Pretty much the opposite game as last night, but the same result.

Instead of a sluggish start and a strong finish, the Lakers decided to melt down in the fourth and get saved by a miraculous Kobe three pointer.

The Lakers shot the ball poorly tonight, only 41%, but made up for it with their 11 steals. They also took care of the ball with only 9 turnovers.

A good balanced attach with Kobe and Fish scoring 20 each, and 3 others with double figures.

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Bynum was a monster with his 14 points, 8 boards, and 4 blocks. He dominated the inside.

2) Fisher’s hot shooting kept the Lakers ahead throughout the game. 20 points on 7-11 shooting.

3) Kobe saved the game with his three late in the fourth. Despite his 5-15 performance, that shot made it all okay.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): While Lamar shot 1-7, he did many other positive things. I’ll give it to Vlad Rad who was cold tonight, shooting 1-6 and didn’t do much else.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s three.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers have another test as A.I. comes to Staples Center with the Pistons Friday night.

Ticket Info: Pistons game tickets start at $60 each for uppers. Email me at or call 818-387-8224 and mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • daboss1849

    8-0 baby…

  • go lakers


  • pio2u

    This team gets after you on the defensive end (unlike last yr.) Very good team effort. Go lakers

  • RD

    1 game at a time! 82-0 BABY! i feel it!

  • lakrfan4life

    i cant believe kobe didnt pass Bird
    he’ll do it on homecourt
    MVP, 7-0, next up…Detroit
    AI wont do anything, im not worried, pistons D is overrated…


    Play of the game:


  • Edward

    Radmanovic missed a dunk

  • LakersNo1

    I can’t believe he missed a wide open two hand dunk, wth!. Scary but great win for us.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Uh huh. That was quite disturbing.

  • albert

    watch out for kwame big game on friday

  • Brett


  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr 5

    great win over a great team


  • as1084

    nah keep him with the bench mob. if it isnt broken, dont fix it.

  • IrieVibes

    we are 7/0 why change anything?

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Yeah, I guess the blowout would have been nice, but on a back to back game night on the road, with the Lakers looking tired in the 4th quarter and going through an offensive drought, while the Hornets, naturally, as a good team, made a run; I’ll take the 7 point Win.

    I just hate seeing 20+ leads dwindle, it’s given garrish flashbacks to that epic Game 4 meltdown in the finals and the close ones against the Jazz in Game 6 in the playoffs, and that 3 point win against the Hornets (coincidence?) during one of the last games of the season (y’all remember that statement MVP game).

  • Paul

    When will the Lakers lose?

  • e

    going to the game friday…it would be amazing to see at least two things…obviously lakers getting a W and kobe getting 36 pts to pass up the glove

  • will

    someone said it earlier in an interview.. the starting squad is more methodical in their approach of the game, while the bench mob opens up the floor and runs.. so that is why ariza comes off the bench with odom, to provide that energy

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Ohh on a positive note to the Win, at least Avery Johnson was impressed, yay!

    I knew I always like the Little General for a reason.

    (also because I’ve always felt bad for him, he honestly was probably the best thing to happen to the Mavs at this point)

  • Dracul

    Kobe played poorly, his shot wasn’t falling in the first half, and he tried to do too much. That 3 pointer he made was clutch, I have to give it to him, although you can’t blame Kobe for the offensive drought at the end of the game from the entire Laker squad. The lesson here is, they walked away with the win because for 3 quarters they defended formidably and it showed- it allowed them to “buy” a cushion even when their offense was coughing blood.
    Bynum – great work on the defensive end. In rest, there was nothing to complain about (other than an offensive drought, which can happen anytime to any team), and Vlad missing a TWO HANDED DUNK WITH NO TRAFFIC, give me a break! Glitch is the Lakers’ only weak link – if he makes 6 points Phil should pull him for the night because that’s all you’re gonna get from him. Once again Ariza played like a madman. It seems like the key for championships is the same consistent defensive effort we’ve seen, and also to make the 3 pointer fall from Fisher, Glitch, Farmar and Sasha. Odom, please stop shooting 3s, even if you’re the only one on the floor, fake the 3 then drive. Lakers will eventually lose when the opposing team makes some lucky shots while the Laker offense struggles at the most inopportune time (last 2 mins of game).

  • domz

    Great win on the road. Our team is impressive with the back-to-back wins. Hope we can have a game where we’ll have a solid start and finish. Maybe fatigue has been a factor for the closing minutes against the Hornets.

    GO LAKERS!!!
    One game at a time baby!!

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Vladi’s offense has been off lately, no pun intended there.

    Well, I know this is a Laker’s blog and all, but anyone catch the Rockets/Suns game? That fight kinda made things interesting on an already pretty interesting NBA night. Pretty good games all around tonight. Hawks put up heck of a fight, really was rooting for them, it’s a pity, hopefully they’ll keep it up and not lose confidence. Portland beat Miami … with Greg Oden back, should be interesting. Spur lost again … I feel bad for Timmy.

  • the ape

    i agree. i think it was fatigue that let us lose the lead down the stretch. that and a little desperation from the hornets which got their adrenalin going.

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  • stdecker

    Lakers rule! Sascha sucks!


    [Comment ID #54367 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ariza plays more minutes than vlad rad!!!!!

    Vlad Rad starts to allow pau and drew work inside!!!!

    Ariza comes in with LO and they tear sh!t up!!!!!

    People need to quit with the stupid idea of Ariza being in the starting line-up…. it would only work if LO comes in at the 4 also!!!!

    just for fun!!!!!!!


    here’s more!!!!!!

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #54383 Will Be Quoted Here]

    one game at a time

    right on the money domz! :cool:

  • roscoe

    I could def. see us closing out the month undefeated. Suns away is only “tough” game and I’ll match our bigs against shaq / amare any day. The sweet thing is when I look at the schedule this season there is no game I don’t expect to win, that includes Boston on the road.

  • basketbolista!

    82-0 yeah baby..
    boston get ready..

  • nabil

    Wow. 3 games in 4 days, including the road back to back. Even if it were against lottery-bound teams, a loss is expected in that scenario. Headed into the 4th quarter, I said in the shoutbox, “lookout, this might not be pretty.” Now add in the fact that all 3 games were against teams that posted 50+ wins last season (if I’m not mistaken), and you’ve got the pudding. How did the proof taste? F-ing delicious!!!

  • Patrick

    Give Vlade a break, even Jordan missed an open dunk on an All-Star Game.

    This happens to the best.

    Go Lakers!

  • Adnane

    Great win, Ariza is needed coming ioff the bench, when that energy to help extend the lead or get us back inthe game if we are down. Did you guys notice how Ariza finishes the game with the starters, just like Sasha did last year.

  • mr.laker19

    Lets keep going, lets not stop, lets com out on friday hard and get another victoy.

  • ShortDiezel

    Great Win, but a couple of thoughts:

    1. Why did Jackson keep Vlade in the game during the 3rd quarter? 1 or 2 bad posessions ok, but 4 or 5 CONSECUTIVE bad possessions on both sides of the court? He turned the ball over, couldn’t buy a shot, couldn’t dunk, kept helping off of Peja Stojakovic when he is the single man who could bring them back into the game if he gets hot.. the Lakers have the ability to play man defense all game.. why are you helping Bynum guard Chandler, and then leave Stojakovic open? I know Stojakovic didn’t shoot particularly well but he had a couple of wide open shots.

    2. Why did Phil take out Bynum at the end of the 4th? The reason the Hornets made their big spurt was because Chris Paul was able to drive to the basket, and Bynum is our best inside defender.

    3. Anyone get the feeling that all the Lakers were standing around in the 4th waiting for Kobe to bail them out? This is something they need to fix ASAP because if it comes down to the wire again, the opposition team will know the ball is coming to Kobe. Play with no fear.. take it to the rack every time!!!!!

    I hate being negative after a such a great win, but I want this Laker team to stay undefeated.. Go LAKERS!!


    YO I LIKE I LIKE btw any

  • Crossy

    Kobe’s shot in the fourth was definitely a DAGGER! The Lakers have shown us that they can play D, dominate athletically, and diversify their offense from night to night. One thing remains sounds and true — Kobe in the 4th. He comes in like a “Closer” in MLB. When he steps on the floor, its GAME OVER. *Insert 50 cents to continue*



    Ya’know something…I gotta apologize to ’cause of the fact that I went on and they suspended me for 3 days for making a thread about Byron Scott coming back to LA as a coach and someone called me out,basically being sarcastic and I told the culprit to go get a J.O.B.,that’s it…THEY SUSPENDED ME!!

    Now this brings to MY FAM at Lakernation…we cuss each other out,call each other $$$$suckers,your mamas a $$RE,$$$$ YOU,PUNK $$$CH…AND NOT ONE DAY DID I GET CANCELLED,not 1..I don’t go that hard,HELL,IT’S THE INTERNET,who fights,literally,on the internet…anyway,

    $$$K…LAKERNATION STILL NO.1..1..1..1,$$$$$ES!!!!

  • Ivan

    All of you who are nit-picking Phil’s coaching decisions: Stop!
    A) 7-0 (say no more…)
    B) He’s got 9 rings (you have how many?)
    C) Phil likes to let the team pull itself together, for better or for worse, and rarely calls T-O’s, and that goes for individual players as well. If someone isn’t playing/shooting too well, Phil (unlike many other NBA coaches) will leave him out there to see if he can improve on his own. It’s also a way of building player confidence as they know a couple of missed shots won’t put them on the bench right away.
    D) This Laker team is all about “flow” offensively. When they’re in tune, they are an unstoppable machine, and when not… they’re mere mortals. The key difference this season seems to be on the defensive end. As long as they can stay concentrated defensively, the offense will come at some point or another. But, and this is key, you can’t rush the “flow”. When it comes it comes, but the D is about mentality, focus and concentration.

    Ok, but what about the 4th quarter in N.O. when they were ice cold in attack, and soft like puddy on D?
    – It’s a little troubling, I agree. You could argue that back-to-back road games would leave anyone fatigued, but that just compells the perception out there that the Lakers are “soft”. A real gritty team would fight, claw and scratch their way to stop the Hornets from even dreaming of mounting a comeback, no matter how tired (case in point: Boston) but these Lakers are not there yet.
    Hopefully, though, this game will have served as a wake-up call to never take a lead for granted, to keep playing with the same mentality and not assume that Kobe will step up every time to save the day, although he kind of did again…
    Anyway, 82-0 seems VERY unlikely. But home court all throughout the playoffs? Anything less for this roster is frankly a monumental failure.