The game started with the Lakers coming out real strong on all aspects of the game. They were making buckets, playing excellent defense, and making all the hustle plays that they were generally not really making throughout the playoffs. I mean, the Lakers had something like 14 second chance points in the first quarter! I think that was probably double what we had in the entire postseason.

Somewhere around the 3 or 4 minute mark we were up by 14 and I felt pretty confident we’d take this game because I didn’t think the Spurs’ moldy oldies could make up a big deficit.

It looks like I counted the Spurs out a little early however. After their poor play in the first-half of the first quarter, they played the Lakers to a virtual standstill for most of the remaining 40 or so minutes since their 14 point deficit. They never were able to take the lead, but they tied it on many occasions and the Lakers never led (if memory serves me correctly) by double digits again.

The Lakers finally pulled away at the end of the fourth quarter and were up seven with a little under a minute left.

Or did they?

After what could arguably be the worst minute of Laker basketball this season, the Spurs scored 5 points in about 20 seconds, played excellent free throw defense on Gasol and got the final shot of the game, and open three, with 2.1 seconds left in the hands of their hottest shooter, Brent Barry.

2.1 seconds left. As Barry squares up for a three, all of a sudden… out the weak side comes Derek Fisher sailing through the air. Barry ducks and Fisher collides with his backside. No call. Barry takes a dribble and shoots. The balls clanks off the backboard. The Lakers win the game.

This no call pretty much dominated all the post-game commentary and as Marv Albert predicted, will most likely dominate discussion for the next 48 hours.

Just for funsies, here are my takes on the no call…

Do I think it was a foul?

Do I think it was a good no call?

Do I think it’s a good no call because I’m a Laker fan?

Well there you have it.

The Michael Jordan Award for MVP of the Game: Kobe Bryant. This was probably the most Kobe dominated game of the post season (yes, even more Kobe dominated than game 2 of the Nuggets series) Did Kobe make a lot of mistakes? Yes. Did he play a little too selfishly? Yes. Did the Lakers win? Yes. Today the Lakers lived and died with their superstar. Today they lived.

The Dominique Wilkins Award For Highlight of the Game: Kobe’s reverse two handed dunk followed by his one handed jam. Reason number 1,322 why Kobe Bryant is The Big Sweetness: even in a crucial series defining Western Conference Finals games, he still finds time to hot dog. Twice. Against the defending champs. The NBA: Where Taking Hot-Dogging the Another Level Happens.

The Vince Carter Award for the Half Man/Half Hearted Performance of the Game: GINOBLI! Remember when it was fashionable to say Ginobli was a better 2 guard than Kobe because if you dissected his per minute PER or something, it wound up being like 0.2 higher than Kobe’s? Didn’t think so.

The Lamar Odom Award for Getting the Same Amount of Points as Rebounds: Pau Gasol had a generally subpar game by his standards. However, by Lamar Odom standards… it was just perfect. With ten points and ten rebounds, he throws in a perfect Lamar.

The Linas Kleiza Award for Random Bench Player Coming Out of Semi Obscurity and Destroying the Lakers: Brent Barry. Remember when this guy was on the Clippers and he won the Slam Dunk Title? Now his career is just about over. I feel old.

  • carlo

    lets win game 5

  • RD

    like all those at TNT said. good no-call by the refs! lets get it done thursday and move on to the promise land!

  • vintij

    it was a foul at the end but it would have only tied it with two free throws (non continuation foul). Besides, i cant even count how many no calls (zero free throws) that went through on a kobe drive to the basket, not to mention the lamar goal tending blown call…..the ball does not lie, and barry had a chance to win and flat out missed…..the ball does not lie. Good no call, referees should not decide games, let alone series momentum.

  • lakerschamps08

    whooooooooooooooooooo… lets go lakers game 5 babyyyyyyyyy

  • varsityoptimism

    stop referring to the team as “we”. you dont play.

  • e

    hopefully in 5 ladies and gentlemen

  • Majic “Big” Johnson


  • e

    [Comment ID #37170 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are u serious?? i mean i know im not terry and excuse me for busting in out of nowhere..but isnt being a fan also the same as part of the team??

  • Truth

    “stop referring to the team as “we”. you dont play.”

    STFU! We pay for tickets and merch and are a part of the team. WE WON!!!

    We are 3-1! Go Lakers!

  • rei24

    yeah baby one mor win.. pls sasha stop shooting in advice shots.. trde walton for hughes

  • spursfanforever

    As a fan growing up in texas….i believe the lakers deserved that no call….they played tough and kept themselves in the game in san antonio…but it had to be fisher again….0.4 and this “foul”

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #37174 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you had nothing to do with the victory. referring to the team as “we” is absurd. unless you are directly affiliated with the organization, you should refer to them as “they” or “the lakers”

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #37173 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no. being a supporter is not like being part of the team. it is an ancillary experience to the team. you dont suit up. you dont get a paycheck signed by jerry buss.

  • vintij

    Well, i think if your going to quantify the lakers organization as a separate entity outside of the people of Los Angeles, well then i guess we should stop pumping billions of dollars of revenue into the NBA and specifically the lakers organization as a whole. Anyone, band wagon or not, has the right to identify with a team of the NBA…..why? Because it is the fans who keep the NBA from becoming the NHL. You pay taxes right? Well why do you call this your country? Or your government? Or your army? Because you feel that your money, and your location gives you that right….same thing with the lakers, if you are pumping money into this organization, and especially if you live in Los Angeles… absolutely have the right to refer to the lakers as “we”. Why? Because if you were right, the true fans who have bled purple and gold for 20-30-40 years would be forced to abide by the same meaningless rules that you spew out. A fan is a fan, regardless of side story’s. One common goal, to watch the lakers hoist the championship. No negativity.

  • varsityoptimism

    we is just an inappropriate term. especially for someone writing about a sports franchise. i disagree with it entirely. there are only 15 “lakers”. there are millions of “laker fans”. laker fans do not win games. lakers win games. no matter how much you love the lakers, it will not put more points on the scoreboard.

  • Saydah

    it sounds like you have been wanting to have this argument for waaaaay too long. seriously man, how about we (as in fans, not the lakers… chill out) revel in the victory and talk about things that matter, instead of arguing semantics like high schoolers out to prove how smart they are.

    seriously man, “we” want to talk about the Lakers and the victory, not your ridiculous nitpicking about the english language.

  • vintij

    Yes true, lakers are players, and laker fans are fans, but “we” should not mean we as a team, it should mean we as a family. No fan will ever score points, but keep in mind that its the fans who give the players the energy to come out and play hard, it is the fans to make the players ignore the fact that they are so tired they could collapse, it is the fans who remind the players who is behind them, its the fans who pump the players up, why do you think they call it “home court ADVANTAGE”? Its not because the rim is lower at home, its because teams feed off the energy of the home crowd, therefore the fans impact a game. Dont think of “we” as a term that the fans deserve credit for a win, no thats not the point of “we”….the point (at least in my opinion) should mean “we” as a family, “we” the city of los angeles and everyone who supports the lakers. Without fans, there are no lakers. Look at the knicks, they are the worst team to ever graze a basketball court, but they pack the garden every night because they are a family, who does not desert the team during times of loss.

  • Sopi

    It’s over


  • Young

    “but they pack the garden every night because they are a family, who does not desert the team during times of loss.”

    im not quite sure we’re watching the same knick games…



    I love it when WE win close games!!

    WE gotta take care of business at home!

  • sketch

    wow! this is a pretty non-sensical set of dialogues with varsityoptimism and the others. we are here to celebrate the lakers win and to have a forum where we can feel pretty good about ourselves for being lakers fans at this time, and you guys are arguing about using “we” or not. are you kidding me? fan is shor for “fanatic”, so if you’re in this site, be prepared to see “we” referenced a lot when talking about the lakers. if you don’t like it, either don’t come in or keep it to yourself because “you” are definitely in the minority VARSITYNEGATIVITY!

  • heffadude

    Every fan has a right to use “we” when referring to their team. The dude that’s saying it’s wrong doesn’t get it. The team is called the Los Angeles Lakers thereby including the city of Los Angeles as part of their identity. You don’t hear Best Buy or Nike calling themselves the Minneapolis Best Buy or the Oregon Nike do you? And no, the fans don’t score any points, but neither do a lot of people in the Lakers organization. I’m sure Jeannie Buss has never scored a point, but she has a job that she does for the team as do the fans. Our job… cheer on our team, be loud as hell (making the opposing team lose focus), and ultimately bring in revenue dollars for our team so that they stay paid and so that we can bring in good players. You don’t think the money is being generated out of thin air do you? Just like the person who mentioned paying taxes and calling this your country and government and all that… I guess you don’t think this is your country either then. Even the players, coaches, and owners have included the fans as part of their team and have used the word “we” referring to their fans. It’s a die-hard fan thing… You wouldn’t understand.

  • maccassedy


  • e

    [Comment ID #37186 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree we dont suit up and i agree we dont hit the shots but u are forgetting that we fans are the ones who support the team and the paychecks that jerry buss writes for the players are supplied by our as far as im concerned..lakers are we

  • heffadude

    P.S. WE are going to win Thursday because WE will be at home where WE are still undefeated!!! WE should get some good rest before WE play either the Celtics or the Pistons. But before all that WE need to be focused this Thursday because they (can I say they? I might be using it in a way that might include the Spurs fans as part of the Spurs and I don’t want to hurt that dude’s feelings)… anyways, because they will be coming at US hard. Hopefully, WE close this series out at home. Are WE Lakers ready for an exciting Game 5? Let me hear some love from US Lakers! WE kick butt!

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #37209 Will Be Quoted Here]

    P.S. THEY are going to win Thursday because THEY will be at home where THEY are still undefeated!!! THEY should get some good rest before THEY play either the Celtics or the Pistons. But before all that THEYneed to be focused this Thursday because they (can I say they? I might be using it in a way that might include the Spurs fans as part of the Spurs and I don’t want to hurt that dude’s feelings)… anyways, because they will be coming at THEM hard. Hopefully, THEY close this series out at home. Are THE Lakers ready for an exciting Game 5? Let me hear some love from THE Lakers! THEY kick butt!

    ah, thats MUCH better.

    saying we is just wrong. TRUST ME! Anyone will tell you that. Have you ever read a Mike Bresnahan article in the L.A. Times that refers to the team as “WE”. Bresnahan travels with the team and is probably closer to the dudes than any of us will ever be. IT IS AN INAPPROPRIATE TERM!

  • Young

    And if you try to bring up how sensationally he played on a gloomy night when the seven Spurs outside of the Duncan-Tony Parker-Barry troika combined for just 16 points, Barry said: “It’s like putting whipped cream on s—.”


  • Smush Walton

    your comments have to be the dumbest I’ve ever read on this blog. Go yank on yourself buddy – you are a DICK! Don’t waste our time with your STUPID comments you MORON!

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #37217 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not very nice. not very nice at all. i just have a different opinion on this topic. im sure you are a nice person and i will not let your affronting and rude nature hurt me.

  • Smush Walton

    We need to get Ariza more time on the floor. Smush Walton really sucked out there – traveling, blown layups, missed shots. Kobe had to yell at him to wake up. When Luke came in, our early lead disappeared. I’m so tired of hearing how smart this guy is – he is a piece of crapola. Please unload this turkey this offseason!!!

    The Machine’s shooting was horrible – so many missed shots and his D, all but non-existant.

    Farmar – this guy is so weak out there. I can’t see him as our future starting point guard.

  • Smush Walton

    Varsity a-hole,
    A “different” opinion?
    That’s one way to put it.

    Go play with yourself – fans don’t have time to waste on your senseless babble. What a numb nuts!!!

  • bryan

    Here is an example of a conversation between a couple of Laker fans.

    “Did WE win last night?”

    “Of course! Kobe scored 50 again! WE are gonna win it all this year!”

    Fans are why the Lakers exist. No fans, no Lakers. It is just that simple. WE make this team, therefore WE are a part of it.

  • chancellor mbenga

    who the hell wrote this report, jim tracy?

  • chancellor mbenga

    just to settle this varsity. the lakers are the city’s team, they represent LA and they are our civic pride, so yes, WE are the lakers as they are us.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #37206 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahahhahha … LOL Macassedy…..”WE” on the same team…

  • kobeLOpAuBYNUm

    what the fuck???

    lakers will win in staples baBy..still undifeated in the staples

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Who in the freakin hell is ANYONE, to tell anyone else, not to refer to their beloved sports team, in terms of endearment and/or allegiant terms. … Dude or Girly…. What is your problem with allegiance? I’m sorry, but you really sound awfully stupid, to belittle another, with something as trivial as this.

  • John from Oc

    Yo Varsityoptimism,

    Let me size you up real quick. Yup, just as I thought.. you’ve never been a real passionate fan of any team in your life! If you have, the term “we” would come natural to you when referring to a team you truly love! Besides, I like when “our” writers refer to the Lakers as “we” from time to time; it shows the unity of this site, THELAKERNATION! You need to unknot your panties and relax with the technicality Poindexter.

  • Rpoc

    Who the frak cares about the usage of WE. “WE” fraking beat these whiney son of a bitches despite dumbass calls throughout the night. Barry traveled on that fraking play anyway.

  • Amol

    [Comment ID #37211 Will Be Quoted Here]

    OMFG just let it go. If you don’t want him using “we,” then don’t read the friggin’ blog.

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • ryc3


  • Lakers Ticket Seller

    Lakers won! I may sell tickets to Lakers games but at heart am still a Lakers fan myself.

    It was a close game, and the ref missed calls on both sides – but WE came out on top! GO LAKERS!


    Kobe disappointed me in this game.

    Instead of taking it all the way in he would opt to shoot bricks. There was a point in the 4th that 2-3 times down the court no ball movement. The triangle set up kobe got it, and then dribbled, dribbled, dribbled, clock running down and he would shoot up a 15-17′ jump brick.

    Luckily they won, but if they would of lost, I would of blamed Kobe. If nothing is falling, then become a decoy, drive and kick.

    Pau…STOP FALLING DOWN!!! You are our big man, our inpenatrable wall. When you fall, it looks weak, a kink in the armor. When shaq would try to flop, he would look human so stop flopping. I would prefer you give a hard foul and give the guy driving in thinking twice before driving in instead of flopping and falling when a point guard bumps into you.


    My prediction is starting to come into fruition,TIME TO CELEBRATE(4-1,LAKERS)!,WE’RE BAAAAAACK!!!

  • LakersFirst

    WE won!!!!

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #37246 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea blame the guy who brought us here… you friggin idiot!!!!

  • pr0mega

    Varsity is just mad because this Terry fella does a far better write-up than he ever has.

    Lets go Lakers, the championship is OURS!

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #37229 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree just look at varsity’s picture, what a fucin geek!!!!


    Dingleberry…I say it how I see it. I don’t care what he has done but what he is doing. If I did see what he did then what an idiot for the rape case.

    Now this is the time for championships not to show off Bowmen. If his shot isn’t falling then DAMMIT pass the frigin ball. The other 4 should tell his ass to pass the ball.

    So yes, I say it how I see it.

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #37168 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re correct man. One missed call for the spurs versus about 15 for the lakers. Let me try to remember:

    – Clean Lamar Block, not a goaltending
    – Fisher missed shot hit the rim and should’ve reset the shot clock
    – Fisher got tripped by Parker
    – etc., etc.

    So yea, it shouldn’t be an issue. Tough Luck and move on.

    By the way, Spurs trying to act noble by saying it wasn’t a foul when you can hella tell they’re all lying was annoying.

    Also, to be fair, Kobe is such a bad liar himself. It’s funny how when they asked him if it was a foul, he paused for a while and straight up lied, hahaha.

    Last…i was cracking up everytime somebody asks Pop about the Fisher foul. He always (just like PJ) never shows emotion, but he couldn’t hold it down. Mann he must be very pissed last night.

    Now, lets close this series and put in history books.

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #37189 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This guy is stupid. There are only 15 Lakers? I guess assistant coaches cannot claim to be a part of the team. Now having said that, immediate family members cannot ask fellow extended family members “How’s our team doing.”

    Lakers is “Our” team because it’s what we root for. Do everyone a favor and please suck on ur thumb or maybe a pickle and shut up.


    …and I’m tired,already,with this “CRYIN” from LAKER-HATERZ
    about that NO CALL(Not a foul,NOOOOOOOOOOOO)….I just have just one thing(ok a couple of thangs),forget Disneyland,WE GOIN’ TO THE FINALS!


  • Bring it back to LA

    Time to bring out the old “32” jersey along with any 80s flashback memorabilia….

    Its going to be Lakers v Celtics…

    Lets rekindle flame and stops the C’s….

  • varsityoptimism

    i am ashamed of our readership.

    i can say the possessive “our” due to the fact that i am a major contributor to this website.

    if you think that your relationship to the los angeles lakers is anything more that an one sided love affair then you are naive and misled.

    it is a truth of pro sports that is hard to follow. the team doesnt give a crap about you, what you think, or anything else remotely resembling sympathetic vibrations.

    im sorry if you still think that fanhood entitles you to something beyond a simple sense of community among other fans and reveling in the accomplishments of others. face it, without the lakers, there are no fans. there is no right to EVER take personal pride in their actions, for NO FAN WILL EVER BE INSTRUMENTAL IN A VICTORY! it is absurd. ask any television host, radio host, journalist if using the term “we” is appropriate. it is the wrong word for this particular situation. it inappropriately inserts yourself into an equation which ultimately demeans the accomplishments of the people who actually played and coached the game. Your contributions, although petty and passing, have sadly gone unnoticed by the squad. these dudes are MILLIONAIRES. they do not give a flying eff about you. the sooner you realize that your love and adoration is not reciprocated the easier it is to refer to the team as “them”.

    just remember. generally speaking, on this website i see a lot of “we won!!”s. i tend to see a lot of “they lost”s too. if you claim to be in this. you are in it feast or famine.

    also, dont be mean!!! it is unnecessary. i am just trying to open up a dialog about this issue.

  • berks24

    phil made the right thing for not messing the 4Q for not starting the 4Q with a bunch of benches like he did in the game 4 of the jazz/lakers series and the lastgame agains the spurs.instead he put gasol on the start of the 4q
    and not resting kobe much on the bench.he has to put atleast a ghost(KOBE or GASOL) on the floor specially on the final quarter coz that’s the only way they can be scared of.
    -varsity is smarter than fifth grader….THE LAKERSNATION…WE FOLLOW CO’Z WE BELIEVE….LOL

  • TonyStarks79

    [Comment ID #37266 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dude, We won game 4 and all YOU wanna talk about is “WE” versus “THEM” geezus it reminds me of Iverson saying, “WE”? we talking about “WE”? Your killing this postgame bro.

  • mplakers


    now, strange would the above paragraph would have been if i referred to “our” team as “the” lakers or “they”. it’s almost as if i have no identification with the team that i have followed since i can remember anything. (1984) 24 years i have adored and admired this team through thick and thin and now some people on here want me to refer to “my” lakers as “them, they, or the”

    sorry, it’s not going to happen. too many memories are tied into my childhood (showtime), my teenage years (the lean years without magic), my young adult life (the lake show), the start of my career (shaq and kobe) to now the beginning of the rest of my life (pau, pau, pau, odom, bynum, fish, and kobe!!)

    It’s like the lakers grow and change just as I continue to grow and change. Wouldn’t you call that a brother? “We” continue to grow together.

  • TonyStarks79

    [Comment ID #37270 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen brotha! We about to win this shiet!! WOO HOO!!!!!

  • berks24


  • varsityoptimism

    Sorry guys, my boyfriend typed those stuff earlier.

  • andy or drew

    [Comment ID #37220 Will Be Quoted Here]hopefully tomorro he should get 10-15 minutes

  • as1084

    it was a great win for the lakers but i hate that it ended like that. the last play out a damper on my happiness even though the lakers won it. it just takes away from the lakers great play when a game ends so controversially like it dude with questionable foul on barry. it just sucks cause many people are appreciating what the lakers did by going into san antonio and winning on the road. all people talk about is the last play instead of praising the lakers. oh well, a win is a win i guess.

  • roscoe

    using we is inappropriate in an article but fine in regular speech.


  • as1084

    it just sucks cause people ARENT appreciating


    as1084,as long “WE” at LAKERNATION and Lakerfans around the world appreciate, it really doesn’t matter.,OH,IT’S REAL,IT’S DAMN REAL!!!

  • http://lakernation kauaimamba

    Hey Varsity,
    If no fan will ever contribute to a Laker victory or in that case any NBA team victory,how do you explain the overwhelming number of home court victories in the playoffs this year.Think the fans,i.e. crowd noise,have anything to do with that?

  • lakerschamps08

    ok great game we won… umm yea kobe and gasol messed up at the end… they are better than that… thanks to marc jackson for that…
    now to the “they or “we” umm u can use either one but to say either one is wrong ur stupid.. if i wanna say we won the game then we as the lakers won the game.. okkkkkkkkk
    now lets close it out in game…

  • vintij

    [Comment ID #37266 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why would I ask any member of the media anything? Including you. If i do recall, it was the members of the media who robbed kobe of his MVP award the past 3 years. If i do recall it was the members of the media who blamed kobe for the end of the shaq dynasty, If I do remember it was the members of the media that turned on kobe during the rape trial, and calling him selfish and undeserving. Please to get all emotional, a fan is far more important than a member of the media. You varsity, are a member of the media therefore you are scum just like the rest. Your suppose to be unbiased, and informative, yet what you are is narcissistic and egotistical. You think that because you write for a lakers website, that you have the right to call yourself closer to the lakers organization than the fans? Please dont bore us with you psuedo intellectual bull crap, all fans are equal, all members of the media, (who are not former players, and who are not named chick hern)…..are fake. That, we can all agree on.

  • DingleBerry



    what a very moronic statement. I guess you never heard of home court advantage. Its all BC of the fans… So when we say WE, it is technically right BC we do contribute to the winning of the games…

  • vintij

    [Comment ID #37273 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Appology accepted, lets move on. And you need to dump your boyfriend for being a bone head and using your account. Laker fans get real angry when loyalty is called into question

  • tamir

    While I appreciate your trying to rationalize your argument I must point out some very obvious things. This topic over “we” in reference to fans support of a team has been discussed and analyzed by media members and by athletes in extent. While you are right about most people objecting to using the term “we” I think that it is a matter of entitlement and pride that sports fans feel who are loyal and contributors to their teams success. A couple of poignant examples: 1. do you own stock? if you own even one share you know you have interest in the company and that your opinion and actions are directly relevant to the well-being of that company. Even though the lakers organziation is a privately held entity it still derives revenue from its “shareholders” (fans). Why do you think Mitch Kupchack has a town hall meeting each year to discuss the future of the lakers organization with season ticket holders? those fans have a direct influence (regardless of how big or small) on the lakers organization and would probably tell you that they use the term “we” regularly. 2. Ever heard of the phrase “no taxation without representation?” while this may be somehwhat obscure, the concept behing this is that we as a people have a say in what we have an inherit interest in. When you devote time and or money into ANYTHING you have the right to claim ownership in it. Why do you think when movies end that they list the credits for EVERYONE who was in it? even the extras played a role in making that movie and they can say “we” made a good movie. 3. Lastly, and probably most importantly, using “we” to describe your relationship to a team is a matter of pride. This allows us fans to have a sense of purpose in supporting our team and gives us more incentive to go out and pay those ridiculous prices for tickets or shell out 100 bucks for a friggin jersey. Ultimately you have more of a reason to be behind a purpose (or team in this instance) if you feel a sense of ownership in it. I appreciate you bringing this topic up and I hope that this does not come across as demeaning in any way.

  • kb24 4life

    it was close, i have to confess i was a little bit scared in the last minute, but we came out of there with a W and a 3-1 lead heading to LA… all i have to say is: SEE YOU AT THE FINALS!!!

  • maccassedy

    [Comment ID #37226 Will Be Quoted Here]”WE” ARE ON DA SAME TEAM

  • John from Oc

    Thank you Tamir for teabagging Varsity. I didn’t even realize Varsity was a contributor to the site. That’s pretty douche-baggish to call out a fellow contributor, Terry Kim, for everyone to see when you could just share your opinion with him behind closed windows! Anyway, why don’t you have a discussion with the TLN staff and see what they think about this subject? I’m sure the majority of them disagree with how you see things. Also, this is a site for blogging. Blogging doesn’t need to be formal!

  • GeorgeM24



    WE’VE been celebrating our team this whole ‘ENTIRE’season and “1” guy wants to spoil the party…..and what do we do AT LAKERNATION TO PARTY CRASHERS,WE TOSS’EM!!!

    This the is the same guy that dissed about my opinion on Pietrus.It was just an opinion,plus I wouldn’t mind getting Artest now(or anybody that fits the system).

    I LOVE LA…..and I don’t even live there!

  • e

    [Comment ID #37295 Will Be Quoted Here]

    tea-bagging?? hahaha

  • BringDFishBack

    It was definately a foul, and I thought it should have been call, although on the ground (I think they were in the bonus so 2 shots). The reason I say this is because Fish stopped his foward progress. It knocked him backwards, which affected his shot.

  • ab4sure

    If the Lakers win the championship everyone can sing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS” … the song by Queen…. Well…. everyone except Varsityoptimism… He can sing “They are the Champions”…. funny.. it doesn’t have the same meaning without the “WE”. Do “we” all understand?? Lighten up varsity… have a beer..

  • Whatsa

    [Comment ID #37193 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • daboss1848

    Varsity clearly struck a nerve here – interesting dialogue – it’s easy to argue either side. But I have a clarfying question:

    Aren’t the fans called the Sixth Man? (which seems to indicate that “we” (for those that attend games) is approprate. Now, about the fans that don’t attend games . . .

    Let the dialogue continue . . .

    P.S. getting paid is not relevant to the conversation – for example hospitals have many unpaid voluntary individuals, yet they are still part of hospital staff in the “we” sense.

  • MILO

    hey even Popa-bich said that it was a good noncall so there is no reason for anyone to put an * next to this wim ehhh!

  • BringDFishBack

    Uhh what have fan’s done to put them here? Nothing. That’s always something that people don’t seem to realize that they say. We as fans are not a part of the Lakers. The Lakers are the players and the staff that put the players together. The fans are the ones who cheer them on, hoping they do well but don’t chose what players are on the court, what plays are run, or how those plays are run. I find it funny that now that they are a contender it’s all about “we” and what “we” have done. Yet a year ago now, everyone was blaming “the Lakers.” That’s how most Lakers fans are, in times of struggle blame the team, in times of greatness we are all in it together.

  • daboss1848

    what u describe bringd are not lakers fans – those are termed bandwagon fans.

    True fans are loyal to “their” team through thick and thin (ceballos, van exel, threatt, days) . . . when lakers win, it is pure joy and when they lose, there is no appetite and its hard to sleep – – those fans are the ones that, arguably, have the right to say “we”, none others.

  • John From Oc

    Hey Varsity,

    How about them apples? Case closed. Straight from the mouth of the mamba himself.

  • sketch

    Have you all seen “Knocked Up”? Doesn’t VARSITYOPTIMISM look like the dude that was trying to grow out his hair and beard for a bet. VARSITYOPTIMISM looks like the AMERICAN TALIBAN! LOL!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #37312 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Speak for yourself man. I support the Lakers win, lose or draw. I don’t care if they go 0-82, I will still support my Lakers.

    Yes, it is true there were a lot of doubters in here that kept ripping the Laker team when they were losing in the 1st round during the last two years. However, there are a few of us, who bleed Laker pride and have supported our team during the dark days of Magic retiring, during the sad 90’s when Cedric Ceballos was our star and we supported players like Lloyd Daniels and Elden Campbell.

    True Laker fans support our team whether they win or lose. You may not see it, but there are a few of us in here that will ALWAYS be Laker fans. To the Lakers, I say, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. True Laker fans won’t let you.

  • varsityoptimism

    may i first say, that this was a rousing and spirited debate.

    secondly, to the dude who wrote a comment under my username: very funny, cunning and sneaky that was. a hilarious gag that will live on in lakers nation lore.

    i liked this conversation, but i still stand firm on my anti-WE stance.

    i love you all and wish you a pleasurable Game 5 experience. come say hi if you will be at the game!! section 316 row 1! WOOO

  • Smush Walton

    This varsity debate was so lame! What a waste of keystrokes. This clown sounds like a real school marm – a place for everything and everything in its place. Reminds me of arguing sports with The Church Lady.

    Well, isn’t that SPECIAL?



    We don’t nee d guys getting this site talkin’ about how much the fans means less,well,imagine if NOBODY WENT TO TONIGHT’S GAME,now you see the light.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    To belittle another…”we” .. So easy a caveman can do it! … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA