notagainWhat is it with Portland? We just can’t win there!

The Lakers just didn’t have it tonight as they were beat to every loose all and couldn’t match the Blazers in the second half.

The Lakers took terrible shots and had little defense intensity as they only forced six turnovers. They had five players score double figures, but the Blazers had six. The Blazers also had more bench production and balanced scoring.

I can’t wait to see this team in the second round because this will be a different Laker team facing them!

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) No Laker is really worth of number one, but Lamar played well with his 17 and 10 off the bench.

2) Kobe scored 32 points, but only shot 9 of 24.

3) Shannon Brown hit big shots and went 4-4 from the field.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Fisher again was useless.

Play of the Game: I don’t remember many highlights on the Lakers end…

What to Look for Next Game: An easy win vs. Memphis.

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Go Lakers!

  • luke and sasha has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    sasha mr blank shots luke the useless player who fouls and turnover the ball and shannon brown mr clutch!! which ios a good thing i dont know why the lakers wont give him any good minuted and give alot of playing time to bums like sasha and puke.

  • Basem

    I agree they actually played terribly awful.

  • lakeshow

    i agree luke and walton has got to go awful shooting i dont see what sasha ans luke does for the lakers to tell u the truth and yes shannon should be getting alot of playing time at least he can shoot and defend as well.

  • Juan

    Before Bynum got hurt I noticed that Phil would let Lamar finish the game. That SHT has to stop Bynum better be in there so we can throw him the ball inside and loosen everything up. This has to stop with Kobe as well he can’t be trying to jack up shots without passing the ball.

  • Jackenton

    I don’t understand the two possessions where Lakers were down by 3 and they decided to go for three in both tries.

  • Juan

    Hopefully they were just tired becouse it was a back to back , but is it me or does Derek look old . I think it might be time for Derek to come off the bench and let Shannon take the position , Shannon is looking good , I’m telling you this guy is strong , quick defends well and shoot pretty good

  • 2Anush4

    did you guys here kobes comments…… thats the kind of intensity i wanna see………but the refs really didnt let the players play……we were in the penalty like 815 in ……..but im still now worried about the west or portland

  • green_apple

    our chance for a league best record and home court advantage throughout the playoffs are gone.
    well atleast we still are ahead of boston and orlando incase we meet at the finals.
    our starters need rest, escept for bynum and the bench who clearly needs time to gets their games up.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Whats up with the last 2 mins of the game? Fish was so cold, he SMELLS and theres Kobe jacking up shots that were NOT there (hogger). Shannon whos has the HOT hands was no where to be seen.(great coaching) Blake took Fish to school with his last jumper for the lead. The rest was ROYSTER schooling KOBE(he looks tired)
    The Bad … we lost tonight
    The Good… we got ourselves a RENEW rivals
    Lets get it on in the 2nd round!
    Go Lakers !!!

  • Sean All Ivy

    We have to get the ball to Pau in crunch time. He did not get the touches we needed him to get tonight. Also, Luke needs to never play again. Can’t play D and gets blocked 50% of the time.

  • ed

    Yup, Kobe and Fisher lost that game for us in the last 2 minutes. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID shots!!!!! Hey Rambis, your not ready to be a head coach, why in the hell would you put Fisher back in when Brown was playing really well and hitting his shots. WHY didn’t they give the ball to Pau in the last couple of sequences? Is there a Laker rule that Kobe has to shoot the ball all the time in the last 2 minutes, even when he’s triple teamed? This loss is on Kobe’s squarely on Kobe’s shoulders. Now I know people are going to say, ” he kept us in the game…blah”. True. He did, until the last minute and a half, when he decided to play 1 on 5. The funny thing is, I’m not afraid of the bench or the defense failing us during the playoffs. What I’m afraid of is Kobe playing like he did the last 2 min of this game for the entire playoffs. Ball hoggin son of a *****! STUPID!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Avery

    I will fukkin kill Buss if he makes Rambis coach when Jackson retires!!!! Rambis lost the game for us tonight. you have to go with the hot hand of brown, Fish and farmar have been useless pretty much the whole year.

  • Johnny B

    Not only did he take Brown out Rambis also took Bynum out which completely killed our defense in the last 5 minutes. HORRIBLE COACHING, not the refs beat us tonight. I AM SO TIRED OF KOBE TRYING TO TAKE OVER IN THE LAST FEW MINUTES ON THE ROAD. Isnt this why he complained about not having a good team around him? Now he has a ton of talent around him but persists to monopolize the offense in the last 5 minutes. Kobe is amazing but the defense just keys in on him and we live and die by whether he makes shots or not. Very frustrating to watch.

  • jC

    fisher was cold the entire game. he made one contested jumper. luke was killing us in the 2nd qt with his D. or lack there of. on three straight trips he tried to help on a big leaving freaking b-roy! he went 2 for 3 on those 3pt attempts. thats the kind of d that warrants a sub. though his passing is nice i see no other reason for him to be on the floor. he backs his man in and takes a fadeaway with a small on him. kupcake needs to work some magic and somehow land hinrich. sign and trade farmar, luke, filler for that guy. i really feel as though he complements the triangle offense. tall pg just the way pj likes em.

  • ME

    if PJ was there i think he would control Kobe way better, he seems to be the only one who speaks up to him anyways, it was a good effort though but poor execution down the stretch which is very unordinary.

  • Smush Walton

    This was one that really got away. Some really BAD plays at the end. Kobe decided to play 1 on 5 and fire away from the 3 point line. And why drive out of control and dish to Lamar at the 3? If we are going to count on Lamar from the outside – FORGET IT!

    We can kiss goodbye the idea of us passing Cleveland for the #1 record. It is clear that we MUST shut Kobe and Fisher down for a few games – they both look tired lately. Fisher’s shot has disappeared.

    We need to use the next three games to rest the starters, except Bynum, and get the bench going. Especially give major minutes to Shannon Brown. We need to use him more than Fartmore and Vujabrick. These two have been utterly useless and their playing time should be cut back drasticly.

    Why is Luke even on the floor. Yeah he can pass, but even then he frequently passes while leaping through the air like a grade schooler – very LAME. The rest of his game is an absolute JOKE! His outside shot is hopeless, his D is a laughable, his “post moves” are BEYOND PATHETIC – constantly getting stuffed down his throat. He is no threat whatsoever on the offensive end. He has no quickness whatsoever – plodding along like he is running in sand. Next year a TOP PRIORITY must be to GET RID OF THIS RAG!!! There is an abundance of good point guards in the league and we must aquire one because Fartmore has got to go too. He is another piece of manure that needs to get shipped out of here! And it is about time we consider giving Sasha his walking papers. Why is it that other team’s 3 point specialists can come in and hit 6 or more 3’s in a game whereas ours can’t hit that many in a week? The “Machine” – yeah right, that’s a laugh, more like the “Contraption”!!! And get a haircut – always futzing around with that stupid hair – he looks like a damn refuge out there.

  • Day

    Walton / Farmar / Fish / Sasha need to be gone next season. Maybe keep fish but we need an upgraded “3 point specialist” and we need 1 more pg because I see Shannon Brown as our future. Maybe someone like Kirk Hienrich for Walton / Farmar.

    I wouldn’t even mind keeping Sasha he’s fun to watch but Walton / Farmar need to go ~ I really liked Jordon last season but he hasn’t played well in a really long time, as much as I like him he would be better off on another team.

    I’ve never liked Luke, he shouldn’t even be here. I don’t know why he’s still on the team.

  • PurpsNGold

    The blazers got all the defensive stops they needed. Lakers were not playing smart ball. Lack of ball movement. Kobe tried to be Hero again. And for Shannon Brown not playing, it’s becuz vetern experience over novice. Brown can play cuz he’s flat out atheletic, but smarts.. Hmm.. Bball IQ of a Monkey.. Relies too much on physical attributes and that’s why Fisher will always be da 1st option as far as PG..

  • sketch

    well, might as well rest up kobe and pau for the last 2 games cause we ain’t catchin up to the cavs now. glad to see that kobe’s going to the hole with aggression during this game, he’s goin to need to keep doin that in the playoffs!

    was it just me or were the lakers playing 5 on 8? there were some terrible no calls for us tonight! i can’t believe how bad it seemed. could’ve been just me bein bias, but i was pretty sure that the refs were actually wearing some red, white, and black jerseys underneath the stripes!

  • Heron

    Kobe for MVP? I think not. Especially against a team we may face in the second round. 9-24 when you’re obviously trying to win it by yourself regardless of the plethora of talent around you does not equate to another MVP, nor the current best player in the league title.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    This game was very winnable and a heartbreak. I wonder who called the plays in the last 1:30, Rambus or KB? Rambus did a horrible job with match ups all night. He takes out a hot shooting Brown and puts in Fish. He used Fluke a lot, who sucked huge d1ck! Ariza continues to struggle. Farmer was pretty bad too. Brown is 10x better than Farmer. Rambus blew his shot for any head coaching jobs next season… terrible execution down the stretch.

  • Wata Boy

    Don’t worry Lakers fans, I will spill some Gatorade on the floor during the next practice and make sure Fluke breaks his ankles. Maybe we get lucky and Fartmore and Vujabrick slip in the same puddle and break their ankles too. These guys are useless and don’t deserve to wear Lakers uniforms.

  • kobe8

    Except for Shannon Brown everyone else sucked. I seriously don’t know why they were leaving Brandon Roy open. And shooting 3s when you down by 3 with 50 secs on the clock buffled me. And Kobe should stop that jacking up shots bulls*it.

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    [Comment ID #67614 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The game seemed fixed from the start. The Lakers got a lot of unfavorable calls. KB gets fouled with a no call, then gets a T. Roy was clearly out of bounds in front of the ref and no call. Come on man, give me a break.

    They were calling these stupid touch fouls on the Lakers, but were letting Portland beat up guys driving to the basket with no calls. The vegas line was Lakers -1.5, which is pretty much like a PK. This was a must win for them (for the best record). They were the heavy favorites. Tell me you wouldn’t pick the Lakers to win the game. Everyone and their grandma picked them. If you don’t believe in games being fixed, you’re living in a fantasy land.

  • lakeshow

    i agree with woodcock the refs kinda seemed bias against the lakers for sure but you cant deny that luke and sasha sucked and maybe even farmar shannon brown should get more playing time!

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    [Comment ID #67622 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Actually, Lakers opened with -1 and ended up with a +1.5 line, which means everyone was betting on the Lakers. Total setup!!!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    After watching the post game interview with Rambis, he clears a lot of things up. First, he made it seem like he didn’t call for those 3 point bricks in the end. He didn’t blame KB, but it sounds like he did. He also didn’t call for the unnecessary fouls in the end. He blames most of it on poor decisions and making bad shots, and not going to the basket.

    He also explains his decision why he played Fish in the end vs Brown. All in all, just bad decision making for everyone (from the coaching staff down to the players)!!! You can watch the clip yourself. It’s a good 7 minutes.

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    [Comment ID #67623 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, it was a combination of horrible players and bad refs. The line actually opened with Lakers being 1 point favorites. The line later changed with the Lakers being 1.5 point underdogs. Like I said, the game was fixed from the start. Lakers never had a chance playing 5 on 8.

    Those 3 guys need to go next season. Fluke is an overpaid passer. What else does he do? Farmar needs to go back to the d-league (please don’t give this guy an extension). Sasha, she needs to go to the WNBA. LA Sparks are looking for a replacement for Lisa Leslie.

  • lainok

    I’m not going to freak out about the loss. the reason we have lost 8 straight games to the blazers at the rose garden is because none of those 8 games have been playoff games! just watch, if we meet them in the second round (which right now I am really hoping for) then that 8 game streak will end right around game 3 of round 2. after I saw the cavs won last night, I gave up on any hope of catching that. but here are the simple facts to look foward to:

    *cleveland is 50/50 as to whether or not they can actually beat boston in the east finals, even if they do and they meat the lakers at the big show, l.a. just needs to win one game at the Q, which obviously they are more than capable of doing.

    *Fisher has had a rough season, no doubt. But that 0.4 shot was not the only shot like that, that he has made. We need him at the end of games. Last night was hard, but Fish is still fish and will step up when it matters the most. Last night was like a playoff game, but it wasn’t, so give him a break.

    *farmar is walking a thin line. I’ve always supported him, and the kid works hard, but brown is running circles around him right now. During the playoffs, we need to use his legs during the game to keep up with the young point guards that have been blowing past Fish all season, then at the end, if it’s close, bring in fish. I would rather have that last shot in his hands over farmar and brown any day.

    *All these losses lately, as frustrating as they are, at least we are getting them out of the way. It’s giving the team something to be angry and embarrassed about. they will regain that hunger they had coming back last summer. when the playoffs start, they will be ready.

    *Next time phil, keep rambis on the bench, put Fisher in a suit and make him take the big seat.

  • diehardfan

    With a Minute plus left there was no reason at all for Kobe to take that freakin shot. He just jacked it up with so many players around him. He would of been better off going to the basket and scoring or getting fouled. Trust me, he would of gotten fouled. Anyways, if the Lakers do face Portland in the second round this will give that team confidence and I bet you that it will go to a game seven. Oh well, I full confidence in the Lakers ability to win it all this year. But, it is frustrating to see the horrible coaching job that Rambis did, the lack of production from other players epecially Luke and Sasha’s inconsistencies. Besides, will someone please give S. Brown the starting pg position or at least a crack at it. He is a defender and Fisher’s better days are behind him.

  • Farm-a-bric

    19 great minutes for “Sha Bro”: if that is his true level of talent, then props to mitch for finding the next D Fish.

    Live by the Mamba; die by the Mamba.

    Look for Mitch to draft/acquire a small shooter with quicks and D.

  • Rich

    Honestly the game did seem fixed I agree with Wood. Every close call went to Portland. Thats why home court adventage is so important and I kind of worry if Cleveland makes it to the Finals, you guys know Lebron is going to get every call at home. I actually like that Rambis only put Farmar in there once. Shannon did his job Fish was supposed to bring it home with Kobe but Im beginning to worry about Fish. Because besides Kobe he is our most clutch player. Trevor seems scared to shoot and attack for some reason now. Pau is timid when the game gets tight. We know about Odom and Luke in tight games. That’s why everyone hopes that Bynum can hurry up and be that Shaq- like guy.

  • ed

    A soon as kobe decides to stick to his man on defense, you’ll see our 3 point defense get better. His “roaming” on defense puts us in a real bad spot. We can’t rotate fast enuf cuz he’s “roaming”.

  • Farmar Walton Sasha Suk Ass

    WTF was Walton given so many minutes last night?! The guy should not be playing in the NBA. I am so sick of people saying he has a high basketball IQ, because HE DOES NOT! Brandon Roy has had Walton for lunch the entire season, always getting his stupid azz turn-around post shot blocked (the idiot can’t even get 1-inch off the ground when he jumps). Watching Walton play is so painful to watch. He is always laboring in running back on defense (he runs like Wee Man). Opponents just dribble around him all the time. Opponents always make their run when he’s in the game.

    Bright spot of the game: giving more minutes and playing time to Shannon Brown. He’s a flat out better defender, quicker, shooter, can make layups, stronger, and just a better player than Farmar. I hate Farmar so much as a player. He thinks that he’s on par with Deron Williams, Chris Paul, and other elite PG’s but he has nothing to show for. He’s so damn slow and weak out there and plays absolutely NO defense.

    Sasha, stop ur damn whining on the court plz.

    Overall, the Lakers laid an egg…Kobe too much for hoggin it at the end. Will the team please DEFEND THE DAMN 3! Pau, as great as he is on offense, is terrible on defense. He clearly has trouble against long, physical front lines. Lamar played well until the last minute of the game…I just wonder what he’s thinking sometimes. I don’t think he thinks when the game is on the line. Why do u foul with 42 sec left and down only by 3? Another one of his bonehead plays at the end of games.

    Since we can’t get #1 now, rest Kobe, Fish, Pau…give more playing time to Brown, Powell, DJ, Sasha, and Bynum (to work on his shot). Sit Fluke and Farm-a-douche for the rest of the season and playoffs.

  • L.G.Fuad411

    in my opinion i thought that kobe had poor decision making towards the end. it really cost us the game.

  • lalball81


  • Robert

    We forgot that the Lakers are now playing as a ‘different’ team. Andrew Bynum is now part of the lineup, and the rest of the Lakers have to adjust to that. In a sense, they are adjusting to having ‘two’ big men now, and after Bynum’s good comeback performance, perhaps some of the Lakers acted as if they didn’t have to play as hard, since Bynum is there anchoring the center spot (and doing pretty well, I might add!).

    The next few games will help the Lakers adjust to their new lineup. Portland was our biggest test, and you know, at least we weren’t blown out like last time. We almost (and should have) won, and now all we need is a little adjustment, and we can beat them each time. Portland is easy to figure out. You can believe that Phil is watching this game over and over, and charting out what needs to be done. Actually, it is almost ‘ok’ that they lost (except for the home court advantage loss), because now Phil can ‘see’ what Portland will do to try to beat the Lakers.

    Also, it was good that the refs were the ‘sixth-eighth’ man on the floor for Portland. Remember last year’s finals? Esp. Game 2? Who can forget that the refs helped Boston win that one, the turning point of the series. LA should have won that game, and when they lost, it deflated them.

    Now the Lakers are tougher – they are ready to play against 8 players, and will have to figure out how to adjust to that for the

    This isn’t so bad a loss as it seems. It will ultimately help for the playoffs.

    Go Lakers! You’re doing just fine. Keep up the good work.

  • jC

    ed is totally right to call out kobe’s “roaming” d. there were so many times kobe got lost and didnt pick up a man. its been something that been going on all year. his individual d is way better than his team d. im not saying we should panic but when the playoffs come, it would be nice for kobe to respect the offense of some of the guys he plays against. i love when that guy is in lockdown mode. just as fun to watch as another 81.

  • gugy

    Mitch did a great job getting rid off the garbage last two years.


    Now Luke is the one must go to complete the garbage list and unfortunately Sasha seems to become part of this list as well.

  • megaloco10

    i wonder what happen with the lads playing @ portland..well, we did pretty good until last quarter, also kobe going for a 3 with a minute left didnt help..

    good work out farmar!!!

  • same-as-last-season

    dont blame on kobe. he is an smart player and he missed the 3 point shot because he got foul and gay refs did not call it. NEXT time lakers should start Shanon Brown. Also make Bynum play in the 4th Q.

  • Swiggle

    Anyone out there who doesn’t see the intangibles that Luke Walton does for this team just doesn’t know basketball. I’m so tired of seeing all the haters of Luke out there because it just proves to me without a shadow of a doubt that you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. It proves that you really don’t know the game.

  • showtimelakes

    Lets relax guys….we have won 60+ games but I agree with some of the post about the play of Luke Walton. I felt he got two crucial TOs in the 4th. As for Sasha shot was off but D was okay. If you ask me I was flabbergasted with not seeing Shannon and Bynum in the last minutes. I mean Shannon is better defensively and was 4-4 so he should of been on the floor not sasha or fisher. I really think Kurt Rambis was befuddle. *sigh* only positive is that Kobe wants them in the playoffs I just hope he does not take Ill advice shots during the game but at the same time when he makes them it’s what makes him the best player in the world. I really hope we see the (bleeps) in the second round.

  • Farmar Walton Sasha Suk Ass

    [Comment ID #67660 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You got to be F@ckin kiddin me…LOL…this is one of the dumbest responses I’ve seen. Fluke bring in the intangibles?! He can make 1 or 2 good passes occasionally, but that’s it. There’s a hell of a lot more BAD! INCREDIBLY BAD than good. He’s not even worth being a role player. His post moves are beyond laughable. Opposing teams love to see Walton in there because they know they can walk all over him.

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    All you Fluke luvers must eat at his restaurant or suck his d!ck. This dude is an overpaid passer. For a guy with a high BB IQ, he got caught with the same lame move 3-4 times, hooking the opponent with his arm. What other skills does he have besides passing? Watching this kid play is worse than watching a retard dance. The latter is more entertaining. Fluke and Vujabrick are overpaid “bench players”. They are pretty much getting the same salary as Fish, which is a joke.

    Here’s a post game clip with Rambis. He pretty much covers everything, including his azz.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #67646 Will Be Quoted Here]

    EASY LeHype, everyone knows that the commish and the ignorant media wants you to take the MVP this year and you’ll get it. Just sit back and STFU! All of this is beneath even you…hahaha! You friggin cheap skate who thinks that rounding the check amount up to the nearest $5 is a good tip!

  • FlowDesignz

    horrible last half…

  • LakerLokoe!

    why dont they ever play bynum in the clutch moments . fucken hate that shit!

  • iamthetie

    u guys freak out too much. Way too much anger directed towards Kobe, Fish, Luke, and Sasha.

    Pau had a pretty sub-par game. He got taken out of his rhythm by a couple of bad foul calls early. Luke actually played decently until they started calling him for ticky tack fouls in the second half.

    Portland just played a good game last night. Whatever.

  • soysauce24

    This was another fixed game by the refs. i think STERN is too damn old and blind to see that the refs are cheatin or He just doesn’t like the Lakers. There have been so many games that kobe had been rigged by the refs but i found a video to show you guys

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #67649 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. Also Brian Cook was another rag that Mitch tossed out of hre.

    You can add Fartmore to the list of trash that needs to be disposed of. Luke is the #1 piece of manure that we must get rid of. His “game” is a complete joke! Watching him is like watching a grade schooler.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #67660 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Intangibles? What are you smokin’ man? I want some!

    Other than passing what does Luke do??? He is absolute JOKE on the floor! He runs like he is running in the sand at the beach. His outside shot is unbelievably bad – does he lead the team in airballs? On “D” people run around him like he is nailed to the floor. His ridiculous “post moves” are beyond pathetic – constantly getting stuffed down his throat. Watching him on the floor is painful! The Luke Walton Clown Show!

    He should be working FULL TIME in his restaurant.

  • machine lover

    [Comment ID #67584 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he played well last night wtf are you talking hater.