We got outplayed tonight — it’s that simple. They shot well (49%), we didn’t (40%). They took care of the ball with only 10 turnovers, while we were erratic.

The Kings handed the Lakers their first lopsided loss in quite some time as only 3 Lakers scored double figures. The Lakers were playing from behind for most of the game and couldn’t make that final run tonight.

Rather than dwell on this loss, I’ll keep it short so we can get ready for tomorrows big game vs. Shaq (maybe?) and company.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Pau had 25 points, 12 boards, and 3 blocks. He was amazing tonight.

2) Fisher had a big 4 point play and was one of the only Lakers without a turnover. 9 points, 3 boards, 3 assists.

3) No one really…

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): The Lakers defense.

Play of the Game: The four point play or Bynum’s post move for the dunk.

What to Look for Next Game: Bynum vs. Shaq (hopefully). Enjoy it. (Sorry in my last post game, I forgot to mention the Kings game being tonight.)

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Go Lakers!

  • as1084

    trade farmar!!!

  • Freshh


    But no progress

  • acgod15

    the lakers need to be able to show that their presence is to not be taken for granted. like really you cant come out playing lousy defense and thinking every game is a going to be a win (i.e Washington, Indiana, tonight etc) but you get what im saying? everyone needs to step up their defense and start playing with the passion that they had when they were rockin the #1 spot in power rankings, were the most talked about team in the NBA, and when they were starting to look like showtime. this type of game is not going to cut it. Kobe needs to start making everyone better again, because this is starting to look pathetic.

    i hope they come out ready to shut down phoenix and show they are still the most elite, versatile team in the league.


    It was those dam headbands! brought back smush and kwame aroma!

  • artpolo5

    Ramon’s right, Lakers should never EVER wear those headbands, they bring back reminiscence of Smush and Kwame. But truly though the problem with Lakers is they are always too relaxed, they need to have the cut-throat attitude that Boston has (hate mentioning their name, especially like this), they need to realize there the team to beat, everyone in the league wants to beat them, and the Lakers come in with their relaxed posture, keep it up and ity’ll be another disappointing year.

  • David

    Instead of blaming the loss on superstitious beliefs such as headbands let’s look at the real cause, poor defense. Until the Lakers can play consistent defense, primarily guarding against dribble penetration, they aren’t going anywhere. If this team were to play Boston or Cleveland the way they are playing they will lose to both of them.

  • sigh*

    another horrible shooting night for Kobe. I feel like these nights are becoming more frequent….


    All-around pathetic showing from all of the Lakers tonight (except maybe, Gasol)… But the worst or STD of the day has to go to the broken record/video of Beno Udrih taking Derek Fisher to the school of; “Blow By, bye-bye”, over and over and over again! …Geeeezus, I can understand long shots being jacked up and falling on a given night, but the “Matador Defense” Derek showed us tonight has to be very embarrassing to him and should be taken very personal; cuz Beno will be looking for a repeat performance, taking to him again, as usual, in a couple of days! …With Lamar “The Statue of Liberty” Odom and Derek “The Matador” Fisher on the floor, at the same time, forget about dem Tacos! …Derek’s footwork on defense seems to have regressed quite a bit, since the playoffs of last year.


    Still, hate those headbands, and does bring back a distasteful loosing aura, from a very recent back in the day!

  • mr.laker19

    We dont play hard, simple as that. It was times were people were just watching on defense. I just look at a team like the Cavaliers and how much more talent we have than them. But if we played right now they would probably beat us because THEY PLAY HARD EVERY NIGHT!!! I am just pissed right now. Its no excuse to have this happen, and I blame Kobe.

    He is just looking pathetic out there on both ends. He is not playing hard at all, especially compared to last year. Ever since the finals he hasn’t been right. I dont know if he is tired or just old. He is settling for jumpers WAY to much. I look at LeBron and how he almost never shoots outside jumpers. If Kobe would just drive first then look for his shot he would be just as dominant as LBJ.

    Im pissed right now. Phil has to take some of the blame too. We arent a veteran team like the Bulls or the old Lakers, so he needs to learn how to motivate young players so they come out every night and play hard. GET MAD PHIL, GO A LITTLE BOBBY KNIGHT OR SOMETHING DAM! If we keep playing like we have played these last few games we can forget about championship and start thinking about 2010 like everybody else because this roster might not be able to get it done.

    (Note to Nation: Dont take my frustration to serious. Like I said Im pissed)

  • kobeism

    i will cry myself to sleep tonight…

    game was absolutely dreadful to watch, not to mention we’re behind celts and cavs now

    let’s just hope we’ll get it together again because it seems like the team is faltering a bit

    still a long season so not to worry. At least we’re playing a good team tomorrow…we do better against +.500 teams anyways

  • Dracul

    Everyone sucked tonite, other than Pau. Yes even Kobe sucked.

    Two things are apparent at least, after 20 games, so we know what the problems are –

    Big Problem #1- Opposing Big men who can shoot. They draw out our bigs and leave the basket vulnerable. Rasheed, Troy Murphy, Nesterovic. Any big guy (especially if its a center) with range will screw up the defensive schemes of the Lakers. This means problems against Detroit with ‘Sheed and Utah with Okur (Utah is more of a problem because we might have to go through them in playoffs, plus they also have Deron as a penetrator and Boozer as a big body/offensive rebounder.) Pau might have to cover Okur and Odom on Boozer in that case. Luckily the Celtics big men can’t shoot from 3 (Garnett sometimes takes 3s, but is definitely not a good percentage shot for him).

    Big Problem #2 – The BIGGEST ISSUE the Laker defense has, and the main cause of all these easy scores – One on One Dribble penetration and the high screen & roll is killing the Lakers. The high screen and roll and the one on one defensive breakdowns are making the defense scramble, the big men have to step over, (meaning scoop to open big man for dunk) or a wing guy steps in front of the loose point guard, (meaning drive and kick to open 3 man.). That’s IF the defense reacts at all, or else its an easy layup.

    I love Fisher, he’s a professional, he plays with a steady hand, he doesn’t turn it over, he knows the triangle and can hit the clutch shots. Now, his deficiency has ALWAYS been that he simply can’t stay in front of his man. And since this leads to either Big Guy Dunks/Open 3 point shots/Point Guard Layups – Something needs to be done. Unfortunately, Farmar is too focused on offense, and if his shot isn’t falling, he gets frustrated and starts to lose even more focus on defense. We obviously need to change SOMETHING in regards to this. The Lakers employed the ‘funneling’ to the baseline strategy early in the season. This worked, but now teams are adapting. Plus we also seem to give up more offensive rebounds when we apply the ‘funneling’. No one will take Luke, our only hope is to trade him and Odom/Mihm for at least a defensive point guard who can stay in front of his man, defend the pick and roll and get more than 10ppg. And no, we don’t need Jason Kidd.

    As solutions, Phil can have Farmar concentrate on defense, or he can come up with sort of scheme to force their point guard to give up the ball and not get it back. At least we HOPE that Phil recognizes this weakness and does something to adress it, because it’s painfully obvious.

    In other news, Glitch is starting to play more efficiently and seems to be mixing it up with mid-range jumpers, drives, and dunks. Thank god, because it happened just when…

    …Lamar has been SUCKING lately. Sasha scored 2 points in 3 games, and Farmar has also not been playing well- his 3rd year was suppose to be his breakout year. We’re 25% of the way through the season and he needs to pick it up if he wants to be the Laker point guard of the future. Ariza has also been shaky. I think we need to give Josh Powell more playing time if Lamar is showing signs that he intends to dissappear.

    If we don’t fix the dribble penetration issue, no championship. Easy layups make your big men have to leave their man to go stop the penetrator – it demoralizes the whole team when you have to watch your defense either break down or an easy layup play after play. Unfortunately, Fisher is averaging 10ppg, and opposing point guards will average AT LEAST that. But if their points come on easy layups and fisher has to shoot his way to his points, guess who’s gonna score more ?

    The good news is that the offensive game will come and go, so I’m expecting Sasha and Farmar to bounce back, once their 3 pointer starts to fall efficiently again. Right now its like the bench has the flu. Odom will be up and down no matter what. Fish, Kobe and Pau are consistent. Bynum is averaging 13ppg, which is good, he just needs to keep improving on blocking shots and rebounding. Glitch is a wildcard, I don’t know how long he’ll stay efficient. Ariza should get 6th man of the year if he keeps working as hard as he has been.

    The bad news is that the dribble penetration issue in our defense is not going to go away. It’s like a cavity, it will only get worse, and unlike other ailments, it won’t go away until you either fix it, or it rots your tooth.

  • FreakinCrod

    Wow, just wow. Our defense has been pathetic for at least 10 games in a row now. Will we ever have a good game again? It certainly doesn’t feel like it right now. I’m actually dreading the Christmas day game against the celtics instead of being excited for it because with the way we’re playing right now it will only be a repeat of game 6 of the finals. The celtics or Cavs would easily destroy us right now.

  • Edward

    Good analysis Dracul. Defenses always give up something though. Bynum has been a real disappointment lately, don’t let his big plays fool you his stats aren’t there… no more double doubles. Also, I would attribute this loss to lack of energy and the coaches. If the coaches looked at their team they would realize what Dracul is saying. It’s either they have not addressed the situation, or the players aren’t listening. Also, watching Kobe slack off on D is atrocious, he let Salmons drain a few in his face. Kobe was off today and has bee the last few games. His poor shooting percentage makes his normally acceptable makes into poor decision making. Gasol has the right idea, he hasn’t slacked, always fights hard and runs the offense. They need to bring the fire back from the beginning of the season

  • Gasol Fan

    You deserved that for underrate Gasol all the time, hyping Bynuma ll the time when Gasol is superior to Bynum in all ways. This season Gasol is better than even Kobe but no, nobody talks about Pau, people only talks about Kobe, Bynum and Ariza, ’cause they´re from USA and Gasol is only a spanish inmigrant.


    no, no, nooo, no, nooooooooooooooo

  • Sopi

    lakers played bad defence while queens were fukin lucky

    yeah like those queens can have this kind of luck all season long lol

    i hope lakers will lose few more games for them to realize that they are not champ-ready team yet

  • rd3level

    This team is fine if they will play defense for 48 minutes. Don’t worry about the bench not scoring as much they will gel more and more and the “O” will come. But our defense is not only inconsistent it has become downright embarassing. This team does has played horrible defense the last 8 out of 13 games.
    vs Detroit L 95-106
    vs Chicago W 116-109
    vs Sacramento W 118-108
    vs Dallas W 114-107
    @ Indiana L 117-118
    @ Philadelphia W 114-102
    @ Washington W 106-104
    @ Sacramento L 101-113
    Look at these teams CHI-Town, The Queens Twice, Indiana, Philly, Washington I mean c’mon none of these teams includidng Dallas and Detroit should even hang with us. It is unbelievable. We just have to want it! And right now it looks as though we think that a title is guaranteed!

  • abs

    The Lakers lack a killer instinct and mental toughness. This is starting to show up way too much. Its not just about talent. Just look at Bostons bench compared to ours or the Cavs roster minus LBJ.

  • lainok

    there are only three reasons we lost, other than the headbands.

    1. The Kings played near perfect game for themselves.
    2. Every laker including Kobe got frustrated and rushed the offense
    3. There were easily 25 hard fouls commited by the kings in the paint that were never called. Had they been, I’m not saying the lakers would have won, but the kings offense would have lost a lot of rhythm.

  • jason420_7

    pure and simple lack of defensive intensity..everybodys just watchin their man go by expecting help..why wait for help just stay in front of your man to begin with and u dont need help..and thiers absolutely no rotation to open shooters..we arent crashing the boards wich is just unnaceptable…if we did anything well on that end of the court it should be rebound..and no the kings werent lucky at all..they outplayed us because we just sucked last night period..we SUCKED!!

    With that bein said..GO LAKERS GO!!..we got all season to fix things so i hope they do cause all it seems like is a breakdown in there defensive x’s and o’s to me.

  • Popcorn

    Every team in the NBA has a personality and the Lakers are having problems with their personality especially on defense. The way I see it the Lakers relax too much on Defense when they have a big lead during games and let teams comeback on them, then when they are struggling they are not able to stop other teams while the other team score on them.

    IMO is pure lack of heart and toughness, I live in Indiana and I see the Eastern conf teams play here and I tell you for many of these teams that is their MO for them is not just how talented you are but how big your heart is to compete night in and night out.

    Lakers are inconsistent on defense, one night they play really good defense then they seem at times like lost and lazy on defense, as a team you can’t just count on 1 or 2 guys to play defense is a team effort.

    Also they had some bad moves in the summer. They let Turiaf go the guy has the heart of a lion all to keep Sasha; I understand Shasha can score but to me the priority after last years finals was get better and tougher at defense, seem like the GM is happy with Odom’s inconsistency too and there was no trade. Since there’s no leader on defense (seems to me) why not at least try to bring some good defender to the team?.

    TBH after my rant I tell you if only we play with a mentality of just contest every shot every night I think we’ll be OK but it can’t be just 1 or 2 guys is everyone’s job.

  • gugy

    Lakers, Say bye bye to 70+ wins this season.

    Focus on what is important. The Championship!

  • http://wisc.edu Lakers05

    Here’s my problem. I know its a long season and there will be nights we get outplayed..this is the NBA and beating the lakers can make the season for some franchises…my problem is this notion of lamar odom as a leader for the 2nd unit….It early I know..but even the night that Boston loses they lose 87-95 something way less than by giving up higher than 110 something we’ve done consistently this year…i know bynums defense needs work mostly timing issues but I do think a move is needed…not for starter but maybe for someone who can lead the 2nd until bc right now thery’re our achilles heel…Some names I like included Shawne Williams of the nets hes tough and yes a a little thug to realize his potential as a rebounding shot blocker in this league but we pay Phi 10 million a year for that reason + the nets have a like 7 bigs on their roster id move sasha or vlade….flip murray…chris wilcox…The 2nd needs to get revamped a bit and kobe needs to play more than 30 mins a game, i love him siitign there adding more time to his career but c’mon he’s kobe for a reason he needs to be on the florr we’ve gotten to selfish watching him sitting on the bench

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    17-3 is not bad..fortunately,I didn’t see the game but watched the highlights on ESPN and I must say KEEP THE HEADBANDS,headbands don’t lose games,players do.

    A trade must happen before we play Boston..period.

  • LakersFirst

    Currently, the weakness of the Lakers is the point guard position. They have no point guards that can play solid defense. Farmar is not a good defender. Fisher is ok at times, but he’s not quick enough to defend true point guards. Even Sasha himself is not that great of a defender (yes I know he’s Kobe back up at the 2-spot).

  • ShortDiezel







    I really don’t have to add anything because all you guys pretty much said everything that needs to be said. I could almost give everyone an AMEN. Expecialy dracul. That was perfectly said.

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    My dream trade…I can’t take losing to teams we should be beatin’ by 20.


  • xtro

    trade lamar for rasheed wallace.

  • Kap

    The Lakers need to wake up. For some reason, with this “hot” start, it almost seems like the Lakers have developed a sense of entitlement type of attitude. With the West being as dreadful as it is pretty much every NBA analyst has the Lakers penciled in to make the Finals and unfortunately that’s what the team has been playing like for a few weeks now.

    The defensive intensity is gone, I have never seen a “championship-caliber” team that allows so many uncontested layups. I mean even if your man beats you take the hard foul and put in on the line, if an opposing guard gets into the line, challenge the shot…we have a long frontline that gets way too many fouls trying to avoid contact rather than being aggressive.

    I’ve been a Lakers fan all my life and it pains me to say that right now the Lakers still aren’t tough enough to beat the Celtics and for that matter the Cavs…keep up this attitude and watch how fast the Spurs, Jazz and a healthy Rockets team will make their run to win the West.

    The most consistent Laker hands down has been Pau…Bynum has been improving offensively, but defensively right now he sucks…period. He seems to always be out of position and has not been aggressive enough going after rebounds. Radmanovic has been…well, Radmanovic, mentally who knows what your going to get but at least right now he’s been on fire from 3. D-Fish’s age is starting to show, guards are blowing by him regularly, whether it be screen & roll or straight up isolation, & with Bynum being out of position to help it kills the entire foundation of our defense.

    Now to what I think are our biggest problems , Kobe & our “Bench-Mob.” Funny thing is at the beginning of the season our bench was the strongest part of our team mainly because they came in with great DEFENSIVE energy which was the reason we were blowing everyone out. If the starters were sleep-walking, our bench would come in and get everyone energized with their steals and stifling d…not anymore, with the exception of Ariza. Lamar’s not hitting the boards hard at all, Sasha’s slump has affected his defense and Farmar simply isn’t a very good defender. Until the bench get’s back to playing great as a defensive unit, we will continue giving up 100 plus ppg.

    I’m a huge Kobe fan, huge…but as someone else wrote earlier, since the Finals he has not looked the same. His constant sagging and gambling on defense is killing the team defensively and he definitely isn’t attacking the basket like he used to which in turn has he free throw attempts way down from last year. All these problems are things that can definitely be fixed as the season goes on and hopefully they remember how last season ended.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #56466 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL!!! that’s hilarious DC! you know that will never happen right? 1st of all, i don’t even think anyone will take LO now (we should have gotten rid of him during the off season) and 2nd of all, i don’t think that the grizzlies will ever deal with us ever again! LOL!

    now, to comment on the game. WTF was that sh*t that we saw last night? looked like a bunch of guys that got signed to a 10 day contract from the D-league! so damned embarrassing! seemed like everyone played like crap except for pau.

    and just a suggestion…hey phil jackson, please yank out vlady-suck (not vlad-rad, since there’s nothing rad about his game) after the first mistake! how many bad passes does that guy have in him? WTF!!! he’s such a bone-fcukin head! hate him!!!!!!!


    Lakers are capable of being a great team but there aragance won’t let them. Continue to play like everyone should just hand the ball over every time then you will definetly NOT beat the celtics. In fact if this continues, then be ready for another embarassment.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    sketch,that was some dream I had,my brotha…some dream,but,YEAH!I seen the highlights and…GET G-FORCE,GET RUDY,WALLACE(RASHEED),GET RJ AND VILLANUEVA,GET CARON BACK,GET WADE(won’t but..@#$%,Smell-tics got 3 all-stars,we got 1)…GET LARRY HUGHES AT THIS POINT,I DON’T CARE…GET SOMEBODY NOW!!!

    sketch,we need help.

  • OhNo

    Their defense has regressed back to last year. Can’t stop penetration. Layup after layup. They still can’t defend the pick and roll. I used to think it was the personnel when Shaq was around but I guess not. As soon as they wear the Lakers jersey they can’t defend the pick and roll. Hate to say it but with that kind of defense they are not winning the championship.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Kenyon Martin (Denver probably won’t but..that damn Kobe trial).

  • jason420_7

    we dont need to trade this guy or that guy or bench this guy or start this guy…all the pieces are in place and there is not a plausible trade out there that would improve what we already have..trade odom for who..another small forward..and oh yeah..rasheed wallace are u kidding me..u can have him i wouldnt want him on my team..trade odom for another small forward and we lose size that we dont have…we dont need to do anything but PLAY HARD..period..right now there goin through the motions and just not playin hard..its all about their intensity and desire to win and right now thats whats missing.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Yeah we do,just to let these guys know WE WANT THAT ‘CHIP BY ANY MEANS…any means.So if trade has to happen,say,getting a straight up NO FEAR guy like Martin to toughen these guys up,then DO IT MITCH!!!

  • Franchise98bn

    Kobe can talk all he wants about wanting to win a Championship. But his team has NO Heart and NO Defense. If they play like this on Christmas Day, I exepect a worse beat down then Game 6. The Lakers aren’t even in the same league as the Celtics. They’re not even playing the same game. DEFENSE = CHAMPIONSHIPS

  • LakersLive FromDC

    People have to remember,if Pierce has a bad shooting night..Allen picks up,if Allen then Garnett,HELL,even Powe has had All-Star like play at times.Kobe is the only ‘recent’All-Star we have and if he has a bad shooting night,maybe Pau..ok,who’s next…I’ll wait………case closed.Get some help,Mitch.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #56476 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree.

    Some of you need to relax. From a physical stand-point, you don’t go from a superstar to crap overnight.

    Our team, physically speaking, is the same team that had a hot start, forcing others to compare us to the 95-96 Bulls and entitling our bench mob as a possible playoff team in itself, if they were on the east-coast. Talent-wise, we are fine and we know what we are capable of.

    What we lack is focus, heart, and consistency – AKA, The Mental components.
    And whose job is that? Primarily, Phil Jackson. He needs to do something to facilitate our players psyche to EFFING concentrate and stop playing like a bunch of basketball DIVAS! I thought it’d be easier because we were embarrassed in the finals last year, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

    Regardless, there is no need to change the pieces, we simply need to improve the ones we already have.

    I am just as angry as the rest of you, but stop complaining about fantasy trades and irrational line-up changes because that isn’t the problem. It’s up to the players we already have, THEY are our Lakers, and THEY will be the one’s responsible for weathering this storm and doing what it takes to be what we are capable of being.

  • Arv

    This what all you retarded fans hoped for right?

    Don’t you just love the Lakers being down the whole game and having the “excited” anticipation of a comeback? Well there you have it. We had a team that ran over everything in sight in the beginning of the season and some of the fans complained about how boring it was, when a few others, including myself, were quite content with the news that another team was demolished by the Lakers.

    WHat the hell do you expect from the Lakers? To be good enough to let teams take the lead and then come back every single game for the “excitement” of the fans? That’s stupid, and it makes me mad to read that people didn’t like it when the Lakers took big leads in the game. I thought THAT was exciting enough. Now the Lakers lost in your hopes of seeing an “exciting” game last night. you guys need to Get your heads straight and whole heartedly support your team without requesting a “comeback” at crunch time.. because not all of those end up being great (for example: last night)

    I think a great game is the game where we take full control, with Kobe and crew are having garbage time with the game in the refrigerator. Why not learn to love that kind of game?

  • LakersLive FromDC

    I remember when we got Ariza and people were..he was good the seocnd he put that purple and gold on..but everyone else,well we’ll see X-Mas day..then the REAL truth will be revealed…if not already after last night.NO EXCUSES!

  • e

    for anyone that cares, i raped and gagged the sh*t out of my finals…

    only if the lakers did that last night

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #56443 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your observation is correct :cool:

  • jason420_7

    why does everyone talk like the title will be decided on christmas day..christmas day is still a game in DECEMBER..wether we win or lose that game will not matter in the long run..theres still more then 3 months of regular season play after that game lol..we have all season to get things straight and fix the problems we have..what happens on december 25th will have no bearing in anything except wether we win that 1 game or not..is it a big game..yes..but its not the be all end all of the season…the celtics are not our main focus until june..our main focus is winning the west right now and getting ready to move through the playoffs.

  • justin

    The lakers need to look at trading lamar odom for someone like marion or tayshon prince who is not happy in detroit

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #56485 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree for the most-part. However, I disagree that this game doesn’t have an effect on our championship run.

    Our true competition is not just the West, No matter how bad we think we are doing right now, the Lakers are many games ahead of the other Western teams. Can others catch up? yes. BUT, our focus should be on being the #1 seed THROUGHOUT, including the finals, and not just during the Western Conference games. To do that, we need to have the best record overall and defeating the Celtics would not hurt our odds.

    Will that game make or break our run for the championship? Probably not, but it is still an important game nonetheless for security purposes.

    [P.S Now can we take things one game at a time and not worry about December 25th or any other games so far ahead in the year? A lot of us have the tendency to jump far ahead, the future is less developed then we assume. How about we stay in the present?]

  • kobe d 1

    why can’t we trade vlad rad for leinas kleiza?i think kleinza is more accurate in his three’s than vlad rad and is more aggressive in defense and in offense than vlad rad.
    DO IT MITCH!!!!!!!

  • LakersLive FromDC

    kobe d 1,now ur talkin’my language,good pick.I’m sorry to all those that think a trade is a bad idea,some us don’t think so and y’all know it too.Sac-Town WHIPPED THE LAKERS WITHOUT KEVIN MARTIN,WHY?Read what Phil said about them yesterday,”They just seem to play ‘HARDER’than we do”,case closed.

  • gugy

    Mitch my bitch,

    please stay always focused in looking to get rid of Luke, Vlad and maybe Lamar. We have a good team, but it will be better if Vlad and Luke are gone.

  • sketch

    Jason420_7, are you kidding me? you really don’t think that, at the very least, that we need to bench this guy or that? if you think that the way that sasha, vlad, and LO has been playing as of late is good enough against boston then you aren’t even clued into the reality of where boston’s at! i’m not even saying that we need to have a trade, although, i do think that it may help depending on who we can get for what we’ve got.

    see, sasha’s 3 ball have been atrocious, his fake ass schizo D is more porous than the U.S. Mexico border. everybody and their mom’s gettin in! he shoots every time he gets the ball, he’s not worth the money that we signed him for and is taking up valuable minutes that Ariza or farmar can be playing alongside our starters.

    VLAD-SUCK shouldn’t even be on our D-league right about now. his 3 balls have been off too. he shoots great when we’re doing well, but we need him to put those 3 balls in when the game’s close too. his D is statuesque, meaning, he stands there like a statue while anyone can drive around him.

    LO, stop commiting stupid fouls and for pete’s sakes make a big shot when needed! for all the potential that you supposedly have, i’ve yet to see it be half of that!

    you see, at the very least, these 3’s minutes should be limited until they can be trusted to be out there. trust me, our starters don’t need the rest that badly that they’re willing to loose the game. they’re not consistent and don’t have the mental focus to stay in the game. if they’re not to be traded, then definitely limited in their playing time!

    because, the lakers’ play right now is not only not good enough to win the championship, but it’s not even good enough to be worthy of putting on the lakers jersey!

  • jason420_7

    Ok..name me a plausible trade..not a dream trade not a fantasy trade..a plausible trade that could possibly improve us right now?..i’m waiting? Our roster is just fine its just a matter of effort period..obviously the way those guys are playing isnt good enough right now..but guess what..thats our team and thats gonna remain our team..fact. And unlike most of u..I’M NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE CELTICS RIGHT NOW..it is december people..we have played 20 games and its too early to worry about any other team except ourselves..thats how u take care of business…do u think the celtics are sittin in practice wondering about the lakers..umm no..i dont care about the celtics..they are not a concern until JUNE.

  • sketch


    “Some of you need to relax. From a physical stand-point, you don’t go from a superstar to crap overnight.”

    you really thought that we were a superstar caliber team? really? besides the first 2 games, you thought that the lakers played like they were a superstar team? it’s nice to see how low our expectations of our team has become and/or how low some of our standards are now.

    the lakers so far, even in blow out games, have had a stretch of 6-7 minutes at most of solid D in the 3rd quarter or middle of the 4th, that’s how they get those big leads. but for the most part, the games have been too close for comfort and certainly not a “superstar” caliber team! even against NO when we were beatin the crap outta them by half, they came back and almost won. that game should have been over by the half, but that just goes to show you how we are far from a “superstar” team.

    there’s just no consistency with our team on any side of the game. there are times where they don’t even know how to put the ball in the hoop, and that includes kobe. he’s been shooting so poorly that i don’t think that i can keep defending him as the best player or the best closer in the league any more. and forget about the defensive side. that’s all we’ve been talking about!

    look, the fact of the matter is, that this team better take a long look at themselves and figure out what they want outta this season. if all they want is to make it to the finals again, then they’ll absolutely succeed. no doubt! but if they wanna win, they better work harder in practice and watch more film and stay longer after practice to work on skills on their own, because at this rate, boston will wipe the floors with our jerseys again!

  • sketch

    jason420_7, do you have a reading comprehension problem? i never said that we needed a trade. i said that it may help, and that we definitely need to limit (bench) some players that haven’t been playing up to par, such as sasha, vlad-suck, and LO.

    of course i know that we’re stuck with our team and that’s why i’m saying that those guys need to be limited in their playing time. i want them to get their heads in the game and be more consistent, play better D, and knock down the jumpers that they need to hit. especially sasha and vlad-suck, that’s why they’re in there…to hit those 3 balls and various mid-range jumpers that we need at the opportune times and they absolutely have not when we needed them most.

    and as far as boston not worrying about us…of course their not! why would they waste their time worrying about us when we’ve been playing so poorly!

  • LakersLive FromDC

    sketch,I must say even me and you don’t see eye to eye on trades and stuff but we both agree this needs some heart…now.

    So saying that and seeings though I’m the one asking for a trade..I’ll take that heat off your shoulders,sketch.I need a good debate about this,especially after last night,NO KEVIN MART. and you still lose…who’s injured for The Lakers,KNOWONE,then NO EXCUSES!!

    I was talkin’ to an Attorney on my job,he went to UCLA,bigtime Laker fan,COOL-AS-HELL (alot of people from LA are,I got family in San Diego),but he gets mad ’cause he says the same thing other guys on this site are saying,”we don’t need to trade”.I just look’em dead between his eyes and say…”now what happened last night…I bet you want that trade now don’t’cha”.Let me see,NO “D”,NO ‘CHIP!!!

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Suns got J-Rich.

  • king kb24

    ya know im really not worried about all the stuff everyones complaining about.they are gunna work all of that out.but im really worried about kobe this season for him has been his worst in my opinon since 04-05.and we most certainly arent gunna we win the ship without him playing in top form.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #56497 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL! You put so much emphasis on the word “superstar” that you completely took my argument out of context. It’s okay, you’re a Laker fan so I won’t even be mad.

    Let me clarify, the “superstar to crap overnight” was simply a metaphor to represent that, as athletes, the PHYSICAL skills of a performance DO NOT decline over night. If an athlete benches 300 pounds today, he/she will bench 300 pounds tomorrow. If an athlete runs fast as hell today, he/she will run fast as hell tomorrow. So all of the claims that “Farmar sucks all of a sudden” or “Kobe has lost it” are ridiculously false.

    Are these players playing poorly? In some cases, yes, BUT it has nothing to do with physical talents. In my opinion, most of these mistakes over the few weeks have been caused by poor rotations/substitutions, poor help defense, poor decisions on offense, forced shots, which all allude to MENTAL MISTAKES.

    Basically, the main point of my argument was to make a point that the mental aspect(s) of our team are NOWHERE close to where we have to be – and I attributed this to Phil Jackson’s “Psychological” games (no timeouts when we need it, irrational rotations during pivotal parts of the game, etc.) — as opposed to our players simply not being “good” enough (lamar Odom epitomizes this as his physical ability is awesome but has no type of consistent awareness and focus).

    By no means do I think we played at an absolute “super-star level”, that was simply an adjective I chose to describe the drop-off, BUT, relative to how we are playing now, we were MUCH better and the difference in performance seems to be caused by our mental insufficiencies.

    And if you read your own argument carefully, you actually make the same points I made. =P

  • justin

    a god trade would be LO for Prince or Marion, both can play in our starting five because the shoot the 3 ball and can spread the floor, also they both are better defenders than LO and vlad, so automatically are starting five gets better defensively and offensively. Its also better for when the Lakers have to play Lebron and paul peirce, those SF can slow them down, without having Kobe to do it. Ariza can come off the bench and guard them as well.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #56506 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I would love to have a defensive player like Tayshaun Prince, but I highly doubt that Lamar Odom would be seen as equal value.

    After signing Allen Iverson, the last thing the Pistons would do is get rid of their defensive star.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    J-Rich in PHX..even they know they need help.Trade Vlad please for Villanueva,check the stats,we get instant improvement on defense and offense.


  • lakers58

    we need s better point guard because farmar and d fish both blow. Radmonovic looks lost on the court. All he knows how to do is shoot. He is stupid and needs to be sent to the d-league. So much for the focus this off-season being on defense. Phil Jackson is having sorry players be double teamed which is giving the other team great looks. Something needs to be one fast because playing like this will only leave us fans with another embarassing loss at the end of the season.

  • kobe2408

    that game was weak we desrved to lose, but hey atleast we can go 79-3 still jk but we should be able to get to the 65 win mark

  • jason420_7

    sketch..if u limit those 3’s minutes let me ask u something…whos gonna play instead?..u gonna wear out the other guys to the point of exaustion?..no..we have to hope they fix their mistakes and hope for the best outcome with the rotation we have its that simple..the problems were havin right now are not unfixable…but u cant limit the minutes of 3 key players without anyone better to fill those minutes..odom was playin great the first 14 games..we all knew including the coaching staff what we’re gonna get out of radmanovich..so how hes playing shouldnt suprise anyone..to me hes the only player on our squad i wouldnt mind seeing replaced..but we cant because we wont get equal value in a trade for him and we dont have a shooter at the sf position to take the starting role from him…sasha is fine hes just struggling…its only 20 games into the season peoples and we’re 17-3..id say thats an ok start to a long season..some of u people act like we’re 3-17 lol..

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    come on all of you seriously, with the way that we started this year, do u think a trade is gonna happen?!?!?

    Look the only problem is that we have lost our chemistry. We have seen the full capability of this team so its not a surprise if they play all of a sudden like champions…give them some time and CALM DOWN

    We cant resort to a trade if things are not working for one game. We’re 17-3, third best in the league. Sure we’re 3-2 our last 5 games, but everyone has slumps.

    Every good team that wins 65+ games(Lakers will win that many mark my words) has a long winning streak. Boston had it last year and are right now in it. Dallas had it, Cleveland’s outrageously unstoppable, 96 bulls, well they’re just not human, 33 consecutive for 70’s Lakers…back to the point, im sensing the win streak of 13+ begins today.

    If what i said is true, then I’m the next Nostradamus

  • LakersLive FromDC

    C’mon on Pau,ya’know you would love to have Tay.Prince on this team…or Marion for some…G-Force for others..keep team as it is for most..not me,I see how weak this team is.17-3,compared to last season is !@#$in’ insane..but we still have the same problems,blown leads more than 15+,no defense what so ever which means no toughness or ability to get inside shots unless Kobe or Ariza drive inside for the dump-off,etc.

    RJ..Marion..G-Force,hell SHANE BATTIER (not for LO..only the 1st 3{LO for Felton and Wallace}.Pau I like and really respect what you said,it’s just I can’t stand looking at the Smell-Tics (they smell ticks,god that’s a good one..or the “d” word,hahahaha)and know they have 3 ALL-STARS on one team while we have 1(Pau’s been 1 time in ’06).This team is a player away from winning a ‘Chip and from being a Dynasty.

  • sketch


    are you kidding me? how old do you think our players are? to the point of exhaustion? have you even looked at their min per game? how old do you think our guys are?
    kobe 34.1
    pau 34.7
    bynum 29.3
    fish 27.4
    vlad-suck 21.5

    ariza 24.3
    farmar 20.5
    sasha 14.6
    LO 25.6
    walton 4.8
    mihm 5.1

    you don’t think that kobe, pau, ariza, and farmar can handle a few more minutes a night? you think that a couple of more minutes will cause them to keel over and drop dead? come on! kobe’s not even playing 3 full quarters! none of the starters are!

    it’s a LUXURY to have rest time for the starters, not a must! what we must do is generate wins! and if the subs want more playing time then they need to EARN it! they don’t DESERVE it!

    i will say i agree with you to some degree with LO. LO has been ok, not bad that he needs to have his minutes decreased. he does need to get his head into the game though. but sasha and vlad-suck, they are stinking it up man, their D’s suck and they can’t do the one thing that we really ask them to do, hit the j’s when we need them to. sh*t we all can hit a few 3’s when the game’s not on the line. they need to do it when it is.

    it is just 20 games in. but we know what they’re capable of. they showed us that in the 1st 2 games. they dominated from beginning to end. they need to keep up the intensity and the focus. they can’t get all laxed and not think about every pass they make, especially during crucial times of the game.

    so, in summary, yeah…the lakers do need to limit some those 3 players minutes until they start to play better because sports is a perfomance based function. this isn’t group therapy! they’re not there to make everyone FEEL good about themselves! friggin perform or sit! and all 5 of the starters plus ariza, farmar, and even luke (who will play better than sasha) can use more minutes in the games. plus when it comes down to it, we’re not going to have a “second unit” that comes straight into the game during the playoffs! it’s the starts and a key 3-4 subs that will get it done for any playoff team!

    you say that it’s only 20 games in and not to worry, i guarantee you that the coaching staff don’t think that way and neither does kobe. kobe may “say” it’s early and only 20 games in, but he’s is definitely gonna be concerned. all that cat cares about is the championship at the end of the season. he’ll trade his mom if he could just to do it. so let’s not kid ourselves about what stage of the season we’re in. these guys have been playing long enough to get their sh*t straight. if boston can do it, i expect us to also!

  • lakers1fan

    [Comment ID #56462 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes, I certainly agree…a TRADE must come…Trade LO,luke, and/or Chris Mihm for Marion!!! NOW!!!

  • ojt

    I’m a laker die hard fan but if the lakers play the waythey been playing lately boston will kick our butts. Trade Luke,vlad, and sasha for a somebody that will help the team rather than just be a hinderess…did I mention LUKE. Dereck take sterooids, what ever because you are to slow..and Kobe come on bro…let get the dorman back…

  • ojt

    hey phil jackson…quit being a spectator and be a coach…do something other than wink at freaking Luke…

  • LakersLive FromDC

    @$!&IN’ GOOD COMMENT,sketch…hell,I even have give lakerfirst his about our weak PGs (now there’s a first..get it).

    Now I gotta watch FLEA-NIX get their $$$es handed to them by a,what should,VERY ANGRY LAKER TEAM IN FEW MINUTES!!!

    C’MON LAKERNATION STAND UP,let put our differences aside and get this win.


  • stetch


    i don’t need to read what i wrote because i know what i said. you’re right i was focusing on the word superstar too much. i was speaking outta anger when i was slammin our team. the fact of the matter is that i do think that they’re a superstar team! they just haven’t been playing like one.

    i haven’t really been advocating a trade, but i do think that there might be a trade out there that “may” help. i do understand our restraints with the triangle offense and how complex it is to learn so that a trade may actually hurt us more than help. but it’s not impossbile, pau was able to pick it up pretty much right away, so that gives me some hope that there could be other players out there that will be able to pick up it as pau has.

    i have been saying that it’s our lack of focus and inconsistent play that has gotten us in trouble in a few games especially of late. so you and i don’t disagree on that.

    i do differ with you on limiting certain player’s minutes since you seem to agree with jason420_7. i believe in developing our bench, but not at the expense of loosing a game. i’m ok with a few guys sitting the pine a little longer while our starters and a few “key” subs get more playing time. after all, it’s really these guys that are gonna have to carry the load in the playoffs anyway.

    i also agree with you on the concentrating on the #1 seed overall part. and that’s why i can’t stand it when we loose to scrub teams like indiana and sacramento. the heavy weights in our conference are already gonna give us a run for our money, we don’t need to add a few more stack the odds against ourselves any more than that.

    but all in all, now that i’ve calmed down and am in a better place, i reread your posts and have to say that you’ve thought out your arguments and points well and agree with you mostly.

  • lakers1fan

    [Comment ID #56485 Will Be Quoted Here]

    News Flash; last season the lakers played against the celtd!cks and lost the all the games against them and news flash….the lakers lost the finals against the celtd!cks!!!Hello!!! So the christmas day game and the other 2 or 3 games against the celtd!cks this season will be just as important as the Christmas game!!! I hope you remember me and my words.

  • jason420_7

    news flash…that was last year and its a new year and a december game is not the be all end all of the season i dont care who its against..the championship will not be decided on christmas wether we win by 30 or lose by 30 that day..

  • Popcorn

    [Comment ID #56496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How about Vladimir Radmanovic and Chris Mihm to the Pacers for Jamaal Tinsley and Stephen Graham?… The Pacers want to get rid of Tinsley and I don’t really think we need space cadet .The Pacers could use space cadet to play some from the bench. They will get Mihm too which btw never plays for the Lakers but at least the Pacers will have a third center that could help some.

    Lakers will get deeper at the PG position and deeper at the SF position if PJ starts Ariza we’ll be covered with 2 more SF guys and if we want to fill the hole left from Mihm Dacos will do.

    Tinsley has some baggage but the guy can play and make play for other guys.

    The only different in the salaries for this trade is $973.131

  • jason420_7

    so wheres tinsley play?..cause hes not gonna play over fisher or farmar..i think that trade could work but i dont think it would necessarily make us a better team.

  • Popcorn

    [Comment ID #56553 Will Be Quoted Here]
    He don’t have to play over Fisher or Farmar. PJ will figure out how to use him, PJ is been trying to make Radman a descent player but the guy is just…Well himself. If this happens and the new guys produce constant numbers I’ll say we’ll be better than right now. It’ll take some time of course but like you said it could work.

    Anyways there’s no guarantees that a trade will work or even make a team better but you never know if you don’t try.