chicagownedWe start the Lakers seven game road trip with a win, but the score it a bit deceiving. The first half was pretty disastrous, as we got ourselves in a 16-point deficit at one point.

Thankfully, we came out of halftime with better intensity and more of a defensive mindset. We still allowed the Bulls to over-power us on the glass and shoot over 50% from the field for the game, but our rotations on defense got a little better as the game went on.

The offensive play of Kobe in the 3rd quarter and Pau and Jordan playing great in the 4thwas what ultimately turned around the 14-point lead by the Bulls at halftime into an 8-point Lakers win.

Player of the Game: Tonight was a good all around team win, but I’m going to give it to Kobe for his play in the 3th quarter that helped bring us back in the game. He ended the night with 28 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, 5 steals, and a block.

Play of the Game: Jordan’s dunk late in the 4th quarter.

What’s Up Next: We get a couple days off before heading to Oklahoma City on Tuesday.

  • Al

    Are you kidding me, Player of the Game, Kobe? He is the one who shot us out of the game. Look at his stats: 10-25 with 3 TOs (the most on the team). Taking crazy shot after crazy shot.

  • baltimoresbest01

    player of the game should be dedicated to the bench. it was nice to see them actually show up

  • domz

    yep. kobe was mediocre tonight and continued to take tons of shots. I’ll give props to the unit of lamar, powell, luke, sasha and jordan.

  • Jacks

    Don’t 4get about Ariza!!! HE WAS ON FIRE TONIGHT. Pretty efficient stats as well.

  • KG

    Who cares about the Lakers? KG is back, and Boston will reign supreme once again!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    getgarnett.com should become forgetgarnett.com

  • Lakers 24 7

    I guess we forget that this game is based on runs. We see the Lakers blow leads, but we also see them coming back from leads on many occasions. I think the Lakers always make runs too early in the game, and it gives the opponent a lot of time to make a come back. They just need to keep the game close and explode in the last few minutes so the opponent cant make adjustments.

  • lakrfan4life

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    big deal, he shot 40%
    some of his shots he was definitely fouled on, which would probably have his percentage at 50% if you take that into consideration, now is it really that bad? and he had 5 (!) steals to make up for his 3 TOs, nothing big, filled up the box, overall good game, don’t hate

    and to baltimore: player of the game is one person, hence “player.” sorry, the bench is more than one person, therefore it cannot get POTG

    dont worry, you guys are fellow, Laker fans, I still got respect for ya. its the other mofos on this post that piss me off. KG sucks! TLN baby!

  • zgum

    lakers win!

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  • zgum
  • zgum
  • BenchMobRules

    Hey, you know what they always say: “A win’s a win.” By this game, I saw the intensity that the Lakers is capable of, though not really executed consistently. This a beginning of their momentum, especially the with the bench playing like this. You got to agree with me with this: with the Laker starters’ consistency and the Laker bench’s intensity and efficieny, this team will be absolutely unbeatable.

    I want Bynum to be back soon. The 4th quarter cluster is AMAZING together. We need Lamar in the bench, though he is also amazing as a starter. But obviously, the Lakers is as its best collectively when Lamar is in the bench.

    But I am UBER glad that Jordan has the “swagger” again. He is capable of being a very significant player in the team if he just kept his energy up. Now, I can’t wait to see more of him, especially by the way he’s playing now. Ahh, Jordy’s back. xD

    One thing though: Lakers need to work on the charity strike. Seriously.

  • kwame4mvp

    wheres the std? i’d give it to sasha. that fool blows..

  • hello

    the 2nd unit rocked! this is one of the keys to the ‘ship! i agree with what stu lantz said: the game was won with the 2nd unit. Hopefully they’ll stay this way.

  • Aztig

    Kobe Deserved the Player of The Game
    Look He ended the night with
    28 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds,
    5 steals, and a block.
    But The FT iS Still Low
    Need To Improve.

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    Bynum comes off bench, so we have a scoring and defensive six man who will make our second unit at the same level as most teams first unit. Having Orlando Magic style play with our big man as a second unit is a pretty crazy advantage.

  • rj2kobe

    [Comment ID #65411 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • zgum
  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    Alright, lets not get too excited. It’s only the Bulls and they are a sub 500 team. We should be blowing all these sub 500 teams. I want to see the team that started the season with 5 wins, keeping teams under 100 points, and blowing them out by double digits.

    The only teams on this road trip that may cause some problems are ATL and DET. Pow-wow sucked major rinosarus d1ck missing easy baskets under the rim. PJ did a good job limiting Fluke’s minutes. Farmerboy played a shyt load of minutes again, and Brown played the last 30 seconds of the game. I would have been like “f*ck this shyt, you want me to come in for 30 seconds?”.

    I’m totally not sold on the second unit just yet. Bench mops still look lackaDICKsical on the floor. In order to do good on the road KB needs to have better shooting nights (50%+), and get everyone involved.

  • lainok

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    What?!? Sasha was shooting the lights out last night! That spot up, fall away jumper he hit, not to mention his three point shooting the last two games. On top of that he is moving the ball way better and finding teamates. everyone was on in that game, except for kobe. it’s a two way tie for std, between kobe and powell. Kobe may have had a good 3rd, but the 1,2 & 4th sucked for him. The bench mob was what pulled it together for us tonight. kobe is great, but is getting into his ball hogging mode a little much lately. that’s why he’s not the mvp this year. and before anyone starts ripping on me, just keep in mind that kobe is my favorite all time player. But the lakers team comes even before him, and I’ll call him out if he’s not playing well.

  • http://www.flowdesignz.com FlowDesignz

    Great game that was. I was getting nervous during the first half. Horrible first half. They started off strong and just began slipping quick. Glad they regained it all and won the game =] Go Lakers!

  • jason

    lets not let the fact that we won and played great in the second half diminish the fact that we couldnt do anything right in the first half…if this was a good team we played we would’ve been blown out..it was a sad pathetic effort, and that has got to stop..and now.

  • portman

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    what? sasha’s 3 got us to within 6, then lamar’s then jordan’s. those 3 are the players of the game! as much as i love kobe, i must admit he got us those deficits. he sucked tonight.

  • Mitch Kupchak

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    whats up with you hating sasha?! did you not watch the game last night?!!!!!

    sasha was efficient with his shooting and made some pretty good passes to go along with that!!!

    please know what you’re talking about be4 making stupid comments like that bashing our players!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Sasha’s inconsistent, that’s why.

  • vibe

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    uh he was the big reason why lakers got the lead .

  • ilikebasketball

    kobe was far fromn player of the game. that’s insane. lamar did better, and was more consistent throughout the game, than pau(who kept getting punked) or kobe who just threw up garbage.
    player of the game does go to the bench.
    and sasha played really well, and with the last three games, consistenly well, which is a major sigh of relief, especialy if he contines. and so did farmar. it was great to see them come alive again. i hope this is farmar’s wake up!
    kobe seems in the past weeks or so that he’s trying to compete for MVP. and it’s unacceptable.

  • ilikebasketball

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    cavs and boston aren’t blowing teams out at this point very often, either. it’s been a long season.

  • Lakerfanl

    Kobe was great but I think the player of the game was the bench. They really turned this game around.

  • Moses

    I actually thought Lamar was player of the game, he really led that second unit comeback in the fourth quarter, had a few big plays, even hit some 3’s.

  • illogical

    bench mob + ODOM = bench success! the math is simple give odom more PT.

  • sketch

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    didn’t know that one could reign supreme in 3rd place!

  • sketch

    yeah kobe shot a mediocre 10-25, but he was extremely instrumental for getting us outta of the 16 point deficit in the beginning of the 3rd! he hit shot after shot, grabbing boards and gave LO that sick pass for his lay in down the middle on that fast break!
    it bugs me too when kobe has an off night, yet he continues to hoist them up, but he has the uncanny ability to get the lakers out of trouble when the game’s on the line. he’s still the reigning MVP and this season’s MVP in my opinion!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #65457 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m not sure what game you were watching. but kobe was on the bench when the team made the great come back. and he may have made a “sick” pass to lamar once, but that doesn’t make up for most of the junk he was throwing up towards the end. lamar hustled and worked for his shots and rebounds and got them. i love kobe, but kobe has been forcing shots, not working for them.

  • http://Noneo Anthony

    “Tipoff: 6:30 PM PST”. TLN is great, but you guys really need to get some of your stuff together. The game’s tip-off was not at 6:30.

    I thought we had a great ending and showed the intensity we need to show more often.

  • kwame4mvp

    damn ya’ll be trippin. ok he’s got one or two games in a row where he shows up? wake up.. we’re in march.
    that guy shoots every chance he gets. he’s weak sauce. that fadeaway? please… i bet he can’t do that again. who does he think he is? kobe?

  • lafanfromindiana

    I’m not sure if you really watched the game or just looked at the boxscore. I watched the game from start to finish and their is noway that Kobe was the mvp. Besides missing a ton of forced jumpshots that were not in the flow of the offense and made him look like a ballhog, he was missed quite a few free throws in crucial moments of the game, and as someone else said above HE WAS ON THE BENCH WHEN THEY MADE THEIR COMEBACK. Heck, Kobe wasn’t even a good cheerleader during the comeback. Scoring 26pts on 30 shots isn’t mvp status. I’m saying all this as Kobe is my favorite athlete of all time besides Hulk Hogan in his old glory days from Wrestlmania 1 through 6. As much as I can’t stand Sasha until he gets his haircut, he was making all the shots during the crucial times and even drew a charge. Farmar played good too for a change. Pau Gasol is our most consistent player and we need to feed him the ball more or have Kobe drive and let Pau get the putback if Kobe misses.

  • skim.

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    player of the game should never go to the bench because its called the PLAYER of the game. how can u measure up one player against the whole bench mob.