Let me first start by saying, I missed the first half because I assumed the game was taped delayed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so you will have to bear with second half analysis.

It was a high scoring affair tonight as both teams were shooting the ball well. The Lakers shot 51% from the field, but lost the game with poor rebounding and turnovers. Giving up 50 boards and 16 turnovers is not a winning formula.

I just want to add that it really sucks losing on a tip in — a lucky one, if I might add — after blowing a big lead — when you are trying to make history — against the Pacers. Got it all out.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe was Kobe again. 28 points on 10-21 shooting. He had 7 boards as well.

2) Pau’s 20 and 9 tonight were solid, to go with 3 assists a steal and a block.

3) Ariza might have had 4 turnovers, but he got all 4 of them back with his great defense. He held Granger to 10-27 shooting, so don’t let Grangers 32 points fool ya.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): The second unit for letting the lead slip away in the fourth.

Play of the Game: Oop to Bynum for the reverse jam.

What to Look for Next Game: Kobe only got 10 minutes of rest tonight so let’s hope he is Fresh in Phili.

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Go Lakers!

  • trdsol23

    i felt kobe lost the game for us, he lost his man on the last play allowing murphy to get the easy tip in on the switch

  • LakeShowTime

    ^^ No, think about it this way,

    if we made even one more free throw out of the 12 (I think?) we missed, it would have turned out a W

  • xplayforrealx

    yea.. kobe didn’t box troy out if you noticed..
    but other than that we deserved to lose…giving 118 points is not acceptable.

  • lakers 24/7

    the game wasn’t lost on that play. the game was lost when our defense disappeared, we gave up our 15 point lead, thereby setting them up with a chance to win.

  • jvelez51793

    I cant beleive we lost. Man Pacers really suck but they handed Boston their first loss and now Lakers there second lost. It really sucks to lose by a tip in that shudnt have gone in. I dont know how im going 2 sleep tonight. If the Lakers ever play the way they played against a team like the Pacers again, I will be even more mad.

  • Brett


    Can’t believe you blamed this one on Kobe. You obviously don’t know basketball. It was the lack of team defense. Nothing else. Quit playing this damn blame game, especially when you analyze one damn play. My hell man.

  • trdsol23

    either way, that last play should not have happened…but who cares because we’re gonna win the whole damn ship :)

    Lakers – 08-09 NBA Champions
    Kobe – all star mvp, league mvp, and finals mvp
    Ariza/Odom – sixth man of the year
    Ariza – most improved player
    Bynum – defensive player of the year (need more blocks!!!)
    Fisher – sportsmanship award
    Phil – coach of the year

    so we’re just missing rookie of the year…sun yue? :)

  • KwameWHO???

    DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE!!…does anyone know how many points in the paint we gave them???…and is it just me or did the lakers not look ready to play tonight??…and no it wasn’t kobe’s fault..our defense sucked…and don’t you guys just love the way the pacers celebrated like they just won a championship? oh well..that’s as close as they’ll get…sorry..i’m just still too bitter and angry…

  • trdsol23

    lol pacers should be celebrating since they won against the 08-09 nba champions

  • Big Phil

    Pathetic…absolutely pathetic, frustrating loss. All I can say is the Lakers are not ready for the Boston Celtics. If the Lakers and Celts played right now, we would see a repeat of last season’s championship series humiliation, destruction, and annihilation. Until the Lakers play consistent, tough team defense for 48 minutes for the rest of the season, it will be tough for the Lakers to top the Celts. It’s ridiculous now how the Lakers give up 30ish points in the 1st quarter and 60 points by half time in recent games. Defense on the 3 point shooters is practically non-existent. If the Lakers think that they can win based on talent and offense alone, then they are in for another rude awakening. This game should be their wake-up call. A big problem is Vlad. He has 1 good game every 10 games…he usually ends up with 4 turnovers, 1/7 shooting the other 9 games. The Vlad experiment is over…he is a liability out there on offense and defense. Farmar is the not starting PG for the future…he is mediocre at best, and his inconsistent play is another big problem. What’s with all these damn turnovers. Play defense damnit and stop the dribble penetration!!!


    i guess we can settle for 80-2….. =(

  • trdsol23

    well said big phil, if lakers played celts right now, im calling for a sweep, 4-0 boston, we are no where near their level and those of you that deny it are just too stubborn to admit it…

    this team needs mental toughness, they need to be physical in every game and show consistent 48 minutes defense, until then…boston over lakers and its not even close…

  • mr.laker19

    Lol! Thats all I can do is laugh. The problem with us is we sometimes forget to play hard. 20 offensive rebounds for the pacers show that we just didnt play hard. And to lose like that pisses me off. I rather get blown out. But honestly we deserved it. Kobe cant bail us out every time. Bynum needs to be in more, our defense is not the same without him. Dont just stick him in on the last play. It should have been Kobe, Bynum, Pau, Ariza, and Fisher in. Lets just forget about this nightmare and get back to our dream season.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Missed free throws and 19 offensive boards for the pacers…what do you expect. Heartbreak loss, now Boston is ahead and they play Indiana tommorow, maybe they can pull off another upset lol.

  • Big Phil

    trdsol23, I absolutely agree with you. I’m a huge fan of the Lakers, but I’m also a realist. The reality is that they are not ready for the big showdown. They are playing like a bunch of pansy prima donnas, starting off games slow and try to make their way back on showboat offense and talent. This won’t work against good defensive teams, especially the Celts. I still don’t see mental toughness with this group.

  • priceless

    they really shouldnt have had the game THAT close. It was a well deserved win for the Pacers. The Lakers just didnt show up on the defensive side. I hope they clamp down tomorrow

  • CG

    Tonight game was a very frustrating lost after having a 15 pt lead then blowing it in the 4th qtr with 6 lousy turnovers, and scoring drought for three minutes in the 4th. Where was our defense tonight? like it just dissappear. we gave too much open j’s and gave them 19 offensive rebounds for the pacers. We missed 12 free throws too. hopefully this game is a wake-up call for philly game!

  • Michael_23

    One of the worse buzzer beater shots I’ve ever seen. Anyways sorry to say, Lakers deserved that loss. Shows em that bigs leads by under .500 teams shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  • e

    kobe didnt do too many things wrong..and u cannot blame him for the last miss…BUT one this he did do wrong at the end is not take enough shots..i hate espn for getting into his head that he’s a ball hog…he never was..he’s always led the team in assists since the three-peat..if anything, he passes too much now…passing that much in the fourth quarter for kobe is just uncalled for

  • http://10assistspergame.blogspot.com Rey-Rey

    Where was that defense? They were playing so lackadaisical (like you, I only caught the second half) on defense. And it looked like they just phoned it in the 4th quarter. Can’t do that against ANY professional team.

    Let’s see how the Lakers deal with this surprise loss.

  • Jimmy

    The two key players which beat the Lakers are: Rasheed Wallace and Troy Murphy. Why? Because they’re center with 3point range, something Bynum can’t guard and the Lakers defense has to rotate out, giving the Pacers/Detroit great mismatches to work with.

  • Russ

    118 points by the PACERS??

    thats way too much…

    Lakers gotta lockdown on defense and play better

    or else we’ll make it to the finals again and lose to the stupid Celtics

    c’mon Lakers…lets at least win against the sixers and wizards

  • David

    I think it’s important not to over react when such losses occur. That being said, I think it’s time to break up the team. It’s time to trade Kobe.


    A loss, is a loss, is a loss! …The ball just didn’t bounce the Lakers way for most of the game tonight, especially in the last ten minutes… Many of those 4th quarter rebounds were hard of the rim, directly and straight into the hands of a Pacer… too bad though, the basketball Gods were not with us tonight! …Cuz when you’re flirting with basketball immortality (73+wins), a bird in hand that got away is tough to swallow.


    Somebody mentioned on a previous post, how the Vlade experiment is a failure… I would say it’s more like a wild card… When he’s on it’s a huge bonus, but still, only and maybe balancing or somewhat offsetting the ever present liability, he always brings to the mix. But when he’s off also! …DAMN! …The guy just seems to have his head on a swivel stick, all of the time, while he’s on the defensive side; While on the offensive side; if he handles the ball in the open court, Man, I’m immediately cursing the freakin seconds while he’s handling the ball, all the while, praying for him to safely get rid of the freakin ball to any fellow Laker… DAMN! …The dude is BAD! …And I mean really bad!

  • http://www.modenadude.com/ThaDogg Imadogg

    Smush is the 2nd unit? They got us our lead. We were still up, what, 8 when the starters came back in. Starters couldn’t hold it down. Not the 2nd unit’s fault.

  • Smush Walton

    Why was Vlad on the floor in the 4th quarter? Up 15 at the start of the 4th – there’s no way they should have lost to the Pacers. Stuid turnovers and sloppy play at the start of the 4th was a killer

    When I saw Lamar firing from the outside late in the 4th I knew it was over.


    Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw that… Why was Vlade on the floor in the 4th quarter? …What freakin for?

  • david gamboa

    lakers’ are always slow to start the game. try to see the highlights of their 16 games, and you can see their opponent leading by 10+ points. they should start strong! and this may have been a result of overconfidence.

  • pio2u

    D-E-F-E-N-S-E WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!! We need to man up; no team can give up 118 points plus 50 rebounds and expect to win.

  • KONG!

    [Comment ID #55945 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree, Vlad is a liability. He just doesn’t seem to know the simple things in basketball like: dribbling, layups, hustle, defense, rebounding, boxing-out, etc. I mean, this guy has no heart. I really wonder how he got to the NBA level because his shooting (as we have seen) is obviously not that great.

  • daboss1849

    we should have played Luke he would have won the game for us in the 4th. :)

  • xtro

    14-2. Still the best in the west, fellas. No worries. However, they should never underestimate the lesser teams. Defense is offense.

  • gugy

    I think the quest of more than 70 wins is cool but in reality I rather have a championship. Once in awhile losing a game is a good thing, because it gives focus to the players and show their weakness and prepare the guys for the playoffs.
    The Lakers is really strong now but we have to bear in mind we still have a lot to fix and learn in order to have a great run and have the parade on Figueroa. I don’t mind the team losing here and there just to keep them focused.

    Go Lakers.


    I blame this one on the coaching staff and Kobe. The last shot he hit was a bad one. But him trying to do it again from way out there wasn’t going to happen. He should of just drive in and kick. As far as the coaching staff…why take out the team that increased the lead (even though they gave up 8 points) to put in the starters that couldn’t do anything for 3 1/2 quarters? Let them play through it.

  • jason420_7

    the defensive rotation was horrible all game..the boxing out was even worse all game…we left our hustle on the plane..kobe didnt lose the game..the second unit didnt lose the game..they ALL lost the game..nobody played any defense tonight at all..that bein said..gonna have a few of these games its a long season..as long as u dont in the playoffs we’ll be fine..i bet we play much better defense tonight against sixers..the fact that we ended up losing that game might be better for us then if we won it..could be a very good wake up call..

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    I say STD was big PJ, since he took out the 2nd unit that brought the lead back to our team. Yes, Farmar made lots of turnovers, but hey, its called a TEAM. Some fail to realize that they were cheering for the second unit who went on that 17-0 run just moments before the breakdown on O and D. If anything, the starters as a group could not close out the game, which is their job. Why insert VladRad at that point of the game? Only PJ can tell us why. Why sit down Ariza during the crucial plays? Only PJ…

    Overall, its a disappointing loss, and a well-deserved one. No Defense, No Boxing out, No hunger for the W. This game was O-V-E-R when we gave up 61 points in a half.

    Looking forward to today, hopefully this will be a wake up call to out Lakers, who seem to be a little arrogant since they are being touted as “the best team.” Don’t take sub .500 teams lightly!! We should drill them down into the ground like a railroad spike on our train tracks that lead us to the championship!!!

  • LakersLivefromDC

    First of,let me say this…WE’RE NOT GOING TO BE 80-2,EITHER…to put it plain and simple,WE’RE GOING TO LOSE GAMES,PERIOD!

    Like I said yesterday,our weakness is the Eastern Conference teams.There is NO WAY we got stronger after that game or tough.I can care less about a 15 pt.deficit gone down the tubes,at least have some heart enough to hold them off,Indiana did beat Boston…the same way,HITTIN’ THE BOARDS!!!

    I agree with Bynum when he talked about PJ substitutions and when he said “When we have a team by 10,take it to 20,got’em by 20,take to it 30″.

    Gerald Wallace…that’s what I say.

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #55917 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He had to help and bother Marquis’ reverse layup which he did. Who would’ve thought An ugly tip in will kill all the time?

    Lakers need to lose so they stop messing around and keep games close thinking they can beat any team in the last 2 quarters!

  • jason420_7

    yeah we have to stop relying on making late runs to put teams away in second half and start playing a full 4 quarters of defense..cause against the true contenders thats not gonna be enough..especially boston..thats starting to become a trend and that worries me a lil bit..is it me or our starters just not playin any defense in the first quarter at all..i dont like that either..just some things we need to work on to become champions…but we have a long season to do it..so far we’re doin just fine..always gonna have a couple bad games..but that can be good sometimes to have.

  • trdsol23

    kobe wouldnt have had to help out if he was guarding him in the first place, the ball would not have gotten so close to the basket if kobe manned up on D, i know we can’t blame the loss on kobe, but again that play didnt have to happen

    one loss, big deal, every good team has their off nights, but as much as I love the Lakers, I just dont see them beating the Celtics in a 7 game series which is really frustrating =\

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Kobe didn’t lose the game…their poor defense did.

  • xtro

    an angry lakers team, is a dangerous lakers team. be afraid philly!

  • Jake

    I’ve now seen the Lakers play 4 games in my lifetime (3 against the pacers and 1 against the bulls…). They’re 1-3 in the games that I’ve attended (they’ve lost twice the Pacers and once to the Bulls). Maybe I should stop going to Laker games? Of course, two of those loses were in the transitional period (06-07, pre-Pau, pre-Good Bynum, still w/ Smush).

  • the antoine

    i dont think the second unit deserves the STD… they only lost 6 points of a 16 point lead.. the starters lost the other 10.. phil shoulda left them in because they were the only ones being productive against the pacers.. the starters were being outworked throughout the whole game.. bad substitutions by phil. bad defense by everyone.. bad game that we will need 10 in a row to forget about..

  • jason420_7

    kobe needed to man up..was murphy his man..dont believe he was

  • megaloco10

    honestly guys this was one of the worst game i ever watched defensively for the lakers, hopefully that will be back..

  • LakersLivefromDC

    Lakers 110-Sixers 82.

    I’m putting confidence back into our team,last night’s game is over…like the Great B.I.G. said,The Lakers must…

  • west818

    [Comment ID #55923 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sun yue can suck my balllllz

  • gugy

    I don’t live in LA so Kcal is not an option and I don’t have league pass. Is there any way I can watch the game tonight either on cable or internet?


  • LakersLivefromDC

    Raptors are stupid…Chris Bosh is gone for sure in 2010,


  • whit

    No KLAC message boards. What’s up?

  • ChinaLake

    2nd Unit the STD? You must have missed the third quarter, too! The first unit was unable to do anything all night! It wasn’t the 2nd Unit that lost this game– that would be the first unit who came in way earlier than normal in the fourth quarter and gave away an 8 or 10 point lead. And why didn’t Kobe drive to the basket and try and get a foul? It seems our end game strategy was totally wimpy.


    Excuseumwa, But I can not agree with the opinions of Kobe possibly losing the game… No freakin way! …His last shot was not a difficult shot at all, but a fairly easy one, that he makes probably 70% of the time. He is human, btw, and on top of that, he is still, the only Laker with the balls to perform (Do or Die) in the ultimate clutch situation.

  • yellowpurplefever

    On the last possesion, Kobe should have drive to the basket or kick it out if hes not open. Overconfidence can Loose games. Needs to learn from MJ


    [Comment ID #56005 Will Be Quoted Here]
    The point is Kobe actually did drive and pulled up for a wide-open “16” footer, uncontested! …The shot just happened to not go in… Nothing to do with loosing the game!