booyaFirst, let me send out our thoughts and prayers to Andrew Bynum. Let’s all stay as optimistic as possible until we get the results of the MRI he will be getting tomorrow in New York.

Now back to the game, we didn’t start the game well and after Bynum went down, we seemed to play even more out of sync. Our defense was pretty much nonexistent, we allowed the Grizzlies to shoot wide open shoots and shoot 57% from the field as a team.

Similarly to last night’s game, we came out of halftime with some sense of urgency. Kobe and Pau set the tone and we again broke open the game in the third by outscoring the Grizzlies by 15. Again, our defense improved in the second half, holding Memphis to only 37 after halftime.

I hope everyone stay safe tomorrow and enjoy the Super Bowl, and Go Steelers!

Player of the Game: Pau Gasol and his 24 points , 8 rebounds, and 4 assists will get my player of the game tonight. He played a very well overall game tonight.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s left handed dunk in the second quarter.

What’s Up Next: We’ll be in the Big Apple on Monday night to face the Knicks.

  • Whatsa

    Cool beans.

  • lilkobe24

    lazy ass mo FCKER! post more stuff


    The Bynum injury is a HUGE bummer. As long as Andrews not out for too long the Lakers have enough talent to get through this. I guess on the plus side, if the Lakers continue to win at the same pace without Bynum then Kobe betters his chances as repeating MVP! I think we’ll be fine, we will be THE 2008-2009 NBA CHAMPS! And I hope we beat the Celtics ass on Thursday without Bynum in Boston, that would be CRAZY!

  • domz

    Stay Positive guys! And lets all pray for Drew!

  • skim.

    what happened to the top 3 and std of the night.

  • Day

    Lol, I was just thinking yesterday “Wow, Andrew is playing out of his mind. it is probably too good to be true and he’ll fuck his knee again”

    I’m like a psychic or something ~

  • roscoe

    day – no, you’re just a pessimist.

  • Logic Guy

    OUT OF CONTROL, UNDISCIPLINED FREELANCING by Kobe Bryant on offense and defense is just as big a problem as the overall defensive problem and may if fact be the main reason for the defensive failures. Kobe was out of control after another high degree of difficulty shot down low just wiped out Bynum’s knee. Why is he throwing his body around down low by other players knees. He would have gotten a penalty for that in the NFL.. I am surprised he does not hurt himself or a teammate more often with unnecessary acrobatics for highlights. The most talented individual in the league and possibly in the history of the game, including Jordan, does not have a TEAM brain in his head.. He is trying harder this year but the old Kobe keeps reappearing. “It’s my ball, I will do what I want”._____The defensive emphasis of this team needs to be reexamined. The coaches don’t seem to want to stop them from taking bad shots early in the clock, indicating a preference to winning with massive offense and no defense. Also, it seems that unless Kobe is defending someone he feels is worthy of being guarded by him, his man is free to torch the Lakers as Mayo started out doing for Memphis. I am told this team has a Defensive Coordinator. Ha ha ha ha ha!

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