odomcleOnce again, the Lakers break another streak. Only this time it was the most impressive one.

We went into arguably the best team in the league’s arena and beat them with an ill Kobe Bryant (feel better, Kobe!), breaking their 23-0 home win streak in the process.

Our guards could not stay in front of Mo Williams nor could we guard the 3-point line, as we got absolutely torched in the first half. However, like many of our games lately, we came out of half time with a better defensive mindset. The Lakers were able to quiet Williams and hold Cleveland’s field goal percentage to only 39% for the game. We also held LeBron to only 16 points on 5-20 shooting.

Ultimately, it was Lamar Odom who helped turn around a 10 point half time lead. With Bynum out and Kobe sick as a dog, Lamar Odom took advantage of the extra minutes and became the man. In the second half alone he had 17 points and 12 rebounds. His relentlessness was one of the biggest reasons we were able to close this 6 game road trip 6-0.

Player of the Game: No brainer here, it’s Lamar. He had a season-high 28 points, 17 rebounds, 2 assists, and a block.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s turnaround jump shot over LeBron in the 4th quarter was sick. I know it’s just another Kobe-like shot, but after being sick all game long, I have to give it to him.

What’s Up Next: After a tough road trip, there’s nothing like going home to play the Oklahoma City Thunder. They come into Staples Tuesday night.

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    SWEEEEET victory

    Enough said.

  • Adam

    Sick Win!!! Let’s go LA! Feel better Kobe!

  • imfasterthanur

    Not to be Debbie the downer or anything, but after going 6-0 in an incredible road-trip, I’m kind of scared of a home game against a terrible team such as the Thunder.

    but then again…nahh, they suck.

  • Freshh

    The masses are going to start hopping on the Lamar bandwagon

  • passerby

    kurt, do we have a counter or do you recall what among our posts here have garnered the most number of feedbacks?

  • passerby

    sorry, was posting this on another forum. great win by the lakers! now, bynum get well and let the good times roll. are we done trading? oh maybe another wonderful surprise can make this sweeter and strike fear all the more

  • lakerfan81

    That shot by Kobe was one of the prettiest shots I have ever seen Kobe make. I have no idea how that went, its just wrong that Kobe can make that shot.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #61423 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Of course. There’s a lot of simpletons out there led by L.odom and bryan. The fact is if the one-armed wonder played like this last we’d be going for a back to back.

    After 4+ years – it’s about time! I sincerely hope he keeps it up!

  • sketch

    HELL YEAH BABY!!! What a great fcukin win! The Lakers are definitely ROAD WARRIORS man! We’re also streak enders! We’ve ended celdick’s 2 winning streaks of 19 and 12 and now the calf’s win streak of 23 home games!

    LO played a brilliant game, but I’m not hoppin on his bandwagon! I’m gonna keep on hatin until we win the championship! I think that that’s how he plays his best ball. He has to feel the heat from the potential trade and the mass’s anger of him not playin to his potential!

    I hope that the trade of Vlad-suck for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown was a final wake up call for LO and that he’ll now play like he has been the last 2 games!

    Kobe, get some rest…thanks for always playin while ill and injured. You’ve definitely set the bar for the rest of the team and the league! Hope you feel better especially after a great team win!


  • Smrek

    Great win for the Lakers! 6-0 road trip! This team is developing the mental and physical toughness. Great to see it on this road trip especially against the Sucdicks and Cavs. I’m normally not a big fan of Lamar Odom, I’ll give him props for the good 2nd half against the Sucdicks and a fab game today against the Cavs. Now he needs to carry this kind of play for the rest of the season and the playoffs. Sucdicks sure are f__ckin crybabies…Doc Rivers is still whining about a phantom foul at the end on Ray Allen. Sucdicks are all f__ckin whiners and drama queens.

  • gj

    Great game. What’s wrong with hoppin on LO’s wagon? We’ve been wanting to for so long. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Hop on, support, send your energy cause the dude needs it. The Lakers need him, we need him, so hop on.

  • HEY

    [Comment ID #61431 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree! We have to support this play and hope he can consistently play at this level. And if he does, the championship is ours for sure this year!

  • stdecker

    excactly gj, what, laker fans cant’t be happy that we finally get some meaningful production from LO when it matters. Everyone is fustrated at his inconsistency and tentevness, so i think its ok to be happy about a great couple of games for a player that we have grown discoureged with, without being told we are getting on some bandwagon! here’s to hoping he keeps it up!

  • Edward

    LO really has changed. He’s no longer timid, uses his right, avoids the charges, pulls up for 3? Since when did he do that? He isn’t missing critical free throw. People criticized him and he is rising to the challenge, confronting his weaknesses. He is finally becoming what people expected him to be. Love our team. Minus morrison and brown…

  • Edward

    Oh… and credit to PJ, I think making Odom 6th man for awhile made him realize his minutes are precious. That could have been what set this off. If Bynum comes back how he was playing before the injury getting double doubles, pau keeps beasting, odom stays aggressive… there really is nothing that can stop the Lake show. Fisher’s experience and Kobe’s… Kobe-ness will always be there. Ariza’s hussle, sasha’s relentless dumb shooting. Wow… I love our team

  • Makaveli3

    Odom really did his thing. Another reason we should keep Odom. I mean he gets rebounds all the time thats what I love about him. Go lakers. Get well Kobe!

  • sketch

    Yo LeHype,

    You suck and so does your calfs team! You and the celdicks have only been playin crappy ass Eastern Conference Teams and that’s how you’ve been paddin you numbers or at least you’ve not played real competition! Now you all should know where you stack up against the Lakers! And just remember, we were without Bynum for both the celdicks and today’s game!

    The MVP talks should not include LeHype anymore after todays beat down by the Lakers and his $hitty performance. 5-20! Wow!!!! would an MVP shoot 25%? 25%! That’s incredible! I thought that the Laker’s D was soft? Guess not as soft as everyone thought huh LeHype?

    Wade never shot that poorly against us! When talkin about the best players in the League at this point…Kobe, Wade, and then carrying Wade’s jock strap, LeHype! Kobe’s the clear MVP again this season! I hope that after today’s game and Kobe playing this well while having the flu and LeHype playin this crappy while at home, all the media should stop calling him KING JAMES and start calling him LeHYPE like me!

    He’s a straw man being propped up by the media and the marketing machine…oh, let’s not forget the NBA! Stern and his guys should be kissin Kobe’s ass for being the player that he is, instead, they just keep trying to find Kobe’s replacement. I hope that they’ll wake the fcuk up like LO!


  • L.odom

    [Comment ID #61427 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOl, when have you ever been sincere? You fking tool. Don’t call out people who are gonna hop on the Odom-wagon when you’re the biggest bandwagoner of all.


    Does anyone else think that Lamar and Rad could’ve been packaged in a deal togther, so Lamar is starting to pickup to avoid the trade? Well I think he’ll slow down right after the deadline, so a couple more good games with Odom, then back to his normal laziness

  • mr.laker19

    We are playing the best basketball we’ve played in years. We are CLEARLY the best team in the league. If we continue to play like this, we can beat anyone, anywhere, any time. We proved it. And if Odom plays like he has these last few games, TROUBLE! LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!

  • Juilliard Laker la forever

    Kobe MVP!!! lOOK at the maturity level Kobe has his team at. He is the most valuable player in the league and proved it on this road trip. We all have watched the development of the Lakers current killin squad and we know that they have come a long way. Kobe has guided them to be the team they are today who just ended two streaks on the road against Boston and Lebron. Lebron plays a different role on the Cavs and as you can see it doesn’t win the big games..Spurs showed that in the finals against them a few years ago. Kobe has an all around team because he knows what it takes to win the Rings and has developed a young group to be the mighty Lakers they are today…who can help him take over even when he is sick as a dog playing a team on a 23 0 record at home…after five games on the road and the last in Boston…Kobe MVP!!!

  • Smush Walton

    How about all those people questioning Coach Phil?
    6-0 on that road trip! They must be doing something right.
    And everyone seems to be playing with motivation. Maybe
    Phil’s techniques work after all!

  • Smush Walton

    There have been complaints in recent games back about how the postgame summary is getting shorter and shorter. I think those
    people may be onto something. This one is one of the shortest by far after one of the most impressive wins all season. What’s up with that?

    What happened to the 1,2,3 and STD?

    I guess they would be:
    1. Lamar (season highs – at last!)
    2. Kobe (with “flu like symptoms” he outplayed the annointed MVP)
    3. Pau (solid as usual)

    STD: Sasha – Made some nice hustle plays on D, but no longer “The Machine”; more like “The Contraption”. (Honorable mention to Luke)


    Kobe may have come during a time when MJ was going out and the world wasnt ready for a replacement and now they are with Lebron…but when it all comes down to it and you look at actual skills and everything else to Kobe’s game and what he has done..He’s the BEST player of all time..He can do anything on the court and look how he prepared his team to sweep the Celtics and the Cavs…MVP doesn’t loose to teams like this..they step up..Kobe did what he had to do…his team played great because of his leadership..He prepared them and could take over in anyway! MVP

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #61445 Will Be Quoted Here]

    A while back someone suggested Lamar and Luke for Amare and the BSPN trade meter said that would work. That’s a tough one because Amare, Kobe, Pau looks pretty awesome – and losing Luke and his remaining 5 year contract is another one of those addition by subtraction deals – like Kwame, Smush Parker, Cookie, Vlad

    It probably won’t happen so I sincerely hope Lamar keeps on playing up to his potential and then we won’t be sorry for not making that deal.


    If Lebron were MVP then he would of had his team ready to play..His team didn’t know what to do when the Lakers D was stopping Lebron…even without our big Center Andrew! They panicked…Lakers held their composure throughout the whole game and everyone stepped up..Kobe has done a fine job with his Trevor the opportunity to beat the Spurs a few weeks ago is a great example on why Kobe is MVP… Kobe knows how to win rings and has been the reason why this team can now contend for MANY rings to come. MVP always has been and will be for quite some time!

  • Smush Walton

    Could we please not mic Lamar for the “Wired” feature?

  • LA YO

    I agree!
    Kobe can do it all. He can rebound, he can pass, he can Shoot, he can lead, he can WIN.and he’s the best at doing it all! he knows what it takes to win the rings and he is the most knowledgeable player in the league about the game. He has gone through battles and has learned a lot..he has the all around game and what he has done with the lakers is amazing.. He’s the BEST. Kobe hands down MVP

  • bernzter

    Great, Awesome, Spectacular, Mind Blowing, Stupendous, Extremely Insane (insert huge synonyms here) game by the Team today!

    We played as a team at last.

    Big props to L O for playing so well he eclipsed the whole Cavs team in the third… But nonetheless the whole team played huge today…

    Like I said in the Past… we win if we play as a team…

    Get Well Kobe and Andrew…

    As for the trade? Hmmm We’ll just have to see.. One person doesn’t get those trophies (Adam Morrison) in college for nothing. So let’s see if they will pan out in the end…

    Go Team!!!

    Nuff Said (for now).

  • jason

    STATEMENT STATEMENT STATEMENT ROAD TRIP BABY WOOOOO! Everyone played well today i thought. Odom has finally manned up..Pau keeps playin solid..Kobe was dying and still played well…how bout that block by farmar on the 3 point shot..and sasha not settling for the shot and driving to the hole with the left, also sasha has made some very good passes lately…fisher hitting big shots to end runs like he always has…even powell made some key plays for us…overall great team game especially on defense in the second half..keep it goin lakers.

  • so. Cal Jerry

    Have you all noticed that the national broadcasters dislike the Lakers? I have XM radio and i listen to various sports stations and whenever they talk about Kobe vs. Lebron, 9 out of 10 say Lebron is better. I’m so sick of it. Lakers are one of the most hated teams out there only because the Lakers are so dominant. Like Mychal Thompson says, people either love the Lakers or are jealous of them.
    I’m going to listen to the radio tomorrow and if these damn broadcasters don’t start giving the Lakers some respect, then they will prove that they’re idiots and not objective at all. 6-0 on a road trip which included the 2 top teams in the East. That’s amazing!
    As far as the Kobe vs. Lebron issue, it’s Kobe. Maybe Lebron is a better drunker, but if Lebron had a dislocated finger on his shooting hand like Kobe does, Lebron couldn’t score even 21 points in a game, let alone 61. Everybody seems to take for granted that Kobe is playing this well while having a dislocated finger on his shooting hand. Kobe’s greatness is taken for granted. He’s so good that people don’t pay attention to the details anymore.
    Just had to blow off some steam. Lakers all the way.

  • lainok

    The problem for Odom has always been his consistency, no argument there. Maybe because of motivation? Well, at the end of this year his contract is up. And he has said he wants to finish out his career as a laker. I think he is willing to take a fair balanced pay cut for that, but the team is going to have another problem on their hands by that time. Ariza’s contract is up as well. And after this year that man deserves to be paid! I believe he will also take a little less than he may be worth on the open market for the chance to stay with the Lakers. It’s hard to turn down rings, and he’s a local. I know that if I played pro basketball, as long as I was making enough money to retire on after playing, then I would take the cut just to play for them. But Odom now has to contend with that. It won’t be as easy as the Lakers just re-signing him. Hopefully the way he has played this week will carry on until he’s kissin the trophy on that ugly parkay floor in Boston, finally shutting up that loud mouth garnett.

  • Dave

    The Lakers win and the Celtics lost. It was a perfect Sunday!

    I think the Celtics loss was a result of being shaken by the Lakers yet again, and therefore weren’t ready for the Spurs. So lets hope that Celtics lose their next 6 of 8, just like last time, baby. Sweet!

  • portman

    [Comment ID #61445 Will Be Quoted Here]

    oh hell no! i don’t want any sun on my team. especially those two!

  • King Lebron James

    i dont know what to say..

    did i su cked on my last game?

    i just dont feel like playing hard when kobe’s not 100%..
    i can drop 100 on him but i rather chose not to..

    im the king! hail to the king!

    ouch! did we lost the game??

    im sorry im so high with steroids! :P

  • Whatsa

    Lamar off the bench = not productive visually
    Lamar starting = productive in every way

    Please stay consistent Lamar, we need you to stay like this.

  • David

    Thank you Kevin Garnett for awakening the corpse of Lamar Odom.

  • udechukwu

    ive always been behind him, and im glad to see him performing like i knew he could. hopefully he will keep it up for the rest of the season and help the lakers through the tough remaining schedule we will be spending the majority of the time on the road.

  • gugy

    The Lakers are really playing like a champion. I think it will be very hard to beat them and this without Bynum.
    Lamar congrats for amazing game. I hope you stay that way.

  • Eidraq

    kb lo and pau…we are rolling!!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    [Comment ID #61427 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen, What happenned to the HUNDREDS costly mistakes that were made the last 4 plus seasons.
    Lets hope he keeps it up all the way to the Chip. This will the only thing that will keep him here in LA. And a BIG pay cut. This simply not the “Bandwagon” its just a reminder how good he can be and how tough it is to stay focus and win.
    What an AWSOME week of kicking A$$!! 1st Boston then LeBronze.

  • Greg

    When Drew gets back, Lamar should start instead of Luke.

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #61477 Will Be Quoted Here]

    luke looks completely lost out there as of late…hopefully kb shakes that flu off soon

  • let there be light

    I’ve been saying this from day one. start LO instead of Bynum. gasol and lamar work great together and offense is uptempo. bynum and josh powell work well together and bynum can domnate wit hthe second unit. and maybe just maybe Morrison can be that kurt rambis type of player. He and Luke can share minutes. Luke is a good passer but he cant score. maybe AM picks up the offense quick and he can resurrect his career like ariza has.

  • Dave

    Luke was tops in the +/- so he’s doing something right. However, I wish he would find a cure for his chronic “anti-dunking disease.” How in heck does a 6-8 dude take so damn many lay-ups — and miss a fair amount? DUNK IT DUDE!

  • west818

    [Comment ID #61488 Will Be Quoted Here]

    white man cant

  • phil buss

    The greatest sunday of my life Smeldicks lose,the LAKERS WIN!
    VERY IMPRESSIVE! Thank you for waking up Lamar Odom Kevin a,k,a,cocksucker Garnett

  • sketch

    Yo fellas,

    I just watched the game again, since I tivo’d it. I gotta throw this out there and see if you guys see it the same way. That dude Varejao is a dirty fother muckin player yo! He’s basically under-cutting the player that boxes him out for the rebound every single time!

    For instance, if Pau boxes that SIDE SHOW BOB lookin guy out, then he’ll jump with Pau for the board, but he’s really jumping beneath him to get Pau to land awkwardly! That’s some bull$hit and dangerous stuff man! David Stern, Stu Jackson, and the League better be reviewing the $hit!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #61438 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • gondo

    last time the lakers had a 6-0 road trip, they went on to win the first of 3 straight championships.

  • Eidraq

    10 bucks says espn will still say leblowjob is still front runner for the mvp…whatever happened to, “we coulda beat u if z was there?”

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #61445 Will Be Quoted Here]

    insane. insane. insane. i can’t think of anything else to say.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #61451 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes! hahahahahahaha.
    i’ve heard more interesting pep talk from a fish tank.

  • ilikesmushwalton

    [Comment ID #61462 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes Shaq! Yes we want Shaq back!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #61501 Will Be Quoted Here]

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHA!! new best nickname after lehype is leblowjob.

  • L.odom

    [Comment ID #61495 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He is very dirty. He goes over the back for every single rebound and swings his elbows. I have to say though the foul they called him for on Pau wasn’t a foul, but it should make up for all the other ones they missed.

    And about Lamar being wired, what are you guys talking about? He’s HILARIOUS.

    “Nooo noooo nooo… okay good call” LOL

    and last time he was running along side a ref and said “Sup handsome.”

    I think he’s the most vocal on the team. He’s always in the middle of the huddle getting them pumped up for the game.

    Abc agrees, so that’s why hes the one miced up.

  • purpleandgold323

    Now imagine how the lakers vs cavs game would’ve gone down if Kobe was at a hundred %..

  • sketch


    you talkin about the foul that varejao got called for holding? the one that LeHype chased down? i agree. that wasn’t a foul, but i’m sure the refs had a plethora of fouls to make up for! LOL!

    and LO’s mic was funny as hell. i’m glad that you can make out what he said. i couldn’t understand half the $hit he was saying! LOL!

  • kobe8

    This season LeBron has been outshined by a sick and banged up Kobe in both games. So anybody that says LeBron is better than Kobe needs their a$$ beat.

  • darren

    guys check what Lebron has to say about the Lakers!

  • T-Dub

    I don’t know about an Odom bandwagon? 1 & 1/2 games does not a player make. But I’ll take it…even though I’m not expecting much after this! Odom takes soo much heat because if everyone knows he can play like this but doesn’t, what does that say about him? But 2 great wins nevertheless. The thing is if LO plays well, I think they’re much better off starting LO at the PF with Bynum coming off the bench when he comes back. (2) 7-footers seem to clog the paint When LO…considering he plays…stretches the floor and give Pau more space to operate.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #61506 Will Be Quoted Here]


    i do remember that okay good call. that was pretty funny.

    i dont remember that sup handsome. but that’s damn funny, too.

    okay i’ll take my comment back. though there did seem to be an unusual amount of silence whenever they played odom’s soundbytes.

  • L.odom

    LOl the “sup handsome” wasn’t the cavs game. It was against Phoenix earlier in the season. Here’s the video.

  • Joe permenter

    Fuck the fakers, they blow the ref’s balls every game, they ARE dirty and dirt. Fans in houston that route for the fakers are fucking hoes and need to move to bla bla land.