The Lakers continued to play good basketball as they played their first game out of Los Angeles.

Tonight in Denver, the Lakers played a bit sluggishly, but forced enough turnovers and grabbed enough boards to win the game.

The Lakers still have room to improve but I’m enjoying what I have seen from this team.

Size matters and it was shown tonight as the Lakers had 53 boards, 15 more than the Nuggets. The Lakers also had some different rotations tonight since Bynum got in early foul trouble.

What I love about this team is that we can shoot 37% from the field, and win. The team is deep and balanced.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1. Kobe did it all tonight. He took over when we needed it. 33 points from the reigning MVP.

2. Pau was a monster tonight with his rebounding and inside presence. He opened with 6 quick points and finished with 16 points and 16 rebounds.

3. Fisher only had 11 points, but hit some huge shots for the Lakers. He also held A.I. to 13 points!

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): The Lakers had a lot of bad shooting tonight, but Odom had some really bad passing and shot selection. He just didn’t look in rhythm tonight.

Play of the Game: Pau’s slam dunk in the second quarter. If that Texas/Texas Tech game wasn’t the game of the year, Pau easily makes ESPN’s Top play of the night with that slam.

What to Look for Next Game: Look for the Lakers to blow out the Clippers. Why, because they suck.

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Go Lakers!

  • lakerschamps09

    i didnt watch the game cuz i was at the grizzlies and bulls game.. but saw the highlites and wow pau dunked on that kobe was killing.. but lets not shoot 37% again… thats just bad…
    great win…. 3-0


    Yeah and this game would have been a lot easier had the refs not been that anal… Great adjustment in the second half defensively. Some nuggets were shooting lights out AC although they normally SUCK.

  • Ko8e_f@n

    Anyone else who watched this find the commentators ANNOYING?! Seriously, that’s probably the most biased commentating I have heard in a while. :| “that should be a foul on…”, “Sasha is good, but annoying”, “Anthony is not scoring but his creating shots for his teammates… his assists may only be 5, but he makes them go to the freethrow line and in reality it should be around 10″, “Melo doesn’t get the same calls like Kobe” -WTH?!

    Anyway, good win by the Lakers, I was surprised Bynum struggled though.

  • Ko8e_f@n

    ^ he’s*

  • Jay

    Ko8e_f@n yea i noticed that 2 i was about to mute the TV.LOL

  • dom1020

    thats why i am happy to have stu lantz and joel meyer, they are not afraid to say that the lakers are playing bad. and stu has a great sense of humor

  • Ko8e_f@n

    [Comment ID #53623 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I literally muted (is that a word? lol) the TV for a time, it was so irritating that those two bone-heads contested most of the calls that went to the Lakers.

  • Webster

    Nah, bias commentator is fine, the victory taste much better.
    (Ex: Kobe buzzer beater in Portland)

  • Logic Guy

    MVP WAKEUP!- I noticed in the box score that Bynum got just one shot in the Denver game. Thats’s as many as Luke Walton got in under two minutes of play.To Kobe Bryant- Andrew needs mort shots than that for the team to be balanced. There is also another reason he needs more shots than that. Remember when Shacq said “If you don’t feed the big dog he want guard the poarch” He was referring to being motivated to play defense, block shots and rebound when you keep him involved in the offensive game. Shacq also said “I can’t pass the ball to myself” Someone has to get the ball to Bynum and I am not sure Kobe will be one of those doing it effectively. Have you guys noticed that when Kobe goes off for big numbers the Lakers barely win or they loose? It’s up to the Coaches to make sure the big guys get the ball. This situation needs to a major consideration all season in order to win a championship.

  • Anonymous.

    Lol Melo needs a better barber. His haircust was just….horrible.

  • Whatsa

    “What to Look for Next Game: Look for the Lakers to blow out the Clippers. Why, because they suck.”


  • basketbolista!

    3-0! yahoo!

  • Sam

    ^Logic Guy
    Watch the game, not the box score.

  • BringDFishBack

    There were a lot of STD candidates. Bynum because he couldn’t stay on the court due to foul trouble. Farmar because he couldn’t hit a shot. Birdman is so annoying and deserved to be dunked on. Unfortunately Ariza couldn’t make it 2 in a row on the break but he did get fouled.

  • the ape

    i don’t care what hollinger says about his all-decline team. Fish still has plenty of game.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Logic Guy – the way the current lineup is set, the Lakers don’t need Drew to be an offensive threat, I think it was clear what the Lakers wanted from Drew since they’ve been saying the same thing over and over: Defensive and Rebounding. That’s probably why Kobe won’t particularly be looking to feed him the ball since this team isn’t designed to revolve around Drew for offense like it was during the ’00-02 championship run. If you noticed, in this game, it was hard to get Drew in an offensive rhythm, but Kobe and Pau collaborated enough to get things done. It’s a good thing that the Lakers have Pau because his double double really offset Drew’s struggles. Again, it’s a lot to expect of Drew to create his own offensive at this point when he’s only getting back into game shape. Really, all we need from his shot-blocking, defense, tip-ins, and rebounding.

    Now back to the post.

    I’d throw in Sasha for Smush of the Day. Lamar wasn’t so bad, he made a couple of layups, etc etc was putting a lot of effort, but got into foul trouble just like most of the Lakers.

    Sasha; however, was more trigger happy than usual, looked really rusty (not that I blame him as he’s recovering from ankle injury) but was in general, making a lot more bad decisions with the ball than Lamar … I’d even throw in Jordan in the discussion as well … he let Birdman block TWO of his layups and yeah … just bad night for both Sasha and Jordan. Turnovers, stupid fouls, or just in general, bad shot selections.

    I think Lamar should be removed from the Smush denotation … I mean, at least he played more minutes especially with Drew on the bench with so many fouls. And speaking of Drew, he wasn’t much of a factor during most of the game, but down the stretch, it was his defense that helped the Lakers win the game. The refs were being really whistle-happy against the Lakers in the first half … we had like 5 or more players with 3 (or more) fouls by the end of the half. Some of those were from the Lakers’ bad defense in transition or rotation and others were just bad judgments by the refs (especially on that offensive foul against Drew when he just turned around)

    Overall, only Gasol and Kobe were “consistent”, and Derek too … but definitely Gasol and Kobe. I like how Gasol always manages to stay away from foul trouble, he’s really an intelligent player, that way we always have one big on the court, but poor Pau, played over 40 minutes tonight.

    I hate the schedule right now … the Lakers don’t play till Wednesday, then there’s another gap until Sunday when we play the Rockets. Obviously it’s good to have rest, but I rather have rest at the end of the season, not the start. I think the lack of PT this week is the reason why the Lakers looked sluggish and rusty. Let’s just hope on Wednesday, they won’t repeat tonight’s performance … because under 40% shooting is not the recipe to win games … nor is letting the opposition get over 45% shooting good either.

    Just glad for the W.

  • e

    [Comment ID #53627 Will Be Quoted Here]

    although i can see what you mean by bynum not being able to pass to himself, you also have to take into account that kobe is a scorer before he is a facilitator..yeah, he will get the team involved but you also have to realize the reason why kobe is such an effective shot creator is because of his status as a deadly scorer..when kobe sees that his passing is paying off, he’ll pass..when he sees that passing is not getting much done, he’ll take over..quite frankly, i would not have wanted the ball in bynum’s hands during that last stretch when kobe took over..not to mention bynum was in tons of foul trouble i dunno, i think kobe played it very well tonight

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #53639 Will Be Quoted Here]

    When I see Fisher driving to the hoop in the paint I CRINGE!

    He barely gets off the ground so for the most part he resorts to throwing himself into the defender, flinging the ball at the hoop while awkwardly falling down. So many blown layups! Looks like the refs aren’t going to fall for this ploy. Derek should stick to his outside shot and quit throwing up prayers while falling down in the paint. He looks ridiculous doing this time after time.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Also, Logic Guy – to compare Drew to Shaq and add Kobe’s situation with Shaq into the mix (is not only a low blow to Kobe) but is really unfair to Drew considering the kid’s only in his 4th season (off of a bad injury) and Shaq was at his prime when he joined the Lakers and had those championship runs.

    At the time, the Lakers were set up to just run most of the offensive through Shaq because offensively, he was dominant, could make his own plays, had that big body to just clog the center. When he made that quote, it was after Kobe’s criticism of Shaq being out of shape (which was true) and Shaq got offended.

    With Drew as the center, you have a young player who’s just getting back into rhythm, it’s too much to expect that he’ll just start gelling offensively. The Lakers have Pau Gasol, Kobe, Fisher, VladRad, LO, etc, basically enough players to contribute offensively. They don’t NEED Drew to create his own offense and his own shots … They need him to rebound and defend.

    Last year, when Drew started playing really well, he was able to create some shots of his own with the skyhook, but mostly, he was able to get really nice lobs and alley-oops, high percentage shots, because he was able to get his position on the floor. Right now, he’s still rusty, still finding his rhythm in the game. I’m sure once he’s reached the point where he’s comfortable, he’ll be able to contribute offensively vis a vis, like last year.

    So stop blaming Kobe for Drew having only one bucket attempt tonight. That was definitely more of foul trouble thing than Kobe being a bad teammate, or whatever you’re insinuating. Because if you haven’t noticed, even with Drew having an off night, which is to be expected, Gasol is definitely adept to filling Drew’s shoes with a nice double double for stats because he has the EXPERIENCE and comfort-level of creating his own SHOTS.

  • Smush Walton

    Off game for the team for the most part. Luckily Kobe stepped up at the end to lead us with 33 big points. Pao was his usual consistent productive self.

    There were several good choices for STD.

    Vlad – for a 3 point specialist he sure misses a lot of shots! 2 of 6 on 3’s and 2 of 7 overall. This guy is a slug on the floor.

    Farmar – 1 of 8 shooting for 2 points. Not going to get it done.

    Sasha – 2 of 6 for 6 points. Off night.

    Lamar – 10 points but 3 of 9. Lost count of his bonehead plays. If only Lamar had half the smarts of Pao. Same old story with Lame-O.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    [Comment ID #53642 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well, Fish is still a deadly clutch shooter that’s for sure. He made a nice dagger three late in the 4th quarter. But yes, sadly, I must concur that I often cringe when he does the PUJIT and those awkward layups. I mean, I like that he’s attacking the basket when it’s the layups because attacking the rim is always good, but yeah, like you said, most of the time, he blows the layup because he just awkwardly throws it up hoping for a foul.

    The PUJITs on the otherhand, I would like to see decrease, he still makes some, but I rather see our players get back and be able to rebound if he misses … or run our offense.

    Still, Fish is a solid player for his age, mostly always reliable when we need a big shot or need defense on pesky point guards like AI and Deron Williams. His experience, defensive and play tonight, is still a good example why Jordie shouldn’t be the starting point guard.

    Also, even for is age, Fish >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Smush.

  • e

    [Comment ID #53642 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thank you!! finally someone agrees…fisher is a great outside threat..remain an outside threat..the layups are totally unnecessary

  • lakerferlife7

    smush walto ur a bitttchhc stfu u hatin on kobe already????????get the fuukck outa here wit that shiiitttt*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #53650 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hating on Kobe?

    What the F are you talkin’ about?

    You must be smokin’ what Lamar is smokin’!


    Guys relax, no hating. Kobe stepped up cause we needed him to and that s all. Notice he only exploded in the 4th (typical Phil Jackson scenario). Drew couldnt get into his rythm b/c of foul troubles (im sure you guys noticed the bad call for an offensive foul on one of the plays that was NOT even close to being a foul against Nene, i think it was the 3rd one) so that took Drew’s winds out. Drew will break through eventually just give him time… Hes still learning.

  • sir charles

    two things

    lamar would be a great player if he played with both units, when the first starter is in foul trouble put lamar in, even if it is at the point

    lakers need to involve everyone off the bench, it seems like it is only farmar and ariza but lamar and sasha are not getting involved

  • jki

    who writes this stuff…clearly farmar was the std

  • nabil

    farmar is smush of the day for missing a whole bunch of layups and generally not showing up.

  • Lonestar848

    [Comment ID #53649 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Fisher can finish with the best of them as seen here:

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #53660 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What we’re talking about is Saturday’s game and the countless times Fisher was laying on the floor, looking for a call after throwing up a prayer layup. He would better served to focus on his outside shot as his drives for the most part are futile.

  • e

    [Comment ID #53660 Will Be Quoted Here]

    funny video haha…the way i see it, i think fisher should primarily camp outside and the only time he needs to drive in is if there is a wide open lane and no one is contesting

  • Michael_23

    I strongly disagree with LO being the STD. You could have given the STD to Bynum because of quick foul trouble although he altered many shots and had some block shots. Farmar didn’t come up after having an impressive pre-season. Luke being unproductive although he only played a few minutes.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #53645 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I disagree with Vlad being the STD, don’t you notice that he plays pretty good defense on Melo (yes, VladRad playing good defense). Not only did VladRad play good defense on Melo this game, but he played Melo well all during the playoffs last year. Now I’m not saying VladRad is all that, but give credit where credit is due.

  • domz

    Melo was just off last night I think. I noticed that he got few uncontested shots but could not just get it in until the final minutes of the game. I hope the lakers play better perimeter D. But our internal D is fine except when A Carter found Nene inside for a dunk and also when AI found Kenyon for a slam.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Basically the honors of STD of the night go to:

    Jordan Farmar

    Sasha Vujacic

    and the Refs.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    Hey Steve. Can You get me tickets for the Dallas game like in the 90 or 100 dollar range?

    Thank You.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #53662 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your comment is RIGHT ON e.

    When there are bodies in the paint Fisher would be better off staying out of there otherwise more often than not he will be laying on the floor looking for a call. Seems the refs have seen his fling fall and pray routine too many times now to keep buying it.


    For all those that’s talkin’ that Trade Kobe for LBJ crap and suppose to Laker fans I hope you got put on notice Sat.night vs The Nuggets.

    Kobe IS the best (..and so is our team).

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #53686 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Also I hope you Trade Kobe for LeBron folks saw LeBron’r performance vs Boston in the season opener. Pretty Poor.