kobebibsThe Lakers 5-game win streak has come to an end, as they lose to the Hawks 76-86.

Despite playing poor basketball for the first 24 minutes, they were able to make it a one point game at halftime. Unfortunately, they had another 3rd quarter meltdown and allowed the Hawks to shoot lights out from beyond the arc.

They tried to make a comeback in the 4th, but it was missed shot after miss shot. It’s not all that surprising to see Lamar not finish layups, but when Kobe and Fish are bricking wide open 3’s, you know it’s just not the Lakers night.

Not only that, it was another disappointing game from our bench. The only guy to show up was Luke who had 6 points.

Player of the Game: Pau since he was he was the consistent one on the night. He had 21 points on 70% and 11 rebounds.

Play of the Game: There weren’t many good plays, but that three Kobe drained to pull us within one right before half-time was huge.

What’s Up Next: The Lakers go to Charlotte to play the Bobcats. They always seem like our kryptonite, so hopefully we bring our A-game.

  • lakersbenchstinks

    luke being luke and odumb being odumb no surprise here and im a laker fan but seriously if the lakers can get a guy like kevin durant on there team who has heart omg!! that would be so great.

  • kwame4mvp

    first off… katie.. your post game write ups r sh!t. second.. once again… sasha is wack. i’m gonna say this until he proves me otherwise.

    funny thing i noticed? all them sasha lovers r gone? where r u?

  • ilikebasketball

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    i hate these fake ass fans who just want star names on the team. no integrity. go be a boston celtics fans, they brought over two hall of famers pre packaged to win one. very proud they should be.

    no panic button yet. but it seems to be like everyone is extremely tired. and that needs to be addressed. and this isn’t a fairytale. kobe and pau, too, playing straight through from last years champ series to olypmics to now might catch up to them both and screw the team. hopefuly not, but it needs to be addressed.

  • lakersbenchstinks

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    your an idiot im a true laker fan and all im doing is addressing the truth and i will never support boston if you think that sasha and the bench is good then your obviosuly a hypocrite we need players with hearts not players that loves to lay eggs when its time to play in the big games thats what lakers basketball is all about!!

  • lakersbenchstinks

    your an idiot im a true laker fan and all im doing is addressing the truth and i will never support boston if you think that sasha and the bench is good then your obviosuly a hypocrite we need players with hearts not players that loves to lay eggs when its time to play in the big games thats what lakers basketball is all about!!

  • Farmabrick

    A tired team played tired ball. I think they have concluded that burning themselves out chasing the Cavs is simply not worth it. On top of tired legs, Kobe now has a bum ankle, so he’s just settling for jump shots and fadeaways. Almost everyone but Gasol is playing stupid. Don’t be shocked by a loss to the Bobcats on Tuesday. If they get a win, PJ shold sit Kobe for the Bucks game and look to get those legs some rest.

  • machine lover

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    is that all you talk about when u get on here? one word, lame. get a life srsly.

  • gugy

    I agreed,

    Forget about HCA.

    Forget about MVP.

    We as Lakers fans are looking for a title. Rest Kobe and lets prepare for the playoffs.

    We will beat the Cavs if they go to the finals. We did that twice this season and one time at their home without Bynum. We are OK. Just put focus on the bench. Make them stronger.

    Go Lakers!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    Watching the previous games on the road, I had a feeling we were going to loose this game. KB was not 100%, but still performs hard. Guy has a long list of injuries, but decides to man up… not like other weak punk a$$es (KG & Bynum). Lakers sucked a$$ as a whole. At least the bench are consistent at one thing… they are consistent at sucking donkey d1ck!

    PJ should rest some of the starters and let Brown and Ammo get some PT, cuz we are not catching up to the Cavs. There are too hot right now and they have the easier schedule.

    Bobcats are not going to be a walk in the park. I predict Space Cadet and Augustin are going to torch our bench. Space Cadet is going to want revenge and might shoot lights out.

    Bucks game is going to be a trap game, being back to back. I’m getting tired watching the opponents bench kill us every night. What kills me is that these scrubs ONLY play 10-15 min a game; so they should be well rested. At least the starters have an excuse; they play 30-40 min a game.

    The bench scubs play with no energy, heart, motivation, and no urgency. I’d be surprised if PJ plays them for more than 15 min a game during playoffs. If starting to worry what KB and PJ will do if we loose this year?

  • purplegoldvein

    oh my god. im really tripping about this, im the type of fan that lives and dies with everygame, imagine a 23 year old guy yelling at the TV like if it was a girlfriend who cheated on him. thats how i feel when the lakers put out efforts like this, 8 threes in the first quater? we need to just play better ball sometimes, run it through EL PAU PAU!!!! he automatic, i mean really. im pretty sure PJ knows that pau is better than pichulia! too many of these give aways is costing the lakers homecourt advantage, honestly is almost blaspehmy saying this, but im rooting for the celtics in the playoffs, i dont want to go back to cleveland for the finals! anyone agree!?

  • Fartmore

    Lamar had his brain turned off today. Missed at least 6 layups in the 4th. Too bad he still thinks he can make 3-pointers.

    Our bench gets worse every game. Let’s give Brown and Morrison a chance. Luke Farmar and Sasha are a bad joke. This was a game we really could have used something from Sasha and Farmar, but again they sucked bigtime.

  • ilikebasketball

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    if you were an OKC fan you’d be talking about how when kevin durant was out you had a winning record. but you don’t know that. you know star names. and that don’t equal championships. you aren’t addressing anything by suggesting this late in the season to pick up a star player from a crappy team. what good does that do this late in the season? It’s not addressing sh!t. trades need to be talked about after this season. if you want to address the trouble and tiredness of this team stop talking about what players we need and who we need to trade. it’s mind numbingly retarded at this point in the season. we have the second best record in the league, and we got there with the team we have now.
    Yes, we are having trouble, but you wanna talk about what stars we should bring? and at this time of the year?

  • ilikebasketball

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    i agree. especially with Farmar. He is just being really pathetic out there, even with things like dumb fouls. But the bench all year, when they were playing well, and everyone spoke of how we have the best bench in the league, had high energy help from either odom or ariza playing with them. Now they have no one out there to help, there is no one to pick them up and run the offense for them. And I think come playoff team, depending on what pj does, the second will either have odom or bynum or ariza, helping them get some energy fluidity to their game. Of course, I’m being optimistic.
    But I think our first unit needs to find some way to get rest. At least the playoffs will have a more consistent schedule.

  • http://espn.com Lakerfaninwi

    Kobe better not sit out the game versus the bucks cuz I’m going to that game and that would suck but first lakers game will still be sweet.

  • Lker Roger

    All is not good. Rest kb 24 lamar step up dude.
    play shannon brown he has more came than farmar.
    sasha well be ok just needs to get the touch back.
    once drew comes back that well hepl.phil has a ace up his sleeve rumor has it he was trying to alonzo
    to come out .all is well dont panic.

  • farmabrick

    Simma down now people, simma down. Agreed that Brown should pull some minutes from Farmar: his D is better, as are his hops. Admittedly, Shannon’s O is not as good as Farmar’s on a good Farmar day, but those have been few and far between since his injury. Kobe is gonna have to give up minutes to Sasha, as bad as Sasha has played. They should run Sasha off screens (“Sasha Plays”) and get him open looks from his best spots. And, overall, its time to slow EVERYTHING down and run the offense as designed, even when the BenchMops are on the floor. The Lakers are a horrible fast break team, so we might as well go into slowed down, playoff mode. Plus, that works best for Pau and Andrew (whenever he returns).

  • deafdefiant

    You guys are assuming the Cavs have already won the East. If they don’t and say the Celtics/Magic pull out an upset wouldn’t it be best to have a better record than them just in case. We all know that if Kobe and Pau ride the pine we are gonna collect L after L. The Celtics and the Magic for that matter haven’t rolled over yet so neither can we. PJ knows it…Kobe knows it…Pau knows it…and so should all of you. Once we got second best record in the league locked I’ll join in your chorus of rest and relaxation but until then we need to collect W’s and that aint gonna happen with the bench right now.

  • Dracul

    For this particular game:

    We only scored 76 points. Is that our lowest output of the season? I see the Hawks only scored 86 points, which I’d say is a pretty acceptable total to hold a team under overall.

    Stomach ailment and ankle tweak on Kobe. Shitty night from Derek, Lamar and Ariza, Bench Mops sucked as usual of late, Atlanta hitting everything, including bounces off the top of the backboard. Blow out, ’nuff said. Wrap it up and go to the next, nothing worth examining here.

    Overall breakdown:

    Now, a blowout is always the best way to lose. If the other team has a lights out game, and our team has a horrible game, then we’ve scratched off one of our worst output while the opposing team overachieved. The chances of having a horrible game while the opponent has a perfect game are low.

    Looking back at the Laker seasons’ of 67 games so far, I count:

    There are 7 games that they lost by blow out (11+ point spread).- 10%
    There are 5 games that they lost by 1-5 points. – 7%
    There are 3 games that they lost by 6 points or more.- 4%

    There are 8 games that they won by 1-5 points. 11%
    There are 34 games that they won by blow out. (11 points or more)- %50

    So overall the Lakers have lost 21% of their games, a number that has been consistent before and after the Bynum injury. At this rate we are on track to lose 2 more games for a final record of 65 and 17. The away game at Portland is already a scratch. The other loss will be either in Charlotte next or in Sacramento, both road games.

    Can we beat the Cavs in the Finals without home court advantage? Yes, we’ve handled LeBrick both on our home floor and theirs. The only X factor will be, how will the NBA want this to play out? Will they hand the Cavs a home game gift like they did in game 2 to the Celtics? Will they want it to go to 7 ? How many steps will LeCrab be usually allowed to take while driving to the rim? 3? 5?

    The only worrying factor is, considering the entire Laker team is healthy and Bynum starts playing by the 2nd Round, will the bench play like they did in the start of the season, or will they play like sh*t ?


  • MILO

    where the fu-ck is Andrew Bynum! slow healing guy! these arre the kind of games we could have used him in! Farmar was back with in 5 weeks what is up with AB!!!

  • lainok

    it will come together for the playoffs. everytime they lose like this, every wide open three or layup missed is a lesson. everytime they get burned and everytime the bench mob has to read in the paper the next morning about how much they sucked and the trades that need to be made, they learn. It builds the fire in them. It builds the fire in Kobe. It helps Phil understand exactly what he needs to do to get thru to each player. Kobe is tired it’s true. Unfortunatley, he will never stop. He’s the best basketball player on the planet, but he is still human and needs to rest. He’s so physically tired that the last two years of non stop playing for titles and gold medals has finally caught up to him and he is now mentally exhausted as well. That’s why we see only flashes of him in games now, instead of daggars. But when the time comes, the menatlity of this whole team will change. their demenor will change. the swagger will return. Kobe wont talk. Sasha will bang his chest after draining his 4th three. Trevor will get his third steal, breakaway and tamahawk it down. Lamar will weave thru 3 defenders, lay it in and draw the foul. And they will lock down their defense the way they did in the begining of the season when we all thought they would break the bulls magic record. they will go dominate the playoffs, and crush ever single opponent they face. As much as I hate evertime they lose, they need to not finish at the top when the season ends. If they do, then they lose the hunger, the will to fight. but come playoffs, they will be ready.

  • kwame4mvp

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    lol. now thats the only thing u can say now. can’t back up yo boy no more?

  • L.G.Fuad411



    Odom killed us offensively. I was screaming at the TV to get the ball outta his hand but he kept shooting and with Josh Smith blocking him each and every time. It was just frustrating to see the team lose like this. If Kobe had started driving to the hoop then the game was ours but he kept throwing the ball to a contested Fish and missed shot/turnover. They need to run the offense and have Pau touch the ball EVERY TIME! Even if he’s not going to shoot, he just needs to get the looks and attract attention away from Kobe and Fisher for easy shots since no one else is showing consistency

  • Paul Garnett

    The Lakers got what they deserve. They do not play ant defense. The Celts will take it again!!!!! BOSTON RULES. FAKERS SUCK!!

  • Hammers

    Funny how Celtics fans lurk on this site. Boston is a manufactured team. Those guys have no history or ties to the city. Theyre hired guns. We’ve locked up the best record in the west. I think it might be time to get the guys some rest and get them geared up for the post season. That doesnt mean mailing games in but regualting minutes per game for the starters. Might give the bench an opportunity to step up as well. Were gonna need those guys come playoff time. They were so strong early this season and now that chemistry just isnt there. Theyre always arguing and trying to hard. I think they each want to be THE star. I hope that they realize its there chemistry and hustle that made them so good as a group. —-Heres to the whole team coming together and playing the ball theyre all capable of. Crush every team we play.

  • hibachi

    eat sh!t fakers!

  • iamthetie

    The Lakers need Bynum right now. Even with him coming off the bench, it would give the bench mob someone to run the offense through, give Pau some much needed rest, and hopefully improve Sasha’s shot selection. If he got back into the starting lineup, then we could move Ariza back to the mob and it would give them back the energy they’ve been lacking.

    Can we give Shannon Brown a chance when Farmar is playing horribly next time????

  • iamthetie

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    I think the Celtics have bigger fish to fry, like the fact they could lose HC in the 2nd round, or that Cleveland is playing far better than any team in either the East or West right now and will likely beat them down mercilessly.

    Quite frankly, I hope the bench mob has a late night meeting tonight to address their problems, because it’s an odd number year, and if we let the Spurs beat us I’ll be upset all summer.

  • Al

    As much as I love Kobe, someone should tell him to stop trying to pad his stats. His percentages are outrageous and he has the highest turn overs on the team. He is singlehandedly shooting us right out of the game with crazy shots with five people on his back. On a lighter note, Pau is shooting 70%…Kobe give him the ball, please.

  • zgum

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    right on!
    its not the end of the world yet!
    The most significant win/s is getting that Title!

  • stdecker

    i think what is fustrating right now is seeing the bench play horrible and PJ not give brown or morrison at least a chance. I mean can brown really play that much worse then farmar is right now? and i would way rather have morrison taking whatever shots sasha is taking, i know for a fact he wont miss more because sasha cant make any. so it just doesnt seem like it would hurt to at least give them a shot. Its not like the subs are running the offense anyway so i dont think “not knowing the system” is a an excuse to not give them a chance. At least give them(morrison and brown) a chance, and if they do end up sucking, then at least it will shut all of us up that want to see them get a shot.

  • barry

    the cavs swept the spurs during the reg. season the year the spurs swept the cavs in the finals, so i wouldn’t put that much stock into the lakers’ record against the cavs in the reg. season. and IIRC, the cavs were missing two starters in their last game against the lakers as well. the lakers need to regroup, because the cavs are peaking at the right time, if the way they dismantled the mavs and held them to less than 30 pts in the second half earlier today is any indication. and the lakers better work on their pick and roll defense, because the cavs shredded the mavs pick and roll defense. the third quarter was scary to watch:

    – the mavs started the second half trapping and showing and the pick and roll, so the cavs popped Z for three straight jumpers;

    – the mavs called timeout, and started going under the screen to take away the pop. lebron hit three consecutive jumpers;

    – the mavs called timeout, and went to a zone. the cavs added a second screen by varejao and mo williams hit an open 3 from the corner;

    the cavs went on to outscore the mavs 30-11 in the third quarter.

  • sketch

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    you’re right, they got what they deserved today. they didnt’ come out playing the way that they should and got beat by a hot handed fcuking mike bibby.

    the only thing that your team is going to take is a swift ass kicking my both the cavs. you guys won’t even make it out of the east. kg is gonna get shut down, put out to the pasture and he’ll never be able to make it back from his injuries. normally, i’d hate to see that happen to anybody, but he’s a celdick now so fcuk him, fcuk boston, and fcuk you!

    PUDGY PIERCE, GAY ALLEN, KRIPPLE GIMP (KG), and COCK RIVERS all suck and are all gonna be going on vacation early! and none of them will be in boston during the off season, because boston sucks! those mother fcukers will be in LA because this is the place to be and that’s why they got houses out here! boston sucks!

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    eh the game was alright they needed to play a lot better defense.


  • portman

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    that’s true man, when odom was having a good stretch EVERYONE in here were saying “LAMAR 4 MVP!”. one bad game and they go all “boston” on everybody. i’m a luke fan, an odom fan, a machine lover, and i buy DJ’s dacos. i even like the new guy josh powie. i’ll never doubt these guys until they become a celtic. so all you laker fans since the gasol trade, jump to the cavs bandwagon… they’re doing better than us right now. come back when we become champs again.

  • machine lover

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    yah i can actually. its called a shooting slump. at least hes playing d, so chill. he has a fcking new role this year, did u forget? you obviously did. sucks for you.

  • http://neoshocapital.com Farmabrick

    I’m not saying to sit Kobe and Pau for entire games and garner loss after loss, I am just saying limit their minutes, particularly Kobe who is showing signs of extreme mental (dumb, impossible shots and 1 on 3 basketball circa 2005/6) and physical (ankle, finger, and no legs) fatigue.

    More minutes for Shannon Brown, less for Farmar. More plays for Sasha coming off screens.

    And, finally, and most importantly, RUN THE OFFENSE THROUGH PAU! How many times have I heard PJ say this is an inside-out offense? Then how come, Zen Dude, your players do not seem to understand that? Make the double go to Pau first, then he can kick the ball out or to a cutter coming down the lane.

    Their D lacks energy, which is a bummer, but it is distressing to see their offense regress at this point in the season.

  • xtro

    true that.

  • ilikebasketball

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    agreed, but the problem is, kobe needs to be in the game, in order to chase the best record. but he also needs to rest, so for now i think mostly he isn’t driving, he’s taking shots, which saves energy. and pau, if we play him as hard as possible he’ll be really zapped of any energy come payoff time. we are trying to rest and play for the best record, but i’m not sure it can be done. also, shannon brown probably has very little knowledge of how to run the triangle, so putting him in there will be like a little child entering an a Truaffat movie midway through the film.

    and we are only two games behind the cavs. it is still doable. they will lose to boston, and have a slight change of losing to the magic

  • portman

    [Comment ID #66116 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • kwame4mvp

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    ur funny. shooting slump? he hasn’t shown up all year. new role? he doesn’t even do his role. his role is to make open jumpers. he ain’t doin that. is there anything else you would like to say?

  • LakersFirst

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    You should quit worrying about the Lakers and begin worrying about your precious Boston Suckdics. You know because Boston won’t have the comforts of home court advantage in the playoffs, they will have to face a hungry Orlando team in the second round (with the Magic quite possibly having home court advantage).

    And if the Suckdics get by the Magic, they will have to face Lebron and company with Cleveland having home court advantage. You know that Cleveland team, the team that has only 1 loss at home …. oh and you know who that one loss is to…. the LAKERS!!!!

    To top it all off, KG isn’t 100% and is getting worse by the day. Many problems in Suckdic land from what I can see, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    How do you like the CURSE OF MARBURY!!! SUCKERS!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


  • nyla

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