hiiiiAnother fun game to watch.

It was a game that started with a lot of outside jumpers and ended with inside battles as Pau and Jermaine O’Neal went at it. O’Neal had a near triple double with 22 points, 9 boards, and 9 blocks, but that didn’t stop Pau from his inside domination tonight.

The Lakers shot 51% on their way to 115 points, and had — get this — 25 assists to only 4 turnovers. That is unheard of!

Bosh went down in the second half with a knee injury. Hope he gets back in action soon.

The Lakers got a bit of help from everyone tonight. Everyone played within their game, but the Lakers need to do a better job defensively. They ddin’t force many turnovers and allowed 107 points to a poor team with their stars out.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Pau had 31 points, 15 boards, 4 assits, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. Monster game.

2) Kobe had 36 points on 13-28 shooting. He hit 4 threes, had 9 boards, 2 steals, and 5 assists.

3) Farmar provided a good spark off the bench with 6 points and 4 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Vlad Rad was the only scoreless Laker.

Play of the Game: Probably O’Neal’s block sequence on Powell, but I’ll go with Kobe’s bucket to put the Lakers up four late.

What to Look for Next Game: Get ready! Lakers vs. Celtics tomorrow night! Garnett has been out, but should play tomorrow.

Ticket Info: Next home game isn’t until the 10th, but prices are solid throughout the arena, and also let me know if you need All-Star game tickets. E-Mail me at Steve@AveryTickets.com or call213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • gugy

    Great win!

    Kobe Mr. Clutch. MVP hands down.

    Can’t wait for the smelltics! Let’s beat those bastards at their house!!!!!!!!!!


    Tomorrow s game is a game during which i would have loved to see BYNUM… He would torch the smeltics inside. But what can we do.
    Defense is TERRIBLE… Granted if we play like that tomorrow we ll lose

  • Lakers 24 7

    They just gotta make sure Garnett takes outside jumpers and keep Ray Allen away from the 3 point line. And somebody has to step up big off the bench. Bostons bench is known for blowing leads this season, so our bench gotta make some big runs.

  • ilikebasketball

    from san francisco chronicle:
    “Lakers coach Phil Jackson said injured center Andrew Bynum (right knee) will concentrate on icing and resting his knee for the next two weeks, then spend another two weeks on conditioning drills before resuming basketball activities in about a month.”

    does that he’ll back playing games in a month? or just start training in a month?

  • http://ld2k.com Chris Manning

    You have to rest the knee and let it heal – in a month, he’ll be ready to start training in about a month (walking, then running, then cutting etc).

    I believe he’ll be back under 8 weeks.

  • trdsol23

    tomorrow’s game will be the measuring stick…not the game on christmas day

  • acgod15

    If you ask me, KG never had the flu, he just wanted to be well rested for the lakers. I wouldnt doubt if that was true, because he wants revenge…

    “but its only just another game in the season right?”


  • FT

    very true. tomorrow is he true measuring stick because we cant all expect bynum to come back and save us. we HAVE to know that we can beat them at least once in boston without him! Its all a mental thing!!! we neeed to be in their heads! I know for a fact all of Boston is happy Bynum is down cause they think it will be as easy as last year now, BUT WE NEED TO SHOW THEM WE’RE NOT GONNA LET THEM JUST TAKE IT WITHOUT A FIGHT, I REALLY BELIEVE TOMORROW IS THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON, SO WE BETTER SHOW UP WITH OUR A GAME!


  • Eidraq

    kobe and pau played exceptional once again…kb had a great game however the only thing that he could have done better was shoot at a slightly higher percentage..he’ll need to do that tomorrow to win..he will bring his A game tomorrow

  • mr.laker19

    Alright now. This is what we been waiting for. The rematch. We will win game 2. LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!

  • LAKing

    You could just tell the players’ mindset wasn’t in this game, they were too focused on tomorrow’s game against Boston. Kobe once again being clutch as usual, let’s beat Boston tomorrow. BOSTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #60751 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How do crazy people gain access to the internet from the asylum? Holy $h!t!

    Definitely looking forward to tomorrow night’s game. And people are right, it is huge! This will let us know how we’ve improved from last year, since it was this team ( with the absence of Bynum ) that went to the finals with the Celdicks! They are a slightly different team without 2 of their better defensive players in PJ Brown and James Posey.

    I hope that the Lakers will come out hard and fast. They can’t afford to fall behind early against them at their home court. Way too much emotion and energy to try to climb out of a hole early. As long as our guys play smart, with poise, and focus on both the offensive and defensive side, we will emerge the victors!

    Fcuk kg( the garbage man), pudgy pierce, gay allen, and cock rivers! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  • Brett

    Best nickname for the Celtics anyone?
    I’ll start with the Boston Suckdicks.

  • Smush Walton

    We survived thanks mostly to Kobe and Pau.

    Got off to a slow start. Lamar never ceases to amaze me with his stupidity. What was up with the opening tip when he tipped it from the frontcourt to Fish in the backcourt? Don’t think I’ve seen that before. Then a blown lob to kobe, two blatant fouls on jumpshooters – one where he ran right into a three point shooter to give up a 4 point play. Uterly STUPID. When he gets torched on D he comes back completely out of control from a blown layup. Clumsy shots, feeble D and of course the constant 1 for 2 from the line – anything more and it wouldn’t be Lame-O. For every good play there is a bonehead play. Please unload this numbskull next year!

    Ariza had an off game which is unusual. And why are Walton and Vlad in the league? – they are both beyond pathetic.

  • Smush Walton

    I know nothing about basketball and should not be allowed to voice my opinions because I am a retard.

  • BostonSux

    13 pts, 6 boards, 2 blocks.. not bad if you ask me.

  • L.odom

    Lamar’s defense has improved significantly this year. He’s actually averaging a block shot and a steal per game. If you watched the Spurs game they kept complementing his help defense. He’s so long and quick that he is able to switch onto any player defensively. Smush Walton, I agree with you. I don’t think you know the game well enough to say anything.

  • Smush Walton

    For every good play Lame-O makes a dumb one. And its the same dumb mistakes time and time again. He is almost as much of a retard as the phony poster above.

  • Smush Walton

    Say BostonSux/L.Odom how many clumsy shots and dumb turnovers does Lamar average per game?

    Lamar defense has “improved”? What games are you watching DickHead? You mean from horrible to just pathetic?

  • Smush Walton

    Did you see Lamar’s fouls in the game? Obviously not because they were particularly stupid tonight. The one where he runs out to the three point arc and plows right into the shooter was vintage Turn Off the Brain Lamar – a 4 point play.

    Oh speaking of defense how can anyone but a head in the sand Lamar Lover forget his brilliant display at the end of the Charlotte game last week? – Lakers up 3, 30 seconds left, Kobe just fouled out – out of the timeout Charlotte inbounds, guard drives down the lane Lamar doubles leaving a shooter WIDE OPEN for a game tying 3. One can only imagine how many times during the timeout the coaches said to not give up a 3, but with Lamar and his 10 second attention span it is in one ear and out the other! How many times in Lamar’s 10 year career has this been gone over in practice? Yeah, he’s really improving on D!

  • Beef

    Play of the game was obviously Kobe’s reverse layup in the 1st quarter!

  • Lakers First

    Smush Walton, I gotta agree with L.Odom. Lamar’s defense has improved tremendously. He seemingly gets 2-3 blocks a night even though it says hes averaging 1.1. I’ve read many of your posts and you have a bias perspective. You love to hate Lamar so much that it’s ridiculous. You never give the man props. When he has a monster game, you don’t even post and if he makes one mistake, you’re on here faster than a Kwame Brown turnover. LO scored 13 pts, grab 6 boards, and blocked 2 shots last night yet you had to point out every single flaw he had in the game. He had ONE turnover btw. With Bynum down, we are very VERY lucky to have a Lamar Odom replace the injured center. Who would start if Odom were to go down too? Josh Powell? Powell has a great mid-range shot but the back-to-back blocks by Jermaine O’neal proved that he doesn’t have much an inside game. So, who else would start? Would you like to start Radmonovich, another player you despise? You hate half the god damn team! Why are you even a Laker fan? You’re a KOBE fan. Get off the wagon. Stick to all-star games if you want to see only high-caliber players on one team. You should be banned for lack of knowledge of the game.

  • Lakers All-Day

    LOL everyone knows Smush Walton is a joke. That’s why we all ignore him. Don’t let his bias perspectives get to you. Just learn to put up with it and all these other “Faker” fans. I thought Lamar played a nice game. I like how he’s been aggressive as of late. ever since the Clipper game seemingly, he’s been attacking the basket. He had a nice dunk last night. Can’t wait for the Celtics! GOO LAKERSS

  • L.odom

    To answer your question Smush Walton about LO’s clumsy shots and turnovers. He has the thrid highest percentage on the team behind Bynum and Pau– the two bigs of course. He averages 1.7 turnovers–not a lot considering how much he handles the ball. And about his defense, second on the team in block shots–more than Pau to go along with a steal per game. This coming from a bench player? WOW!

  • Phil, Jack’s Son

    LOL it’s about time people put this bandwagon fan in his place. Smush Walton, clever name though. haha i still like mine better

  • T.A.

    The lakers played like S-H-I-T last night. They absolutely could not defend the bosh-less raptors. They did get the win and I am very glad of that but we have a lot of issues.

  • lakerfan81

    There were differing reports on Bynum’s injury. The official time line is 8-12 weeks, but the injury is actually listed as a grade II (a partial tear), which usually takes 3-4 weeks to heal. It could be that it is a severe grade II so they were being cautious with the time line. But My guess is that he is back by the beginning of April. He is a young guy and should be able to heal pretty quickly. I know that he did not last year, but the problem last year was from lingering effects off the sublaxation of the kneecap that they didn’t expect (I think it was mostly a bone bruise and some damage to the bone) that required surgery. This injury does not require surgery, just rehab and is more straightforward.

  • kobe

    Me being a big laker fan I think lakers are going to lose today against the celtics if they keep playing unconsistent defense, like they did with the Raptors they got outrebounded big time if they play like that against the celtics be sure the lakers are gonna lose. Hopefully every player from the lakers concentrate on playing some good ball on these important games

  • gugy

    Tonight is going to be hard to beat Boston at their house, but I have hope that everybody will take the challenge and rise up to the occasion. I want to see the whole team mad, focus and drooling for revenge.

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #60782 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lamar is fine brother…

    if we do make a trade, let it be our weak sauce player for not an allstar but a defensive minded body inside the paint…and if not, we’re still fine with this team..they need some adjustments and we’ll be fine

  • sketch

    the rumor now is lamar for brad miller? wtf? if that’s the case then brad miller better be the brad miller of old from the lakers v kings days! cause right now, he’s nothing more than rebecca lobo with a goatee!

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #60791 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i hope thats not true

  • lakerman1

    If the lakers keep it close ( within striking distance ) like they have been basically playing as of late they will win the game. Mark my words gentlemen and you might as well lay off the defensive effort’ they defend in spurts and it only becomes a redundant statement and besides fellows 39 & 9′ why do we consistently complain. If you really want to complain become a Clipper Fan, how many leads/close games have they lost. Lets all enjoy the ride until we win the championship. I recall former Laker teams that turned it on in the post season and won it all. WE CAN DO IT, YES WE CAN.


    Kobe is playing Graet. Hands down MYP when you look at the big picture of the game. He plays in a triangle, so he’s not set up all night to get assist and he’s almost always had big men out there to do their jobs at grabbing rebounds. I mean this year he has had three guys Lamar, gasol and Bynum. Kobe can grab rebounds if he wanted to..lebron plays a different positiong and doesn’t have the weapons Kobe has on his team. Kobe does his Job perfectly and does his job The Best. He is most Valuable player in the league…His team did mess up The Cavs pretty bad the other week. And even when Kobe doesn’t have huge centers around or developing ones there, he lets them do their job and do the rebounding, keeps him safe, on the floor consistantly and helps develop his players. Kobe doesn’t have the team Lebron does and if he did he’d adjust to being the Kobe he has to be on that team..Kobe is The MVP on his team and in the league. He can score at any spot in any way and he has developed a team that is going to be CHAMPIONS for quite some time. Kobe is the smartest player around and is playing mature basketball to get his rings. MVP

  • NBA

    ALL true. Kobe is MVP! His performance was a completly different performance then Lebrons at the Garden. Look at all the rebounds Lamar and Gasol had. Kobe did his job and Lebron did his, but when you play a team that is rounded like the Spurs were in the finals against the Cavs it shows that one man can’t do it all to get a ring. Other guys have to be doing what they do best on the court too and that’s where Kobe has his team..very rounded. Kobe can do it all just like Lebron does if they lakers played that style of ball..not in the triangle and not with rebounders like the lakers have. Kobe has the team around him and does see the big picture..He wants the Rings and he knows how to get them. Smart guy. MVP 08-09

  • la

    That’s right. Stat sheets shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It’s what you do with the team you have and Kobe balances it out great..he’s looking in the future and is getting his guys ready and prepared. I’m sure Kobe can grab rebounds all night score and give out all kinds of assist if he wasn’t running the triangle. Kobe MVP and even though he came in when MJ was going out and the world wasn’t ready for another great bc we all love MJ..Kobe is the best player ever..stats don’t matter, records don’t matter, none of that kind of stuff matter..he’s the ultimate player and the guy you want to put the team on his shoulders if he had too. He’s MVP

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60776 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What do you mean T.A?

    Lamar played fabulous defense!

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