whoWhat a game for #24 tonight! What’s more impressive?

19-31 shooting, 20-20 freethrows, or 61 points! Poor Gasol with his 31 points, 14 boards, 5 assists, and 2 blocks — and no one even cares. Even Luke had a decent game and is unnoticed.

Kobe broke the all-time points record in a game at the Garden Monday night. As a team, the Lakers took care of business offensevily. 53% shooting, 7-16 threes, 52 boards, 25 assists en route to 126 points.

This really was a fun one to watch. Kobe really embarrassed the Knicks and the other Lakers had some fun too.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Our MVP came through with 61 tonight. That’s all I need.

2) Pau had a monster game! 31 points on 12-17 shooting. A beast tonight.

3) Ariza was all over the place again. 6-9 shooting for the only other Laker in double figures. Also had 8 boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Sasha did nothing tonight. His highlight was missing a jumper so Trevor could dunk the miss in.

Play of the Game: Ariza’s tip dunk or Kobe’s spinning J.

What to Look for Next Game: Another high scoring game in Toronto Wednesday night. Don’t they always play on Sunday morning though?

Ticket Info: Next home game isn’t until the 10th, but prices are solid throughout the arena, and also let me know if you need All-Star game tickets. E-Mail me at or call213-221-7681 and mention TLN for tickets.

Go Lakers!

  • gugy

    Pau was a beast too!

  • Noriega7333

    Gugy, who?


  • Eidraq

    kobe and pau wont let us down this year

  • Kristian

    ariza was really sloppy with the ball, but the game was over when he made most of his turnovers

  • vibe

    was luke in the game lol……great show Mr. bryant.

  • jason

    Kobe was awesome nothing else has to be said about that..but what i took from this game was all the blocked shots we had tonight..i thought that was a great sign without having bynum…especially lamar who blocked at least 3 shots that i remember.

  • lakrfan4life

    81 or 62 through 3

    if kobe played in the 4th that game, he woulda probably surpassed that *easily*

    i mean its ONLY 19 more points…lol

  • megaloco10

    what a game for kobe..

    i hate bashing our own players but Space Cadet really sucks big time..

  • stdecker

    sasha sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whatsa


  • basketbolista!

    nice job kobe and pau.
    if they will do it again every game even without bynum we can have that championship ring.

  • sketch

    OMG!! what a move that kobe put on in the fourth. even spike lee got off of his ass to give kobe props to the audience at Madison Square Garden! you know that every kid with a ball in his hand is going to try that move tomorrow on the playground! lol!

    61 friggin points! 61! just imagine fellas, had Snaq been here and not ousted by his own laziness and retardedness, no basketball fan would ever witness what kobe bryant has done. the 81 point game, the 62 points through 3 quarters, and tonight the 61 points at Madison Square Garden (the most ever by anyone…knicks or opposing).

    with the fat Snaq here, kobe would have continued to defer and defer and never would have had the chance to throw off of the shackles and the reins. with the fat fcuk gone, we were able to see the true talents of kobe bryant unfold before our eyes. we, as basketball fans, are able to see what feats are possible by a basketball player when he sets his mind and heart to it as kobe has.

    haters may say that lebron or wade is just as good if not better because of what they were able to achieve at their respective ages, but think about this…they were given their own team from the get go. ever since they came into the league, they were given free rein to do as they please to win. kobe on the other hand had to share his throne with a fat lazy fcuk. even then we could see the potential in this young talent. he was still able to show us glimpses of what we, laker fans, would deem as the heir and air apparent. and just look at what we are now able to see from the greatest player not just on the lakers, but possibly ever!

    even jordan himself was given the keys to drive the bulls anyway he wanted when he first came in. kobe was the only one out of these superstars who had to share his team which stifled his growth and development somewhat. but he was always prepared, he kept working at it until look at where he is today! 81, 62, and 61 respectively! he is the most dominating offensive weapon that the baskeball world has ever seen. he is the WMD! and pudgy pierce can just STFU!!!! he is not even worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence! “the best player in the world”…$hit, pudgy pierce ain’t even the best player on his team! fcuk that, it ain’t even his team anymore…it’s kg’s now.

    anyway, enough rambling…i’ll just end it with KOBE IS THE BEST! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  • enrico

    we all know that it was a good game. but we have to accept the fact that kobe and pau cannot do this much every game. its pretty simple; everyone has to contribute; everyone should help out in defense an in scoring.

  • bc

    love you sketch

  • MozKrew

    Did anyone read the SI column? Paul Forrester basically dissed Kobe for what he did last night. Kobe can’t do anything right in the eyes of some. Rick Kamla from NBATV hates Kobe too. They suck.

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #60617 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t for get the 65 and 60 he had in the 4 consecutive 50+ games!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #60642 Will Be Quoted Here]

    funny…the next game is against Toronto. Are we gonna see that again?

  • sketch

    lakers 24 7,

    ain’t forgettin those! as you know if i were to list all of those accolades of kobe’s…man, i’d be on the computer all night long! homie’s the best! KOBE = WMD!

  • MILO

    Gasol should be a starting all star i dont know what the hell is wrong with the ignorant voters i gues they’re all just haters…

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #60662 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Word. It’s an endless list. Only Kobe…only Kobe.

  • sketch

    personally i think it’s possible for him to hit 100 some day…i just don’t think that it’ll happen. the lakers won’t want to show anyone up like that and there’s no way any team would let that happen!

    i was talking to a NY guy here at work. he was pissed that the knicks “allowed” kobe to drop 61 on them. i said to him that kobe was all over the place though, he didn’t just drive, he hit a butt load of jumpers that you simply can’t defend! his take was…”you know what, that’s when you hack the #hit outta him to prevent him from shooting any more”!

    and that’s what i think would pretty much happen if kobe ever tried for the century mark. teams would HURT him! although, i am looking forward to another high scoring game from him tonight! GO LAKERS!