knowing he can get it done. Look back at 05-06 and 06-07 season, our 2nd best player was Lamar, he knew he was the 2nd option and had to demand the ball, but he never did; granted it was LO, he never wants the ball, Gasol is much more offensively polished than Lamar but still when was the last time a player of Gasol’s skill or firepower asked for the ball since the days of Shaq and Kobe? They all know that Kobe is the greatest but I hate it when people call him a ball hog since the other players never get the ball, but once again they never asked for the ball. Its a good thing we have Bynum, he still has ways to go but he’ll get there and should be able to demand the ball every single offensive possession.

  • Anonymous

    Pau got trashed on the defensive end and was poor on offense.

    STD is Pau.

  • LogicGuy

    FORGET THEY WON- It was a terrible game because it had all the keys that make it “Less than championship” team.They are; (1)Kobe taking more shots than Bynum and Gasol combined,(2) Gasol getting only 9 shots and not close to the basket,(3) Bynum shooting a low percentage, (4)Bynum and Gasol not being set up-accounting for their low percentage,(5) No Defense,(6) Maybe an indication of desension when Bynum yelled at the bench after Von Wafer torched Kobe, (7) Kobe taking more than 30 shots.

    I don’t see how they won this game going against all these keys. I have seen signs of the head games Phil has been playing with certain players having deminished returns. Watch this closely, there may be real problems here.

  • imfasterthanur

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    No offense, but in an 82-game season, I don’t think the “keys” of one microscopic game can define us as a “non-championship” caliber team.

    Do I want us to improve, of course. But lets lay off the pessimistic classifications until these games actually have meaning – also known as, playoffs or playoff implication games.

    We are the number 1 team in the league, even with a bench of injuries. Name another team who wouldn’t love to have the so-called problems we have. Relax guys, its called being resourceful, it’s not a sprint to the championship, the smart ones ring-up a perfect pace. 31 wins is not a bad pace in my book, especially when you know that we are capable of solid basketball when we want.

    Go Lakers!

  • Defense!

    The smush goes for me to Sun Yue. More of 2 minutes in court and he did nothing.

  • Dracul

    I’m usually very analytical and critical of the Lakers, no matter how good or bad they play.

    Game plan against Rockets at work:

    It looked like the game plan tonite was to not let Yao or any other remaining Rocket starter from going off, which they did a good job on- they limited Non-Wafer starter players to a total of 39. Of course, I dont think Wafer having a career night or Landry being so efficient was something that they were expecting to happen at the same time, they probably expected someone to step up, but not 2 bench people at the same time.

    Player breakdown against the Rockets:

    Fish is playing heavy minutes, very worrisome for the post season.

    Bynum seemed to be thrown out of whack by running into someone taller than him for once and it looked like it affected his game.

    Gasol seemed to be out of rhythm, almost like he was shooting with a mental distraction, as if he was worried that Yao was lurking around and he had to shoot and keep track of him at the same time. Plus with such a huge guy around the basket it makes you less confident in an offensive rebound if you miss, so I think this also factored in his bad game.

    Glitch, as long as he continues to play like this: (83% shooting, 6 rebounds, only 1 TO)
    19 5-6 2-2 0-0 1 5 6 1 0 0 1 1 12
    ..then we have a good chance to remain competitive in these times of famine.

    And I wouldn’t worry about Kobe taking 32 shots in this game and shooting only 40%: Gasol and Bynum were sucking tonite, he did what he had to do. Good thing the rest of the team contributed for a total of 50% shooting. What I don’t like is the team getting away from the triangle and just dumping it to Kobe each time. While he IS the go-to guy in times of crisis, we have to remember that defenses will collapse and double team Kobe in the playoffs during key situations, like the Celtics have done, so Lakers are going to have to learn to dive/cut to the basket at those critical moments for a non-jump shot high-percentage shots, preferably a dunk. Someone is going to be open after the double team, and when you absolutely need a score, its obviously more reliable to go for a Gasol layup or shot in the paint, than it is to take a (very likely) defended jump shot from the outside.

    Bench contribution:

    The Ariza trade is looking like a huge factor in the Laker success, and the Josh Powell pickup is looking like it was in the same range of “insightful vision” that, thankfully, the Laker management has been showing. So far the Sun Yu “limp-in to the pot” is not looking like will pay off this year, but at least it was a very cheap gamble.

    That being said, despite running on fumes, the bench is responding admirably well and deserves praise. Josh Powell is getting a chance for more (well deserved) minutes and is contributing, a really good pickup for the Lakers – I know that there were a few people who were clamoring for Josh to be picked up back when he was released and it shows that TLN knows its stuff.

    Ariza is continuing to contribute efficiently, and his 3 point shooting is a very welcome addition to the Laker arsenal, especially for someone who didn’t have it in the past.

    Odom we’ll keep an eye on, but he needs to keep giving us at least 10 off the bench, although we don’t know if his knee is going to keep him out of near future games or is a long term issue.

    Laker status after this game:

    Under current conditions, in case of a Laker loss, let’s not forget we have pretty much half of our regular rotation people out, so the criticism needs to be kept in perspective. Farmar is out for at least another month, last time Luke came back from injury he wasn’t the same, Sasha is having backspasms (which take about a week to clear up, from personal experience), and Odom is playing on a bulky knee with unknown long term effect.

    We are running out of ball handlers that can give Kobe/Fisher a rest. Sun Yue unfortunately is currently unusable.

    Looking forward:

    We need to pick up a smart point guard who can play defense, we don’t need him to have to score – as far as I can see so far, with Farmar and even Luke out, our offense is still running fairly efficient, its now a matter of long term fatigue for Fisher, and for Kobe too, if Sasha is out for more than a week.

    All in all, Praise all around for the Lakers for their response to the recent bout of injuries. I don’t know if we have enough gas to win at San Antonio on Wednesday, but that’s how it is. We play the Spurs TWICE on the 2nd night of a back to back, plus when we go to Boston it will be the 2nd night of a back to back again. If the Lakers win first game and lose 2nd under these conditions, it won’t be something that was unlikely.

    We also have super hot Orlando AND Cleveland coming into Staples this week, so this next 3 game stretch will be really rough. I wouldn’t call it a ‘test’ since we’re flying on 3 out of 4 engines, but the Lakers are going into hard battles with key people playing heavy minutes and a increasingly smaller bench that needs its last standing soldiers to contribute the solid fire support they’ve shown to be able of contribute of late.

    Good job remaining healthy Lakers, keep up the good work, you are showing effort, tenacity and are stepping up for each other. Despite a poor night for our 2 bigs, AND an inefficient scoring night for Kobe, they were able to pull it off with solid help from everyone else.


  • sketch

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    well salty, here’s another one that you can’t believe. we picked up brian cook before josh howard! doesn’t that just kill you?

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #58409 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i understand your sentiments imfasterthanur, but com’on…we were playing a rockets team without both ron artest and tracy mcgrady. don’t you think that we, the fans, should be both a “little” critical and “concerned”?

    the rockets were undermanned by not playing both their best offensive and deffensive players and we escaped with a 105-100 win. that’s pretty damn scary! and we’ve got san antonio next…wow!

  • DWinsRings

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    Brian Cook got us Ariza !..!

  • the ape

    we picked brian cook over josh howard?!?! i didn’t know that. man, that sucks

  • Anonymous

    [Comment ID #58412 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Martin

    Pau stumbled, ‘Drew looked intimidated by Yao, Sun Yue continues to be a worthless novelty act. On the bright side, Kobe faught through a rough shooting night to deliver in the clutch, and Lamar returned to excellent (dare I say clutch?) form.

    We have to remember that right now, we’re an extremely injured team. Lamar is still not 100 percent, Luke is one of our heavy-rotaton guys, and Farmar is the engine of our second unit– that ain’t hay.

    Like everyone else, i’m salivating at the idea of Lakers/Cavs later this week. Kobe can surge into a tie with Lebron in the MVP race if we win convincingly.

  • heyho

    PG the STD